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Throughout all of history, religion has been the single elemental trial: to be aware of what we know exists/ yet cannot explain. Because men want to “participate as gods”/ rather than let the miracles of nature “explain everything” NOT an accident or by the hand of man. JESUS gave us one clear look, at the purposes and desires, that “BEING ALIVE” was intended to include. Love, respect, acceptance, thought, discipline, boundaries, caring, sharing, patience, balance, order, living without want, discarding pride, removing power from life, and choosing GOD over all forms of selfishness. Even more.
Which fundamentally means: that religion is more the creation of excuses, than it is an acceptance of GOD .

In the biblical book of Daniel; there are two deaths, for the human race: one is by the law/ the other is by removing mercy. Biblically; What happens after that, “is HELL, and all its accompaniments”.

By the description of Daniel 12: “the great abomination” CANNOT be anything other than gambling with our whole world, by trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. Ignition is a one time event/ the fire cannot be put out! Humanity is given a period of 1290 days, from the first test: to stop this madness; or be declared “dead by the laws which govern life and planet”. That is the first death. While it is not critically clear. It then goes on to declare either an additional 45 days added onto the 1290. OR an additional 1335 days beyond that first judgment will occur; as the second death, or trial for mercy; as would be consistent with the new testament. End of the world issues are relegated primarily to Revelation in that book.
We have pasted by the first judgment of 1290 days; with humanity completely unconcerned with what their gods at “university knows” are doing. Even with absolute proof as is available to any thinking person: that being wrong by even a little, is anything but all life on earth lost in fire. No response, “their university gods rule/ death to our world, is the claim”! Or, more correctly: WE don’t care, enough. Reality states: with machines fully capable now of igniting atomic fire on earth/ everything on earth can be lost literally at any second of any day now. With even more dramatic machines coming soon. A reality we can no longer defeat, because the threat can destroy us all in an instant. Therefore we do depend upon “GOD”, believe it or not; to survive, from this moment forward. Since you clearly did not care enough to do so for yourselves. This is the same as if you were forced by love, to keep your child alive: even though they were clearly strewing “vomit and shit” with every step they took/ ON PURPOSE. Not necessarily going to be, “a long term acceptance of this”; wouldn’t you agree.
Nonetheless, Revelation is a book divided into two scenarios: the first eleven chapters is “men remain in charge of everything”. Consequently all the tragedy and all the horrifying decisions they have made come to fruition and take away both life and planet. That is the first scenario: “men get what they deserve”/ learning why your horrible decisions, against life and planet; are “just that”. Taking women, children, life, and planet with them!
The second scenario is from the twelfth chapter on: and it relates a description of what happens if “an outside source chapter 12: 1 appears” and gives birth to a new definition of “possibilities, which include women in charge/ and never less than equals again”. There will be battles & consequences; over this change. If carried to fruition, a new world order will arrive as told by chapter 21. If the value of humanity then becomes clear: GOD comes “to heal this world”.
So the question is: since already convicted by the law which protects our planet/ separating us from an atomic fire so we can survive. You chose NOT to care.
Our reality turns to WILL YOU ASK FOR MERCY? Or continue as arrogant, proud, blind, and completely selfish: as your university gods (they can’t be wrong/ they can’t be questioned/ they would never risk our lives, “cause they are so special”). Even though they use to be your classmates: And never showed one degree of “being gods” back then! Nonetheless, even though they stole your money/ corrupted your government/ lied endlessly about everything/ destroyed your religion with evolution, and a thousand more realities of importance: you still worship “university” as your god. You are believers (hell no, I won’t consider reality or truth by evidence/ I WANT, what I want), about to receive your true reward: every tragedy we face at their hands, is coming true/ every decision they made, to bring chaos onto this earth is all but here.
Or more simply by the evidence of their choices: LIFE IS ALWAYS, LAST! They believe themselves “god”! Mostly: Fairy tale Stories, and all the delusions they create; are first. But as for you unfortunately they did make themselves god of destruction/ killing a world. The religious call it SATAN. But words don’t matter right; “You, are believers”. Ain’t that so?
I am here to deliver a very simple message, whether you want it or not. Your excuses are removed. You will either change this world of humanity into something that will survive by truth and with equal or more participation by women: THEY DESERVE IT. Or you will die, by the decisions you made, to either lead as, or follow “your university gods”. The whole planet lost. Can’t believe it: nothing so clearly proves it is so, as does trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. Million mile long flames/ burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer/ can’t survive it, and you know it! Yet still frozen in place; letting all life die because your arrogance is “our university gods” CAN’T be wrong/ our MEDIA will tell us! Yet all the evidence proves: not so/ you, are wrong.

This reality is very simple: “you want what you want/ and you don’t want NOTHING you don’t want”. Let someone else change, I WANT WHAT I WANT! And I want MORE of everything; sharing or caring be damned: that kind of thing takes from me, what I want.
So frozen means selfish. Proves pride, and the demand for power. Conceives of arrogance that constructs “I want to play god too”. And asserts, nothing in this world, not even this world: is worth more, than what you want.
Unfortunately for you: reality proves, regardless what you believe. What you want is dead, for all intents and purposes; you cannot simply “raid/ ravage/ rape/ and ruin” this earth anymore. Life on earth has changed; 8 billion people CANNOT do, what 3 billion people did do. That ends, “it’s a man’s world”/ because men as a majority only know: “I can take whatever I find/ therefore I will; war will solve the rest”.
The money is gone, its all a lie. The resources are diminished so greatly, the failure to stop literally assassinates every child. The planet itself is changing/ every chain of life is threatened/ every possibility of a future disappearing with each day. While your “saviors” as in weapons of mass destruction; will soon confront over-population, and the world will end “by a thousand different threats”/ or just one. Doesn’t matter does it? Still dead, because you chose not to care enough: to protect life, instead of your own selfish want or lies! Eternity will remember you, for that.   Eternity will remember: you didn’t choose for life; which means you simply didn’t care enough. Which means: YOU, will be discarded “as the chaff”.

All the “great things” did die. Because we did not care enough, to respect the changes we made/ and limit ourselves accordingly.

Of the things men called “great”, are these:
1. Healthcare that works; but the end result of not limiting population as a result of more people living is: a planet overcrowded to the point of destroying everything. Killing this world/ a future dead and gone. HUMANITY adding over 2 million more mouths to feed/ over deaths; per each and every week!
2. Antibiotics, have been responsible for all of healthcare except vaccines; people undoubtably did surgery for thousands of years. The difference is an antibiotic to keep the wound from killing you. Unfortunately “the extra special smart people at university”; chose to lead agriculture into factory farming with antibiotics. Our entire livestock industry (the meat/ eggs, some of the fish, we eat) is now completely dependent upon antibiotics that are not only failing: but creating extreme diseases which will be horrendous. Adding mutilation of plants/ fish/ everything we eat: soon forever lost! Because they have no clue, and even if they did: they are NOT “god”/ which means one little mistake, and all life dies. Nature is not a game. Reality proves; Not exactly a blessing for the future. Instead a university curse.
3. Manufacturing; it just takes resources/ and a BIG garbage dump! Thereby everything is thrown away, to keep your job. Robots now take your job/ and must have even more resources; to be faster. Without resources there is no future, for work or life. This world is limited; we already stand on more than one person per acre of agricultural land. Again, no future without true change.
4. Agriculture has destroyed the competition, “by taking it all/ for a tiny few”. HELL, its just business! Chemicals did that, allowing greed to run a rampage by rape. Controlling weed & insect populations with poison. Nobody did more to destroy rural america however, than president Reagan, and all his lies. EPA, some years back reports underground injection (one quarter mile deep: measure out 1200 feet, “and talk to each other”), is well over 30 trillion gallons of highly toxic poisons. That does not include the billions of tons of poison agriculture dumps on the ground every year; just in america. Plants are mutilated, to kill insects/ to die/ are sterilized, to insure “pennies for me”. The end result is the chain of food for insects, etc; as in diverse plants (a world alive) are missing. The chain of food derived from insects: which feed the fish/ reptiles/ birds/ aquatic creatures/ small mammals/ and more will soon be gone. Ending all that life. The future destroyed, not only for them but us as well. Since pollination by creatures, represents over fifty percent of the food we eat too.
5. The oceans are devastated/ you need not guess. Take a look at the trawlers, “aren’t they great/ very efficient”. Understand how many across this world are working/ taking all they can get; while leaving nothing, for repopulation of the seas; or feeding predator fish species, etc. We feed over one billion people out of the sea; yet care absolutely nothing about what is done to the seas, their incubation areas. Not just warming seas/ but human attack, by trawler; leaves the entire ocean starving. Today, satellites, machines, “scientists” revealing where to find them; etc. NOTHING is so human as is; take more/ TAKE THEM ALL. Leaving the oceans barren, and very soon completely destroyed forever.
6. Global warming: we can do anything we want! Even though all the fire humanity causes, including motors; consumes a known quantity of oxygen. And we take more than this earth produces from our atmosphere. Nonetheless, adding in all that heat released; now threats everything. The consequences are more than they appear; not only ice removed (no heat balance)/ weight redistributed, for our world (globe unbalanced bringing earthquakes and volcanos soon)/ ozone gone soon, bringing radiation poisoning for all life/ trees gone increasing the speed of wind tremendously (this earth turns at a little over one thousand miles per hour/ unless the atmosphere turns with it, IT SPEEDS UP). HUMAN anger and hate causes “fire”; etc/ etc/ etc. But hey, men love war; do they not?
7. But more than anything else on earth; the true and most immediate threat beyond all others, “is a university diploma/ coupled with a delusional government, filled with traitors”. Fantasy fills the diploma with imaginations about playing god. The endless counterfeiting of a corrupt and organized crime against humanity in the form of governmental employees betraying their people; builds the fantasies of “university leaders”. Letting them purposely try to destroy not only life, but the planet, and even this solar system: because they are certain, “they can play god too”. These experiments/ these terrorists beyond all others, which leaves us with SATAN, as the correct word. Struggle to end life/ before they are stopped. They are the dead inside/ and THEY DO intend to make you so, as well. It’s called hate. Its called, the most blind/ arrogant/ deceitful/ destructive/ traitorous reality of existence; propagated by the most cynical diseased failure called media: that could ever be disguised as human existence. Rather, the choice for money first: TO HELL WITH LIFE; as is the obvious response of all that university leadership has done. Would prove, “devil on earth”. So says the evidence, only a tiny bit as described above. And the world of humanity says: “We love our devil”. Devil meaning: WE DON’T CARE/ WE WON’T SHARE/ WE WON’T GIVE NOTHING BACK, and of course we are gods. A reality fundamentally proven by your acceptance of evolution: “the witch doctors guide to hell”.
Why was it accepted? The answer is; because the vast majority said in their heart. HELL YES, there ain’t no damn penalty, to be as blatantly selfish and destructive; AS I WANT, TO BE. So you taught your children, to be fools too. “Schooled in arrogance, & blind obedience to the fantasies “of a male education (nothing matters but me)”. Educated in deaf and mute acceptance; DON’T question your leaders/ “believe in the cult” of university knows! While the television does your thinking, and death stalks you all, like a disease.
Not a ridicule, nothing happy about it: simply tragic. Led by greed/ could not be stopped because of gluttony. Life discarded by pride, power, lust, want, selfishness, hate, and failure. Which means everything I love dies too! How is that “happy, or desirable”?

