shame 2

Time is, “an element” within our lives! Or, more simply, the essence of our environment as a living example declaring with thought can do: is both experience and expression created, by time. That makes time “elemental, to this world”. While that sounds simple and without substance of value; it is not so. As this planet could exist without time/ but it would have no balance; no means to bring about the disciplines necessary for physical life.
So, let’s imagine “building blocks”! The structural demonstration of what it takes to produce “complexity”.
Alas, this too is a discussion fraught with peril/ as your genetic terrorists, and other disgraced diseases such as “university, media, and government creates” WOULD take any such information; to simply destroy life even faster. To their eternal shame. Discussion over.

Let us be much more simple. The realities of change required for even the possibility this world could survive; can be stated very simply. LIFE MUST COME FIRST! No more want leading/ no more pride making life a game/ no more gluttony, taking everything/ no more using or abusing people or life in other forms. NO MORE extreme “university experiments”. No more warfare; world law instead. No more greed controlling business/ etc. No more politics: laws chosen by us/ investigators to prove and control crime; by making the laws we create enforced.
No more fantasies or delusions about reality in life or work; you cannot play with life or survival.
No more overpopulation/ we cannot survive it: you must choose. No more catastrophes; YOU MUST choose better. No more counterfeiting, or terrorism. No more lies about the future, or choices which must be made in medicine. No more resource destruction, the future has needs too.
No more tragic relationships between male and female; learn better/ accept the price of being true to yourselves and others. That simple fact, will enlighten and harmonize living.
Fight for your oceans/ fight for your world/ STOP MUTILATING LIFE; or be forever “horrified”. As the stain of your failures, becomes the slurry of your very own feet.


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