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So, let’s just talk, for a bit.

Every society has problems/ every society tries to fix those problems with power & pride; through leaders. Every society benefits a bit, if their decisions are realistic/ every society dies, if they live in fantasy land, and choose failure, chaos, or fear.
Just imagine what the US media would be saying if: the Iraq war was caused by Russia. Its not hard to imagine/ a propaganda war is always the same; just like the current media blitz of making sure no one mentions, “it all started with America”. The complete failure of armies resolving social problems; is absolute/ never in history does that happen. So the wise person then understands, NOT with force/ but law. Not with the enforcement of those laws made by someone else/ but laws made by the people who must obey them; with a clear dedication to the difference between a law and a rule. Which is a law identifies what all the people believe must be done or not done. While a rule identifies an individual who didn’t do, what a tiny few rulers told him or her to do. See the difference? Again, set aside a city within any conflict zone; for women and children/ protect that city as an international force: NO MEN allowed. And leave the fighting to men who must then abandon their own lives for war; until they solve their problems for themselves. Simple and plain. But do add in: the women being protected SHALL add their own demands, which must be met; before returning to those men. This will bring peace, without immigration flooding over the borders/ or it will bring men, to resolving their problems; or facing the reality of what they did choose to do.
Leaders don’t choose this “world law”/ because it removes their power, and pride. It removes the thirst that is greed, because war is run by greed, extortion, and criminal intent. Leaders want power, that is why they lead. Consequently it is always the people themselves, who must resolve every crisis. Even though they don’t want too/ because it takes away from their own gluttony, and risks the loss of what they refuse to believe: EVERYBODY, is responsible for peace! There are no excuses.
So we ask: how do we persuade leaders to change, “without a gun”? The answer is: by demanding and creating the laws we build for ourselves, and firmly commit to implementing/ thereby giving the leaders no right to challenge our law, nor ability to overcome that law with force. By choosing justice, fair play, and equality as is consistent with individual rights, and fundamental liberties each demands from their own society. When the people have contributed their own demands, to what our society shall be. They then (as we the people) have a reason, to end war quickly/ or choose peaceful change from the beginning.
So then we look to choosing leaders: WHAT makes a good leader/ HOW do we filter through the trash, lies, fantasies, and failure/ WHY do we need a leader/ WHEN is it time to replace our current reality with change/ WHERE will this evidence of our reality take us, in the future/ and WHO, is fundamentally prepared for the job at hand?

WHAT; is determined by three simple things. Can you accept limited power/ therefore limited pride? Will you work as our employee instead of “NOW, I am king/ etc”? Are you capable of letting truth decide what is, or is not in the best interest of life and nation? No opinions allowed, only the evidence of reality by its proven truth can decide; NOT you.
HOW; is a development, which determines is this person using mass hypnosis; to manipulate, tempt, and betray society itself? A perfect example of a hidden agenda, would be president Reagan; an excellent liar (he did nothing he promised by truth)/ a proven traitor (he built up a military, which is now the cause of why Americans go to war, and I believe it was him who removed the volunteer army to make it a standing army, a reality no leader can resist. “Lets play god”)/ a cheat (he removed the debt, and gave the entire currency of this USA, into the hands of “a university diploma” & a thief (he sold ALL the gold, which was the basis in fact, of American wealth); etc/ etc/ etc. Mass hypnosis occurs, when like hitler, simple ideas become a trademark which purposely builds a mob: who now believe, THEY WILL “get what they want”/ such as money, or the power, to make someone else pay.
WHY is a construction of time; as only the law is truly needed, with a tiny few rules; when it is most important to understand: what you do, honestly does hurt us! Nonetheless people WANT a leader/ because they pay with a few cheers, and then have someone to blame for anything they don’t like. “ITS ALL, YOUR fault”. Even though the extreme chaos in society is always caused by greed, want, selfishness, fantasies, and failure; proving “Guilty, throughout society”!
WHEN is change needed? Right now, because the evidence even with minimal work or understanding PROVES the future is bleak, if not completely given away to HELL (we can’t survive, we can’t rebuild, life itself is dead)/ ARMAGEDDON (nature is in chaos, mutilation is everywhere, and cannot be stopped. Life is dead)/ AND THE APOCALYPSE (the time for revenge is NOW; all are guilty; kill, cannibalize, destroy; nothing else is left. Time itself, is dead). All of which stand at our door, on this very day/ IF the most horrific experiments ever devised; topping the Nazi’s, and discarding the disease of every male horror story ever told. Are those trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. Depending on the theory, “well, it will just extinguish itself”/ so we need not worry. Its called “SATAN”/ or without the religion its called intentional; “destroyers of our world”. Terrorists beyond comprehension.
WHERE, because the world is filled with fools, failures, the pandemic that is a university diploma, and the others submerged in hate, for the purpose “to kill their soul”: the propaganda of media is required to hide every fact, and formulate every failure, purposely breeding chaos/ because the worship the cult of university. Which stole the wealth of a nation, just to give it to those who obeyed their will. Such as the priests of devil worship, as is current media policies. As in NEVER mention ANYTHING that has to do with life, peace, truth, a future, a child, responsibilities, or simply anything with value or substance as the foundation or purpose of communication. More simply, their functional purpose is: SHUT YOUR DAMN MOUTH/ AND KEEP THEIRS SHUT TOO! Distract, deny, destroy, hide, fear, or just plain be so stupid “who could blame you”/ right! After all, its not the stupid persons fault; he can’t think, or understand, or do anything functionally of value to society itself; HE’S STUPID.

WHO, is an error in judgment/ as the law itself must lead. As government itself must rule; our government is the US CONSTITUTION. There is no other/ certainly not our employees, nor any other future employee. They are simply workers assigned a duty/ and a penalty if they fail to respect our constitution: the decision we made as a nation called “we the people”/ to both defend and identify ourselves. Our nation/ NOT their government; they are employees: we OWN the nation, means WE HAVE THE FINAL SAY. No exceptions/ under constitutional law, or as amended through the progression of steps outlined as our right through time.

So what constitutes a true debate, an honest representation for employment; among politicians/ or the media?
Answer: using truth, by establishing the evidence already in existence; to confirm and identify the need for our investigation as a nation: to decide the future must be better than this.
Then setting aside every question that arises from every person who confirms they have a legitimate inquiry. To consolidate a single true question compiled from every source: that identifies the reality of what is being challenged as in need of change.
Once the question is established and accepted by the public as important.
It is then necessary for any candidate or other to answer that question in a clear and concise form. Or establish cause in a clear and concise proving form through evidence or the cost of being wrong: why this is or is not something we should do. Those answers are then consolidated into the various answers and those who agree or disagree; public and media then challenge the wisdom. Looking for reality, beyond “this moment”; which is a demand for future securities, adhered too by present responsibilities. A choice for life/ or a failure for want; make it plain!

just for a touch of reality;   emails do not constitute a threat/ and as such are not suitable for political rhetoric.  I have seen government “top secret” documents/ and they are nothing more than a pacifier, for bottom rung/ or above officials.  they consist of “what can be found within any publicly accessible;   technical journal on the subject”.  grow up.



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