The money/ NO, not paper or numbers/ NOT power or pride; as is the game men play. Money as the reality of your need to participate in survival.

The question begins: why must I have money? The answer is: because you will want resources, time, or possibilities beyond your own ability/ or time; to create them for yourself. So money is used to translate what is fair, between what you provide/ and what someone else provides to you, for the purpose of your desires instead of theirs. Or more simply: money is an accounting, of what you did or did not do for someone else/ according to men. It is largely errant and wrong/ because many people throughout the ages, have done and given far more to life and society, than any number, or any conception of what is fair. While others, have money simply because they stole it, by whatever means were possible, including murder. The result: money is ultimately unfair/ but men want it anyway, because the worship the game itself.
The question is WHY? The answer is: because, many grow weary of family/ and they want excitement by whatever means: to take away “their boredom” with life and time. So money as we know it by the consequences of men: is a decision to fight with each other, by using any weapon or tool available to win. Because fighting, by the evidence of most men: is a description of excitement/ a participation that lets you choose for yourself, if you can. Those who do not worry about money, even if they should; do not like “the fighting”/ or they live for an entirely different purpose, than “I don’t want to be bored”.

So lets question the meaning of “boredom”/ and apply, the consequences of fighting. Boredom is: the opportunities of life before me, are NOT acceptable; because I won’t pay the price of love/ or I won’t accept the price of learning & building/ or, I won’t respect the law, as in what truly is necessary for me to do, to create, support, respect, and sustain peace and harmony for life; even more than my own. Rules intervene, and create anger; as one individual tries to control another, by creating a delusional line in the sand “so to speak”. The righteous intervene, and try to control society itself, by proving they know the rules, & you stepped one tiny infraction, over their law (I GOT a book; who the hell cares what is true/ I GOT A BOOK, and I know how to use it)/ you can’t defeat me!
So the reality itself, can be refined to ask: WHY, won’t you pay this price/ even if it is not too high? Or, what is it that you do want, instead of life, & the time to identify yourself, or be free?
We start with freedom: it is not undisciplined/ disorderly/ unbalanced/ destructive/ violent/ hate/ or like decisions in the direction of power or pride. Rather freedom is: a responsibility to self (with disciplines, I remain true to me, and my desire)/ a liberty within the environment which constrains you (gives us purpose, the design called order)/ a deliberate action or reaction, that does not harm (constructs both love and balance, so that life itself finds security, and therefrom boldness to go and find “thought”)/ the discovery of a law, that sustains justice (sustains the structure of society, granting peace and harmony)/ the design of moments beyond the perimeter of self, that conceive of and create the essence of love (identifies reality through respect)/ and the command within oneself, that accepts “TO RESPECT” life, time, and CREATOR; is to understand the beginning of a journey that could never be less than “free” (fundamentally establishes our entry into thought; the essence with energy, constructed within all life). Each a possibility; IF, the direction of your soul, is true!
In contrast to these realities, are the delusions of the cult called “university knows”: and their deliberate actions, to discard/ digest/ degrade/ and destroy all aspects of respect for absolutely everything but themselves. As they pretend to be “gods”/ and claim to be superior/ as an army that betrays, mutilates, and then conceives and creates the means to destroy even an entire world. See the difference? WHY NOT!

So we ask; even given the pandemic of disease that is a university diploma that plagues humanity itself: WHAT price is too high; to turn away from respecting life, time, self, and even eternity? While eternity is not even considered because of fools/ failures/ and the diseased. The questions of respecting life, cannot be escaped: we are all (everything), living examples of more than we could ever hope to be, by our own design. Therefore to discount that, to the edge of worthless/ is to claim, “nothing matters but me”. While reality proves: without life/ there truly is no cause to believe happiness will erupt; therefore desire fails. Your claim of nothing matters but me: is then proven, errant and wrong.
We then come to want: the abyss, which challenges humanity to lie/ steal/ cheat/ betray/ and destroy each other in the game of “winner, or loser”. Questioning WHAT could possibly be valued here? Answer, “the trophy”! A truly worthless “whatever”/ that simply destroys! But the people all say, and in particular men: “At least we aren’t bored”! Because we DON’T want, to do anything/ but play. And the men all say: WAR ain’t playing/ and neither is a continual threat of competition and control over everything I need to survive! However, it is the game that creates these things; so they are the end result “of playing your games”.
Solution: GROW UP!

