There is nothing, so extremely stupid; as a human being! Because knowing the cost of being wrong/ and doing that anyway, when its life or death for a world; is what, the leaders of people do. They do it, and are allowed to do it/ because the masses say, “WE WANT/ and if the leaders fail: THEN ITS NOT OUR FAULT”. Or, lets kill them/ or blame “GOD”; for what people in fact, simply chose to do. Even knowing: wrong means HORRIFIC. Which does make men in particular (their leaders) as they “lead the world”/ the most stupid creatures ever created.

Obviously they don’t have to be: which brings us to the question of WHY/ HOW/ WHEN/ WHERE/ WHO/ AND WHAT could they possibly be thinking?

Of the various questions that arise in addition to these things: most significant is, “WHY, do the rest of men go along with the clear & certain creation of chaos? So, we begin here.
Is it a complete lack of information/ is it the severe and utter disinformation, or mutilation of facts, used to hide reality from public view? Or is it simply mass hypnosis, on a scale never before seen throughout history?
The answer is all three!
The foundation of all university knowledge is: “create a multitude of words so elaborate, and so extensive, NO ONE can understand or compete”. Even if someone learns a few/ there will be more to make even the most simple of all statements: seem delusional, by their armies of a diploma, are done. Thereby all truth is hidden, in the chaos of language delusion. Thereby only “the educated” can talk/ because you don’t understand the language. For example: lets assume a university graduate wants to describe a common bolt & nut combination. Simple enough, “it’s a bolt fastener”. Alas not so in a university world: every view must be identified and named. Every shadow, every glare, every single step of the spiral ramp, from every potential description. Every surface, and a long list of descriptions on how to put both nut and bolt together; each of course having its own name. The resultant university description applied to everything they can find, just for a bolt fastener is roughly between one hundred and one thousand identified parts, along with all the words used to bind them together. As if it mattered. Hidden in foreign languages, are the means to betray, disguise, and prepare to destroy; assuming violence is their intent. With mutilation of all nature. Complete refusal to deal with any and every aspect of survival. Even threatening the entire planet and this solar system by deliberately intending and acting and building to ignite this planet on fire: just like the sun. Discarding all the lies: Violence, and the intent of violence; is a fact.
The “university gods”, who control all information; rather like the mythical character said to have grown a multitude of snakes around its body. Or, more simply leadership is: “one beast (I want only what I want; nobody gets in my way)/ that uses an attack by its constituent arms (snakes), which lie in wait behind every assumption of “safety”. There is no safety: Your university gods release “every possible good thing, that could fictionally come from each and every fantasy they devise. Even creating fear, where there should be none/ as is telling women, FEAR a heart attack, it kills nearly all! Never telling, old age dies from something: they just want your money, and your worship, “oh save us, mighty university gods”. Never once releasing what happens when they are wrong. Never once releasing the reality of what they did do, that was horrific. The universities specialize, in lies! Only presenting the toys, they make to keep the hordes of their army (both diplomas and slaves) satisfied: we can be children forever. Not true, but believers are believers, and they hide from every truth, they don’t want to hear. There is no cost to a believer/ because reality and facts, are hidden from view. Like every religion, “just believe what we tell you”. Men do: Because greed, want, insanity, selfishness, gluttony, lust, and cowardice rule your lives. And women push men to get what they want as well; To your shame.
Nonetheless, the very worst offenders of human history/ the biggest liars of all: are the propagators of lies, called media. Or more simply, their use of mass hypnosis to keep sanity and information about life and all its needs at bay. To keep the public misinformed and hidden by the continual onslaught of disinformation/ is certainly close to the top of the list. Mass hypnosis is: to assemble something, that either offends or supports what “these people” WANT to believe. Reality be damned/ truth is used only to construct a tiny key, that then opens the door to a flood of lies. WE WILL BELIEVE! Because its not our fault/ we were told! Therefore mass hypnosis is: the illusion, that it is ok and justified, to accept what you do want to do/ even though it is abhorrent. Because now you can blame someone else, for what you did choose to do! The television and other sources: “tell the people what they want to hear/ or direct them slowly into believing what the puppeteers of media want them to believe. By constantly surveying and polling the people; so as to regurgitate something palatable (modified to the purpose of mind control), that the masses will accept. Mind control is: identifying what can or cannot make them fear/ thereby herding the group, so as to collect them all. Because when the herd is moving, it doesn’t matter what you believe or desire; if in the middle of this, “You, are going too”. Like every war!