change required

On this earth, there are literally trillions of inhabitants; “all life on earth”. Every single one of which is being threatened with extinction; including yours.  That fact comes clear, as our reality of evidence threatening this world,  becomes certain and plain.  Our destiny or fate is:  “about to be sealed (can’t change it now).”  By those who don’t respect life, or care about the future of any life, but their own! Or just want us dead, as is the proven fact “of a university diploma/ an american government”: that threatens WORLD TERRORISM.  Do read on.  


You are asked to share, the duty: to fight for this world is, including every child, & every future child.  The question is:   do you/ or do we  care?  The answer must be:   LIFE, for this planet, MUST COME FIRST! Because the evidence is true.

 There are, no other significant objectives here: simply life must survive, by law; & no gambling with our world. No threatening every existence on earth, with your experiment, theory, fantasy, lies, theft, or excuse.  WE MUST SAY    “NO”! Taking their tools for this,  away. 

  BY ENFORCING OUR LAWS/ OUR CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY:  called    “WE THE PEOPLE”, are owners here.  We/ those who came before us:  paid, for that right!


So, lets talk about our reality; in this particular moment of time. You want what you want; and don’t give a damn, about anything else: because you assume, no one will listen/ can’t stop nothing, anyway. Or simply, we/I, got an excuse! That is removed within the reality all you now have to do: is demand I, James Frank Osterbur: must pay tax! 

Of all the countless life and planet threats and tragedies; there is also a secret human cost, that nearly all people simply cast aside. That media again, as with all other important life issues: hides and disguises so it does not become news!

That cost is the counterfeiting of our money/ the inflated currency, that has destroyed the financial foundation of our securities. That reality of numbers, that has become the means to dispossess our nation from ourselves: by turning it over to foreigners, and their counterfeit american money. American leaders cannot get enough of “playing god” with our money & our lives: so they give it away/ to keep reality hidden, they give our jobs, resources, land, and businesses away; signing treaties, etc. NO foreigners did not do this to us. THEY didn’t counterfeit our money/ American leadership DID! But the american people wanted them too; because after the debts from greed, gluttony, power, selfishness, and pride were added up! They all got together and said: “LET THE CHILDREN PAY”/ we don’t want too!
But it is true, the vast majority did not understand, exactly what it is they chose: media would not tell them!
The easiest example is: same as the nation of Israel, became real by buying all the property that Palestinians put up for sale/ and then rented back to those same people. The insurgency is quiet: our property is being swallowed/ and our right to possess anything, is being terminated. Because the wealthy (you cannot defeat a counterfeiter)/ has control over our currency: if they want more money, “they simply print it (add another trillion dollars; nobody cares)”! When reality has no meaning here: EXCEPT FOR THE VAST MAJORITY, where debts can destroy your living and your life. Where reality has no meaning in money, power takes over: as history proves, with a clear purpose to enslave & make you beg. Pride demands it; because life is a game/ and there must be a prize, or it is no fun. When you have nothing left to barter with: either you are worthless, or (I CAN make you): which means turned into prostitutes, slaves, whore’s(sell anything for a penny; as the saying goes, “even your own mother”); or soldiers. By creating war, the game gets more interesting: “its human chess”/ from the side lines.
The federal reserve has an accounting site. Reporting the financial affairs of the USA is required by constitutional law. Table L.5 which serves to prove we are over 153 trillion dollars in debt as a nation. Which proves our currency has been inflated to over 200 trillion dollars; or About $28,000.00 dollars per human face on the planet. The last four years currency roughly increasing by 22 trillion alone. The media reports “less than 4% inflation”/ which is not only an outright lie, but a clear and deliberate intent to participate in stealing, rampage, ravage, betrayal, and rape of us all.
You expect “your dollar” to buy a dollar’s worth/ do you not? Consider the resources lost in this game/ the future dead because of this game. Consider those who are playing god, with your money; have fantasized and built, the tools to destroy our whole world. “Happy now”?
Reverse mortgages are BAD; like Palestine, hidden among the funds of wall street are most of the financial invaders. Even if they DO, have “american sounding names”. Like the automobile financial crisis proved once again: every small investor is sacrificed, gouged, and mutilated financially. While every large investor with very few exceptions: makes money, or just plain goes free. Wall street was made a part of the federal reserve: so they could print their own money. Wall street and the board of trade use computer theft, “to cook the books/ and steal by invading the process in microseconds to buy and sell without your knowledge. Or more simply, THIEVES run our lives/ TRAITORS steal our nation/ WHORE’S lead us with “fear this”: BE DISTRACTED! While those who have already been trampled upon all say, “we have guns”! Take a look at Syria or Iraq, and see what that brings in reality. Use the law, demand truth, establish REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; and take our leaders to court. Take our finances to court, and decide for ourselves: what the future will be. Anything less than “limited capitalism”: WE SET THE LIMITS of how much or how little anyone can earn in a year; or hold as property; BY OUR VOTE!

I demand: before I pay an enemy of this state or nation: those threatening life, nature, nation, and world.  I WILL have my day in court.  Your job is:  Supporting an open  public trial, whereby constitutional democracy, shall be defined AS LAW/ and proven the authority of this nation.   Superior to a judge. Thereby redress of grievances begins as trial; to prove a legal public right of authority over our employees. To protect our nation and our world.


Your complaint, IT JUST PLAIN COSTS TOO DAMN MUCH;  TO STOP doing what we are doing. Is a reality defined by:   we got bribes! So, you ain’t surrendering my life/ my want/ my pride/ or power; damn near NOTHING!

The system is the same as its always been: if you know, the outcome of the race, before all the rest; and can place your bet accordingly/ then you can’t lose. Computers can take your buy or sell/ and get in front of you; to place their bet before the accumulation of any change. Known because computers work on predictable programs: so many buys & the price goes up/ so many sells, and the price goes down. Once you know the direction, in a millionth of a second or so, the new computers can buy or sell faster than the race can be completed. But then with a trillion dollars or more: adding on the fact that buying on borrowed money at 50-1; who the hell cares, “right”. The big players now use computer theft, they just wait until the price is going up or down, and move in.  Just before the price rises or falls, they make a buy or sell/ allowing that price to then change; and a millisecond later sell for a profit/ or add in a few billion to make a profit/ and then take it away; before a second goes by.The smaller players perfected it, and are now removed; as always the “filthy” rich control. Being part of the federal reserve means: “if wall street” wins, they print more money/ if wall street loses, they print more money/ if they simply want more money, they print more money: because reality, as in debt; only matters to the masses. YOU have to pay/ they do not. They just counterfeit, because the university diploma: accounting for all leaders; control the currency without respect for anything. They like, “being kings and queens”, all it takes is “money”/ you slave! After all, someone has to work: don’t they?
After all, just because you are dispossessed from your own nation/ that does not mean they will be. Doesn’t money “buy the world”? They will just take your life savings, as they already have; and move. Functionally “wall street, as a federal reserve bank” means wall street cannot default/ or no more crashing! Which by default means: until the money fills an entire garbage dump, as is reality comes/ your leaders have increased the number of pigs at the trough.More clearly, an example is: “market computers are designed to watch the volume of sales/ when they achieve a specific number over a period of time: the market computer then makes the price go up/ or down as the case may be. Stealing computers know when that price is going up or down by simply watching the volume, and reacting or interfering with the progression of those numbers: so they can intervene, with an investment or sale just prior (in the milliseconds) to change. Once the market computer changes the price/ in another millisecond the stealing computer can buy or sell: before the change can be known by any human being. For instance if immediately after the price goes up/ enough volume is sold; the price instantly goes down to its previous level; and no human even knows a change was made.  but then everybody wants the price to rise, “winner”! All it takes is “numbers”. Just the computers, which do carry a record: identifying profit or loss. While this may not sound particularly excessive, consider this: a computer can make these “buy and sell” decisions at a million or so a second. Take a dollar each time, and you make a million dollars a second. With thousands of stocks on the market, and 3600 seconds in every hour: the consequences are “very lucrative”. And the employees of US government protect them all the way; by making these “banks” part of the federal reserve. “We can print more”!The reality of debt or asset is: “you can have as many numbers in your bank account, etc; as you want” it absolutely does not matter/ go ahead, claim a trillion! Because until you spend those numbers for real life resources and physical work, they do absolutely nothing to change society or environment. Banking is the exception; which means the standard “multiply by ten” and loan it out: adds to the 200 trillion dollars in assets claimed by america; another 10 times more! Nobody cares, until you run out of resources/ which means regardless of desire or willingness to work: the earth ran out, and there is no more of anything desirable left to go to the store and get. All gone, a future destroyed; because the current elders, took it all away, to claim their trophies/ which they then threw in the garbage, because a trophy means “the game is over”. So they need more game; society suffers accordingly.The constant of man is: you can play any game you want/ until the resources run out: then its war, because someone has to die! There ain’t enough, for us all.