We begin again with money; the design beyond trade/ to control, manipulate, propagate, tempt, and conceive of jealousy among the others. Therefrom creating prejudice/ bigotry/ violence/ and hate. Because where there is excess, the question is: WHAT are you going to do now? So we look to economies and find the game continues, as politics/ militaries/ religion/ and “universities” all apply for the power (from money) to rule the others lives. The consequence being pride: I AM “the winner”/ because I control the wealth. Making the few capable of destroying, controlling, or betraying many lives. We add in the counterfeiters of government, banking, investment, university debt, and so on. Describing “traitors”/ because they give what cannot be considered real, for the majority. Because it is fantasy unleashed, to destroy reality, and create in its aftermath only chaos.
So the question becomes: with traitors stealing our working lives, with delusions, and the wealthy controlling our lives with power and pride: WHAT are we the people allowed by law, to do?
That again returns to constitutional authority, and defines democracy as we the people are ultimately the owners here/ so we will decide our future, by choosing for ourselves, with a vote. That functionally fails; when we vote for someone else to “vote for me”. They then collect our power of democracy, and sell it as is needed to become “political”/ and negotiate something they want, or their constituents want instead of “my vote/ my decision”. Our democracy becomes their vote, and their decision in our stead. While that was necessary when established/ it is no more! Limited capitalism is the answer to power and pride; establishing “respectable & earned” equality in money, by limits granting all the people “opportunities”.
So the question is: WHAT should we do about all the counterfeit money we hold, as in consideration of: I HAVE SACRIFICED MY LIFE, for this! I AM too old to begin again/ too tired, to do this all over/ I CAN’T do it, I MUST not lose this limited expression of what I did do in my working career. Not even if it is bad for the rest.
The answer follows as: time is not “just for you”/ its for us all, and that includes future generations. If I say to you: I just don’t want to pay the debts I chose to create/ or replace the money I stole: even if, it wasn’t my plan. What would you say to me? Answer it!
So the question is not, “what you want”/ but what life, society, the children, and even the world needs for you to do. Remembering: all the people, with extremely few exceptions, CHOSE to do this together.
That brings us to reality: your failures to accept the responsibility for maintaining accountability in government/ allowing the fantasies of your employees to rule, and disrupt the reality of everyone: is the problem. THAT means first: there must be an accounting to determine what is true, and how that fits into the reality of our lives. From that point on, there will be bankruptcy, because that is what you chose. Failure to accept an accounting means: you literally choose, to sell your children into hell/ to assassinate them. Because the consequence of these decisions is: the university delusions have indeed created almost endless threats, and true consequences beyond all comprehension. Such as the mutilation of all life on earth/ the destruction of the human body, and every other body of life on earth/ the disasters of food turning to poison/ allergies turning to starvation/ and a thousand other elements of chaos. As is their intent; by their religion called evolution: to bring that chaos into our lives. Soon they will succeed, beyond their wildest dreams, and it will be HORRIFIC. OR, as in the other group of equally insane terrorists: not only will a ten million degree fire be horrific/ once it hits the water, it will explode into “a million mile jet plume”. And all the rest/ just because you let “satan (I am so smart & powerful/ I CAN play god)” counterfeit your money; so you could live in greed. Delusions are beyond contempt. The endless list of excuses, have no meaning: they buy nothing, but HELL.

Eternity is watching/ I suggest you choose to accept the cost of bringing life back to the planet; because the price of being “horrific” as in a participant in all disasters. WILL be beyond your worst nightmare/ beyond terror itself. It ain’t no game.


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