So now lets ask WHY, are men (leaders of this world) so intent upon believing whatever they are told, with few exceptions? Answer: because they know money rules their world/ their lives. Even though, it has no literal purpose in their happiness: OTHER THAN, if I don’t control the money I need/ THEN THESE OTHERS, are going to control me; family, and all! So they play the game of men: to fight, even murder or die/ to control the rest.
The issue most unresolved in human history is: HOW, do we end this game/ and WHY do we want too? The method of how do we end it is simply “limited capitalism”. Or we all have a say in how much control ANY ONE person can have over the rest. Ending tyranny, by controlling leaders, governments, and money for ourselves. By our vote. The critical reality of why do we want too/ invades the reality of men as a majority, to discover: WE WANT THE GAME/ because “I want to be richer/ than they; I want it all, and I intend to get it all. Because I WON! Even though reality refuses that description for all but a very tiny few; the vast majority accept the delusion, because they WANT “to play god” themselves. To your shame.
WHEN men play games with life/ life, environment, EVERYTHING loses! There is no respect, because respect gets in the way of games. There is no substantial desire for family or purpose for values; beyond greed/ because the entire purpose of their lives becomes selfishness. To their shame.
WHERE men play games, everything dies; including the future. Because they cannot sustain lies! Therefrom WAR exists to remove the winners, make use of the losers/ and reinstate the game again; so that others can take possession of their trophies. War exists, because when men lose: they WANT war, to remove the obstacle of law, and declare “now its my turn to decide your fate”.
WHO LOSES THE MOST? It is plainly women and children; because men chose to play/ rather than working to deny and refuse those who proclaim “life is a game”. Life is NEVER a game/ and it can never be sustained with lies. We exist today, certainly NOT because of men; but because nature until today, was able to override the consequences of male behaviors which ravage, rape, ruin, destroy, disease, and violate everything on earth. Today nature has lost, and that means every lie men make; worships the day of complete chaos coming soon. University is worst at this; doing everything in their power to insure CHAOS WILL REIGN. Unlike men of the past, the university gods are intent upon destroying planet, nature, life, future, order, disciplines, respect, reality, truth, and eternity for the masses. Believing they can then live as gods; even after destroying a world. “They will”. Their intent to be, “SATAN” (the destroyer of a world) HAS a prison forever sealed. None escape!

So the question is WHAT, CAN humanity do to stop the descent into absolute chaos; as leadership has declared MUST be done. Using lies, theft, failure, fantasy, delusion, traitorous conduct, corruption of everything, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction (fear us); and all the rest?

The answer is: violence merely opens the door/ to end life on earth. Nobody listens, to life! So the critical question is: HOW DO WE (not just me or you/ but us) communicate the foundations of change that make it possible to salvage anything, before it (our world) is all lost?

