note to self

Note to self

UNLIKE an atomic explosion, which can only extend through “excited material”. An atomic fire burns until it runs out of fuel. Every known physical law in humanity/ every part and parcel called science demands: an atomic fire burns atoms. Only fantasies and want, deny that. No second chances. Pride won’t save you, or this earth/ or your child@

Nothing in this world can be stopped, unless humanity as a vast majority joins in/ just how it is.
No amount of evidence matters/ no consequence is of concern; particularly to men; because they only want what they want, and nothing else matters. Until the destruction is nearly complete.
No reality of truth, that establishes complete proof of tragedy coming, makes a difference; because this nation in particular believes in the cult of “university knows”. They can’t be questioned/ reality does not matter/ ignorance is bliss; because the university diploma controls everything. Including the children, and all who became brainwashed by media.
Even the tragic realities clearly coming: of food, water, oxygen to breathe, resource loss, extinction, environmental chaos coming, food chains destroyed, all ocean life extinct, temperatures which will exceed 160 degrees in summer on earth soon, radiation poisoning from ozone loss. Or more simply, “absolutely nothing” can interfere with the university decision to destroy life on earth, by playing god. Not even the absolute threat, which none can refute: of bringing atomic fire here onto this earth. By letting the universities pretend that a ten million degree fire will just “extinguish itself”. Even after they have proven themselves wrong, by a thousand experiments at the national ignition facility; and everything else that is completely insane.

THIS IS, “GOD’S earth, & HIS CREATION”; but it was built for humanity to experience and express itself. Established by human freedoms, the lack of respect; the disgrace of continual lies, stealing, failure, etc; worshiping “university knows” even though they are “the creators of nearly all that threatens us with extinction”. The tragedies so clearly coming, by the evidence. Mutilating nature itself. Etc/ etc/ etc! The question that presents is: why would GOD care/ if you do not? Not even when threatened with an all consuming fire, as is on the sun. Clearly the fire exists. It is absolutely certain, by the evidence; “the universities” are trying to ignite that here! The only question is: will it extinguish itself/ or, will that fire continue, and make earth another sun: “its all or nothing”. That gamble is beyond insane; those who choose to risk every living thing, even the solar system itself: cannot justify the risk therefore “I give them, the biblical name of Satan”.

We have gone past the ability of men to control themselves and stop what they are doing; they failed completely. We have very limited time left for women to intervene for life, and choose a different direction. We are completely dependent upon “OUR CREATOR” at this point in time to keep us alive on earth. Because the threats of men are so severe, and so extreme, and so developed in machines, etc at this time; that our entire world can be lost at any second, on any given day.
Biblical prophecy does come true, and has been realistically interpreted, where needed (even if more can be done, its useless). That prophecy of an end to this world begins with the first experiment that gambles with this entire world, as is atomic fire [burns atoms/ which means everything is fuel here on earth; just like the sun. Same fire/ same result.]. Old testament prophecy in Daniel gave us 1290 days by law to stop this; men failed/ truly didn’t care enough. The new testament gives us an additional 1335 days to choose a direction for life on earth that will grant mercy for us all here in time. To date, absolutely “none of that”; women fail too. That leaves us with death by horror, of one kind or another/ even all.
People scoff at biblical prophecy, or preach it, but can’t believe it could possibly come true; NOT in their time. So that is discarded by the religious, with even more fervor than simple truth; even with evidence. Can’t think/ just don’t want too! All want what they want; simple as that. Discarding the reality at current population increases of about 120 million more people per year to feed. That means we need to eat at least one pound of food per day on average as a human being/ plus water. Which equals 120 million more pounds a day/ a demand equaling 365 days for a year, requires 43.8 billion pounds of “other life” added again this year. More next year, “above deaths”!    The catholic religion, leads the way!  Still can’t think of the cost here, to life or environment apart from self?  not even while it is absolutely apparent humanity has begun to “eat the seed, for next years crop”. Destroying the seas, jeopardizing every grain, mutilating every life university touches!  WHICH OF COURSE MEANS: food, water, everything required for survival,  is going to get much more serious very fast. Which means war; as it always does in a man’s world.  That will be “Syria, world over”/ until weapons of mass destruction fall.  Biological diseases are unleashed.
“University knows”, the religion which brought us here,  HAS BEEN stealing everything they could find along the way. Has proven to be the single most destructive element of humanity, that has ever existed; NEVER choosing for life. To their shame, not a single true decision for life or child or nation or world;  absolutely nothing for this earth. Strictly selfishness/ simply destroying the future for any child:  proving just greed, power, and pride matter to them. While choosing fantasies, failure, horror, tragedy, and chaos as the future for this whole  earth. Men follow/ while women and children, have no real say.
Nonetheless, a humanity that won’t think for itself/ or accept any version or reality of proven truth, cannot survive. That is the simple facts of life. Not up for debate, its just plain true.
As for the tiny few who did help with this effort: DO continue on, as a tribute to your own eternity. Its important! As for all the rest, who could nor would provide even the smallest contribution for life on earth threatened with horror and extinction. The simple and plain truth is: you chose, congratulations, “you get what you earned”/ or you earned the reward of those you followed, or refused to stop. Just how it is!

