WE ARE, participants in time: which means that actions and reactions take their toil, and we all die. Like it or not! Being human remembers this fact as the basis or their own decision: and confront each other accordingly. Some accept eternity, and the possibilities of reward or punishment. While others “jump up and down” DEMANDING, life ends simply to become “dirt”. The values in-between these decisions create our human world.


the development of an individual truth. Within that truth, is an environment scattered with choices: that express or experience the realities of both good and bad. The discovery of freedom to choose, initiates the foundation of life, that will become “the essence of, and elemental decisions for; love or hate”. Everything else is survival/ therefore only two distinct directions exist, in every single thought, or mental choice. We each choose, a life dedicated to love or hate. What is human, consists of the illusion that a middle ground should exist. It does not/ rather every decision desires and creates the purposes of, either love or hate, by the truth we exhibit.
People are born, knowing what supports and secures “my life”; sustains me by love”. An infant has nothing to offer, other than thanks: therefore love must intervene, and place a value upon their lives. Hate is formed early in life, because every want begins a lie. Therefore lies exist early. Love also exists early, when the response “to my needs”; has been met with a value known inside my heart. Therefrom, the heart or physical presence of soul, comes early as well.
The question is: why do people become less human? Human means, to belong where time does not measure, because life has made us equals!
The answer: every lie needs to elaborate/ making every behavior, in these people; a reality defined by the decision to disrespect you. Every lie, a decision to elevate yourself/ beyond me, regardless of a right, or a reason. The result is, an intention that begets superiority in you. What is then born by a lie, grows to become a pride. Wherever there is pride, a game must arise, or it will die. “Without winner”/ and loser; the reality of time offers only boredom and apathy to those without love. Therefore a game must be played.
The ability to manipulate the rules/ tempt the players/ corrupt the competition with “friend or enemy”/ and alter the score, by any and all means possible; exist as the framework of human society.
The perseverance against the odds; incorporates grace, integrity, courage, balance, discipline, order, bravery, structure, and respect for the realities endured. Wherever there is love.
The perseverance dedicated to corruption/ conspiracy/ collusion/ disrespect/ treason/ failures/ and fantasy; are all decisions of a traitor/ even terrorists’.
The abyss of human deceit, that culminates into violence, aggression, abuse, intentional/ deliberate rape, destruction, and the descent into hatred itself: are developed from a decision that belongs to the words. “I judge you worthless, OR; I find you an enemy to me”.
In contrast, the ability to participate beyond without judgment. To conceive of happiness, simply because “we are ALIVE”. To join for the purpose of justice, and to conceive from the dignity of life, a value that is without measurement; holds respect as the decision we admire most. Love is an answer, for every question that needs the expression of a human heart. Heart is a decision, that accepts the boundaries of care, “include you too”/ so long as there is not hate involved. Discovery is the eloquent experience, that gives passion to every heartbeat, because of you.
Humanity loses its ability to be “simple and plain”/ because of lies (I don’t care, about you), judgment (I am more important than you), disrespect (the essence of pride), want (discipline, rights, order, respect, and every other sense of value: BE DAMNED).
Humanity gains its relationship back from the brink of disaster; by accepting, there is nothing more important in our existence, in our time; than the values of love. Because love forms the bridge, which gives us all, every single on who attains love; the value of happiness, hope, dignity, and a grace achieved because we did choose to care. Therefore to share, expanded our lives in truth.
Children learn: some are more exciting to be around than others. Competition will leave people out. Judgment hurts, because like a prey, “this one, or these; were picked out of the crowd, and attacked”. Because they were judged. Children learn: to be superior means, I made you less. Children learn: to be friends, I made you more/ or you gave me what I asked. Children learn: the more someone else can do, the less I am valued for me. Children learn: to participate and feel secure, with their parents means: for the majority, “I MUST be like them”. Children accept: looks matter. Children accept: I must pay the price, to be included.
Teenagers believe: “everything is mine/ my future is secured”. OR, nothing is mine; I am abandoned, I am judged strictly for my looks; thereby to be used or abused. Everything in-between, is a matter of work, rights, responsibility; or the intellectual game, “I can build a trap, and lure you in”. To believe means: to abandon the basis of truth or reality; so you can pursue everything you, “want life to be”. Want is the foundation, of lies! A tiny few pass by these traps, because love lifts their heart above them. A tiny few build these traps, because hate seeks revenge; even though no reason or reality exists.
The adults believe: “the whole damn world is against me/ I can’t get mine; because somebody is standing in my way.” Therefore lies are valid. Greed is necessary. And gluttony, or a trophy; is my prize.
The religious believe: “I didn’t get what I wanted/ so I joined this army, to believe I WILL get what I want, even if it isn’t in this life”.
The rulers believe: I HAVE a right, regardless of justice or fair play. I am god.
The public believes: I have no choices, I have no options other than to work with the majority, to find a way. These win a very tiny victory once in a while; so they believe. Or for those who never feel they win: its, I must simply surrender, and accept defeat/ or be called a bum, dropping out of society; or, be angry and steal, insisting “you owe me”; or, let violence speak for me, even if all I ever do, “is buy a gun”.
The courts know: I am here, to protect the rich man, and insure NOTHING of justice for society can be found. To keep the people under control, it is only necessary, “to play the game”.
Terrorists believe; we have nothing/ therefore we have nothing to lose. They are wrong too.

The essence of humanity is: a fight for your own individual truth. Nothing is more important than that, because eternity knows or accepts nothing less. There are only two directions to life, for a deliberate reality: EITHER YOU CHOOSE: love, or hate. Which makes your eternal question: what can I be, a very simple reality of what did you choose!
Love is everything value can inhabit. Hate is everything love discards as worthless. Anger is not hate, because there is a true definable cause. Hate is a decision, that needs no cause, it simply “picks you, to be an enemy”. Love is everything worth being ALIVE for. Hate is everything, intentionally destroying life, its values and truth, or seeking revenge. They are the only true opposites in time, or beyond.
Truth binds us to our reality, chosen or not. Truth binds us to our decisions, love or not. Truth binds this creation to our souls, because we are nothing less: until that too is chosen by you.
The disciplines of our own individual journey, opens doors. Every door is a dimensional habitat, that becomes the distinction of its own truth. If you rise beyond yourself/ then you search for love, and find that truth surrounding you, even though thought will see it as “spiritual doors”. If you lower our humanity into selfishness, and all its blind disorders through chaos: then the abyss of want, will bring you terror. Because lies only know want, and want only knows how to search for pride. Pride is an enemy, that will be proven true.



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