Reality says; a history lesson is necessary.
From my past; which begins in the fifties; altering media from “the free press”/ into propaganda for tyrants. As was the intent by those in government to create true fear of atomic weapons/ thereby controlling the people, to refuse the conditions called peace. While eliminating the entire money supply of this USA. These developments in Mass hypnosis; then brain washing followed; “weapons of mass destruction, are our saviors”.
Combating these delusions, requires a foundation in exactly what does happen when things “go wrong”. No more assumptions/ only reality. Which means we MUST ENFORCE WORLD LAW, on leaders; and take their most obtrusive and horrifying weapons away. Regardless of the cost/ it is the only way we survive as a world. World law is the answer for peace/ anything less is war, to end life on earth. Because we CANNOT afford to lose anymore, of nature or planet from the chaos of a university mind/ a mentally diseased politician/ or a military devil.
From my past: it is the Cuban missile crisis of the sixties, that formed the basis and determination of my own work. It is RECOGNIZING, those leaders who threaten a world/ MUST BE STOPPED. No more excuses, because the tools provided by a university depleted of all respect for life/ CAN now destroy us all. Fear controlled; which means fear itself must be redefined/ and realigned with different truths.
From my past: it is the advent of the seventies; which was a deteriorating respect for society by its leaders and itself. That leads to the cost and consequence of allowing the university thieves to steal all that is left from the USA. By releasing the money supply to a university driven fantasy; providing endless counterfeiting for every university delusion; destroying the last elements of balance in the money supply by university greed; attacking the children for their future, as is university treason and the clear purpose of assassinating the children, by one means or another as is driven by “university knows/ how to kill”. The resultant reality is of course, an entire nation built upon lies/ destroying itself, from the inside by traitors so delusional they believe themselves to be god (compared to us “mere mortals”). Liars/ traitors/ thieves/ whore’s/ bastard’s/ terrorists/ cheats/ failures/ fantasies/ and horrors all because media propaganda removes reality to support and defend those who invaded; because Reagan (one damned, diseased leader) said “go ahead/ I won’t care”. And all the world listened, because EVERYBODY AGREED: I/ WE, don’t WANT/ to pay this damn DEBT”. [Nations brought to bankruptcy, and war; for a bomb]. Brought about, because the university games (make them fear), and political or military ambitions (I can play god) of creating missiles hidden by media refusal to identify (we AIN’T going to the moon) its just a disguise. Thereby HIDING THE MONEY, for building rockets that will deliver atomic bombs, in plain sight.
NOT EVEN THOSE WHO STEAL THE MONEY, WHICH YOU WORSHIP WITH YOUR LIVES; was enough to deter GREED. Consequently the game of money MUST end. Which brings us back, to limited capitalism…..but unfortunately MEN worship the game/ which brings us to “let women rule life”. Because men cannot change themselves! “They want, what they want”. Women are different/ but unknown, other than the fact we stand at the very edge of extinction means: THEY CAN’T do worse!
From my past, it is in the eighties; that the sum total of everything coming from a university mind (we can change the world); EQUALS death for our world. Nothing more delusional, than the beginning of real efforts to mutilate life/ attack every resource/ create the national ignition facility, thereby means to ignite sun fire here on earth. AND A WIDE VARIETY OF OTHER THREATS so extensive and so extreme; NO possibility exists, that we or our world will survive their impact. Yet with evidence in hand/ determination and a clear concise development called “why and how”: not a single person was found, in this time; who cared about anything but GREED. The consequence to me is: beginning the search because of an extreme risk to our world/ at the very edge of life or death. Communication increases; Because it is true, that “if you can’t sell something except to friend or family”; you will fail. Those were not approached until much later. They too, found only greed and want; not a single concern for life. As did all the rest: they ran away to hide from reality/ because they too, could not prove me wrong. The endless rant: I WANT, WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT NOTHING ELSE; damn you for telling me what I DON’T want to know. Ends that entire story. Finding ABSOLUTELY NO POSSIBILITY of evidence or truth or cost of being wrong; EVEN WITH THE ENTIRE PLANET at risk; sufficient to make you accept your duty to life. Every possible approach blocked; the entire message and means for delivering this reality: WITHOUT CHANGE OUR WORLD DIES. Is altered.
From my past, the nineties increase the delusions of greed; as the internet turns to commerce. Reality proves nothing can be done until reality returns. Therefore questions, are used to initiate: “can religion be used”/ can knowledge to prove the university is wrong be used/ can fear be generated to instruct/ can media be brought back to “for the value and life of society; instead of only FOR power & greed” be found/ is war the only answer? And then: WHAT would women do, if they were in charge today?
The new millennium proves on 9/11 that fantasies are not enough; and a renewal of efforts begin. The law is used to construct a constitutional beginning; demanding that justice and LIFE MUST COME FIRST. The courts prove “NOT HERE”/ democracy is dead. The law is used: to portray an opportunity to use force against leadership as a means to get their attention. All law enforcement, military, and politicians through lawsuits/ etc; are contacted at various levels: to demand constitutional law must be enforced; or there could be trouble. They fail to see the evidence of threat/ or simply refuse it; and assume I am the danger. Jackass’s devoid of sense; prove the US is in danger at all levels of dying from insanity. Lawsuits are erected to enforce democracy, by commanding: LET ME IN COURT/ or I will refuse to pay the tax. Thieves, liars, traitors, treason, cheats, failures, cowards, and fools come forth to deny law and justice. They then refuse me access to the courtroom; calling life or death for a world as “frivolous”. A reality of delusion used against every public attempt to demand democracy or justice must rule. Simply ignore them and deny access: letting media use the word frivolous to lead the public into the insane assumptions, “leaders are our friends”. They are merely enemies in disguise/ doing everything in their power, to discard and destroy the United States of America. Because now, and for the last few decades: the only true course of action begins with bankruptcy; and they hide that truth.
Nonetheless, with the beginning of this decade; comes a few people who are not so insane, they belong only to greed. Reality has begun/ but it is so very late; even the possibility of our survival on earth is in question. No matter what you do/ because the devastation is now excessive and threatening our entire world. Even so: to surrender the world into chaos/ IS FOR COWARDS AND FOOLS. Some degree of hope must remain/ because nothing less will keep even the possibility of a remnant alive. How much less us all!

