The energy of life

Critical to all learning, is the essence or cause for why “something exists”. As a fundamental of time, examination reveals that human life is here as a measure/ to determine what is, or is not true about you!
That said, the most powerful words in your life, are then these: that nothing but truth can survive in eternity. This is the first law of life, in the universe itself. Therefore whatever your own truth is, determines your destiny. Every truth has a path, that leads to its essence; IF, you can find “the door”. Every door has a key, that its own version of truth can unlock.
As we examine truth itself, we find there is distinctly an energy defined by laws which control the universe. Consequently all truth is subdivided into “itself/ its energy/ and its law”. Law means: there is nothing you can do to change this reality, the energy applied exists.
So we ask the question: what does existence mean?
Answer, “I” has been established. Which does include even a mass, an energy in motion, or life. “I” therefore stands as the description, of a law applied environmentally. Or, within boundaries and limits.
We ask the question: what is beyond these boundaries and limits called time?
Answer: the essence of energy, constructs a motion. Therefore the beginning of energy, is why does existence move? It is not an action or a reaction. Instead it is the elevation and descent “of an idea”/ thought is born. The critical conflict identifies an action OR a reaction/ cause and consequence follows. Laws are born by destiny and its purpose. Life exists, because desire applies value, and value asserts “I can”.
That is all I am willing to write.


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