As for me, I pray for the world/ but without an honest response, you are lost. Prayer will not help, because that is the decision you made, and refused to change. Its called freedom/ regardless of how stupid, disgraceful, and disrespectful, blind, etc can you be. Oh I know, “you can go measure something (now you know: “nothing”), and call yourselves god”. Regardless, without true support; even though our whole world shall be lost/ there really is no reason for me to carry you further. Carry means: I made every payment, for this work; receiving next to nothing in return. You didn’t care! Not even for an entire world of life. The absolute tragedy of that, cannot be denied; up to this date and time. Where there is no use or purpose in conceiving that you might just change. Because no such evidence or truth of action does exist. I do, wish it was not so. But it is! Goodbye then. James Frank Osterbur 3/17/16


If you can’t stand up and sign your name to the work, accepting all potential consequences/ then you didn’t really take a stand for life or earth. Just how it is.

Depression is a state of mind, which measures the current reality, and decides “something important, cannot be changed/ and that fact is not enough for me”. Common response is: then to deny these facts exist/ making life a fantasy, based upon lies. Reality states: acceptance of the simple truth, “I can only do, the best I can do/ that is the fact of life. Regardless of the consequences which this matter defines”. Therefore, I have done my best; and may rest without depression/ because I did make my choice, and I cannot make your choice. Its called freedom. The fact then is: I did do, what I could have done. Perfect or not, the work I did do is the life I chose, the future I supported, the failures, and the realities of work and duty that are called “mine”.   Just like, “what is yours”.

It is fundamental, critical, and true, only dramatic real change will make a difference. Your every intent across all human lines is: HELL NO/ we don’t want what truth demands. None of us! Keep lying, even if the world itself dies, because of that choice! Just how it is. Your trial, for life or death of this planet; is nearly over. Believe it or not; the possibility to recover anything, for a future we can or wish to survive, is ending. That too, is just how it is.

note to humanity:
I choose,  to end this work, because without any help it is impossible to conceive of anything but “this example of reality”.  Our time, is not unlike people driving in a car at over one hundred miles per hour/ approaching a “dead man’s curve”. 3 or 4 times the probability we could survive. Got maps/ got information/ got evidence “look at the signs”: we are even now in view of the curve itself. Which contains a thousand foot drop-off on the other side. Can’t get out/ can’t stop the car/ none listen or care. “Until the tires are squealing, and the end of every life is near. You are already fundamentally past, the safe zone. It will now take a “professional driver” just to have a chance. Believe it or not/      because you are “completely unprepared”.   IF YOU PLAINLY JUST GIVE UP, then you accept the world is dead;  not worth trying to save!  Sacrificed by you, don’t care!  “Eternity will remember”.  I do guarantee that!

