money, work, and choices

The question of our humanity is: DO YOU desire to be friends? Do you wish to create enemies with your choices? Do you accept the value of sharing or caring? Do you respect miracles? Do you understand: LIFE, IS NOT A GAME?
These fundamentals of living beyond simply self; are essential lessons in the preservation of our time. In the past, when nature could overwhelm us all/ what people did, could not exterminate life! That day is past, today, nature is overwhelmed, and we will all participate in its resurrection from extinction: OR, we will all die with it. The endless delusions of leaders & media/ others; exists to control their lies: “I won’t have to pay/ CAUSE I WILL DIE first”. Eternity WILL remember! Nonetheless our reality is simple: WE WILL BE FRIENDS, as best we can/ OR WE WILL BE ENEMIES, because everything is at stake; our entire world. That leaves no room for those who want to “sit on the fence”. Which does mean: “They want love and friends in their lives/ BUT THEY WANT hate, pride, and power over others as well”. These are opposites, and cannot live together: which means, you either choose, or become abandoned to your punishment. You either live as friends, or if you don’t die from all your other threats first/ THERE WILL BE, “WORLD WAR 3″. Simple and plain.

Money, work, and choices

Begins with the clear fundamentals, of what is expected from every life; responsibility/ respect/ decisions/ and a purpose that will ultimately refine and define you as a person.
Within these parameters, are the essence of man, woman, and child. Consequently a developmental relationship with the qualities that are functionally correct and necessary within those definitions is required.
A man is: the critical link, between what survival and life must be. That fundamental requires: each man must accept the destiny or journey that has become his life. Even if it is not what you want/ or has taken a turn beyond the realities you did expect. The fight for justice, relationships built upon respect: make you a man. The hidden realities which constitute an acceptance of “evil (for simple descriptions)”/ prove you are less than a man, and have become either predator or prey.
A woman is: the critical link between happiness, as a participant in all human realities, and the discovery that is “more than just survival”. Your job is, to assemble with care, the essence of a desire, that gives purpose its home. Thereby a clear relationship with justice, fair play, and respect is required.
A child is: the honesty of a life given to trust, and truth, as a blessing cherished. To achieve that, it is your job to respect those who help/ and carefully describe those who don’t. What you don’t know, is much. What you will learn, depends upon you.

These definitions begin the search, for a life beyond the limits of time/ because they do respect the relationship we share with “miracles”. A miracle is: without doubt, no human being/ or other known existence in time; is able, to made this happen. Thereby we know, to achieve an understanding, or any knowledge of this reality we are surrounded by: they shall be spirit. Spirit is at its core: TRUTH defined and given the realities of law. That law, then governs truth itself.
So we come to the values of life, by these things. Then learn the lessons of society, of humanity, and the existence of love/ rather than simply self. Through the development of our own choices.
The lessons of society, are simply these. We all must share the responsibility of life/ by understanding the disciplines of work, are neither free, nor a question about want. Work is required/ because your body and life need critical things, or they fail, and you die. As do we all.
Therefore work is a right/ because work is an obligation to commit to the purposes of what it takes to survive; and then add, what we all need to be happy. As best we can/ according to the resources given. It helps no one to be jealous, or envious. The purpose of time, is to find your own identity/ and prove the choices you will make, if given more than time. Therefore how you choose, is VERY important to you. No one else has to see you/ inside your soul, YOU DO, know everything you did, or did not do! Even forever. So choose as if you do respect yourself, and life; remembering perfection is not even a possibility. So forgive, yourself included/ when repentance is true. Otherwise, simply let the law decide.
Work as a society, rather than simply an individual; is consistent with the statement: WE HAVE RIGHTS. Because life is a gift, and no other possible acceptance of that fact/ allows for the discarding of others. Just so you can have more. What we do/ what we can do/ what we fail to do; are all matters of compensation. We are not all the same/ therefore pay is relative to that reality as well.
The existence of work is: that we all have needs/ and so does the future. Therefore we must protect this earth, while taking what we need; and building what is ultimately fair to all. When we share the work, particularly today with machines: we can earn the time created for ourselves, as a search for “my own truth”/ for our own family/ and as a blessing to our own community, or more. That requires three individual things.
1. Money is reduced to an exchange in equities/ rather than your potential, god of wealth; which translates into “I WILL MAKE YOU MY SLAVE”. You damn loser you. So the question of money is functionally a question of pride. Removing pride means: we all have rights. Simple as that.
2. The competition for “better than I have”/ MUST be mediated by, the question of what do you need. When reality serves life/ then life serves reality; and what is true decides. So the question is: will you surrender your want/ so that life in society, and all other ways, can be fair?
3. The disciplines required, for separating the work into categories; by which people shall then earn, the right to work herein. Are not complex/ they simply require proof, by the evidence of what you are honestly capable of doing. The foundation of work by categories: throughout human history is, “we got this better than the others/ SO DON’T you tell them how to do anything”. WE WANT CONTROL, & they get nothing, but to pay us, our price!
So the question is: taking control away means, every foreign language shall be discarded as much as possible. Or more simply that could begin with looking at the unabridged english dictionary: to understand, there are millions of words here, that have no true place in life. They are used to isolate and discard the others, because they can’t know them all. Just like the courts use latin; it’s a foreign language to keep you out. This is very wide spread, while the purpose is always the same: to change the words, or add new ones/ is to change the game, and control the rules. Learning anything new, such as a computer for instance: requires a dictionary literacy, because if you don’t know what you are talking about; you can’t talk intelligently, or learn anything at all. So they change the words, or something else; and its back to the beginning for all the rest. Unfair.

