The male component, in society

Of the critical realities presented by male domination or control over society; three stand out clearly as the primary cause or relationship that determines what society shall be. They are: 1) mine, mine, mine, I will possess that. 2) I can do it, follow me. 3) if we stand together like an army/ then I will get more, because we can take it. Secondary influences are: with rules, we become rulers. With complete control over the law, we become tyrants and masters over every slave. & By letting money decide everything, we create the game; power & pride belong to me!

The difference between male, and man is: male is an element of time. Time is the distinction given to an environment created to determine what is, your individual decision with regard to life? Man is the ascension of male, into the developments which give life (a precious understanding: respecting and appreciating miracles/ valuing love, friendship, women, family, peace, equality, justice, and law) more value/ than time or its action, its reaction, or its survival. Male has no such appreciation or respect; consequently he is limited in all ways “as animal”. Man however having ascended into thought, by the creation of deliberate actions which give life, its acceptance of love, happiness, hope, trust, truth, law, courage, value, peace, harmony, and everything else desirable on earth: stops being animal, to achieve greater things.

Obviously then, human society is directed by both male and man/ but male rules it, because these want war. War is: the critical reaction/ which takes the actions of others, and turns that into a reason or reality of confrontation deliberately intending to reduce law, to a minimum. Or more distinctly: by actions, one group of male animals infuriates another group of male animals into believing there must be a fight between us/ a reaction. Because these are taking too much, and leaving us with too little. When a war does not establish itself, ridicule, disrespect, rape, prejudice, bigotry, pride, hate, riot and more are used to grant relief to each side; so the war these few want can be realized. The aggressor wants control and manipulates the many; because he is looking for a cause to kill by ending law “for you”. The violated wants revenge, so they do what they can do; to insure “you know”, there will be a cost, beyond this point!
Ridicule is then the demand to belittle, causing aggression to be “acceptable”. Disrespect is a command, to know you are “less than me”/ therefore I have cause to throw you in the trash. Rape is the acceptance or tactic of: I CAN take from you, what you hold precious; even if you are strong/ the night, will hide me!
Prejudice is the assertion: together we can make them take less/ so we have more. Bigotry is the same as righteousness, or “I am like god/ I know everything”: therefore you know little or nothing, because I say so. Pride accomplishes the purpose of a game: “to call you loser/ and proclaim I am MORE”. HATE underscores the purpose of each of these: to remove humanity, and accept judgment is mine. Riot assembles the mob, so we can declare by violence, WE WILL have more. Each is the attribute “of an animal, unleashed”.

Man deliberately tries to create a superior society by conceiving of laws, and rules, and money; by which to solve every problem, and turn society into “their own creation”. His downfall is want/ rather than truth! Because every want, brings with it the lies that allow, “I will get more/ for me, or my desires”.
More clearly again: every rule, creates a ruler. Every ruler learns with a rule, I can manipulate the truth of an intent to make society more just or desirable: simply by forcing compliance to very little things; in ways that bring me extortion/ slavery/ anger (to jail you go)/ corruption/ and conspiracy to destroy. This takes justice, and throws it away; because the rule is against an individual, & it proves superior to criminal aggressions within the court. The laws designed to protect everyone, thereby die, or are discarded for power.
Law is: the deliberate attempt by men and women to recognize, there are critical realities which we must judge as wrong/ or society falls apart, and there will be chaos; as animals take over. Consequently the intent to control law, is a fundamental of all government in this world. What is wrong with law is: those who control it as “lawmakers”/ want to insure it does not control them, thereby giving themselves “an excuse” is constant. Only truth can control the law through justice exercised for life and society. Men do not want this/ because they want more for themselves, in one way or another “bribes work” too; so they fail.
Then comes money, the inevitable disgrace of male dominated society: life does not matter/ only money! As has been our reality since almost the very beginning of humanity on earth. Male and man want money to lead, because it ends the primary problem of who gets to lead in society. In war, it fails/ with violence leading. But throughout all other aspects of male dominated society; MONEY decides. Because money, represents either freedom or possession; “you decide”. Or if you have enough, it is both/ as granted by men & male alike. It is a trophy/ even more precious to the majority than woman. Because it grants to the owner: I DON’T have to put up with the rest of you/ I DON’T have to compete against the rest of you/ & I CAN take whatever I want, because you become my slave. Money decides it all! Life does not, until we get to government; and the insistence of the majority, WE GET SOME TOO! With enough voices, they force a bribe, “so we won’t cause more trouble”.

Here then is the first view of government intervention in society for the purposes of both male and man/ rather than simply self. Since money itself, is an agreement between traders, that “the balance of our trade is”: I will get something of equal value in return for this token. That falls apart, when slaves (work hard/ work long; get much less) want more. Since not a rich man born will share, the purpose of his wealth which is to prove I am superior/ I don’t have to work/ I can have whatever I want. To share means: no more of this/ we all are functionally equal; you don’t get more! Governments arise to say, “let all the people pay for this, bit of justice; for the rest”! So they counterfeit/ because I ain’t paying, says the majority who have some wealth. Counterfeiting is EASY, and it makes the people happy; because more tokens, presents more opportunities for the rich too: until the debts come due. Not to worry about the rich, they can continue to counterfeit; because they own government/ regardless of a vote. One way/ OR the other!

