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In the elemental truth of life, it is necessary to retain hope for your own future, and those realities which bring you happiness; regardless of the consequences or decisions that infect or disgrace your time on earth. People have chosen to kill our world, with their insanity. But to fail hope inside yourself; is to surrender to a different kind of insanity; that does become hard to survive. So the elemental reality of being human is: to accept, that the balance of what I can do/ the reality of what I did do/ and the summation of what was honestly needed to be done; is somehow enough to establish the consequences of truth. And let it lead.
So I end talking about energy; because the explanations are as simple as they can get/ and you will or you won’t accept the duty to be involved, for life!
The destruction of every kind and type of resource, that is fundamental to our very survival; to life on earth itself. Is also without a need for further instruction/ as you know what is true: you simply refuse it, and I cannot stop that. Its up to you; to stop killing your children/ by stealing, poisoning, and destroying their only chance for a future. Resources they must have, to survive!
That leaves biological mutilation, as if even the topic itself; was not enough: it is! Nonetheless, the extreme cult of “university knows”/ has so much control over public perception. So much control over all media communication and propagation of “claiming we will heal every disease”; that it literally must be dealt with as well. Listening among geneticists, decades past: it was absolutely clear the vast majority simply want to play god/ disease is irrelevant. If it had been possible, I guarantee that “diseased, dog vomit” WOULD have had humanity mixed with insects/ animals/ birds/ fish/ and everything else they could think or including the toilet: just so they could laugh. Never mind the horror to life/ never mind the consequences to nature: its all just for fun, “right”. And you let them, even pay them; by listening to such diarrhea as “the single greatest threat to women is heart trouble”. While in fact those figures come from: “what did she die from at 95″? Well it must have been a heart attack: get the picture/ make them fear, and they fall over dead, trying to save themselves with money. Damn idiot.

Therefore we begin with the simple truth: that genetic DNA is the foundation instructions of nature itself/ as these critical definitions of balance (two arms, two legs, etc)/ these critical elements of order (each muscle strand MUST be organized in an exactly manner, tied into a very specific place, and conformed in motion with critical mental instructions and identification) or the body of life, does not work. We then look at the disciplines required for your body, and recognize the ability to control your arm or hand or finger, with gentleness or aggression: is no small thing. The ability to use your eyes, and comprehend what you see: is no small thing. Mental awareness, and pre-programming the basics of heart rhythms/ lung movement/ immune responses, and a host of other realities required for a body to survive: CANNOT be underestimated. Neither can the structural abilities and fundamentals that let us rise, carry, run, walk, and so much more. All of that, and “a billion things” more: are being threatened with genetic alteration by men or women. The body has survived it so far: ONLY because it is so well-designed! “Thought, works”!

Nonetheless: fools and failures expound everyday, that “life hasn’t suffered yet”/ from all the mutilation! So like climate change and everything else: UNTIL SURVIVAL of life on this planet; COLLAPSES IN AN IR-RETRIEVABLE HEAP or HELL. As in, Death is all that is left for us, the future is dead: they claim a right to keep doing what they do! Because they obviously want us dead; terrorizing life, destroying nature, and deliberately choosing to take us past the point of no return, “where living, is everything biblical prophecy declares it will be”.
As all liars do: they leave out the extremely long list of everything they don’t know, or cannot even conceive of. Such as any other life form being affected; “lets call it, a trillion more living things” on the planet! So when they say, “we changed a body of life/ and it didn’t do nothing to the rest”. It is absolute conjecture, and without any real basis in time or truth. Neither are the end results of even minor change in any other creature known: as it intermingles with other life, to create something new or change something old. And how that will affect its value within the food chain, or its ability to survive; or anything else that shall be required to adapt: etc/ etc/ etc.
Fools and failures endlessly quote: men have changed things in life always, for the better. A common example is corn: where breeding programs, and very careful management did in fact change the plant, into what we use today. Breeding programs use the processes and management systems of the biological reality already in place: to determine “if this fits”. Thereby all things previous, had little or nothing to do with men: other than asking the plant, “if this works for you”. Management, then took that information, and expanded it into other questions for the plant biologic’s to consider. A joint effort between man and nature which benefitted both.
