mind and brain

The foundation of human behavior is a mental decision. That mental decision is influenced by the realities of our lives, which include the variables of human interactions. That LIFE DECISION is also monitored by the realities we share in the essence of time itself. That we are all miracles here/ not a single life, can be found outside the truth, “We did not do this ourselves/ nor did any accident occur to make life so”. That fundamental governs our reality/ OR, you cast it aside to fall into an abyss of want, pride, power, greed, selfishness, hate, violence, and so on. IT IS A CHOICE/ only you can make within yourself.

The critical elements of the mind are separated by the fundamentals of two distinct realities: the brain which is functionally “the hardware”/ and the mind itself which is an interaction between “living, an experience called I”/ and that hardware. They are not the same, consequently the mind itself may be considered the “software” in today’s computer terms.

The most critical element of a brain is the creation of tools, by which we interact with time itself. Time consists of “measurements, which allow our existence to know/ that we are in fact not only alive, but capable of movement and experiences such as sensual recognition. These measurements interact with the conception and integration of “who we believe we are”: within the following grid.
The mind is compartmentalized: “I live/ I fear/ I work/ I survive/ I want/ I need/ I can/ I can’t/ they can/ I am happy/ I am sad/ I die”.  Each of these compartments identify first, that they are interconnected with “I”: do you see all the “I’s”? That is because existence needs first to conceptualize a beginning/ whereas the elements of every compartment measure an ending. What lies in-between these definitions of our lives, becomes the material we use to consist as a participant in time.  Therefrom we ask the question first: “WHERE is love/ or even hate?” The answer comes from within the essence of “I am ALIVE”/ or, feel dead inside. Those who recognize I am alive without any trophies (mine) whatsoever/ can be said to conceive of love. While those who now live to hate, have worked to destroy this foundation of love: and have entered within the game to collect, use, and manipulate “trophies”. Every trophy is a prize taken from someone/ even some other life form: to prove superiority. If they don’t want this too/ THEN IT AIN’T, no damn trophy; and can be considered “the trash”: regardless of life inside.
Within the essence of love, there is time: the critical question being, “will I have enough/ to prove I care?” Critical to care is the compilation called sharing/ established only in fact; when respect is created between you. Within the realities of love are the constants: “we need/ we search/ we accept/ we forgive/ we cherish/ and we believe, that our values, shared within each other as the expression of love: shall bind us together. That only happens when trust exists. Making trust the single most critical element of love itself: once life has become, “you and me/ or even us”. Trust is: I am secured, in the anchor of your heart/ because I have found in you, the place I never need to be alone, or without/ as time allows. We will/ we do share!
In contrast, hate shares nothing/ rather it lies, for the clear purpose of taking what is yours, so that they can believe “I WON”. The issues and the elements of “mine”/ are functional and fundamental to the transition away from “love”:  or hate exists,  to believe, I am more. Hate is established primarily in “I AM more”/ therefore, I need NOT care, nor share with anyone or conceive of anything, but me. Hate constructs a gate: because it cannot live with love/ therefore separation must be simple. Even though it is a thief, that identifies this gate between us, and seeks to creep inside to steal what is yours.
Love is the essence of life, because it is shared in time: to create our existence with happiness, friendship, and hope. We are NOT “batteries”/ or simple chemical beings’. Rather we are designed to integrate with time, and become educated in the realities and relationships which then begin to identify our world inside of life itself. Life and self are different elements of the same thing. Or more simply: life is a participation with energy/ while self, recognizes the freedom which motion gives. Therefrom, while living is assigned by the development of “energy contained”/ self is recognized by the freedom to identify, define, and create your own true identity within life;  as a discipline called thought.
“I fear”/ is a subset of both love and hate, as established by self, when confronted with the end of everything important to me. Love uses fear, to establish everything I value, about everything I am, or understand to be this world! It is  then a measurement of “treasures”. Which does include hope, happiness, love, life, world, senses, thought, courage, disciplines, order, balance, friendship, and all that would be missed within us, if it all disappeared.
I fear as a subset of hate is established by violence: or more distinctly, all that these would destroy from life/ as a description of that hate, when confronted with our own death/ by their hand.  Or the recognition, this is coming/ I am  without defenses. Hate defies life, trying desperately to prove: I ain’t giving NOTHING back.  Or, you can’t make me die!  That extends into “stealing theirs”:  the things hate cannot have.