So lets review America; its constitution/ and its reality as an example of male dominated society. America is born from the downtrodden and the people who demand I will be rich. So they not only steal the land from the Indian nations already living here/ they literally use genocide to do it; so they DON’T have to share NOTHING! That done, they then have to deal with themselves, which proves to be: WE WANT TO BE FREE! We don’t want, to be slaves anymore! So they write down what it takes to achieve the beginning of an agreement; which says WE WILL CHOOSE, to protect ourselves, by NOT letting anyone take control over us. Instead, we the people will be our own government. Which does work for a time, but alas greed rules life; because both male and man Want MORE/ for me! Women have very little say, throughout history; so their actual decisions with regard to society are functionally unknown. Nonetheless this writing is about male and man. So we begin to recognize that the game of every society driven by male or man is to become “individually rich”. Or to hell with society/ I WANT MORE FOR ME! The cost of that decision is: every scheme, every law broken to escape the constraints of justice or equality, every purpose that is UNFAIR to the majority or a minority; is fundamentally the game of getting rich for ME! To hell with you. Governments exist to compensate the losers/ or control extreme greed, so money cannot just attack money, by hiring warriors. Therefore they will always be controlled by the “winners” to insure for themselves: YOU AIN’T getting much! If that gets out of hand, or the ravages of male against environment and its life has been extreme; WAR will be established to reduce the problems of people who are angry with their government or themselves. A good war means: male people are dead, and men are reduced to fighting to survive; which makes them more tolerant of greed in society. “Life is hell”/ so why shouldn’t I get more; before I die. And then comes all the rebuilding, which makes the opportunity; I WILL get rich now/ instead of you. Every rich man knows: you can’t (extremely rare, until counterfeiting became the norm: OR, as the university says quietly; we defeated this government/ we tore it down, for our greed, and consumption) get rich on your own work/ therefore you must have slaves! The easiest way to get slaves, is to target a minority group, forcing them to accept subsistence wages. Consequently the life of MAN is a rather constant battleground, which includes decisions about race that are not “friendly”. Making the life of MALE is a decision, to remain in or as a simple survival; through predator or prey/ or within games called “winner/ or loser”. These control society: But the life of a counterfeiter is EASY, when you control the government (let all the people pay, instead of us).

So lets review how you control a government/ even when it’s a democracy. The first rule is: the people MUST fear, not letting you control government. The second is: the people MUST respect the idea, you know more than them. The third rule is: NOBODY gets to control anything but us! The fourth rule is: delusion/ deception/ disrespect/ propaganda/ force/ & give the people what they want; as illusions created, so they can have them “for free”, IF they work hard to achieve what they want.
University has achieved control, particularly through the atomic bomb, and all weapons of mass destruction. It is a “big threat”! Consequently, to have less than someone else/ is an even bigger threat; so governments go broke, collecting “big power”; by pretending there is no other way. Fear exists.
University has achieved respect, primarily through the rise of antibiotics; “We are safe/ diseases, can’t get us anymore”. A reality that affects nearly everyone, sooner or later. It is conceived as mercy/ but behind the hidden door; is a hell coming. Nonetheless, the people want what they want today/ and to hell with tomorrow, “that, is their problem: I, DO YOU HEAR ME/ I, won’t live that long”. Or let the children die.
University has achieved control, by taking over the money supply through government; by bankrupting the nation. DO YOU WANT A DEPRESSION? Then let us counterfeit; the children will pay, “we go free”/ and all the elders say, “let that be so”/ because they do have to surrender their working lives to fix it. To cost of an atomic bomb, has been that horrendous.
University has maintained the current status quo, by constructing the illusion of intellect, through the endless stories they tell about what they don’t know, pretending they do know. Thereby weaving an intricate web of lies/ which you cannot contest, “because THEY are in control”. University deceives by creating an army of followers, giving to all those with a diploma: “gifts and bribes” so they won’t look or complain about the injustice of what does in fact exist; as the betrayal of society itself. University attains a greater level of control by disrespecting religion and life, through the abundance of evolutionary sewage/ manipulating education, and thereby controlling the children with disgrace. University uses media to underscore we are in charge here; do not fear, anything but us/ BE HAPPY, because we are god. Force is used to contain and control those who defend democracy by contaminating the courtroom, with rules and corruption throughout the judiciary/ confining all law to an opinion, that conspires as anarchy to destroy democracy itself. University leads, by asserting: “just pay the price we demand”/ and we will make you “like us”; IF you get the diploma we demand. And IF, YOU DO, exactly as we command; being good little robots, who know not, how to become “free”. Because we hold your parents or your future economic life, as hostage to insure you don’t. Let want be your reward; find something/ let the children die; because now, they have no future; so they too, will be slaves.
Man and male, are then downtrodden; to believe GIVE ME MONEY, so I can escape all these things! All of society suffers from that, reality.


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