Today however: that is destroyed, in favor of “we want this”/ by men. So they inject it into the biological system; and crucify the plant itself if it does not work, or come up with something that did work: regardless of what it functionally or fundamentally changes in the plant itself. LIFE is not a mathematical question/ it is a life question. Which means simply: EVERY COMPLEX BODY, lives because it creates an environment inside that structure, which can and will live in harmony, with each element of its cellular existence: by balancing the whole.
So men: stripped that out/ and replaced it, with DO THIS, DAMN IT! Because we want it. As is true of all want: LIAR (we can), EXISTS. As is true of all lies: they leave out important details, for the purpose of hiding the facts; so a different decision can be made. In this case: elementally changing the corn plant, has resulted in a recent higher yield. But the question is: at what cost, do we attain that yield. Looking back at human history: EVERY single “we did great” event/ has produced a more extreme horrifying event, just a few years down the road. Antibiotics: “couldn’t be wrong”/ yet they now have produced: over population of humanity, threatening the very existence of life itself. Antibiotics have produced “super-diseases” which will have horrifying effects. Antibiotics have changed “livestock farming”/ and made the factory farm common everywhere on earth. Yet reality states: the factory farm CANNOT exist without feeding antibiotics to keep disease out. Without antibiotics, ALL LIVESTOCK dies in these settings, almost immediately. Making excess food today for some/ a reality of true starvation for the masses across this earth tomorrow; and the war that will create. So basically nothing “the university people do”; can or will last long. The simply multiply disaster, and make it far worse; literally assassinating every child: to claim selfishness, greed, and pride for themselves.
Returning to corn means: that the yield boost does have a price. Every biological safety feature built into the plant; is being removed. It is much like telling your own body “go all out/ don’t stop: you can win”. While the body for most will survive it repeatedly: some will fall and die. Too often, many will fall and die. The plant biologist says, “this is great/ it removes the weak plant: and we get the best”. However, it does remove all diversity (a safety factor) as well/ and makes the entire species vulnerable to attack. We add in the mutilation of the plant with completely foreign instructions, that now compete with biology; and change the entire environment of that system. The life question, regarding harmony is removed: cells then must fend for themselves, individually “living or dying” because that, “is what men did”. The end result will be: what men did was to change the most basic biological elements of the plant, and it will suddenly erupt into a completely different subspecies or go extinct. That subspecies is just as likely to be poison to us or anything else; as not. Ending corn forever as a food source. “Just the beginning”/ as what happens along the way to every biological life that encounters these new conditions must also adapt, and change can turn harmony into chaos. Just like asbestos: some things do not become evident/ until thirty years later or more. Then the body having endured it as long as it could: simply creates cancer & dies. Take a look at your healthcare: is not cancer prevalent. Cancer means: something is out of balance within the body & disciplines protecting the body have failed. You can’t turn back the clock: and take away every biological system you contaminated with “Armageddon (nature in chaos)”.