Summation is: I have been ridiculed “the world is not dead yet/ so you must be wrong. The money hasn’t collapsed yet/ so you must be wrong. The planet hasn’t been ignited on fire yet/ so you must be wrong. All life isn’t horrifically dismantled, mutilated, etc; so you must be wrong. The sustain-ability of resources, environment, ecosystems, chains of life, oceans, water, oxygen content, the food supply, and everything else we need to survive; hasn’t killed us yet/ so you must be wrong. The entire collapse of human society into grievous war/ cannibalism/ and absolute hate; wherein blood runs like a river: hasn’t happened yet/ so you must be wrong.
YET EVERY SINGLE THREAT IS FILLED WITH EVIDENCE THIS IS COMING SOON; and when proven correct, our world as we have known it is over. Every child lost. Every living thing we knew as value; will be gone. That is the price, or your arrogance!
YOUR, Pure blatant pride; or you would protect life and child; instead.

As to communicating the foundations for our survival as a world: those foundations have been declared sufficiently for your beginning work. As to communicating that work: that change MUST OCCUR or we are all DEAD. It is entirely up to you/ because YOU, are your own roadblock, to that reality of change. YOU DON’T WANT REALITY TO BE, WHAT REALITY IS: therefore you hide and run away from every truth that identifies NO MORE OF THIS.

GROW UP OR DIE! There are no second chances/ once the point of no return has pasted. That point will be known as: “We understand now/ we accept now; because we are trapped now”. So come save us from ourselves/ today we will listen. Instead TRUTH DECLARES, when you no longer need a mind to understand/ IT IS TOO DAMN LATE TO CHANGE. You, are the living dead/ prepared for, and entering HELL, etc.
And all the world will say: we DIDN’T want the world to die/ WE JUST WANTED MORE “FOR ME”! But to get it, YOU chose death for the rest of life/ denying respect to everything and everyone; as you fought for, and against fools. Shame on you all.

The functional ending for me is: I lost every battle with humanity at every level and dimensional stage of a decision for life on earth. Even when I won by the law, reality, evidence, etc. YOU, as is humanity in general/ absolutely DID NOT WANT to hear anything about duty to life. Period!
I also lost every battle with the spiritual world of women; as I did ask “what would you do/ for life in time”? It’s a long story/ nonetheless lost in terms of male. Their decision was: to teach you/ because force can do nothing for life. While that began in little steps, because your university gods steal/ use/ abuse/ hate/ abhor reality/ tell stories of fantasies/ are extremely delusional, etc. Any tidbit of knowledge CAN be used by them to further intimidate, and control you. Thereby knowledge is a weapon/ while understanding which is the purpose of my teaching; is a value to be used for life.
Answer the damn question/ and do your work. YOU can do something/ so do it! No excuses.


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