LIVING,  displacing time.

Identified as the creation, of what would you do; IF allowed to “rule over your own little world”? That world is time/ and there is competition, because unless the universe is empty; there will be some type of competition.
So, the question becomes: WHAT controls our ability to decide, the essence or elemental landscape of the environment within which we will or will not survive? Answer is: disciplines identify the construction of law. Balance observes, where weight can be distributed, thereby causing change without destruction. Order assigns the task that will be done next, in stepped deliveries needed, to achieve critical collaboration, within the laws of this environment, at this moment in time. Which makes time itself: a mass, without substance. That is ultimately a conception beyond the human brain; which means, its translation is not to be allowed.
Enough of that, on more deliberate matters of choice, the details which become our lives by the actions or reactions of our intent to control: experience/ expression/ and environment, by the measure of our mind; do translate as behaviors.
The question of experience begins as: “the touch, of our humanity”. Or more deliberately, the definitions created by pleasure, pain, conception/ as in mental pathways, and informational gaps constructed as physical change.
Pleasure exists as, the difference between being aware of an excitement beyond the limits of time without movement, which is energy initiated. While pain establishes the limits of time in motion, that will allow our existence, as it has been: because this changes our environment. Each is a contrast in living, while living itself conceives of the disciplines which allow a mental translation that expands the compositions completing our definitions of thought. Or, more simply: we must build the world we live in, as time explained on a human scale.
What then is humanity itself? The answer is: that we exist within a strict construction of environmental boundaries/ that gives us individual freedoms, by the definitions of a human brain: that assume there is no substantial restraint. Or more simply: life is a physical element/ within a physical constraint/ Identified by a mental soup, used to create the potential elevation of existence itself; as conceived by thought.
Thought is the complex interaction, that would be used to create artificial intelligence/ thereby just another form of horror and catastrophe, (the tragedy of man) as seen, throughout this world. Want is an enemy/ pride is a tragedy/ power is an infection, or simply disease unleashed. No definition of thought, will be given.
So we must assert, something less volatile, to construct a value called living.

That brings us backward, within the gates of time again. Or more elementally, to the values aligned with being human. What is pleasure as explained by the human body? Answer: “to be aware”/ that I am alive, within the peace and harmony of a body in motion, that accepts and treasures its time.
What then is pain, as explained by the human body? Answer: “to be aware”/ that I am not GOD, and can be “dead to this world” at any time.
What is the conception of human time? Answer: the development of an attachment, to the body itself/ by various interactions with reality, by the compositions of its own truth. As translated by our design and desire to understand: what is, the meaning of this freedom! Functionally that becomes interpreted on three distinct scales: thereby the mind is measuring each. The first is analyzing the order that demonstrates our direct involvement in design. Or, do we create our world/ or does our world create the essence of us? The second is: balance, having been granted the distinction of “a place of participation here”/ the question becomes: WHY did this become our experience or expression? The third is discipline: WHERE does life itself lead us, and HOW did we get here, WHEN it is clear; not by our own means. We were born: instead of constructed by a brain or its abilities, or its design.
Examining creation by order: proves the potential of any environment, is not assembled by any action or reaction/ but consists within the opportunities to participate within the essence of “its law”.
Constructing balance; compliments participation, by understanding the difference between “building or destroying”. Which identifies what has value, and what does not.
Establishing disciplines: creates within order, by the knowledge of balance assembled from value. The true extent, that freedoms will provide/ given the potential of thought itself.
So we then ask: WHY are we, an elemental construction placed within time, assembled to build our own, purpose and desire in combination with life? NOT exactly as life/ but in combination with life. There is a difference!
WHY is a development of the intensity which aligns with movement/ as in why or what makes us move through time? Answer: the physical relationship we share with body and this environment, does not provide a choice/ beyond death.
The question then becomes, assembling the package built for delivery as is the evidence of birth. WHERE are we headed/ and HOW do we get there? But before we get to that: the question is, DO WE desire this journey, or not?
Value assigns a decision: do you desire (accept and respect the essence and elemental awareness of what is being shared), what life has given you? More simply: what is your truth! It is a question for soul. While journey demands: WHAT is your purpose, aligning life to the decisions of your heart. Each question translates by your decision to care. Caring builds a relationship, thereby transforms respect, into friendship. Friendship is: I will respect your freedom, your value to the existence of my heart/ and trust, you will respect mine.
So we then examine heart, to learn: the disciplines aligned with life itself, require the existence of another life/ to “feel, the rhythms, of being alive inside”. Caring then expands the perimeter of an individual existence/ and create, or build the doors, which lead to love, joy, and true happiness. BUT, where an opening exists, into the inner sanctuaries of life and its participation within an environment/ there is the opportunity to destroy. Which means simply: “wisdom requires”/ that you identify yourself, before being allowed to travel within the essence of another living existence.
So then we do understand, some very simple things: life blossoms, and joy is found, whenever a true living expression of caring can be experienced. We understand, that whenever a door is opened into “the inner world” of a living reality: that door can potentially bring in catastrophe or loss. Consequently “we must know”/ what is true, of you. Before you are given entrance. Only true value is experienced as being alive; and only the trusted rhythms of a life expressed through love are accepted as a desire “to share with us”.

So we return to the development called eternity, and ask: is this real?
JESUS IS, the most vivid example of the differences between what is valued and accepted/ granting by eternity, what is claimed as truth.
So the question becomes: what was HIS truth? Through his example, he remains teacher and friend, to all who desire love, courage, discipline, balance, order, bravery, happiness, thought, trust, or a journey beyond ourselves, or the limits of this time. Even more! JESUS HAS been “my teacher/ educator” through these examples, and disciplines applied to my life, through his work. My savior through realities of existence, experience, and expression; in both time and the spiritual realm beyond the environmental restraints called an experience or expression of a human mind. Believe it or not; makes no difference to me/ that is your decision, not mine.
So the question of eternity is not a relationship with the physical evidence of time/ but the reality and relationship that expands the knowledge called thought, into a participation that includes life itself. Or more simply: released from the restraints of a “mass without substance”/ we become the energy assembled, and earned: which drives that life forward.
Mass holds “an energy potential” determined by the weight of its truth/ your truth. That energy released, must find its direction. That life engaged, must accept the disciplines applied.
Dimensional restraints are compilations of “frequency alliances”; for simple understanding. Or more specifically: your ability to hear, thereby experience much of the world around you, is limited to the dimensional state of frequencies that determine what can or cannot be heard by humanity. Actual frequency ranges known to exist by the human brain; are far more extensive, and elaborate; than are honestly understood. Consider it a beginning; to the definitions and differences of a universe.

I DO wish you well/ but only your own individual choices; build a future. Beware of what you choose/ life is not a game. Love, is a discipline, balancing the order of our own creation: the building/ or bridging of our lives “together” as one.


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