“I work,” illustrates the value of life by aiding and abetting the decision of others, to create something of value for us all/ or just me. This is functional friendship (we both gain), and constructs a bridge between us; for the possibility called sharing our existence, without fear. Hate if allowed/ uses work to enslave, thereby proving we won’t share nothing.  Friendship is about, “I didn’t measure you”. Thereby the elevation of life itself as the “superior one”, is removed/  to construct an intention “we will”  value each other,  as an equal. To bring justice into life;   and its equal, which is fair play, for us all: throughout living.  IS an element of love identified by law.

“I survive” is the reality of the simple acceptance: today, I must think of me first/ because if I don’t, then everything possible for me, does end. Hate uses I  must survive to “plot and plan, ME FIRST”/ rather than understand the values of  help and society for us all. Whereas love identifies all that is lost, with death; as a condition of time/ but remembers without love, friendship, values, and so much more: life itself has little value. Therefore even though I must protect myself/ it is conceived with I must also do as much as I can for the others who participate with me in love. Hate in contrast, considers the rest to be merely pawns used; and in no circumstance equal.  Generally: Without value instead/ unless you are a true trophy, to be won or possessed; even if only a short time.
Hate constructs a barrier to life: that begins the creation of “I WANT & its opposite, I DON’T WANT”!  Same ending, “I alone am important, to me”.    Therefrom every decision which follows, is a road that leads to why you cannot be equal with me:   why justice, etc/ is not for you. Once greed  is accomplished, I want becomes the justification to take anything. Whereas I don’t want, becomes the excuse to demand: YOU do, what I don’t want to do/ YOU take, you slave, etc! Love has no want/ it lives only in  truth:  through respect.  Without respect, love does not exist.
“I need” is the resurgence of a pact between friends, that demands participation, if you can: this too is an element of love. Whereas hate uses need:  to disguise, tempt, and create havoc/ to prove “I am superior”.  Sharing within a need establishes friendship, if love exists. But in the same measure, what you gain/ is what I lose, for you. Therefore need must be construed carefully; as time, talent, and opportunities never last forever:  it is true, we must defend ourselves as well as help when that is possible. Need does extend to sexual considerations: because the values of life cannot be supported outside of self, unless there is love shared. Consequently, for some: when loneliness is true, a life shared will become complicated.  Sex can heal a broken heart/ by proving I do honestly care. Even though that relationship then begins in love, reality will prove: either we stay together forever/ or this loneliness,  must be dealt with again.  It is a quandary, with no certain answer:  do what you believe is true for life and its need.  Understanding the problems are real.  Everyone DOES have a right to choose for their own life/ their own time: even if the consequence is “You must find someone else”. Depression is the development of “I am not happy/ I have lost too much, and see no way to change this back: therefore trapped”. Even if it is “a gold-plated house”/ depression doesn’t care. Because life, is so much more important than want. It is not the same.  “I can”; conceives of an ability found in me, that is superior to you/ or the same as you thereby equal.  Or, that can be changed into:   I can believes that the value of my life, is my ability. Consequently, those who cannot, are considered to be of LESS value than me. Superior is the decision to value life and time, by measuring each other. Therefore games are necessary: because I want a trophy, to prove I am superior/ NOT equal. Pride erects itself here, “as winner/ YOU are loser”!  Or I lost/ therefore I deserve to have revenge. Therefrom pride forms the elements of behavior called prejudice/ bigotry/ failure to life as in use or abuse/ fool/ insanity/ and greed. Prejudice is the presence of a need to believe I SHOULD HAVE MORE/ than you. There is no need to share, because you are less! Bigotry is the intent to prove you are less. Failure to life, is a category of behavior that refuses to recognize what happens: WHEN you, or I,  choose to do this. Fool is the expression used to identify those who go ahead even when truth and evidence offer: tragedy is coming. Insanity is an expression of being trapped: I CAN’T change/ because I don’t want too; or I don’t know how. The result is:  I won’t/ I can’t,  be proud anymore. While GREED is the single most rampant disguise among all of humanity. Greed asserts: I CAN be even more proud/ even more superior/ even more everything: IF I WERE RICH! “A man or woman with MANY slaves”.  If, I just take yours too!  “I can’t”; is the examination of reality which  then proves “you cannot play god”. Consequently most people refuse to admit they cannot do something/ even when they know it: because they want to believe that day is coming, when they can play god. Or, in the absence of bigotry: there is  simply the decision, truth will not let me do this.
“They can”. Is an expression of jealousy for most/ because it identifies what some people can do, which you cannot do. Therefore it recognizes “you cannot compete here”/ and assembles all the reasons why not: which leads itself to hate or revenge or abuse. Simply because you are not willing to be equal as life/ but want more, “to be greater or at least equal in time”.  We are not the same, because that, “would make us a herd, or a pack:  instead of individuals called life”.  Differences DO, “make us individuals”.  But that reality means:  we cannot all be the same.

