So, let’s just talk; about energy/ population/ and time.

Energy is the expression “of a cause”/ fundamentally speaking. Therefore the use of energy is an action or reaction to that cause. The question: what is a cause? Returns as, the elemental proof of time exists; because there is an action or reaction to the environmental shift, that is energy related.
As a consequence, those who repeatedly question the reality of time itself and our existence within that space/ simply have no substance. Substance is the relationship we share with mass or motion.
Our ability to use energy, consists of our control over the chemical world which surrounds us, as body or planet. Our ability to survive that control, requires understanding, balance, discipline, and respect for the realities beyond our knowledge. Not a constant wounded sore, that is “university experimentation”. BUT AN HONESTY with respect for the delicate nature of existence itself. The university dead, or “death stalkers”; have no such honesty or respect. As a consequence their choice which is to pretend or demand to play god over death/ is quickly turning into “winner, YOU are now the cause of death on this planet”. You, are now the destroyers of life on earth; congratulations you are “satan”. Proven true, by the critical experimentations that seek the mutilation of all life/ risk burning the entire planet/ a complete refusal to acknowledge the basic requirements of survival on earth/ and all such realities that are not only ignored, but attacked by those with a university diploma, in their efforts to proclaim and demand themselves “to be god”. Little could be more asinine/ or insane.

But, nonetheless humanity through the propagation of endless intentional humiliation by media; have lost their sense, or even the ability to think: “becoming perfect robots, to a university core”. That is the dominant religious cult of this day.
So then the question is: HOW do we break the cult/ stop the propagation of lies and servitude to this cult/ and protect the last moments of this earth; before it collapses under the tragedy of a university mind? The answer: keep pointing at truth/ keep understanding what reality actually means/ stop believing, “to be WRONG” is just part of the plan for a university, on its way to being god over our lives. Particularly when wrong is so clearly the end of life, from countless different directions; on earth! Not by opinion is this said/ but by the evidence, clearly proven true.
Of the countless delusions university professes; the latest is, “the population bomb of humanity did not occur”. Even though the human population doubled in the last forty years. They account this as a need for more population, to take care of the old, and do all the work people want done. So their must be children; cause the elderly as is constant through this time; utterly refuse to take responsibility for themselves. As is true throughout America, for decades now; the constant cry is: “sacrifice the children/ kill their future”. Believe it or not, it is true; because under the influence of a university diploma, not a single decision is made to protect life. Not a single “Important job”/ is filled or allowed; unless you have a university diploma. Or more simply that diploma has controlled everything for at least 5 decades; and this, “is the best, they did do”! Simple and plain; lying/ cheating/ stealing/ failing/ sending people to war/ dispossessing the citizens/ attacking the constitution/ corrupting the courts/ conspiring to take over government, so they can be rulers; and much more.

So lets spend a moment to discuss the consequences of human population beyond anything this world has ever known. Every single human requires food: that food, is another living organism, either as plant or creature. So if there is not enough room, chains, resources, or environments for creatures and plants to grow and sustain their own lives: then there is no food for humanity. Leaving us all with war and cannibalism; “Because that, is all there is”. So how much food does it take for what is surely at least 7.3 billion people (growing at over two million more mouths to feed, each week)? The answer: for each person to receive one pound of food per day, requires 7.3 billion pounds of organisms per day! For each human to receive one pound of food per day for a year: “a plant, and animal cycle”. They must find and consume; 2.664 quadrillion pounds. But that does not include what creatures need as well: they must eat, is that not so! Even if babies do not consume a pound of food a day, they will grow; and how many do not eat much more than one single pound of food per day? This is a finite world; there is only so much agricultural land. To sustain diversity, MANY things are required, that the university brain, as leaders; have decided to sacrifice. As has the general population themselves; “HELL”, we don’t need NOTHING/ but what we want! Alas, that nothing contributes to the critical ties, that are the chains of life. By bringing order to this world; creating the critical chemicals that make other lives possible/ which then makes our lives possible. So then which particular life organism is responsible, “for the single critical chemical”/ that will cause any or all specific chains of life to collapse? “Who knows”/ answer NOBODY! Not that it matters, because mutilation of genetics is already causing chaos in life; soon it erupts into complete catastrophe. All, because a functioning, university brain is smaller than a gnat.


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