note to women
The bible was written by men/ for men/ about men/ with their language and their purposes; it has, says, or is little about women.  As is true of all religion! So simply disregard the claims such as “these are those who did not defile themselves with women….” As is nearly all the rest: A statement of men, about men, and for their purposes alone. Instead, women are indeed “GOD’S living TEMPLE on earth”! There is nothing “minimal” about that. Do the best you can for life; we all live/ or we all die together. Every single nation on earth at once, with the ignition of sun fire here. We all endure the consequences of our failure to respect life, and reality by its own truth/ instead of human want. It will be horrific, for every single life; yours too! If you don’t stop this descent.
The old testament represents men, and their version of law. The new testament represents JESUS as a man “using female traits” to alter the behaviors of men. The book of Revelation demands death by male rule for the first eleven chapters. After chapter 12; the prophecy changes & is about what can be, if women rule life (as I have provided interpretation). NOT free/ but life, with a future for happiness. That represents a choice only women can make; you are NO LESS LOVED. No less worthy to guide life on earth. Even so, there are no second chances if you fail/ just as men have already failed. That is your choice to make. We must have “different, than this”/ that is you.

 I will help you if you HONESTLY try, but no guarantees. It is, simply too late for that.

Here’s a little tidbit that I forgot to mention: in the extremely unlikely event/ an impossibility really/ that the ten million degree sun fire; as the university intends to create:   actually does extinguish itself. Millions more jobs will be lost. Or if they are wrong, every life on the planet/ even the planet itself, is lost forever. How is that worth the risk?  Think about it, every life on earth,  gambled on a single theory!
They can’t be wrong? Well just consider the lowly incandescent light bulb/ a propaganda campaign to dispose of them forever. But let’s review: throughout the heating season (anytime but summer)/ the light bulb simply heats the house. Which means in terms of heat release, it’s one hundred percent efficient. Unlike the circle flourescent, the light intensity of the incandescent: rather than just lumen’s is far more user friendly, “we see better”. In terms of mining and environmental impacts which include the garbage dump: there is no comparison. As to summer, sunlight produces nearly all the light being used in a house/ don’t need much from artificial light sources. Recycling is far easier with an incandescent, you just don’t do it.   MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHAT IF “your university gods” DIDN’T THINK OF EVERYTHING? BECAUSE ONCE IGNITED AN ATOMIC FIRE WON’T GO OUT/ everything here is fuel!

Or perhaps its just didn’t know enough, and assumed too much; as is consistent with the O.J. Simpson murder case. “If the glove don’t fit/ after its been soaked with blood, and dried in a hot sun”/ that’s because leather shrinks substantially, under those conditions. Wrong, don’t make nothing right!

There seems to be “one last thing”: if you come looking for me. My tits continue to grow; no choice of mine. Not gay/ never going to be gay; simple as that. Instead these female breasts do whatever they want to do; and I have literally no say. This has to be at least somewhat “like having a baby”/ this body just isn’t entirely mine anymore. A complete surprise! Even so, because I desire to be clear: My tits, just grew! “Didn’t do anything/ except open the door, to female spirituality; just to ask a question”. Life has changed, the explosion or whatever it was inside my head a few weeks ago;  was absolutely necessary to all things “simply male”. Believe it or not; NEVER my intent.  Never was there a day, when I didn’t like being “simply male”.   Oddly enough, it seems there may be something to astrology after all;   as my birthday is listed as “the twins”.  What has become female inside, now shares this existence:  respect is mandatory.  Not so bad, just not simply male anymore. A  complete surprise.   Strictly male, means you have no clue.  Not better or worse, but very different.  Its one body, but there are two lives living in here now;  “complicated”, but the war is over.   I don’t know the ending.  

It occurs to me, “I guess I got my wish, with regard to female”:  the question was, HOW do we survive as a world/ men can’t do it alone?   NOT what I expected.  But plain and simple, “it is the addition of a female spirit in me” that became the method, and the means;  of completing this message, of extreme threats.  Of establishing:   War is NOT an answer, it is that simple.   It is, simple and true;  when men face a problem they don’t know how to answer/ they find war their solution.  THAT, would end this world.  “Be grateful to women”/ they are at least   “hope”.



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