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an inquiry is needed to look into the policies that should exist, to protect resources!   Apart from the endless realities associated with forest fire, and or all fires; of primal interest is the consumption of oxygen & the loss or resources, which we cannot have again for very many decades & the rate of extinction and habitat loss for all of life.  These are NOT “little things”/ therefore every source of value which can inhibit their loss, MUST be tried.  That includes foundation changes in all fire fighting techniques.  Simple and plain.  It also includes the harvest of trees which the drought has killed, for lumber/ LEAVING ALL THE REST of the living trees untouched.

forest fire devastation

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Fire fence one describes: a fire retardant used in a corn field fire/ along with the national ignition facility.  Whose purpose is: “to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun.”

Fire fence two describes: a mobile screening tool, for the blockade of forest fire, stopping leaf spreading debris/ along with definitions of the exa watt lasers, whose stated total energy burst will be “one billion x one billion x one billion x one billion x one billion x one billion electrical watts of power; crashing into each other as the speed of light, times three.”

Fire fence three describes: a grass or brush fire stopped by the erection of a metal barrier, separating what is burning from combustible materials/ along with the beginning look at CERN.  People who are deliberately trying to bring an end to our planet as well.

Fire fence four describes: a fire sprinkler system that is very cheap, and easy to build yourself.  Which includes as a benefit,  energy recovery/ and air conditioning reductions.   Along with the quick look, at all the people who are deliberately trying to mutilate everything in nature.


Fire fence five describes:   the nearly endless look at tragedies coming, because of what humanity is, or has done.  Along with a few simple ideas, which can benefit life.
– Our planet is changing on all spatial and temporal scales
he overwhelming and expanding human presence leaves less and less room in the environment for other biota.” The 21st century will be a pivotal time in the fate of Earth’s biosphere. the United States in 2010, we used about 275 billion gallons of surface water per day,and about 79.3 billion gallons of groundwater per day
numerous space missions have been pulled into orbit around the planet.
One Planet Home. Planet Earth, 7bn people and rising Earth rise, Christmas 1968, from Apollo 8 3.5bn people We each consume, on average, 3 planets’-worth of … Understanding the amount of groundwater used versus the volume available is crucial
There are reports from many countries of unsustainable forestry practices
Images for global deforestation rate articles for global deforestation rate


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