But lets move on: nearly every complex chemical has biological properties. Therefore any new chemical regardless of how it is encountered; which can be “mutilated food/ touching a surface/ ingesting medicines/ breathing/ and so on:” CAN CHANGE YOUR BIOLOGICAL SYSTEM as well. Every chemical that gets inside a living organism MUST BE DEALT WITH. In one form or another. If the body CANNOT deal with a chemical and eject it or use it. That chemical is then stored, until the body loses its ability to keep that chemical under control (quite possibly another chemical introduced): therefrom cancer, etc. Little is more invasive than medicines: as the television now tells you to avoid lawsuits. Works for some, “they think”/ kills others, with horrendous effects: and THEY DON’T tell you how many will be affected. Because it hurts sales, if you know! But they also don’t tell you or study the effects on the next generation; either directly or because of genetic damage done in the test subjects/ or any other effect as could be from a wide variety of incidents as is consistent “with germs”. They exist; as does the body excretes/ secretes/ exhales/ and so on. How is that not subjecting other biological forms as well? There is no going back, AIDS should have taught you that. Another “university decision”/ well, we can’t stop another human being from spreading a new horrible disease, or even try. So a billion tears fall. Proving once again: a body of life does not survive, “without all its parts”. Evolution is for liars and fools. As to AIDS initial reports indicated infection number one, had been to Africa. One report had him eating monkey; in an area described as, “monkeys returned, after biological genetic mutilations were preformed on them. Returned, because university people WANT: to reduce genetic disciplines to chaos/ by infecting the natural order of life. “Your scientists” believe that once genetic disciplines and order are caused to break down: that is a primary function attempted for over fifty years. Biological catastrophe to them means: THEN they will then learn how to be god “by recognizing the parts and pieces destroyed; now we know”. This is how “science is done”/ more easily understood by “destroying bridges; etc” this part failed; so now we know. Because the university brain dead: believe in evolution & so they want their god, which is chaos, to return. Taking all life with them, as religious sewage often does. “I believe” is something in common with those who worship “satan”, or any other religious attempt to change the world (NO facts, just assumption)/ by assuming humanity can play god”.
The alternate to a religious icon is JESUS; a man who walked among humanity; establishing facts! Belief Is removing the facts (I can change my mind) making life itself irrelevant. Which means what you believe is strictly, your choice. Unless you infect life with your own version of tragedy; by becoming religious. If it catches on (truth doesn’t matter); Then it becomes, our trouble too!
Genetic discipline, balance, structure, and order, ETC are nature itself! MIRACLES WITHOUT EQUAL, OR UNDERSTANDING OR THE CHANCE TO EVEN CONSIDER “REPAIR/ once broken”. Humanity had nothing to do with this/ BUT THOUGHT, absolutely did!
Yet men believe: Once it “breaks down”/ then they know. However reality states: all life is over forever. Because humanity will NEVER be “god”. You can’t even control your money; it always ends in war.
Besides simple delusions, men don’t allow people to see, all the biological carcases; they mutilated and thereby crucified (forced to survive with great pain, or die): they hide it. But you don’t care: Great though, anything, so you can believe, “I” get a few minutes more time. While the entire earth, and every child: will suffer yet another horror; which will probably never end, until all life dies. “just because of you”! Every child, every life on earth forever; sacrificed to crucifixion: because you wanted a few “minutes” for yourself! As the bible predicts; “now isn’t that odd”? Yes-sir, mutilation is great: the university people are SO smart! Ain’t that so? What possible harm could come from destroying the foundations of all nature on earth! As is their proven purpose: to bring us chaos, “because they want to laugh, ridicule, and control all the strange life forms they expect. Or more simply: like every thief that ever existed since human time began/ the universities want to steal the secrets of nature, so they can proclaim themselves to be “god”. They will get slime: the simplest life form/ as genetics fail forever! Turning life, “into mush”. Why hell, there CAN’T be any punishment for that; now can there? Well, your too smart to worry: “the university knows everything”/ and all the public cult helps them steal. Go ahead give them your money too: oh wait, the university diploma’s in charge of government; have in fact already stolen every security of America and its people; all of it. Too bad.
While the cult of humanity now says: “We can do it, we believe/ we can play god”! The university elite knows: NOT you/ only us. But alas: as We look again at the recent past, to remind ourselves of what university leadership over this humanity: HAS ALREADY DONE. By simply presenting evidence. A tiny little bit, begins as: Some time back, the US EPA established: injection of toxic chemicals in America has exceeded 30 trillion “gallons or tons: don’t remember”. Placed Close to your water supplies/ right by your largest cities in many cases: cause that is easy and cheap. Who cares? Can’t get it back out/ and that does not include the trillions of tons, of toxic chemicals intentionally dumped on the ground, into the water, and more. But not to worry, the biggest user of chemicals: have removed nearly all the small farmers. Disabling, and destroying the foundation of rural America: “we got land/ because we got weeds”. Replacing that, with they got chemicals (toxic poisons, just like the cities) now. So who cares, right! Its just poison/ why hell, the golf course uses more per acre: you got to have that.