 The demand in reply is:  To plainly accept your duty as a citizen. Your refusal:  NOT even if the nation or world is going to die:   As is proven by the evidence.  Or, Let someone else!  Then I will call them “hero” for five seconds: to declare; I AM, all paid up!  So long as they don’t cost me NOTHING else.  IS REFUSED!

Not only are these excuses of a  coward, but a gluttonous fool besides! Proven true/ in witness against you; over decades.

So then, with most elders entirely against all change:  the possibility of survival for our world, unfortunately;   becomes entirely the responsibility of the young.

For forty years “your elders” have refused duty for life/ scrounging for greed, power, and pride; in absolute worship of “university”. Or more correctly MONEY, its all good for me! Give us what we want! They wanted, to be rich.  So they let university, drive the nation into the ground; “we won’t pay for nothing”.  Proving none are worse, than a university diploma.  Their fantasies and delusions have been ruling America; and counterfeiting money for their toys;   over at least 5 decades, even much more.

               The reality established:  They refused the cost and consequences of every action or reaction; required for life first.  Because they wanted, whatever they wanted/and refused all duty, to life, world, or nation.  As do their children; but your decision as youth today,  has become “different”.  By the evidence, time “to play” has run out.  You will fight for this earth, this nation; or lose everything forever!  So says the evidence; merely prove it is wrong/ or accept your duty to life.


  The difference is: they were not as close to dying as YOU.  You, as a youth today; simply by age; face threats that can no longer be ignored/ time ends soon, without you.  Reality states: Consequent to their greed, your elders sacrificed your lives, and your future for the gluttony in theirs. For nothing more, than counterfeit money (they knew)/ and trophies to throw in the trash.

You cannot, that is done!  Which means:  If you DESIRE TO REMAIN ALIVE/ for any length of desirable time;  then you will not only understand the evidence of threat: but actually work for a future not being destroyed by;   chaos, horror, hell, cannibalism, or even a planet consuming fire; etc.  Each of which the universities (leaders) bring to our door. Because not a decision of substance the universities make (only the illusion);  is made FOR LIFE.  Their purpose is only money, power, pride, and propaganda (don’t question/ believe).

 Given the evidence, of many extreme delusions in university; as is constructed by their assertions of mutilating life into chaos (we can play god)/ to prove evolution (its what religious zealots do). Or, as evolution says:  we built ourselves; just went shopping, and picked everything we wanted off the store shelf! (Insanity).  Adaption means you don’t need all the parts and pieces at once.  Go ahead, live without a heart, stomach, lungs, blood, bone, etc!  Or, by evolution;  Its all an accident/ no thought needed!  So they mutilate, Nature : as in DNA the mechanism that builds the bodies of life, is just an accident!  Instead of the reality and truth: IT IS ABSOLUTE EVIDENCE OF THOUGHT,  FIRST!

 The literal stated intent of “their science” is: to destroy the disciplines/ balance/ and order associated with life.

 TO INVADE WITH CHAOS;   establishing an expectation to learn “what, and how, nature works”; by destroying it first.

Its how the universities build:   Like first blowing up a bridge to see how much dynamite it takes.  Ten thousand explosions later: “now we know”.

  However, unlike simple resources;  the destruction of nature, as is LIFE:  is forever.  They cannot put it back together.  Not even a little. 

           Or, as in the reality of extreme  science;   they are, Attempting to bring a ten million degree fire here, by  igniting it, and then proclaiming it will just put itself out.   That FACT, Is so far beyond insane:  only the religious description of “SATAN” can be used for these.  Or, more simply; they assume: by pride & arrogance, we truly believe, we can be gods!

 Wrong is this planet becomes a sun.  Everything including the solar system itself dies! They try to ignite that fire,  everyday; even after proving their own theories wrong! “Its their job they lose, by admitting wrong”; so they lie!

 Or; as in Discarding all reality in terms of US banking, along with every need for the future,  in resource realities lost.  The future of this culminates in a civil, or world (let someone else pay) war!

        The future for every child is lost/ peace has been annihilated; without true and immediate change.  That does prove thieves and assassins/ against every child, against one and all have flooded into “american government”; as traitors.


 The Assassination of every child is a certainty, because of planet devastation, ocean destruction, over-population, food mutilation, and its destruction by pandemic’s created from building “super diseases” by antibiotic misuse. The water supplies are nearing complete destruction.  The earth warming, because of heat released/ reality is: as is your glass of water, without ice, it does get much hotter; mass extinction. Same for this world/ new records are coming! Life will be migrating; but then twice as much competition for you/ half as much food.  Fight; just to survive, is fine: “isn’t it great/ all hail the university gods”?  Global warming is Half as much space for humanity to survive in, won’t be a problem; “will it”?

                Air conditioning is the major problem/ heat release is the cause. The oxygen depleted beyond what earth replaces, from fossil fuel burning/ ozone nearly gone/ every chain of life under attack/ mass extinction of everything; etc.  Deforestation removes the plants which give us oxygen/ stops the link between holding the atmosphere in place with the planet rotation (Jupiter and Venus have atmospheres like that; “moving air” at around 700 mph). The food we eat is being mutilated; not a field plant in agriculture for miles “everywhere”. Food  that isn’t made toxic to destroy insects, or mutilated for the use of poisons against weeds.  The food we eat is being turned into poison for insects, mutilated to turn on us at some point in the future.  Production completely dependent upon fertilizers, potash in particular near exhaustion.  Known results:  allergies (something is missing), asthma (rhythms fail), diabetes (wrong signals), cancers (the internal participants of your body, are not at peace), autism (the “software” is not complete); etc/ all expanded into misery. Or more directly: the invasion of chemicals throughout our lives, HAS A COST, pharmaceuticals included. The mutilation of plants. Replaces: The body of life works by chemicals (with new chemicals).  That body does create electrical signals which then operate the production of other chemicals to inform the tissues/ keep the organisms alive that are involved in “keeping us alive and working and happy”.

                    Interfering with those processes is extremely dangerous to all life.  Genetic disorders follow; or more simply,  “I can” as does the chemical industry say;  in all categories, they claim and  construct “we did”!  Which is a reality in fact,  not easily undone, if at all.  As is consistent with “more and more problems accumulating” particularly in America; and it appears China as well.   Along with;  Increasing disease severity from antibiotic misuse; particularly because of, the factory farm.   Insects are becoming extinct; as are other pollinators responsible for 50% of the diversity in plants (another chain), and 50% of the food we eat on earth; diversity gone.  Insects are a distinct “CHAIN OF LIFE” reality; few birds, few fish, no reptiles, marine life, amphibians, small mammals, etc:  when their numbers are gone.  Those dependent starve. Plants are being sterilized; so they cannot reproduce unless you buy seed.  Water replaces itself at: one inch in the aquifer/ per fifty inches of rainfall.  More than: Thirty trillion gallons of the most toxic waste, pumped into the ground (epa notes); to create your poison: a quarter mile down or less & coming up.  Garbage everywhere, and food treated as if it were nothing.  Its called damnation, or “we, don’t care/ let the children die”. The extermination of life/ breaking chains of life, so the food supply ends, for those creatures, etc which supply their food.  Which becomes extermination of the creatures we eat for food.  Simply our chain of food supply is being broken/ we  die too.  Factory farming, entirely dependent upon antibiotics/ which will soon end, so says medicine, etc.  Leaving the entire livestock industry without the possibility to keep “factory farm” livestock alive.  No antibiotics, means no surgery, for you!  Mutilated fish being put into the ocean/ exotic species changing entire ecosystems. Ocean collapse. Ocean farming breeding disease, and destroying the health of our oceans.  Extreme storms. It takes oxygen for every fire/ more than the earth creates: we are living on borrowed time! Or more simply, by university leadership: Rampant anarchy against the entire world of life:  do they not control everything?  Due to human demands: its called only power and pride matter.  Its called “university knows & is supported by government takeover/ defended by policing & courts, through corruption/ collusion/ and conspiracy to illegally  deny”.  Because they believe: they are so damn smart; they can and do play god with our lives and every living thing;  including the planet.  Or, more simply;   the universities say: WE ARE GOD,  NOW!  So says the university diploma.  Consequently “death surrounds us all”!  Simple and plain: don’t “believe”/ GO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE.

Science; those Creating weapons of mass destruction ( as in power mad devil: “they choose death/ not life”) do so,  instead of choosing for world law.  Because peace and harmony; “are not fun, for hate”/ there is no power or pride.   Etc/ etc/ etc.  Reality and truth, DO NOT play god with all life.  Instead, these search for the best methods to balance an entire world; discarded by “university”.