So then we begin with the lessons of humanity, by asking: WHY do people not accept the value of friendship is greater than the value of money? The answer: because those we call friends are making choices too, and they can let you down/ change/ move/ or lie. That lesson is learned early, and usually often. As the price of a friendship is constant, the reality of a friendship is then “I can’t afford many”.
The price of friendship is: to give of yourself, the opportunity called time, space, limited work, freedom, and respect. Each person that becomes a friend NEEDS your time/ that is the first price of friendship. Each person that becomes your friend must be given their own right to experience and express themselves, regardless of your decision. The opportunity to judge, must be resigned/ unless truly necessary; and even then it is subject to the costs that will come. These can be high/ friendship can be lost. People need assistance, and many will take advantage/ and then return nothing. It is a fact of life, and you must not be upset, because a gift is a gift. It is not a debt. Accept that as true. To be a friend means: that your freedom is just as important as mine. Therefore your decisions must be respected/ and my opportunity to reinforce your right to be free, must prove not only respect; but the reality of a desire to value your ways, and your choices, just like mine. Respect remembers: I am not in control/ I am not allowed to manipulate (unless absolutely necessary by conditions that are present/ and a price that will be too high)/ I am not allowed to tempt, even if I am allowed to play with you a bit; for fun. Respect remembers the fact we are individuals, even if bound within the same environment of living.
The element of love, proceeds beyond the definitions of value. Thereby it is different, and defined by the certainty, I HAVE chosen this path for myself. Even so, love cannot blossom, unless it is the path you choose to share, and find within me as well. Because we both understand: that caring means, “my walk upon this earth/ my very existence as a life; will truly change without you in it”. Consequently I know, I share, and I care about your experience/ your expression/ and your happiness, as if it were my own.

In the relationship of society, to each and every individual: the price of peace and harmony is justice for all. That means, every aspect of a courtroom; MUST BE GOVERNED BY FAIR PLAY, with equal rights to all. That means: every decision of government, must be aligned with respect for our reality/ by the evidence of truth: with no regard for want, money, or pride. By the law we arise. By corruption we fail. The distance between life and death; is how far must you travel/ by your own choices. The same is true for governments. No justice means no peace. Want ruling means war will come. Pride has no peace/ it judges life unworthy, and throws humanity and nature into chaos; because it can. Not by wisdom or reality/ but by power: I TOOK YOUR FREEDOM, and I crushed it to prove my pride.



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