So, let’s talk healthcare.

Not by “wish or whim or tears”/ but by the facts of life, and the realities of work.
That brings us to three distinct problems: medical facilities, corporations, etc; using terrorism directed at individuals, to extort money. People who are hypochondriacs/ demanding “its all free, for me”. And people in powerful (I can make you) positions, who believe they are god; that applies to a wide ranging list of participants.
What we want from healthcare, is “everything”/ because the body, which includes a mind; is important. What we want to pay for in healthcare is: practically nothing. What we need from healthcare is, to believe “medicine is perfect”/ no mistakes, or bad consequences will happen to me.
So then with fantasies declared: lets examine the facts!

1. The refusal to create competition for themselves/ thereby raising the price, and controlling the public as well as ALL government officials. Has resulted in a major influx of medical professionals from other nations; who can and will move elsewhere, if “the money ain’t so good/ anymore”. That is a direct decision of the medical hierarchy: TO FIX pricing, by letting people die, be tortured by their own pain, and be bankrupted by their extreme greed. That fact, does not formally include doctors, etc/ because, removal of competition: is not a decision they make, in terms of schooling. It is however a direct, and near complete failure of government, and those employed to protect our lives/ our nation. Bribes have been placed, or it would not have been done!
1a) the answer: remove the hierarchy, take them to court, and return all payments, “from the medical authority”/ with penalties; that should never have occurred. USE THE LAW. Establish a massive educational effort, to increase medical professional workers, reduce the “90% sewage load” required for doctors and others to learn: so the colleges can collect more money and control them. Letting reality decide/ not the diseased by greed! Establishing what is truly needed, by testing the doctors who are doing that work today. With competition, the price always goes down.
1b) medicine is “free” business NO more! That means, there SHALL be accountability for the price charged: NO more, whatever delusion or destruction you want, regardless of reality! A need proven by my own experience; the reality listed on these sites. Work actually done, at a realistic rate/ will be compensated for: NOT fantasies. “JUST LIKE, everybody else”!
1c) no more, “I can’t pay (too poor, will require something from you)/ I won’t pay (a percentage of income, IS ultimately fair; same for all)/ I don’t pay (NO more insurance, to hide realities: a percentage of income, and a limit on expenditures (no you can’t/ its time to die) that will apply to all/ or with extremely few exceptions) or, I am so rich, this price, doesn’t matter to me” (you are lucky, you are certain nobody is more important than you; as a consequence it is absolutely certain: YOU can pay more.) The same percentage holds & when the system needs more; that percentage goes up for the rich.
1d) there is absolutely NO CAUSE, for pharmaceutical companies to hold the public hostage. Literally none! The production of new types of medicine goes to: independent facilities who are paid, based upon their work. The production of that medicine: will be owned by the nation/ and set out for bids.
2. The extreme delusions caused by “insurance”; shall be eliminated. No more medical insurance means: you are responsible for determining what is in your own best interest/ money included. To alleviate, an unexpected expense: a very different type of insurance must arise. Lets say, the percentage for “an extreme medical intervention” is ten percent of income, and potentially property investments. Because the rich can declare very little incomes: ANY medical treatment “looks at it all”/ so that everyone is treated fairly. All Insurance is the same/ in three different groups: such as, the co-pay is 1, 5, or 15 percent of the billing. Identified as ALL insurance will require a co-pay, of not less than one percent/ NONE will provide a complete resolution of the bill. So YOU have a personal stake, in the billing/ and demand equity. The courtroom then decides: on each individual type of case/ WHAT will be allowed. And the public will declare for themselves by vote: if indeed we will accept this as fair. You will also vote on what medical procedures or costs: ARE simply too high.
2b) NO more medicare! All social security shall arise out of a percentage from the gross domestic product of the nation declared as acceptable by the public. Such as ten percent, to start. Within this money, which does change each and every year: every recipient of social security shall be entitled to vote, among themselves/ on what percentage of this, goes to their healthcare. What percentage goes to any and all of their other needs. There is NO additional programs, no nothing: THIS IS IT. The money taken in: divided according to individuals across the nation, as they agree too themselves/ by vote. So long as it is the “same, basic standards of living, etc”, for all. Counterfeiting ends/ hypochondria dies: like it or not.
2c) medicaid remembers that all of us, are NOT treated fairly. The cause and consequence of this can be remedied: by insuring everybody gets a job/ at a realistic, acceptable pay scale. Therefore medicaid ends; and the accounting which is a job for every member of society: demanding they accept the duty “to pay for their own lives”/ shall erupt instead. You will share, & you will change yourselves and your needs to accommodate “peace, harmony, equality, and justice. Simple, and plain.
2d) accept world law, and world policing by all nations; through the laws we the people of this world create for ourselves. Providing a courtroom to try leaders, and make them accountable for what they do, or do not do. That done, the resources used for destruction/ can be changed into “building for life”. Simple and plain as well.

3. NOBODY gets to play god/ NOBODY gets to pretend they are god/ NOBODY, gets to run away from our realities as life on a planet, where death, disease, etc; is a fact of living.
That means, “we CAN do, what we CAN do”/ and we CANNOT do anything beyond what our own realities allow. That includes payment, for extreme cases. That includes, mutilating DNA, etc/ assuming and pretending “nothing will go wrong”. That includes ALL forms and types of procedures, medicines, etc that should never have been done. That includes ALL experimentation on children (you make them die “a thousand deaths”/ instead of just one). That includes ALL experimentation on animals, etc: that is not absolutely justified/ because they are sick themselves. But NO genetic experimentation/ only immunology, by methods clearly and deliberately intending to repair nature: NOT under any circumstances, change it. And so on.

Nobody should die of little things/ but nobody as well: gets to take from the others, an extreme amount of care/ thereby money, just for themselves.
Nobody gets to experiment with nature itself: because the DAMAGE TO EVERYONE/ is beyond comprehension. And that includes the potential for horrors beyond imagination/ terrors that will not stop/ and extinction, because of what you chose to do. “NOBODY, ACROSS THIS WORLD”!


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