So, let’s just talk, about living.

Some things are “fixed” by nature/ some things are fixed by our own decisions/ some things are fixed, by others: and some things we can change, because we have conceived of a “different way”. To behave, or live, or change the world.

Of these relationships, nature controls the very basis of our lives, and what we do now/ or what we don’t do now, because we are SO MANY people; affects not only us, but every living thing on earth. So the question is: can you choose to care enough, to keep our planet and its life: “alive”! If not, we all die.
The decisions we make, whether justified or not/ right/ wrong/ indifferent/ etc all shape the reality of who we are, and what we can or cannot do; from this moment on. Included in these decisions are the realities of our impact on other lives; and how it changes them. Or how they change us/ as an individual/ group/ or elements in fear, oppression, manipulation/ temptation/ hate/ etc.
Some things are warnings, which cause people to react, act, or do things & make decisions; that they would not otherwise do. These come with a warning: when the evidence is strong, IT IS necessary, to use it as the basis for future decisions/ WHEN the time for action comes. That time is limited, or expressed; by the severity of the consequences; and what it means to “be wrong”. No going back, is a reality which humanity knows; and so do you.

So then we come to the things we can actually change by our own decision, because we have prepared through the aid of thought; no matter how primitive. To become “different people”/ because now we know why, that is important. Because we choose to live, and be what matters to all existence most: LIFE, must come first!

So then, we ask of living, what are the great and even lesser personal, economic, and social developments influencing our world; that we can change?
How we treat other people, truly matters; as most lives are influenced badly, by just a few; who didn’t care/ and in fact chose to hate (a little or a lot; is not relevant/ until it turns to violence). Hate is the influence which controls the decision: “to care”! Just as love is the influence, which controls the decision to share. This elemental reality exists by the confrontation of every decision we make as an individual: because each decision is based upon one of three distinct choices. “We choose EVERYTHING, based upon the following three decisions”: I don’t want you in my life, as a value to me (hate)/ I DO want you in my life, because our time is cherished (love)/ OR, I must survive, and my choices in this moment are limited. This is particularly true, by understanding the following description: even if you had every inanimate object, mechanical devise, etc; you could desire/ BUT were alone on a deserted island, or even a big city; and had no life to participate with other than your own. It is certain: you would not be happy. Happy cannot be bought, or made: happiness must be built, by you; with the decisions that elevate your heart, to the blessings called “being ALIVE”.
Those who hate, utterly refuse to care! Those who love, fundamentally must share; because life and all its blessings are too important, “to waste”. While survival has its own price: live or die, is no small thing. So the question is: do you desire happiness? Because it requires a functional ability to care. Caring means: I have found my soul/ the relationship I share with my portion of, the: “life inside”.
Economies exist, because we need to work in whatever form; to survive. Therefore functionally every economy rests upon the simple truth, of what we need/ by the realities of what we can, or at least know, how to do.
That fact is altered by the competition of others to get everything they can get/ so as to make their lives better: EVEN IF, it confronts/ controls/ denies/ or destroys our own. Hate has risen, because “you don’t care”. So the question of changing economies is examined by the reality of competition, through the essence of resource realities, and by human greed or the decision to share.
Since you know all about hate/ we ask the question: WHAT, if we shared instead?
So the first reality that comes to mind is conceivable, by the elements of war. When a society is confronted by enemies: it is their duty, decision, and desire, “to work together for the greater good/ regardless of pay”. Because if we don’t do this/ then our reality as people will prove to be “FAR worse”. So everybody does do, the best they can do: for the sake of their lives and society. While it will be argued: people are paid during war. The fact is: the vast majority work because the consequences of that war are so undesirable, or so necessary; the money doesn’t actually matter. The rich of course; “simply collect/ and turn to greed”. Therefore it is realistic to say: the vast majority of every society that wants to survive/ WILL do what they can do, when confronted with death, catastrophe, or other realities too severe to consider only their own individual lives. Therefore it is not money that motivates humanity: it is survival, with relative peace, and sufficient harmony to make life worth living. So we need not talk about money, other than the relationship it holds to our survival. We all have simple human needs/ these are non-negotiable. But everything else humanity can, does, or doesn’t do, is!
Since it is our decision as individual in society: that makes these choices. We ask WHY, is living not better, for a great many people? The fundamental answer is: “the rich, want it all/ or there are no resources left to get”. But if we removed the rich, as is the historical move across this earth by humans: we find, humanity always want to be rich themselves. So the wealthy are never far away. This too, is a human decision: I CAN/ therefore I will! Or, “MINE, all mine”; is a constant, human disgrace.
We ask WHY/ particularly when understanding, that it is participating in life with life, that makes people happy? Answer: because if we don’t become wealthy/ then someone else will; and they will then be able to take our happiness away. It is a game, and the winners are “the predators didn’t get me”. Thieves/ etc; attempt to take happiness away. IF, I can’t be happy/ THEN neither can you! And until they get caught, its “YOU, can’t stop me”. So then all aspects of society, both rich and poor; are controlled by hate. Or more specifically: those who refuse to care about anyone but themselves. There is a long list called, “why”. But it is irrelevant here.
So then the question of economies, is the question of hate. The more hate you are surrounded with/ the less happiness or hope you will achieve. The less “alive” you will feel, or accept as, or by the value of your existence.
If we were to change economies/ then we must change the realities of hate which do control all humanity. Finding hate, is as simple as recognizing those who truly don’t care; or fundamentally prove true violence is their choice. They don’t need a reason/ they chose. By removing them: “we become an entirely different world”. By letting them join together in “their own groups/ someplace without access to us”: they then decide their own fate. Instead of influencing ours. Simple and plain. Every society HAS THE RIGHT, to be at peace, and live in harmony. That is the purpose of justice, and the desire of law!
So we look at society itself, which is or is not the fundamental truth: “of what love among us” can be.
The very first question is: WHAT is love? The answer: I cherish the existence of both you and me; us/ as the same. There is no difference to the value of your life, or mine. Happiness gives each, a value shared; beyond all others.
So the question of value in society as well is: HOW, do we conceive of or create, a society that chooses for love?
The first element is equality: I accept you, as an equal. The second; JUSTICE, we deserve the same treatment, for like causes. The third; RESPECT, an element of value placed upon every person/ every life; until they remove it themselves. The fourth; FORGIVENESS, when earned by truth. The fifth; FAIR PLAY, I have needs, rights, freedoms, desires, hopes, and liberties owned or earned by me. Not yours/ they are mine. Just as these things are yours as well, until they are shown to be discarded; “Life attacked”. The sixth; OPPORTUNITIES, which means I have a legal right to pursue the possibilities of my life, my work, or my desire; so long as I don’t damage the others significantly. The seventh; FAMILY, the existence of both time and place, to be free as life allows: for us all!


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