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For mom; “modified, a bit” for you.

Every life, passes through a door/ that enters eternity, in one form or another. Its not a game, but death is not an ending; it is merely a change in the realities governing our expression, and thereby experiences.
WHAT is important, about death is: first, we must abandon the human body/ because it cannot come. Second, everything but truth, will be taken away. And third, is the destiny you chose, becomes alive in all who honestly seek GOD, love, or the disciplines called peace and harmony. That we are Created, is absolutely without doubt/ nothing can build life or survive without thought. Therefore thought comes first. Thought is not a relationship with “the brain”/ it is a relationship with life itself.
WHY, asks the question: if the identity of our heart and soul, does not die with our bodies/ THEN, where would they be found? The answer relies upon the distance we have created within ourselves, to love. Distance refers to, kindness; a reality of choice, which includes or is governed by respect. “Heart” speaks of everything called value, this life means to you. While soul identifies, everything of love, value, truth, and respect; that GOD “CREATOR of this world”, means to you. Destiny means: within our heart and soul, by its own truth, by its essence of love: each will find “heaven. The participation they identified in life, by heart; that they desire most”. While being a child of GOD means, our soul leads the way; choosing the path we will follow. Each has benefits and values of great worth.
So we ask the question: what does happen, when you die? The answer is: an energy called life, leaves your body/ and you must enter within that energy, to continue its journey, as life. Life is not a body/ it is your participation in thought; because without thought, you have no recognition of life or body. Or more simply: when you know, that life is leaving your body/ without hesitation, you can leave within that energy: because it does contain your heart and soul. IF you do not choose body instead. IT IS “a choice”. Or more distinctly everything important, where love resides, is in life/ in the energy called life. So then love lifts you, and carries you “into the arms of GOD” so to speak. Whereas if you want body instead; you will go the way of body, to dissipate into nothing forever.
Those without true love, cannot come; “Where heaven lives”. Consequently “something else” will happen to those with hate; in death.
YOU on the other hand, have love, and will enter into eternity by your love. It is true, simply accept it; and be brave.
The next question is then: HOW do we create, our own personal destiny, in life? Every decision we make, opens a door, that leads to the future, the consequences of that decision will make. Every true desire of our heart, will fill the destiny we choose, with our most valuable life affirming expressions. Destinies in life, are the discoveries of love revealed by your own truth, accepted by your own respect for that value. Therefore past death is a future where, whosoever is “the true love of your life”/ shall be found; so long as they feel the same. Not because of fantasy, but because LOVE participates in soul, and soul “knows us all”. If “your love or lover failed”, they cannot come. However true love always shares, because there is nothing more certain than, love does itself care. Which means love is an identity within us, living “here”. Love is an experience outside of us, as in I share. Love is the true expression of our soul, wherever heart (everything life means to us as love) lives. Where GOD lives with us, soul is joined by your own heart/ they become as one, and live together to remove loneliness! As JESUS did prove: true LOVE, is beyond anything we can imagine; it is MORE. So there are no worries as too destiny, only trust. Life in time requires discipline, order, respect, balance, courage, and more; as it shifts through the structures of your own heart. Searching for soul. Which means literally our search is for truth. Only truth allows trust. Without truth, no true love exists.
When we wait to die, it means for those with love: this is a period of accepting reality, “the children need our place”; for you too. In preparation of this, more dramatic change than you have ever known. When the body “lets you down”/ it means, your own attachment to that body, to this life; MUST be lessened. So that you will release when death comes; and accept your place, is now with the energy that gave life first. Or, more simply; when the time comes to leave with the energy called life/ you must not pause (don’t look back), or could then be left behind. Always remember, to remain in the energy of life/ will require discarding body. That is without question; because in death the body ends, and will be no more. To remain alive, you must remain in the energy called life. You will know it, when that happens/ DON’T look back; accept life has changed, and look only to your destiny. DO look “to GOD”; as well. Everything beyond time, that matters; is HIS home! Trusting the value of HIS love, cannot fail.

I know, that the night causes trouble for you; because there is no distraction. That means, thoughts of death, or tragedy, or fears; can surround you. WHEN that happens, you must awaken fully, so as to stop it/ by simply grasping onto a very simple reality. Or, in a different way: concentrate on something simple; such as a light, or door, or glass: something that never alters itself, in your mind. That will then calm you; return then, to constructing your own destiny. To the decision: just as life brought us here, without the slightest knowledge or choice of our own/ to a place truly blessed, “with life”. Even if humanity corrupted it/ this world identifies without question, “what thought, participating in love; can do”.
To control the night yourself, requires loneliness should not arise. Loneliness means: “I am lost”. The relationship we share, changes that. I have found in JESUS, the realities of love clearly identified, along with “lessons”/ that share “the values” of HIS soul; how to build a friend, in me. The values of love in you, for you, and as the future you would hold “dear”/ should be found. Not by religious zeal; but by a determination to accept and identify RESPECT for both GOD and JESUS. These “participants in your soul”; create or identify the destiny you do have faith in, even if it isn’t quite the destiny you receive (no one is perfect). Rather these are a preparation, for both life, and death.
The difference between a dream and a spiritual quest: is the intensity of your own truth. Coupled with a reality beyond the grasp of “simply time”. Or more simply: everything we choose, must first pass the test of truth, before we can continue this journey; beyond what is strictly time. Into what is real, and certain: as beyond being human. Spirit is a dangerous place/ but only if you don’t trust: JESUS AS your SAVIOR! The spiritual world, is truth; not care/ which means it blockades every path, to identify what is “absolutely true” in you. No lies will exist, to move past this gate. DO remember that, because it is “very difficult/ if not impossible” to survive; if you don’t. SAVIOR simply means, when confronted by things we don’t understand/ we must anchor ourselves to something we do understand and value (HIS LOVE): just to remain in place, “while the storm passes by”. So to speak.
Since it is true, “we DON’T” understand GOD/ this is much simpler to do. You can demand the law must rule; rather than trust. But then your own truth is judged by the law, and its every single meaning; a very bad choice.
The body does not matter/ it is irrelevant; even what it has or has not done, for or against you, by you. Only truth, as identified by love, respect for GOD and JESUS, trust, and the realities of your own choice; the consequences of your own action or reaction or faith, matter.
You will, “go to heaven”. I am, “a servant of GOD”. This is promised to me. Be at peace! Not your savior/ not anyone’s. Simply, you gave me this body in time, supported those needs, as best you could; and I in turn have asked for you. I do, accept this outcome, as true.


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