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So, let’s talk about; the realities of business/ resource/ and foundations of life, peace, and harmony.

Society is not, “a small matter”/ it is our relationships, with each other as well as every environmental, or other conclusion we will reach, as that society. The common conception is: we CAN’T all be wrong! Our current situation however proves that to be a true lie.

The elements of “life/ peace/ and harmony” are all subject to the expression of humanity as a whole, rather than simply as an individual. That functional relationship which controls the experience of us all: can bring harmony or discord or destruction; dependent upon its truth.
We must first ask, WHAT is harmony? The critical answer is: the liberty, to believe that I am entitled to my own rights and say through the governance of my nation. My existence has respect!
Therefore harmony begins with respect, and develops with the existence of truth & justice.
We ask the question, WHAT is peace? The critical answer is: the law, I have agreed too, and acknowledge as important/ controls all our lives equally.
We ask the question, WHAT is life? The critical answer is: the foundation upon which our individual lives shall decide, build, and choose the future of our existence: for ourselves. Its called freedom. To decide means: “I trust, this truth”. To build means: “I have taken my identity and searched, for the evidence of my own heart and soul”. To choose means: I have accepted the relationship which proves by the evidence, there is a direct correlation between my own actions or reactions/ and those I influence therefrom. Each has a bearing, a purpose, and a desire upon the values I create within me, or as me.

So then society in peace, hope for life, and harmony chooses and creates the relationships shown above. Those societies which do not; suffer accordingly.

We then look to the realities of business, whether it is a society of blessings or a curse/ business essentially remains the same. Some will win/ some will lose; the rest will struggle, because unless fair play exists; it is a game, with a curse! That curse is: receive accordingly.
In addition: the CONSEQUENCES of using or abusing resources, whether life or material wealth: WILL determine war, health, poverty, failure, OR blessings for every heart, and even lovers.

So the question of business & industry is: as a society; CAN YOU control gluttony, selfishness, greed, pride, power, manipulation, corruption, temptations, and every other failure of human society constant, throughout history? The answer in America is OBVIOUSLY NOT. Which brings us to the endless consumption/ literal assassination of their children and yours, by waste, fantasy, and delusion/ competition without merit, dispossessing citizens/ lies (we don’t have inflation), cheating (its debt, even though it cannot be paid back), stealing (counterfeiting enough to produce $27,000.00 per every human face on the planet), corruption (hell no, the constitution has no place here), and every other malady known throughout history. As men prove once again, they are incapable of change.

With the tiniest example of hope: the question arises, “what is the answer too: CAN YOU control gluttony, selfishness, greed, pride, power, manipulation, corruption, temptations, and every other failure of human society constant, throughout history”?
The answer replies: gluttony is the assertion of “winners”/ I have a prize, and I won’t let anyone take it from me. Selfishness is: the construction called MINE, nobody can keep me from possessing this. Greed demands: I WANT, “theirs too”! Pride constructs “the ruling class: you ain’t equal/ I forbid it”. Power explains: I am always RIGHT/ therefore you have no say! Manipulation controls, “because I can”. Corruption is: the passage between lies and truth, trampled down so none can enter to discover either one. Temptations exist: because want (the liar, in you) must never leave you alone, or it may be abandoned forever.

Throughout history, the reality of business or industry remains the same: stay alive, and win the game of men. That game assumes “money, is all I need”! But reality, particularly in this day has changed that game: to discover, it is nature we all need more. It is nature, that is now dying, with little chance to escape; and we will all suffer and die/ unless this can be changed.
As a result of that truth; everything about the basic relationship of business and industry with humanity WILL BE CHANGED. Because if it is not, the end of nature; is our own extinction/ after cannibalism and war!

So the question of business and industry today is: what can be changed, to escape the judgment so plainly predictable from the decisions of men? Answer: different/ requires different “thinkers”. Or more simply: let women try to explain, what they believe would be better! Men will ridicule/ men will argue and complain: but they have no hope, because this, “is the best, men did do”. Throughout thousands of years of history: THIS, is it/ the reality of men. Not so much the reality of man; because individual men have control over themselves. BUT AS A GROUP, as a majority in charge of humanity: their choices are clear. Just look at all the weapons of mass destruction, “waiting”! And SO MUCH MORE, horror/ death/ mutilation/ and destruction: literally EVERYWHERE.

And no, I cannot just create something for you: because it is humanity itself, that must pay the price of change/ or accept responsibility for what it means: TO BE WRONG.


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