friendship is

Friendship is, “the essence of harmony”.

The critical human question being: WHY, are we not friends? The common answers are very simply, “I don’t trust you/ I don’t have time for you/ I can’t accept what you do, or do not do/ & I am too good, or too something bad, for you”. The less common answer, but frequently underlying problem is: that I must choose, because the people or the realities of my life, make me.
I begin this discussion with myself as an example: choosing the very simple construction, “with our world at risk of extinction/ I don’t have time or energy for anyone or anything else”. Few accept that as an honest answer, but time has proven it is true. The lesson being: love is not necessarily lacking/ every person must choose what is most important to them. Consequently love itself can be directed at something else/ rather than someone else. Love is not a development of time/ rather it is a creation of purpose that leads to a true desire which then shares existence, because we choose to care; and thereby trust. Harmony is far less critical, and consists of the basic fundamental: I accept your right, to choose the freedoms and direction of your own life; within justice for all.
To rebuild life, that we may survive our situation in time; requires a foundation upon which we all agree: this is justice! Because it defends life on earth, including my own. Therefore the law we provide to do that very thing enhances the essence of every society, and presents the possibility: we CAN build a new world order.
The question is how? The answer is with laws we design for ourselves as, and for: “we the people”! Elemental to this process, is an understanding of democracy itself: or what does this actually word mean? Identified properly, it is the ascension of humanity by each step involved: to elevate itself through the creation and enforcement of law. As is necessary for justice, freedoms, protections, and rights. There are three distinct steps:
1. To accept the value of truth, and let it lead us all through the understanding of reality by its consequences; to every decision that we need to make. Only truth can identify the future, and thereby create a path to our own goal of peace, harmony, love, and happiness for all.
2. To accept responsibility for our lives, our world, and the things people do which gamble or destroy everything or anything we absolutely do need. IF YOU CANNOT BE WRONG, without substantially endangering life or planet/ THEN you have no right to continue! Our decisions are NOT, as simple as what you want, or they want: all the rest are now involved, because we are so many people, no other options are left.
3. To trust the law, by understanding: IF WE THE PEOPLE MAKE THAT LAW OURSELVES, then it is, or it should be later “remodeled, by secondary vote of all the people”: fair by vote; for us all. If the leaders cannot make rules to control us/ then they cannot be rulers, because it takes a rule, to make a ruler. Consequently let the rules be few, and only as necessary. Let the laws be little, and consistent with such things as the bill of rights/ constitutional amendments/ ten commandments and so on. If we make the law, and keep them few: THEN we know the law, and can enforce it; by demanding those who are hired SHALL do our bidding/ or we will turn that law against them. Whether a nation or a world; truth allows this is the method of enforcing democracy: or more clearly, “we the people, have rights”!

We then return to the more intricate matters of human friendship, and translate the meaning of discipline to understand: RESPECT is a fundamental right/ until proven otherwise. Simple behaviors, simple decisions, simple mistakes, simple experiments with relationships, and simple developments that do not share a common interest are not enough to make any judgment against another human being. Simple means: NO complex argument should arise/ it is unnecessary, because no judgment is required. Respect is: the decision to accept someone as valued, or by the value they created, and do for them what can be done to prove you are accepted by me. Regardless of the rest/ as respect is entirely personal in its origin: it is your gift, of honor to someone else. You, are the owner of it/ or it is foreign to you, if it exists at all.
Respect means: I have found more than expected, deserved, or earned; thereby coming to the conclusion that love played a distinct role in this gift to me. The consequence of such things elevates the reality of my life/ therefore I elevate the one who carried me, to this place; and gave me the purpose I now cherish within my heart.
Consequently respect carries with it, a definable purpose, that builds a path forward on the facts created by evidence of love. Love does earn its trust, with the elevation of truth as our decision to participate within each others’, lives. A life is a very important thing, and carries no mere little responsibility. Instead to accept love, is to identify friendship first/ thereby understanding the freedoms which have risen to the level of an introduction beyond the rest: are elemental to trust. In this place, where truth is buried under a ton of fantasy and delusion, by media and all, or most who lead.
Want is not enough/ it is a delusion built upon selfishness. Love is patient and kind, because anything less interferes with the sovereign right: to choose your own fate or destiny. That is, at its core: realities depicting an eternity. Therefore unless you believe you are god; as is a lie/ you must not interfere with the decisions of others. That does not mean you cannot warn, define, offer, or instruct them as is consistent with valuing their lives. But it does mean: you may not manipulate/ control/ assume/ abuse/ use/ lie/ cheat/ steal/ or in any other way alter their own ability to choose for themselves; their own path and identity. You too, must choose for yourself/ its YOUR eternity/ its your life in time. When reality, for whatever reason has not allowed for this: the only avenue left, is too take the time, energy, and space necessary, to redefine and reevaluate your own life. As best you can! If you don’t/ you will lose the anchors of your existence; and be adrift in time.


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