 Equality and rights give power to no one, as a ruler/ over the others.  Democracy says:  We don’t need rulers, if the world is simple and plain and fair; and nature is enough! We rule ourselves by the law WE, the people create. NOT rulers.  The difference is: we the people have “final say”/ by vote if necessary for change; by jury if required for freedoms to be maintained!


 Universities can’t create fear without a tool, or a weapon or propaganda.  Without fear, or devastation: they can’t play god/ thereby making themselves superior; or, ” we are, the important ones”.   Or, this, Got to be done: we are god!   The slaves must do whatever we say.   Therefrom any revolt, or just for fun:   as history proves; shall be met with death, torture, or just plain rape. Any question by a slave will be considered REBELLION, or ridiculous;  so the tyranny of ridicule can work. America says: “we are NOT slaves”! But reality proves, “you haven’t been paid {with real money} for decades”.  The value of Every penny; can be destroyed in an instant; because that is what undeniable debt, and completely devoid of reality, claims for assets, mean.

                  The insurgency of “university knows”; which literally operates as a religious cult: YOU can’t question us.  Media/ courts/ politics/ policing/ much of the public/ military; etc, simply won’t allow it.  That means university, Has invaded and sought to deliberately destroy constitutional democracy, and deny our union as a nation. Their method is:  Removing the constitution from our courtrooms, with irrelevant rules.  Declaring themselves rulers, declaring themselves to be sovereign; can’t be questioned either.  Thereby they become “king or queen”/ taking everything they want, by counterfeiting, propaganda, and lies.  With insignificant and irrelevant rules to control or discard that constitution and therefrom rule our lives.   Betrayal IS proven true; by the evidence.  By Playing: we the university diploma’s,  are god/ or just plain rulers; therefore not government  employees.  They claim to be:  not subject to an oath or law; by  controlling law, with rules; that they replaced the constitution with.   Thereby university kings or queens spending our  money, defecating on our nation / to simply provide toys to themselves and fund their fantasies.  By enslaving the people:    NO reality in money/ its all a lie!  By Taking away our business/ taking  away our opportunities and freedom/ taking away our resources and property:  “The future”.   To prove they can take away our rights/ by destroying stability and securities; through economic destruction.  With claims of “debts don’t matter”/  for the nobility.  After all, DON’T:  “they own the printing press for counterfeiting”.

Think, the universities build “BIG FEAR (you lose everything/ if you don’t worship us)”.   Or, more simply: you can’t stop us now! We own it all, &  We know, you won’t pay. Because bankruptcy means: the game is over/ and life now requires payment.  Or more simply the children are in revolt; because their lives are about to be extinguished.


   Nonetheless, By stealing the wealth of this democracy: the universities  continue to destroy it.  With elections funded by counterfeiting money; etc. Change a couple numbers, and presto “another trillion dollars to spend!  While the public clamors for more. “We want/ we want/ we want”!  Fully allowing the universities: to Declare themselves  “god” over our currency (its all free, for us/ we can’t be stopped; we can have everything) WITH A BRIBE.


 These few have used power from the inside: to annihilate “America the wealthy”/ and thereby work against every citizen, to destroy America the democracy.  By, Manipulating our vote.   By construing and creating:  all media is owned, by the tiny few.  Therefrom all media IS used to communicate, and to propagate: we THE PEOPLE,  cannot participate in/ we CANNOT know/ we CANNOT protect our democracy, our lives, our freedom, or even our world.


 Only “their experts” have a mind/ the liars of university nobility, shall decide.  This Media produces:  Not a word,  fighting for any real democracy or the values of life.  Just “playtime”, as in only an illusion/ which means “the free press” is dead. Destroyed with stolen money; while media is used for propagating lies; about climate and everything else. Did you not hear, a presidential election costs over a billion dollars: how much do you believe media gets? To insure you remain quiet, and uninformed! Led by the nose, to “the slaughter house”.  The planet in danger: let the media produce an expert to deny it.  Rather they will say, and control the argument; by remaining silent/ and proving you can’t talk to the people themselves. With:  “Nothing can be proven”, regardless of the evidence/ UNTIL everything is extinct!  So say the experts.

The general american public however is content with “I JUST WANT, whatever I want; MAKE ME RICH; or just shut up”.  The powerful made me silent, they stole my vote/ so I reject them, and want out; by making money! But with a bribe, “sure you can have everything you want: just go in debt/ forever”. Or more simply “BE OUR SLAVE”.


OUR Money is being stolen; university says; let media misdirect and mislead so none can hear: we have it good.  Media knew of counterfeiting, etc:   I told them!  Our entire world IS, being gambled with by energy experiments so extreme/ one single ignition is death to our solar system: and media says, “AIN’T THEY GREAT”/ ITS ALL WONDERFUL. Other experiments literally attempt to explode this planet, and there are more! While existence of all life itself, hangs in the balance; as the religiously insane in worship of evolution:    attempt to mutilate our lives out of existence.

 Politics have gone mad (they have no money, its all lies).  The foundation of it all is: let media be mice.  Let them be fed by leadership/ so they stay hidden, revealing only the tiniest of little morsels.  Etc/ etc/ etc.


 The universities have succeeded in: being gods.  None in the history of this world, have done more: to establish lies/ threaten death/ or the complete destruction of a world.  Yes indeed, they earned the word   “Satan”.  Which does mean: destroyer(s) of a world!

 This nation cannot pay its debt/ last I looked US total debt was about $153 trillion dollars: US federal accounting table L. 5.  

 Media denial is cheating you, WITH claims of minimal inflation/ while reality proves inflation (currency additions) has added 22 trillion dollars into US currency over the last 4 years. So says the asset column in federal accounting. 

           Swindle:  to take money with no intention to pay or work.  Equals  THEIR own debts,  don’t matter to these leaders, because they never intend to pay: they counterfeit.  Only slaves pay.

 Stealing:   we are being dispossessed! Our nation and our lives, IS being sold to foreigners.  Over twenty seven thousand dollars distributed equally, per human face on the planet.  Means we have no control left/ unless we take control ourselves, by demanding redress of grievances.  An accounting/ thereby we decide the future; the truth, and the realities we demand, and can sustain, for ourselves.

Betrayed:   the air/ water/ food/ resources/ and all realities required for our survival/ FOR LIFE ITSELF;  are being ravaged, ruined, and raped.  With absolutely no concern for the future.


Our employees from “president to simple worker” offer;   Complete denial of reality itself: refusing to deal with ANY true threat.  Unless power and money can be spent, to redirect reality somewhere else.  As in military deaths, to avoid rebellion and anarchy, in government, at home. What is more proud than that?

 So the children have no possibility of life continuing, at all; without change.  Their future is denied.  Their foundation of government is destroyed.  Their resources are ruined.  Their world on the edge of chaos.  Nature approaching complete chaos throughout this earth.  Terrorists working hard to destroy the planet itself, by disguising weapons of complete destruction “as science”.  Etc/ etc/ etc.


 Of these, Worst of all: leadership is terrorizing our world ( mutilating life, DNA is NATURE ITSELF)!

 Threatening to ignite on this planet a ten million degree fire, by bringing sun fire here. Pretending it will just put itself out.

 Because once ignited, if it does not: all life and planet burns.  Just like the sun/  MORE (even this solar system then dies!)

             And the elderly public says: THE PRICE of truth, is too high/ are we going to  practically  die, from the overwhelming debts!  KEEP LYING/  even KILL ANYONE who tells the truth.


Because the elderly public says:  “Let the children pay; don’t tell them nothing”: LET US die first!  WE WANT, what we want/ and nothing else. 

That includes:  not even the price will they pay, for their children to survive!  They say, we are honestly willing to pay:  but this is NOT our bill, because we didn’t create it.  Our employees DID!

BUT ALAS, you not only let them/ you took every bribe you could get.  Destroyed every resource you could find.  Pretending every lie is OK; “has to be done”.  While true greed controlled your lives, your religious, your everything.


The elders all say: “the game is working/ I get what I want, mostly; so no harm no foul”.  Let the lies continue!  But lets review: counterfeit dollars everywhere/ dispossession of america to foreigners/ university fantasies and toys deliberately attacking all life, even threatening the planet/ people enslaved/ nations invaded/ military escalation/ “nazi tactics”/ a corrupt courtroom/ democracy in tatters, approaching complete ruin/ resources destroyed/ water supplies near complete failure/ and a few thousand major threats more.  Such as even the biology that dissolves our waste, and the dead; are being attacked.  Consider the consequence of that; it lays here forever? The future dead, therefore every child assassinated.  HELL, what could be wrong with that: its just a few LIES!  “No harm/ no foul” RIGHT?   Eternity will have a different view, I guarantee it!


 Changing everything IS:  A PRICE  too damn high/ unless you are going to live; so say the elderly; and they intend to die (worshiping medicine/ university) first. Not even proving if you have a disease such as AIDS/ HIV; before you get medicine, men in particular shall have a vasectomy (the primary means of transmission removed)! That would include a tattooed penis; as a warning; for any in danger! Same for women, in a place you don’t see: until sex is imminent. “We deserve notice”!   But their University “dead meat” said;   its wrong!  The consequent reality proven true, “millions dead or dying; billions of tears that didn’t need to be”.  Because fantasy ruled;  reality (this must not be passed along),  was not allowed!


 The university “dead heads” demand “no global warming”; which will prove, even worse realities coming!  Summer at 150 degrees/ 300 mph storms/ plants dying/ mass migration; nothing to drink, WAR;  etc.

