monkey brain

When dogs rule the world, life soon will be dead! A dog simply wants either to be nurtured and played with/ OR, it wants to rule over you, in some mentally disabled assertion of power, through force. Humanity is ruled by dogs through evolutionary priests, who believe they can simply want something; thereby it must be true. Because their mental comprehension is so delusional, they assume power by force of imagery. “We won, because the foe was completely unprepared”. Because religion of all kinds, uses imagery “to sell its product”. Imagery is a lie, focused onto a fool. LIFE IS A REALITY, PROVEN BY ITS OWN TRUTH: as is the case of MIRACLES, which cannot be honestly, denied or proven wrong.

It is both functional and fundamentally necessary, to understand the critical nature of what it means to be wrong!

In the matter of evolution: the religious assertion, that all life came out of chaos, without a brain, a tool, a utility, a resource other than “a mud-puddle”/ or anything that would constitute an opportunity to make a choice, achieve an operational state, balance the needs of an inside environment with the outside environment, make movements, create opportunities, reproduce, or in any possible way: become life. Making this religion and its propaganda; little more than a lie. Adaption does occur, but that: is simply the sign of thought/ or the understanding “this will be needed”.
LIFE IS, a complex association of life within a life/ or more simply: our bodies are created by tiny organisms that operate in a balanced state, because they are carefully and thoughtfully identified as a critical contributor to the whole existence of our “inside environment”. We exist: because of lesser organisms, creating our bodies: IN DISCIPLINED, VERY ORDERLY, well defined ways. DNA operates the factories, which get this done/ and keep us alive. Thought came first/ because without thought, there is no possibility of construction/ as that takes the honesty, and the reality of an ability to create a decision. Evolution states “the brain came last”/ but without any cognizant means of making a decision: that is impossible. Life here, is not a chemical reaction/ it is the existence of time: which means order can exist as well. Or, in more simple terms: step by step, we learn how to exist within the framework of our individual lives. As does every living thing/ because life, which means every life: must recognize it is alive/ and proceed from there. Without that recognition, nothing proceeds, not birth/ not growth/ nothing but death.
The cult of evolution says: “life doesn’t matter/ what matters is, a cauldron of chemicals, which then becomes organized to create what is “a battery”. The battery then creates life, because it does something; never mind what/ just call it a billion years of chance. Our existence is so far beyond our ability to truly understand it/ that this billions of years and countless chances, of chemicals in chaos: supposedly “out-thinks us”. Tiny organisms “without a brain, arm, hand, eyes, food, etc” built us. Even though we cannot build ourselves. A complexity that is forever “beyond our true comprehension”. Makes them a fool! But then they claim: we just got monkey brains/ so what do you expect?
In Contrast to that: the elevation of thought, “to a deity” we call GOD. Is ultimately possible/ even though existence faces the same obstacles regardless of time, or place. What is certain is: THAT THOUGHT, the ability to conceive and create within a disciplined environment, that then achieves the tools and abilities to identify and isolate life DOES EXIST. Just look at your machines: who among you would say that chaos, “did this”! Who would argue, it is our ability to think, our understanding of relationships, our acceptance and realization of knowledge: grants wisdom. THEREFORE we did build our machines/ because our ability to think made that possible. How much more so, is not life the result of thought? In the chicken and the egg/ it is THOUGHT that came first: because everything needed for survival must also exist, PRIOR to your arrival as life. Life is not an accident. LIFE IS AN ACCEPTANCE of time. Time is the ability to measure our world, and find the search for information as well understand, what we do to survive. If you understood nothing, as in a machine: even if it is completely built, with everything in place/ nothing happens, because it has no cognitive reality. It knows nothing, unless we provide that input, through thought.
The construction of stupidity as is the “glorification of evolution as god”/ by your religious zealots from the universities: must now stop/ and be stopped. Because their cult is trying to change genetics, from disciplined order under the control of balance and design: INTO THEIR CHAOS. By destroying genetic information with mutilation/ and deliberate species boundaries crossed: our existence of life ON THIS ENTIRE PLANET, IS THREATENED WITH EXTINCTION!
They want chaos, to prove their religion (it has no evidence/ it contains no thought/ it is an obvious “witch doctor” trait of human foolishness: the disease of evolution is about to become real. The reality of that evolution the universities are trying to create is: THE END OF LIFE/ FOREVER. Because there is no coming back. Species boundaries crossed: are KNOWN CAUSES OF PANDEMIC DISEASE. Or more simply: “the body turned into chaos/ because the immunization systems of the living creation; as defined in thought; have been destroyed. A reality we approach every single day/ because the cult of “university knows” is absolutely belligerent to life, and critically entangled, in their job/ power/ position, and all other things they DO want to keep. They won’t stop/ Rather they must be stopped, by taking away their tools: and making it law, “IF you ever do this again, even in the smallest way: we will destroy you”.
These things are not games! These things do not approach “better health” for you/ as liars claim. Rather, all these things, are making life on earth impossible for every living thing. Because even minor tiny changes that invade the life cycles of building or working or EVERYTHING that keeps us alive. INCLUDING turning our food into poison. Including destroying the food supply for us, or other life/ because we do not live here alone; NOR do we survive, without the other living things which do surround us all. We the people ARE APPROACHING A DEAD WORLD. Caused by the cult of “university knows”/ pushed and protected, by a media who should be considered their priests. Because “we only hear”: ain’t the university great!
I DO, demand a clear investigation/ a reality of examination, establishing what is known to be a possible consequence of every violation in respect FOR LIFE. The simple truth, of reality rather than their endless fantasies. I DO demand: LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ it is not anyone’s damn trinket or toy. Rather we must protect LIFE, from the disease of religious fanatics, whose only reference to thought is their “damn stupid monkey brain: built from toxic waste”.

James Frank Osterbur



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