“I AM HAPPY”. Begins with, what is happiness? The answer is, I have found love in my heart, and with my soul. Heart identifies the creation of time, HAS BEEN created in me.   That truth appreciates and accepts the foundation of all love/ that there are miracles inside us all. Soul understands, that these miracles are not “simply chance”. Within these two constructions of your life, by each decision that you make for love: there is room for happiness. You only need a key! Consequently, if there is a key/ then there is a lock to be opened as well. When there is love, value is known as “a universal thing”; we all understand it/ there is no need for descriptions. When we know, there is  value inside of me (we are each one, “a true miracle”) then, we are happy. Only the degree of happiness or value is then in question. So the question itself is: what or who do you cherish? Cherish means: I would honestly, give my life for this/ you/ GOD. So the question is: if we must identify a reality, a truth, or even a person: which could cost us “everything” personally/ WHY? The answer is: to accept the creation of “everything I can be!  Then you must be willing to understand, “everything I cannot be”. To understand or acknowledge this, begins your own journey into truth itself. Where there is truth, there is a potential for life beyond self. When you have found “a true bond” inside of love; then the degree to which happiness is ours, can become “beyond comprehension.”  Or more simply:  OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH      GOD    / can be real.
When there is hate/ the only thing of value: is when YOU, “the enemy”:   are “beaten, or destroyed; in one form or another”.  Therefore, I win!  Without a trophy, hate is only a depression.

“I am sad”:   Is the fate of everyone, who refused to accept: only truth can lead/ only reality  can determine the direction, or path beyond ourselves. Sad reflects “the mirrored image” of what you DID NOT create, with your time. A reality of existence which falls short of what, where, and who you intended to be. Therefore sadness is fundamentally a choice driven by the expectations which you yourself created. Or, it is a reality of position: “I believed/ therefore I am here”. Which is also a construction of time defined by you/ but guided by someone else.  IF you are wrong:  regardless of what you believe is true/ the consequences can be grim.
“I die” is: the elemental sadness, that this is “time” over/ body lost, FOR ME.  Never again to inhabit, conceive of, or create with a body that cannot, and did not survive. This is a known reality of time/ therefore it is not considered to be a true sadness: you did not choose it, unless suicide is involved. Death: is the exit of life/ from your body of time. That simple functional definition holds a clue: that we are NOT simply defined by body. But by life itself. Therefore the dimensional awareness of thought, grants the possibilities of what truth deems to be: a law of this universe. Truth, CANNOT be changed/ even if it can be “covered up (by mercy)”. Consequently thought confesses the potential: whatsoever is true in you/ cannot,  become changed by the law of death.

Therefore the question is:   WHAT, is true, about thought?



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