 So life or death for our world;  is up to the children/ your parents failed you. Their greed/ their pride, consumed them! And they taught you/ are you not the same?  So, The question for all youth is: are you ready to die/ this world to be lost, very soon? That fact is a matter of evidence, which does or does not prove your need to be involved, and demand change; want it or not is irrelevant!  This is not actually a choice, other than:  work for life today; or life, and nature on planet earth, is over soon.  Prove the evidence is wrong.


 Communication is your only true weapon.  Fight for life, means establish truth; and let that truth decide what reality must be.  We are way too many people “for war”/ it is useless.  The destruction will just cause more harm, ending life/ because we have little left to lose.  World law, limited capitalism, NO more mutilation or gambling with our planet, removal of weapons of mass destruction, making changes for a future;  is all up to you.  Surrender and you die/ because the damage already done is massive.  “Just can’t be so”?  Wrong is, “the end of the world”/ so says the evidence.  Prove it is not so!  Not that hard to do, simply lay out the consequences of what happens: after this becomes FACT?   Consequently prove the evidence itself is wrong, or accept the price of life continuing for us all: is literally, putting LIFE itself, for our planet, FIRST.  By removing money controls everything; to a much more  simple:  no more power, for fools. Did they not choose money, everything over life for the planet or future;  to this date?  Indeed “they did”.


                  The reality simply: its too late, for anything but true change.  The elders say “we are too old, to fight this war again”/ I CAN’T/ I WON’T, lose everything. I REFUSE to take that risk. The leaders say: we are god, the university is our savior.  Be damned to all who challenge us/ we will never change.  I ask you plainly: are toys, trinkets, flashing lights, gluttony, fairy tales, greed, or the delusions of playing god with life; really worth letting our whole world die for?  This is not a game, the consequences are very real. No second chances/ no “going back in time” to repair anything.  As is so obvious by igniting the same 10,000,000 F;   fire here, as is on the sun: it burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away.  Yet the university is determined to bring that here; demanding “it will just put itself out”.   That is NOT:  life comes first/ or more simply, the university rules, mutilates, and threatens an entire solar system!  By burning this planet, like a sun; when their theory is proven wrong.  That is what happens “after the fact” ignition has occurred. One second too late…………………even the solar system is lost, by the addition of another sun.  Steel melts at 3,000 degrees F/ we can’t even get close!  Dead.


 True denial of your elders has proven;  every threat they refused and more,  have grown to the point of extinction for all life on earth.   Because in America (we WANT, to be rich) is a religion; a reality of cowards! Their combined herd:  Just too damn proud to admit, their gods at “university knows (as in, save us/ save us)” stole this nation: its  money, resources, and everything they could.  For nothing more than fantasies and stories/ trinkets or toys, or fear exploded.  As pride and greed always does.   The universities are, Now threatening all life on earth; with theory and threat/ machines built to go beyond order, balance, discipline, and structures  established for “this earth”.  Your children, yourself;   your whole world, is in jeopardy. Would you trust “your everything”{to someone without any knowledge or understanding; even though they say “we will learn”}?  When in fact, being wrong about anything, in extreme experiments is: DEATH for all, forever! Not a game, real life costs.

 We must control the courtroom as “we the people”/ and fight to regain truth decides in both life and nation.  Nothing less than truth survives time; that is a fact; you know it to be true! Lies merely enlarge the cost, risks, and destruction; of coming death. We must control the universities, and all who threaten with extreme risk or more.

 Proving once again:  Pride is a “terrible enemy”/ it will not die, until you remove it completely. No one desires that price/ it is high.  But removing pride is necessary for establishing truth, and truth is required for survival. Even in eternity. Pride is the foundation of a herd mentality; it is the assumption, that all of us, know better/ by choosing leaders to lead.  But if a leader is truly wrong, all die instead.  Little is more evident of being wrong: than risking a world theorizing a ten million degree fire will just extinguish itself.  Nothing proves that/ all of humanity working together CANNOT extinguish this fire.  Once ignited if it does not extinguish itself: our world and every living thing is dead. The earth becomes a sun.  How is that evidence, not simple and plain.  Which does mean: even one second too late/ and nothing matters anymore.  Nothing, but   “GOD”!  Unless you grant: “this one did fight for life”/ these did not: eternity remembers.

None of what “university knows” has done:   sustains life, stability, or peace on earth!  Not even medicine, because we are being overrun as a world, with people. Doubling in fifty years, as a world;   Adding 2 million+ more mouths to feed, every single week! Being extorted as proven by my own experience at a hospital: a two hour gall bladder operation, charged at 13.5 cents a second/ per every second, for four days.


 You DO have to pay the price required; to bring life back before the point of no return collapses upon, and destroys every possibility life and planet could survive at least for some.  No matter what it is, to bring back truth, reality, “life for this planet first”.  It is far less than the consequences of your failure.

Whereas without true change.  When chaos  blankets the earth, rivers of blood will become real!   There will be no mercy; because that, is what you chose! That is what you deliberately  paid for, by worshiping at the feet of “university knows”.  Everything they did do, has a cost, and a consequence.  Those realities are being proven:   NOT what they said, an outright lie/ or just plain blatant stupidity. 


REALITY STATES; “I, caused none of this! Rather I provided the means to understand and acknowledge “this will be tragic” ALMOST 40 YEARS of continuous demands:   TO WAKE UP, and fight for life, before it is too damn late.  All but a very tiny few in recent years said:   ABSOLUTELY NOT! These costs are yours/ they are not mine.


By invading the US supreme court  with complete corruption the universities, took control over our democracy. They  can’t be rulers, without controlling the courts.  We lost our democracy: “the fact, our constitution rules over us”.  They rule now, in direct rebellion of everything the United States of America stands for.


 Thereby again the diploma throws out constitutional law (we rule now/ democracy is dead)/ demanding they can do better. After all, “aren’t they gods”?  As all religions do!  Adding “special favors” for the powerful, who now control all news, all business, all government, everything.  By removing liberty “we have rights” and the call to freedoms (our government/ NOT theirs) by controlling media.   Their diplomas have removed reality, their media has propagated lies, their banking has enabled cheating, their ways have stolen our securities and made us bankrupt, as an entire nation/ so their cult can prosper; as all religions do. Let all bow down, in worship of “University knows”.  They are your saviors; ain’t that so? 


Regardless:  the propaganda of media control, courtroom corruption,  and governmental leadership: HAS BEEN USED  to create the greatest pyramid/ ponzi scheme; swindle, in human history. They stole every form of American wealth; granting numbers as is counterfeiting “you owe me” instead.  Over $200 trillion claims in dollars, as assets for America/ over $153 trillion in debt. So says their own accounting. DEMANDED from about one hundred million citizen workers.  Go ahead divide that up; its called slavery. You were not paid, with anything that truth allows to be real, work that can be returned to you, because its foundation is true substance or value.  American money; is all just a game.  You lose.

                  By Using media entertainers, “the colored lights, the intentional misdirection/ the stories of university” to hide reality, by removing truth.  Have turned this nation into tragedy coming. Without truth, there is drama (every excuse is another means to create fear).  It is “divide and separate”/ so as to create enemies, and keep people from recognizing who and what the real problems are. To expand the demand: LET US do whatever we want/ because predators, are out to get you.  Don’t ask questions/ don’t tell secrets/ just worship “your leaders”; and obey them.  Or more simply:  with fear,  leaders say, there is the proof, “WE NEED MORE POWER” over the whole nation.  WE NEED more control, over all of society: to decide who belongs.  WE NEED to invade every life; to be sure, as a leader, they fit our profile!  Its, “To protect you”; we must/ therefore let the people cower, so they don’t complain.  But of course, reality refuses such things as “keeping the peace”; it is not.  A leader cannot control a nation:  They can only control fear.   A leader can create the foundations called peace, equality, harmony, and justice; as is their intended job/ by removing fear, and establishing true law for life.


 Without truth university experts & leaders conceive,  you are worthless; we are gods/ we are superior beings.  The media removes public decision and discussion; by producing drama.  By insisting, only the expert knows. By confusing the issues with “foreign languages (words otherwise unknown to the general public)” !  Media  determines:  what, why, how, where, when, and who gets to “know anything” or everything. Flooding society with their propaganda.  Their preliminary boss:  as is described by “the religious hierarchy of university knows”/ tells them what to say. Their primary boss;  under the power of counterfeiting/ removes the opposition. Media Produces:  No questions allowed, foreign languages control/ stories rule; or the cult must be obeyed “they are god”.


  Your brain, as in:  we the people have been  cast aside, from society/ thereby is considered worthless.  But then you do participate; by being led down paths of confusion, rather than insisting ONLY truth.  On the actual  subject being questioned:  is allowed. No questions allowed by the cult: HAS been established.  Because these power leaders have built an army out of “diplomas stick together” OR you get cast outside.

 Every form of invasion needs an army, to protect themselves against any or every form of combat demanding reality, truth, and common sense.  Storytellers, liars, traitors, and thieves;  cannot operate successfully, when truth exists.  Thereby the university news: NEVER includes what can or does go wrong.  Only their view/ their insanity:  “we can be god”.


 Media “doctors the news” (nothing about truth, democracy, constitutional law, world crisis, nature mutilated, gambling with every life on earth,  national bankruptcy as in reality or its consequences) etc.  Nothing about university  being WRONG, (they are gods you know).  Nothing about the chaos university will bring”, by playing god/ by being WRONG.