With severe potential for the mutilation of all genetics, by chemicals. Humanity says, Its just the end of insects; every farmer says, “that WILL be GREAT”. However insects are a primary link in our food chain as a world of life/ they are pollinators, responsible for fifty percent of diversity on earth. They feed the fish/ birds/ reptiles/ small mammals, and a lot more. So you kill them/ you kill the rest.
Or lets look at: we have fracking, they don’t inject “waste water”/ they pump drinking water out of the aquifer, and treat that with chemicals/ then call that, “waste water”. The underground aquifers are known to recharge at a rate of one inch per every fifty inches of rainfall: “so what’s the problem”/ other than we thirst to death, in just three days. But ethanol production adds in, right: just trillions of gallons of drinking water. Who cares, right/ it rains? Which of course runs right into the sea, with chemicals enough to kill a thousand miles from shore. Add farmers who insure water cannot sit long enough to actually get to the aquifer, with tiling. Poisoning by radiation. Poisoning by garbage. Poisoning “all around” university claims “one part per billion of oil in water is toxic” / but then, its just water: who cares! In addition; fracking pressurizes subterranean structures; to cause little intentional earthquakes as they break rock to get gas, “by lifting ground”. Fully expecting: at some point soon: the entire water supply for a state or more; could or will be poisoned too. Just takes one little crack. Along the Rockies, the aquifer for 4-5 states, is the same! But who cares right, “its their problem”. Until they move, and immigrate into your problem now.
Or we have the addition of nuclear entertainment (this is great): “WE CAN do it”. Which bankrupted America, the USSR, and more. Which laid waste to vast amounts of land with toxic radiation. Which has poisoned trillions of gallons of underground and above ground drinking water/ around the world. Hell, GOT to have weapons of mass destruction! Which threatens us everyday by weapons of mass destruction. Yes sir; “great stuff”, men did do it; they could indeed. But they cannot stop the consequences: ETC/ ETC/ ETC!
Or you can consider a reported case from the sixties I think: wherein a small town close to the Mexican border had several children born “completely whole, looking perfect/ but HAD NO BRAIN”. The suggestion was: heptane (a light petroleum distillate) I believe was in the water/ during pregnancy. But hey, throw chemicals everywhere; what harm could it cause/ right! Of course “the university” needs lots more case studies to know why. They use children as guinea pigs for that research: offering “its free”. Its research, we are doing great things: but its, “Cancer/ who cares”; we want to play. So the children die a “dozen times” or more; instead of just once/ because their parents “want what they want”. So, how could this be wrong? Answer: you probably would not do so to yourself. Which means you are sacrificing your child, to their pain/ instead of yours: for your own want, and selfishness. Ask yourself: WOULD dying, surrounded by “love and nature” (hopefully): be better? Instead of pain, torment, and very little hope for ANY real, long term solution?
Yes, I know its horrible/ my nephew died of brain cancer at 9 months. Hospital Mistakes were made: adding blind, for weeks. Died from the process of dehydration (as is lost in the desert); because he literally could not drink or eat anything/ his body rejected it. THE BODY needs everything, at once: evolution is a lie! Likely caused by the spraying of pesticide in the house, when he was just a few months old, and crawling on the floor. “Can’t have spiders”/ can’t do it: chemicals are great! oh well. My dad died of melanoma: they offered to cut off his leg, as they do to many. I reminded him, NOT a solution/ it just means, your last days are spent in a wheelchair/ falling down/ an invalid; wishing you were dead instead (because everything you want, is over). He chose to live now, with his leg, and keep doing what he was doing: by accepting, death later (82). Without doubt, an illness caused by: his belief as a farmer, “chemicals are GREAT”.
