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CERN uses extreme voltage to make the atomic realities of an atom more vulnerable. They use “two trains” of atoms to create individual atomic explosions, by crashing those trains into each other at “the speed of light”/ thereby multiplying the effect of that atomic explosion. Creating heat as they do so, which they state to be over 13 million degrees of so, “if I remember right” (you get the drift). Doing the same thing over and over again: creates all the conditions to describe a wormhole. A wormhole is produced as: a mass which has been accelerated past the speed of light/ wherein it gains incredible power. A reality that exists because of atomic explosions, which accelerate it: an atom that is missed by the others because of what can be seen with “car crashes”. One passes through! That mass then attracts all the electrons freed by the disintegrating atoms that did not pass through. Bringing them along until the planetary mass pulls them back. Therefrom an “atomic spring” is born.

AT CERN: development says,
Mass and energy are crushed and destabilized by electricity: for the purpose of crashing the maximum amount of energy, with violence; by using two opposing lines of force.
This machine is Forcing extreme atomic environmental shifts, by creating a near minus four hundred degree F. tube; throughout the 17 mile distance. This, requires Money that would buy a lot of peace in this world. This is cheating ourselves, for their games.
That cold, controls the physical electrical environment; Thereby allowing greatly increased speed to occur.
This energy is taken from multiple nuclear power plants: an extreme expense, “for nothing of value”. PAID for by counterfeiting. Then, 13 trillion volts, of compressed power: is “accelerated to VERY near, the speed of light”: by linear magnets and super computers. The resultant atomic mass within an atom, is nearly isolated from its electrons. By forcing them into a surrounding electron cloud. These lines or atomic nucleuses, are then switched into a head on collision by computer. As close to the speed of light as possible, from each direction. To damage or destroy fundamental atomic structures.
pic train car
train pileup

This atomic mass in motion: created by pushing the atoms together, and taking the functional space, out of an individual atom. Causes atomic nucleuses to align closely. At extreme voltage, parallel structures align. Their purpose in a crash, is to destroy atomic structure (no place to go), and release its participants with violence.
The result of extreme voltage means: the atomic impact of the crash, can be transmitted back through the train cars as if they were one. Bringing about an instantaneous atomic explosion; back into the tube.
OR; The Atomic mass that escapes destruction, (didn’t hit nothing) finds increased acceleration due to the explosion of other mass. These attain a velocity that escapes the limits of time, and then picks up the freed electrons, to form a wormhole.

The crashing of two “trains of atomic mass” heading in opposite directions, allows us to add that amount of energy as the speed of light doubled. The second part of that explosive component, the reactive chambers; however adds more energy. Because this crash is “an atomic explosion, at scale/ thereby releasing the energy within an atomic bond; immediately beside or behind the escaping mass”. The force of the explosion, pushes any mass particle already traveling at the speed of light: to its release point, through an escape route/ “didn’t hit nothing”. Like NASCAR, for instance. But different. These are propelled, With that explosion, to a force equal with the energy released by atomic explosions of any two nucleus that are crashed together. This is double the energy of one/ times the violence of that collision. This energy then pushes behind the atomic nucleus, to form its release. That force does, create the effect of a wormhole, or atomic tornado like structure. Time is the law, which demands for every action there shall be a reaction. Exceeding that limit means, The atomic nucleuses released no longer obey the laws of time; they have exceeded that speed. That mass then tries to escape earths gravity; while the extreme electron cloud/ now surrounding it, is released by the destruction of their own atomic nucleuses. These electrons, Bring the “wild nucleuses” back. Thereby driving this “wild mass”, back and forth through the earth, at speeds over light. As if hooked to a spring: Without the ability to stop.
This energy; was a driving force, in tearing apart pre-bang mass. Without atomic stability, structures decay and lose their ability to exist. Mass that cannot stop, does have consequences. Unless electrons are lost. But reality suggests, these effects will only gather more electrons; because time stability is affected. Adding power, instead of taking it away. These Effects weaken the atomic integrity of earth itself.
Destroying our atomic stability as a world. “Wild mass”; does cause structural damage, to atomic order in our time. It also Causes physical decay: inside this earths atomic disciplines & it does have consequences for time integrity. By changing the physical laws which govern our planet.
This is: Changing our physical environmental energies, which do operate under the speed of light, as time. Time creates an action or a reaction subject to distance. These wormholes do not.

In contrast to these two scenarios, there is a third consequence of CERN. Atomic mass that significantly chaffs another atomic mass in collision/ rather than explosion, CAN ACT AS A MATCH. Igniting atomic bonds close by; bringing sun fire here.
As has already been described: this kind of intense heat is already established in their current experiments. Their claim of 7.2 billion degrees exhibited at a much smaller collider; proves a clash. It only takes ONE ignition: to ignite sun fire; and destroy our world!
Atomic mass, at speeds over light; exist/ rather than act or react. Because the energy of the mass is so extreme, nothing can stand in its way.
Like all extreme experiments: WRONG has consequences “like the tsunami” in Japan recently. MORE THAN WE THOUGHT POSSIBLE! Even though a different area for the “fire escape; generators”; could have & should have been chosen/ they did not. They believed, “ BAD, just can’t happen”. Wrong!



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