 Instead media keeps you abreast of all that is NOT important:   TO LIFE, NATION, OR WORLD. But they do tell you every fear;  fully intending to create more fear. Even encouraging those who hate.  “LOOK/ LOOK; we will make you famous”!  While they too, get rich on counterfeit money.  Paid to keep you under control.   While they remain drunk on the power of controlling a nation, your lives, or even bits and pieces of a world.  Fear is the power of rulers: by controlling media, they do turn simple acts into a frenzy of “woe is me”.  The purpose, power then gets whatever they want. They then take whatever they want, with little resistence; because fear gives them the excuse/ many believe we must.  As the sick, weak, and foolish among society make fear their excuse to say “I can’t survive/ let the government, save me” as well. Let them destroy anyone, who might make me cry; even for little things. More simply these say: “own me/ so I don’t have to care for myself, anymore”.  Or, Let them think for me, and tell me what to say or believe;  As the “secret police” are born.  People without passions, require someone else to tell them: what has value/ or make them a mob. They live in the tidal wash, of other people: I don’t know how, “to think or choose for myself”.


 As to the current day: 2 people did just kill a tiny few others/ in a nation of over 320 million.  Another media frenzy is born: FEAR them “they are everywhere”!  Its propaganda purpose, “give power, more power” to your leaders.


  The reality: murders occur everyday/ young women are taken, tortured, and sold into sex slavery, everyday/ domestic violence takes lives everyday/ children are raped, everyday/ thieves steal causing harm, everyday; people use drugs, giving cartels the power to murder hundreds, everyday;   and so on.  So according to media; it only matters, when a tiny few are killed in an unexpected way.  When a group can be separated out, & made “Infamous”.  To sell their,  story-time/ regardless of how pathetic that is.

 It is important for all to remember this: decades ago, a beautiful moth landed on this property/ I put it carefully in a tree and it stayed.  Then a salesman delivered an old machine that was full of cockroaches/ and the battle was on: bad!  So bad, that because the egg sacks (much bigger) of the moth, in a completely different place/ but  covered in the same type of materials, as the cockroach.  I chose to  kill those too, “can’t be too careful”; I want this invasion, dead!  So without thinking, simply reacting; I killed what was beautiful along with what was overwhelming (thousands) at the time.  Think about that, whenever you believe “can’t be too damn careful”/ suddenly overwhelmed a bit.


 Behind media, politics, etc: are The few power players, who using university puppets;  demand: “debts don’t matter for us”/ ONLY to YOU! Every experiment is for you:   as in “we will remove every tear/ just pretend we are god”.  That’s all we ask in return.


 Reality however knows: MUTILATING LIFE CANNOT TURN OUT WELL/ (do you want your arm or leg cut off).  Truth says:  we will cry, as have no other human beings in all of history. Even more than those of the nazi holocaust! The universities use us as slaves, because all that inflated currency is being spent by someone; for their toys or amusement or to play god.  We work: For their purposes/ while at any moment, the trap door can open; and your entire working life; your entire world,  can dissolve in an instant.


 But as your elders know:  if the powerful don’t keep spending, the trillions in counterfeiting they create: will you not cry as well?  The economy will collapse. So,  Your elders say, “oh god/ please don’t do that”; demanding decades ago, “let the children pay; they don’t want depression either”!  LET ME DIE first, before the debts come due.  OR someone else MUST pay for me/ I don’t want too!  Damn you for even suggesting it.  But alas the economy is already dead/ destroyed with chaos multiplied, by lies: the crash will be harsh.  Unless we the people,  take control over our nation; and decide for ourselves, after a careful accounting and investigation of reality:  what we can honestly do.  Unless, WE THE PEOPLE, take control over everything; BEFORE it crashes into chaos/ BEFORE they ignite a ten million degree fire on earth/ BEFORE they mutilate life beyond repair, or even the possibility of survival/ BEFORE the children are absolutely dead.  We have no real hope! No real choice: DEMOCRACY and law we make for ourselves/ not war.

              So now:   American dollars, claimed in assets; as declared in table L.5 US liabilities and assets;   For this nation is over $200 trillion dollars! Where do you think “wall street” gets its money?   This equals in american currency, roughly $27, 777.00 per human face on the planet.   Ask yourself, what that actually means; in terms of value.  Does not someone have to work, or a resource be surrendered: to pay for every dollar?  Indeed it does.  Not to worry its just $1.53 million per worker in America.  Or ten thousand dollars per each human of one hundred million of us. What, could be wrong with that?


Media knows this: they have for decades/ I told them, no excuses!  What is sacrificed behind that door, “the infrastructure/ everything for life”;  they have deliberately hidden for years/ decades, so you would not know.  They know with that  betrayal of every foundation needed: to sustain life, nation, and world/ reality proves “the free press as intended” does not exist.  Not a word for life or world: Its called TREASON, at a minimum.  Aided and abetted by the US supreme court.  Letting money rule our information & our lives.

So, lets talk about money, because humanity tunes out, every other thing: and when confronted directly, even that is reduced by “believers” to the religious reaction which is:   “See no evil/ hear no evil/ speak no evil” etc.  Or more simply:  as all religious people do;  mind closed/ so truth cannot get in! Reality in America  proves, for the vast majority, living is all about “MAKE ME RICH”/ damn you for the competition,  just get out of my way; or, be trampled.


So greed controlled, and still does/ truth be damned.  But reality comes calling anyway: now with a flood of currency, every dollar lacks meaning.  Making even billionaires “worthless”. With twenty seven thousand dollars per human face on the planet; IF it was taken out of the bank/ what would one dollar buy?  In the bank, so long as no one questions:  you can have as many dollars as you want (that’s why debts don’t matter to leaders).   Go ahead add one trillion dollars to your bank account/ HELL its ok;   “believe”!  Because the numbers are irrelevant, until you spend (debts don’t matter/ until you cash the money in).  But alas;  people do spend, and expect their dollars to buy. The wealthy buy property and things to make you pay them. So the rich get richer/ and the poor expand,  to be their slaves.



 Because you CANNOT compete with a counterfeiter;   its impossible; no reality is attached. Nonetheless once you own essentially nothing; without the means to control your own life/ what can you do, except beg?  Because now the rich control all business by buying all the competition: monopolizing the nation/ the money/ the politics/ the communication/ the threat/ the courts/ the police/ the business/ the land; literally everything money can buy.  And ninety+ percent; is for sale to the highest bidder.  After all counterfeit dollars buy “cars/ houses/ business/ and everything you want” until reality comes!   By controlling all advertising, no one gets in;  so there are no jobs outside their control.  Then the people say:  Isn’t government wonderful/ now!  But alas, You must then beg “government” just to survive:   OH saviors; please come help us/ please let us lick your shoes.  “Oh god of government”/ give us a tiny morsel please.


 Or you starve, because the university diploma stole the nation, destroyed stability/ and give back only death, disrespect, and disgrace.  But Hell, “they are the nobility”/ the superior ones, aren’t they?  They did “fool you”; and they did steal everything/ how is that not god?   Alas:  Now they attempt to cover their fantasies up; with delusions so grand, “they believe, they are gods”. They believe, they can play with ANYTHING: even the sun!  Even mutilating nature/ or pretending sun fire, will just “behave”; because that, “is what they want”.  Do you not understand, this is a one time experiment.  Once ignition starts, it either puts itself out/ or consumes our world: NO second chances.  Because a ten million degree fire that obviously burns atomic bonds; cannot even be approached/ everything is FUEL.


So the question is:   given the extreme need to communicate our world is truly at risk:   of being exterminated.  By the religious, worshiping “university knows”!  A FAR MORE SERIOUS CRIME/ than simply destroying the economy of a nation.  WHAT are we to do?

 The answer is: “TAKE ME TO COURT”/ as I have provided the necessary demand.  Refusing to pay taxes both state and national; after being ransacked and raped by the judiciary; during their criminal conspiracy and fraud. Denied constitutional law, and locked out of the courtroom.  A fact proven true, in both US and IL courts!

 NOT refusing to pay taxes/ BUT REFUSING to pay taxes without my guaranteed constitutional rights being established in court.  As is justified!

Demanding: Without fair and impartial treatment as is justified to all. Proven by a reality of appeal, when demanding all traffic fines, MUST BE, developed as a percentage of income.


 Because it AIN’T the same penalty, to charge a poor man, the very same monetary amount as a billionaire: for a traffic ticket.  The punishment is grossly and deliberately NOT FAIR or NOT EQUAL treatment under law.

 While Demanding of our employees, in terms of trial:   I WILL PAY THE TAX/ WHEN, YOU OBEY THE LAW! That assertion remains until constitutional law is accepted as the authority of law over this democracy, the courtroom, and its judiciary. Proven by constitutional redress established!  How is that not constitutionally proven: uphold our laws/  as a duty to all?  Prove it is not so!



 I DO demand of the court: IS THIS NOT, a constitutionally recognized due process of law: for every citizen? That No one is deprived of life, liberty, or property without a SUITABLE trial!  I ASK FOR REDRESS according to the US first amendment/ & fifth amendment IL constitution: with more than enough legal  cause to establish a guaranteed right.  You the leadership in collusion with university, ARE GAMBLING WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH!  NOTHING is more simply:   a legal foundation for demanding proof, constitutional law decides.  Demanding action from government, courts, policing, media, etc: because our entire planet can be exterminated by their terrorism! A reality created by those who protect terrorists;  instead of WE THE PEOPLE. It is terrorism to gamble with every life on earth DIES/ the food is poison/ the water is dead/ the disease is far more lethal/ weapons of mass destruction are used/ the ocean is dead/ oxygen starvation is real/ the population is beyond control/ life itself is mutilated beyond repair/ the planet dies; etc!  If your theories are WRONG/ every life, every future life destroyed.  How is that not so? Their religion, evolution:  an absolute disgrace of stupidity and arrogance beyond belief.  Etc/ etc/ etc!


