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So, let’s talk about happiness!

Life is at its core, the discovery of more than simply “freedom”. Instead of “I can”/ the reality of simply being able to share in the experience, of living; with someone else of value. Translates the value of freedom in me or you, as the ability to understand, what it truly means to be alive. So then the expression of love, romance, sexual need, and living together are all relationships built to experience, and express: life beyond self.
Love is the distinction, proven true: “I cannot be lonely, when I am with you”. Romance is then the discovery, “time ceases to exist, because happiness takes its place”. Sexual needs arise, “when we desire to share, everything”. Living together proves trust, if you each honestly care.
So then the critical question of experience and expression becomes: how best, can we prove true respect for each other? The answer is, never lie!
The critical truth of every relationship, is a search for value. The essence of value is, “an identity proven true”/ that lives, as an honest participant in my world. If we cannot share the journey/ then we cannot share time, beyond the limits of what friendship will be. It is that simple.
The essence of every desire, is as a passage called love. What then do you love, more than “all the rest”? Because if you “love” a value; such as life for the world/ rather than death, for all living things: nothing else matters. If you desire love beyond self/ then you do understand “life, comes first”. If you love, in a much more simple relationship; that earns time/ by constructing a purpose that is kind. Then, the value of your heart has risen; to be seen by others. If you choose respect/ then your identity has found truth, and it becomes the fabric of your life. Fabric means: a family has been formed/ even if, it is not with people; because truth is a relationship with life.
Life exists because of truth, which means we share a common thread. By interweaving that thread, we bind ourselves to the truth we share. Therefore every love that can be bound, is a truth discovered by trust.
Desire means, I have begun my journey into your world. If my purpose is then true, I will establish value within your heart: if you have love inside. That does not mean “everything, is available to me or you”. Rather it means, with value comes honor. With honor, respect and courage are not far behind. Desire means: I have chosen, to give something of myself, for love.
The purpose of living, is to discover “the meaning of life”. Therefrom, the meaning of life, is a creation born; to conceive of truth, and participate as living allows. That life allows love, from which family grows!
So we ask the question: what is family, and what does family mean? The answer is: family “is an earth anchor”/ for the purposes that build an individual identity. Thereby we know, that every search is an individual experience/ and every expression is an individual choice. But it is family, that gives the security to believe “life at the extremes (whatever that is for you)”/ can be survived. As these “heal our wounds”. Family then comes to mean: I have trusted, love and respect are enough! Even when these are not present as they should be; I understand, mercy lives when all other distinctions of value fail. If repentance is true.

The reality of “our dating world” has been reduced to chaos: letting the weak (I cannot love, I am afraid/ I hide, in sex; so you cannot find the identity “of me”.) decide for the strong (I will accept the possibilities of you. By letting truth decide; if we are alive together). Hate adds in: the liars/ lust/ abuse/ use/ failures/ fantasies/ delusions/ disrespect/ fear/ manipulation/ temptations/ and control through pride (winner/ you cannot make me lose) or power (loser, I will make you pay), which are results of jealousy. Jealousy is: “I cannot compete/ and I hate that: let no one know, or the punishment will be severe”.
A dating world that works for life as well as happiness; chooses the following three rules or codes of individual conduct.
1. Without respect, there is no relationship. Don’t lie, accept what is proven true.
2. Without mutual love, there is no future for you here; because our journeys or our ways, do not match.
3. Without fear means: I accept my responsibility/ my duty, to insure no harm will come to you; just as it is your duty is the same. Let their be peace, for our search in time: to truly feel, ALIVE!


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