Or, if you prefer: just consider biologists/ geneticists around the world; not even in military situations. Are making many mild diseases “into biological weapons”: just in case. “Its fun”/ let the people fear me: I AM IMPORTANT. Or, just plain insanity.
The cattle industry has an offering: they assumed and believed, “all we got to do, is take the eggs from a cow we want/ and implant it in a surrogate cow (cheap) we don’t want. That cow, will then be used to “grow a new calf”: so this can be like selling semen. So we can make more money on the “precious/ pretty cow”.
That first calf does come out looking as expected. BUT, every generation thereafter does bear characteristics of the surrogate mother cow; basically ending the practice. The surrogate exchanges blood, and more: and that genetic material influences the calf genetic formation: FOR THE NEXT generation. Even though the surrogate doesn’t seem to influence the first. So now consider that: when it comes to “university expertise” telling you, “using different species, such as pigs to grow human blood” will be GREAT. It will instead be HORRENDOUS, the probable start of Armageddon itself. Which does mean: nature in chaos! The university earns the right, to be called SATAN on earth, for lack of a better word. Again and again, and again. The public continues to say: I alone matter/ let the children be sacrificed; the grave can wait, for me.

Biology IS: LIFE, beyond the control or conception of humanity! Mess with it, and the entire body of life on earth: can disappear, Simple as that.

So now lets look at a more conceptual understanding of biological formation and function. Every body of life, is built with chemical instructions from genetic DNA, and its messenger associated as RNA; so say your universities. Those instructions exist in order, and are produced by an extreme “science by roughly: chemicals acting or reacting in the presence of “one part per billion signals”. Creating complex chemical sequences, running the factories, utilities, transportation, etc that is required for body production. That process, as well as survival itself: is formed using the chemicals provided in what we call food. As is other living bodies of biology that we consume: to get their already formed complex chemicals. So we can sustain our own lives: because they provide the chemicals chains; we must have to retain our own existence.
Like the key to a car/ or a vehicle without fuel, or oil, or whatever: IF YOU CANNOT GET, that one extra little thing, that is required for “moving the entire vehicle”. Then that whole vehicle becomes scrap; because it will never move again. The loss of a key, will make it impossible for a great majority: never to move that vehicle again. The same is true for all of biology, as we are truly interdependent, upon each other. By the very complex chemicals we both make, so simple and complex living forms can help each other survive. Lower forms of life, need what we provide as well: EVERYTHING is interconnected. Which means you CAN’T JUST PRETEND, changing anything in life: doesn’t have consequences for the whole.
ITS CALLED LIAR; because without doubt or question, everything about life, and living matters.
Or more simply: men consistently say, “I found the answer/ its this one tiny little thing! NOW we know, NOW we can play god, is called university”.
However life itself consistently says: no matter what little thing you find, LIFE IS ABOUT EVERYTHING, LIVING & WORKING TOGETHER, at once. Do you see the difference?

Probably not, the insane cannot think clearly/ and a cult never questions its leaders. Regardless you will stop mutilating life, in every form: or if time survives at all/ it will be your children who curse you forever. As every conquest this generation made: was the result of sacrificing your children. “TO HELL” with everything, “but us”. Won’t be true, anymore! The lie ends/ you will receive your just reward; or dramatically change. Hell, eternity can’t exist: “you are gods, the university told you”/ oh wait, they say “they are gods”; not you. Welcome to slavery with a twist. Guilty of conspiracy to destroy life on earth/ cause you don’t even know you’re a slave. “You just want, what you want”. To hell with this world, “give humanity what it wants”. Which is to play god. Congratulations: you are about to receive your most ardent wish. Every part, every piece, every reality of living, nature, environment, growth, etc: is entirely up to men. Oh wait, you destroy everything; oh I know, it’s the children you expect to pay. Well who cares, its what you want. Isn’t it?
After all, you don’t have to think: its not your job. “Its not allowed”, so be a good little robot. Accept without question everything your television etc; tells you. “Because they wouldn’t want to burden you” with real information or facts. Why that, is their job/ under the supervision of those tiny few: who write their paycheck.


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