  Or, more simply: this is a legal, tax revolt using peaceful legal protest to demand that constitutional law must rule. NO GAMBLING WITH LIFE OR PLANET!  DUTY ESTABLISHED, by  Demanding redress of grievances is a constitutional right;  not “open to blatant mis-interpretation” or any corruption  refusing to obey that law.  Demanding the judge, doesn’t own the courtroom, we the people DO. 

 Neither does the judiciary own the right to remain on a bench;  except for   “GOOD behavior”.  Little of that is found!  But then “they are just like you”/ as does forty years of trial, demanding you MUST care;   proves/ you didn’t. Instead of reality or law or rights accepted/ the constant of 4 decades is: nobody left “unbelieving”/ but ninety nine percent+,  left angry, because I told them what they didn’t want to know.  And then buried, in their mind (didn’t do nothing)!


 Regardless of that: When these legal rights as provided by constitutional law; are proven in a courtroom. Proven that constitutional law IS   the final authority over this entire  government/ THIS DEMOCRACY; and its every employee, especially the judiciary.  In Both state and nation: then the fight is over. Basically last round anyway/ “too late now”, for another chance.

 Reality demands through democracy:   we the people have returned: to rule our government,  by our vote; under constitutional rights, & control. Whether you continue lies, or fight for LIFE FIRST; is up to you.  I simply demand:  NO PLACE TO HIDE!  Simple as that.

  That facts proven in jury trial, must prove reality/ that reality must prove our direction and decision is simple:  is my demand.  No more gambling with life or planet, period!   Not your leader, you will do as you want/ you will decide and pay.


  We the people means, NO RULERS/ only the law we allow.  That is, the payment we make for society, or its future; by democracy. Good or bad: that fact is   Established by the foundation of democracy itself:   called,  jury trial.   

 Jury MEANS,   WE THE PEOPLE, shall decide if this verdict/ this court/ etc; was fair.  Whether justice was served, or the realities of liberty protected:  were within constitutional guidelines for all sides.  The failure of a jury means:  someone has to pay, because the constitution/ this democracy, as in we decide what life in this society shall be;  did not come first.


THEN; As is my duty to this nation and this state: even to this world.   TO DEFEND and DEMAND CONSTITUTIONAL LAW MUST RULE, ends.  Tax revolt Retires/ because we had our say, in this fight for life or death of our world! Regardless of the outcome.   The fight IS HEREBY:   initiated in a courtroom, and established by guaranteed rights: As the proper method for change. Realities of the court in open rebellion:   demanding constitutional doctrine is refused/  freedoms & juries are overrun/ our  authority over government, as a democracy.  Thereby demanding accountability from our employees must  so ordered, by the constitution has been denied.  That Is rebellion!


Their purpose:  WE THE PEOPLE according to the first amendment guaranteed rights have been  destroyed.  Which opens the nation to betrayal/ rebellion/ anarchy/ and hate.   All of that insurgency ENDS, for democracy to return/ for life,  to be established as “first rule, of every decision!”

 That means, the battle is;  this democracy shall be returned,  as our nation liberated from its current predator:  the “university owns us all”!  They are established by:  rebellion (we know better)/ corruption (constitution removed)/ blatant tyranny (counterfeiting)/ deliberate collusion and conspiracy to destroy democracy (overtaking the courtroom and free press;  destroying the economy and business)/  and the overwhelming tragedy of its delusion: TO PLAY GOD, with life.

           Trials submitted, by James Frank Osterbur prove:  no constitutional description has been allowed in a courtroom. That is a violation of everything this democracy stands for. The constitution by judicial demand  is absolutely mute, in a courtroom: that is anarchy against this USA. The constitution is absolutely refused in a courtroom; by the judiciary. That  protection for the people; has been destroyed as the foundation of  law.  Which does mean:  Our judicial employees have constructed a reality of treason, and traitorous conduct;  by replacing the constitution with irrelevant rules/ innuendo/ frivolous comments/ and fundamental betrayal of liberty, nation, world and all life.


  Nothing is proven more blatant “democracy is dead”: than we the people have no say,EVEN when “the university gods” gamble with every life on earth.  It takes a cult, to do that/ even organized crime would not gamble an entire planet or all its life.


  Let it be remembered: I have not asked you to believe/ I merely tell you to investigate; examine the evidence with truth; understand the consequences of being wrong: because there are no second chances, this entire world, every life can be lost.  Even the solar system, with the creation of another sun!  Believe it or not/ it is true.  Let it be remembered as well:   there is NOTHING, anyone can do “with a gun/ a bomb/ a fire/ etc: other than to make things worse”.  Because these problems we face, are so horrendous, it takes an entire nation, even a world to correct them.  Making communication the only war you or I, can wage.  Because no matter how you look at it/ reality remains: “kill a billion people”, and there are still over 6 billion remaining; growing at over 2 million more mouths to feed every week.  Plain and simple; every form of destruction, simply brings the entire planet closer to extinction.  Like it or not; these are facts, lies cannot defeat.


 The people have no say in a jury (you can only rule on one thing. NOT justice.)!  Thereby taking away its foundation purpose for defending the individual from power/ defending liberty itself, and freedom for every citizen & the nation itself.  There are no substantive  rights in a courtroom, for an individual; as these trials by James F. Osterbur prove true. Rather those in power, have conspired and acted to overtake our government, and prove themselves rulers instead.

 The judiciary have abused power, and rebel against our law.  Refusing democracy itself, which is betrayal: a constitutional revolt. That fact is established, by courtroom evidence, trials provided by “James Frank Osterbur” and thereby proven true, without need for  further evidence.


  That element of criminal conduct & rebellion continues in the US tax court James Frank Osterbur;  Case 11108-12L       openly in defiance of the law:   they threaten.  Even though I filed every year, and they knew it; a 24% penalty for not filing was declared.  Plus a 24% penalty for failure to pay, simply demanding my day in court.  The law says “24% top”.  Even though, I made every effort to establish a court case without demanding tax revolt:  and did create and define legal cause.  An additional $35,000.00 fine was suggested. They threw me out of federal and state court illegally; because I proved them criminal.

They refused my constitutional right to demand, and be heard in a court of law:  proving,  WE SHALL NOT BE MURDERED/ OUR LIVES, WORLD, NATURE;   SHALL NOT BE GAMBLED, by anyone: without a trial.   Or, Without OUR VOTE to allow, or deny.  


 As is:  University experimentation (or any other act, or potential act) so extreme: our world, our nature, our children, our future & ALL LIFE, are at risk of extinction.   That fact, CANNOT STAND; legal examination.  Thereby Reminding them; “the university is NOT god”/ failed, because of a cult worshiping “university knows”.   Proving, they have no right to protect them from questioning about what happens, when they are proven WRONG: falls on deaf ears.

To be denied that opportunity to legally examine WHAT BEING WRONG MEANS; reeks of   “Nazi/ or similar”: as in, we are superior/ we are god. Or more simply: summarized, Drive these people, into the gas chamber; they are worthless.



 With further DENIAL  &  complete corruption intended; tax court removed a tax law;  applied to everyone else,  in that case.  Tax relief:  with regard to tax reduction on  work trucks bought in that year.  And effectively stole the value of my truck/ by refusing to allow their own law, to be used in court.  The IRS refuses its duty, to apply equal treatment; & creates an intentional maze with regard to all tax forms.  Their obvious purpose, IS to deliberately hide and create tax loopholes & evasion, for the rich and powerful.  Defiling constitutional intent/ destroying the 16th amendment protocol.  Because special treatment is not allowed/ therefore until tax is functionally and purposely, the same for all, as established by constitutional purpose.  OR it is not law.  Justice requires:  EQUAL treatment under the law.   US tax appeals, fails its “special court”; by hiding the university. Then turning to criminally assault by  threatening me.  While the US supreme court defied, defamed, and defiled their responsibility, to uphold justice, once again (corruption headquarters)!  Aided by the “ethics committee of senate and house” who  demanded: let him be robbed!


 While the state of IL tax case:     gives its cult religion & priests, as is “the universities”;  all manner of toys, special privileges, and trinkets to play with.  Bankrupting this state of IL.  While creating an army from teacher associations. Bribing them with pensions, toys (any damn thing they want), and other robberies from the public funds. Enslaving the public at their whim/ by kidnaping the children, and using them for ransom.

One of the most blatant recent acts of IL government, being:   “An emperors box” placed on the U of I football stadium.  At a taxpayer cost of over 120 million dollars; to be used ONLY, by “the university gods”!  Proving WITHOUT doubt:    theft, lies, betrayal, treason (let this democracy die) and cheating”. We want what we want: ENSLAVE THEM!  A box used rarely more than, six afternoons, a year; for entertainment.



 The IL supreme court; when pressed for jury trial in pushing for an IL tax case.  Refused the  filing of law/ blockaded filing of IL  constitutional mandates;  refused & denied the realities required of justice.  And evicted me from court: because the law presented by me;  was overwhelming against them. While the IL IRS itself;  attempted to steal my ten thousand dollar vehicle/ by claiming a debt of $500.00 owed. Left alone, they would have sold the vehicle to themselves or the police;  as they have done repeatedly of others in the past, for $500.00.  Thereby claiming $9500.00 as criminal extortion for MY demanding constitutional law.  WHILE AGAIN DEMANDING; they only received a $500.00 payment.  Even organized crime is not so blatant and criminal as these/ hiding behind the court, and using police as their thugs.   Left alone, this IL IRS official;  Would have attacked another vehicle to do the same; and so on.  As is constant with organized crime.


