This is now: October 24, 2015 and I have finished every duty assigned to me/ as in the message “you must change, to continue the, survival of both life and planet”. Its not a game.
I have carefully examined, what else could be done for you; in terms of an education. The evidence says, DONE/ unless you prove by the foundation of your own works, that our ability to survive is your true concern too; as a majority/ particularly of women. Women because there are no solution with men/ I have searched, and this is the best the majority did do, and won’t change themselves. Just how it is! Consequently different REQUIRES, the opportunity for women to try.
Nonetheless; everything you substantially need to understand. Everything that creates a message for you to use, in participating “for life”. Everything that allows for the beginnings of true change, have been provided for your own examination, investigation, and decision. There is then nothing left for me to do, other than await your decision/ by the work you do for yourselves. To provide, a continued presence by writing; simply limits your involvement: I am neither savior or leader/ not enemy; simply “friend, to life and planet”. You should consider being the same/ as we all, have no where else to go; the destruction of anything we must have to survive, means extinction. The destruction of any particular location means: higher density for us all. The continued escalation of war, and its consequences; WILL become world war 3, with weapons of mass destruction ending life. Demand world law must arise/ where leaders are tried for not obeying what WE THE PEOPLE, demand of them. Simple as that.
I have supported this work entirely on my own, other than “an honest business relationship” with the person most directly responsible; who provided web support. IT IS, YOUR TURN; to pay for your own acceptance of this site, and its purposes. In other words donate a little/ or if you donate a lot; then there will be “advertizing of some sort”. Otherwise, take the education from here, and do all, the work yourselves. You can gain that; by simply coping and pasting the content to your own computer. This format is php/ which is not suited to simple transfer, without my spending more, time, effort, and money. Not going to do it.
There are issues that can arise in court/ in which case I will be back. The failure to donate means: some type of method by which the site is funded will occur. As it is true, without some form of support, there is no cause to believe a substantive value was found by you. In which case, no purpose.
As for me; I cannot save you or this world, I can only do: what I CAN do. Just like you. I have done that. I have been clearly and repeatedly rejected by all; with regard to every form of participating with you or you with me; in these matters. I don’t intend, to do this anymore. But life is transient, time changes many things; the future is yet to be finished. You still have a chance. Make your decision: to fight for life/ or just plain surrender everything, because YOU “just don’t care enough”. Not even to do anything. Not even telling people of this site/ or spending a penny in its support/ or organizing/ or questioning the future/ or accepting religious duties (as in the prophecy of Daniel is true), so the question is “what does the bible demand of you”? For instance. The bible is on trial, because the prophecies have been understood. That means: “either correct/ or wrong”. More than words, are deeds.


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