 Instead, The principle was informed: felony theft charges would result/ along with a case defining that the police and courts are deliberately aiding and abetting crime.  While participating in stolen property. They relented, but no doubt remain criminally active.. With others.   While the IL congress steals from any and every honest business: by demanding, IF ROBBED in a contract clearly assigned.  YOU have ONLY  30 days to file a simple demand for payment.  Even though they demand 7 years or more for their assumed debt collection/ I got thirty days, AND NO WARNING!  This failure reeks of the disease defining an competent criminal organization; that knows exactly what they are doing.  Because I informed them as a congress to change it/ NOT done to my knowledge, even though they know it is harmful to the public.  Which means: the IL congress, IS without the slightest intent for justice or law.  Merely a criminal organization for  INTERFERING in life.  OR, more simply:  they intentionally establish the reality of  “a back alley, with thugs” to enforce crime/ its theft/ and its violence against and on the uninformed. The unprotected by “government”.


IL & US government: Removes the reality of a courtroom: by transferring the right of law/  to a lawyer.  Who then is allowed, to charge incomprehensible amounts/ monopolizing the courtroom. For doing damn near nothing.

 THAT REALITY OF that  CORRUPTION IS   SO GROTESQUE;  SO UTTERLY AGAINST JUSTICE AND LIFE;   that it removes all forms of democracy from the courtroom.

 Giving control,  entirely “to the wealthy”. Step in here, and corruption, conspiracy, defiance of the law, and collusion against the constitution;  will ROB YOU again.




Additionally if he or she (my lawyer) loses/ I pay for the other side too.  While demanding of me: since my contract didn’t specify, “lawyer costs are included”; I cannot collect them if I win.  That purpose is to insure “Only lawyers” are allowed in here; like most other unions/ to control the competition.  They  use fear to control the public, to manipulate government & business;   by controlling the judge like all other unions: “he or she is a lawyer too”.  Greed rules/ not law or justice.   Using power to make you submit to extreme extortion; as is $500.00 dollars an hour. The courtroom is proven to be:  A sewer of fraud and criminal actions from the judiciary in particular.  All belching human waste; as if they were gods.  Intending to defecate on me; as they functionally did do; by removing constitutional law, and inflicting damage. Proving CRIME IS GOVERNMENT.  The court is an abortion.  The leaders as a majority form the rancid mutilation that conceives of “a fetus sucked out, to dry”.  Because when you bind a nation together with lies, theft, cheating, and traitorous acts to disguise the truth: “that, is all that is left”. Even so, leaders lead, by asking the people where do YOU, want to go!  They ALL said: make me rich, and either “I won’t pay/ or I will pay later” BUT NEVER did.  So to keep the game going, leaders did, what they had to do: to stop the house of cards from falling.  “Planting bombs” to destroy the children/ so we don’t have to pay.  Other nations clamoring as well: “let us, have your counterfeit dollars/ your businesses/ your resources/ your property/ your future”. We WANT our workers to work, to hell with this earth, or any child/ WE WANT TO BE,  “RICH”!  They too, now stand in line; an entire world MAD.  Because leaders who build lies to survive/ create trouble!

 So the biggest enemy of humanity itself is: “I want more” & you took too much. Because when those who take too much attain it; they then want to play god, with life and planet. The second biggest is lies; hiding, running away, or pushing so you don’t have to work, or participate in truth.  Limited capitalism confronts the first effectively.  Removing hate from among you (let them live apart); fights for society itself.



As is consistent with WE THE PEOPLE, by law:   TAKE ME TO COURT, is your option. For an open pubic jury trial/ with all eyes watching, so nothing is hidden. Where the evidence shall prove whatever is true.  No stories/ no theories/ no experts/ no excuses:   ONLY TRUTH, as defined and proven by reality.  As to court;   I was never defeated by law or right/ I was defeated by a closed door.   Nonetheless, Without an audience:   the law/ the authority of our democracy as is, WE THE PEOPLE;  will again be revoked! Open the door/ turn on the lights: listen for reality.  And in bankruptcy CONTROL THE COURTROOM AS WE THE PEOPLE/ not those employees who created or supported these crimes.



 We the people, are then Demanding in trial first and foremost:  this TRIAL, is about constitutional law!  In particular, the first amendment redress clause SHALL NOT be destroyed by the judiciary.   That is Proven rebellion against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and its constitution!  That fact SHALL HAVE CONSEQUENCES.   No cause exists, for constitutional first amendment law & guaranteed rights to each citizen;   to be denied!  This tax Demand; establishes I have a guaranteed legal foundation in law: to apply our democracy as the constitution protects the individual;   life, child, and nation. We are threatened with extinction!  Because tax applies to everything being done by government employees/ everything we the people do for our government.  Everything done against constitutional authority, by our employees: the exercise of public authority for change is legally accomplished. The demand for public jurisdiction, and subsequent judgment is undeniable: as we the people are owners here stipulates.

 Further, this is then a public case/ a case established by individual mandate: ( OUR NATION /OUR STATE is on trial) because constitutional law governs every employee with an oath of office.  Demanding from each principle, “I WILL, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the UNITED STATES”.    The constitution comes first; NO EXCEPTIONS, under the law.  That has been accepted or the job is refused to you.


These facts illustrate; there must be public defenders, from which I will choose, who helps me in trial.  Because anything less lets them “simply kill me” to destroy the case, and our legal public  rights of ownership.


 Produce that trial; DO IT: & I will bring you REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, according to US constitutional law, even under IL constitutional law.


Reality states:  Those trials FOR REDRESS:  already exist as docketed US SUPREME COURT cases:  08-1339 & 11-100. 


They are: Trials refused by the secretary of the us supreme court:  acting for the purpose of treason. The deliberate  attempt to destroy democracy itself, by refusing constitutional law; whether by command or servitude. Is illegal!  Constitutional law is NOT discretionary/ IT IS MANDATORY.  By refusing to uphold constitutional law; the US supreme court IS accused of  REBELLION (you are not the law/ the constitution is).  It is further accused of anarchy (the deliberate intent to remove constitutional law from this democracy)/  and betrayal: sending a secretary to blockade the law itself!  That is an absolute proven subterfuge, of everything you were hired to do/ as a group, or as an individual.  The court deserts  his or her duty; defies the nation.



As to the case/  Only a judge can decide, IF a legally docketed case can be denied: BY GIVING CAUSE.  There is no judicial  signature on these & NO cause to deny.  As a consequence, they still exist; awaiting their day in court!

 THEY do DEMAND:   constitutional law   IS, THE GOVERNMENT of this democracy: the foundation of this USA.

 By declaring:  we own, as WE THE PEOPLE, under constitutional decree and authority; this democracy.  We establish:  This is our nation and IT IS our right to interpret OR CHANGE as a nation, by our vote:   ANY discretionary statement of the court, any law, or any other facet of American life and society.  That fact, intended to be proven  true, and without exception!


 Redress is our defense, against those who would rule over us. As WE THE PEOPLE; defined by constitutional law:    our employees work for us/ NOT we for them.  THAT law, that fact;  proves WE ARE OWNERS OF THIS DEMOCRACY. Because our employees are then accountable to us.

 By redress  we decide, if you have or have not done your duty to this nation:  “final say” is ours.  No one rules, only the constitution. No one interprets without truth/ nor is ANYONE, allowed to gamble with, steal from,  or destroy the nation itself; or risk this world.  As is being done today, with university greed, pride, and power rebelling against us all. By claiming “science” owns the world/ therefore they can do anything they want.


 Together, we will take away their game:  Because I can do nothing alone. As has been proven again and again: the law is not enough/ UNLESS it is  ENFORCED.

 Today: The law is refused/ the constitution is denied/ this democracy is in ruins.  Because you didn’t care enough to participate.  To your shame.

 Today for change: YOU, must be witness to the law!  You must be owner of our constitutional rights enforced! Given that parameter of witness, by a nation:  The LAW itself, WILL then rule! That means: as is intended by democracy itself. When  constitutional law needs only be brought into the light/ terrorists, thieves, and traitors will fall!  Our democracy will return/ even though the price is high; there is no other way.  Civil war will simply cause MORE grief.


While it is consistent with human behaviors, “to blame the leaders”.  That reality is functionally flawed.  Because they become leaders by promising “follow me/ and I will take you wherever you want to go”!  Which means, although they decide the direction/ it is the people themselves, who produce the energy called “movement in society”.  Or more simply, the vast majority move only as a herd: follow the leader!  Which does mean: YOU chose together!



 WE THE PEOPLE, is my demand. Fight for our world/ or lose it; is my reality, and YOURS.  Choose your side, because life or death is the decision being made;  for this entire world.  Believe it or not. They play with our lives/ they gamble with our world, its nature, OUR  EVERYTHING!  While THEIR wrong means, every life, every child, everything is exterminated, or sent “to HELL (death all around/ no escape)”.

  There are No excuses, NO second chances; that is all gone!  That is the fact established; from university experiments/ weapons of mass destruction/ resource and environmental losses: ETC.              

No second chances, for life or child: THIS TRIAL/ THIS TIME, in the history of our world is:  CHOOSE your fate, or accept the price of “a better destiny”. 

Eternity is watching you/ believe it or not.  That is Not a threat, it is a fact!  If you let this world die: there will be true, even eternal,  punishment.  How is that not so?