So, let’s talk about respect/ friend/ lover/ marriage/ and parenting!

The most significant reality influencing each of these is: “I found a grain of sand, a pebble/ which through ridicule, deceit, lies, or assumptions and gossip I can turn into a rock; to hurt you with”. To say, “I am greater/ than you”! Even though I stand on a mountain of evidence, which supports only the very least of your assertions.

Consequently the description above identifies MANY of the problematic conclusions that is “being human”/ for all but a tiny few. This does indicate WHY, relationships fall apart/ or cannot be formed: because people fear being judged, for something so tiny; it should never have been “noticed”. Or, if so; “my right/ not yours; my life, not yours; my eternity/ therefore my choice!
Nonetheless; Because no matter how clear you are/ no matter what steps you take to demand clarity and understanding: people will hear what they expect to hear; and see, what they expect to see. That’s how it is!

So then the development of respect isolates one distinct conclusion: we must NOT judge each other/ or any other life. Because to do so enables the possibilities & consequence of: “Worthless to me/ less than me/ or not equal to us”. These are the foundation elements “of a traitor”.
Traitor means: “I would, sell you/ abuse you/ or use you for anything I desire; because you are not “my trophy”. Or more distinctly, traitor means, IF I cannot sell you/ then you are worthless: as a consequence to being worthless, I can now treat you in any way I choose/ demand of you ANY act/ establish ANY act against you/ or react regardless of a right: because you are worthless. And I have a desire, to make you valuable to me; therefore sexual perversion/ child molestation/ violence and hatred, are just a few of the consequences.
RESPECT requires: that you accept, we are all equal as life/ no exceptions. That includes all life, as life itself is the great treasure of our existence. No one earned it; it is our gift and theirs. As a consequence to you: the failure to understand we are all equals/ does have eternal penalties. RESPECT demands: that understanding these miracles of life, are not your toy/ not your work/ not your decision: means, a failure to appreciate the true gift of this Creation; is a road “to hell”. Because without a relationship with your Creator/ eternity “will be found, somewhere else”. The question being: HOW can we know eternity exists? The answer revealed: because truth doesn’t die/ energy merely changes/ life is based in thought/ and miracles conceive of an environment built by love; as evidenced through “the biblical JESUS, called CHRIST” (not forgotten).

To examine friendship
Is to understand the basic realm of what it means to be equals! When we are equals, which does include all life, with the only exception called hate! Hate is “for the law to judge/ not you”. Regardless, friendship builds through the values placed between us, as identified by time. When there is time, there is an opportunity to share the journey of our lives, and conceive of “I cared/ you cared/ or we cared”. To care forms the essence of our lives, displayed as the purposes we value. Because friendship requires “a combined act”/ to reveal, I did mean what I said. Caring examines the heart, inside yourself. Caring shared upon the same elements, the same acceptance; of “pain or pleasure called our existence”/ gives rise to the development of love. That means love is an expression, through the experience: I believe, we do share life!
When we share life itself; as is possible through the same essence called desire/ then we pass beyond friendship into love, and the passions that drive us “to build” a home together. The essence of home is: “my life cherishes you”. That fact is measured along a vast elevation of influence; that then becomes, the reality we share. At its beginning, to cherish means: you are my equal, proven true/ my life means more, because you are here. As sharing continues to rise, the base elevations become: I find in you “truth”/ I accept from you, trust/ I belong within, the values of your love/ I treasure the moments of our time/ I share my heart, and open it for you/ within the essence of our truth alive, we then share soul; and search for GOD “Together”.
Love between people of the same gender/ or different genders limited at its core, is RESPECT. Your need/ your happiness/ your life and future and choices are all important to me; because I care. Love between two people of the opposite gender: is a passionate embrace, that builds because we can influence each other in ways that encompass respect, but go beyond the elements of all other living examples, called “we share”. The elemental difference between loving as equals sharing a similar journey; is a heart that can be wounded. While loving as male & female joined in harmony; is a heart, that sings. To sing means, “we share a rhythm”/ we define within ourselves, a message that will not die. This is the rhythm, that searches eternity, for you.
So the question of “lover”/ is at its core, a signature of the heart; as both of us define. There is nothing of sex beyond the physical act; that lives here in this description. Rather a signature means: I have become “something precious, in you”. That reality is not governed or shared, at less than true passion. Passion is: a creation of thought/ an intertwining of all that life could be, because we BOTH care equally, for each other. It is the equality of care, that makes rising above “a moment” possible. It is the discipline of truth, that gives trust “its moment, to shine”; as the light of our souls, united together.
Happiness, presents us with the truth of marriage/ rather than the needs, lust, or whatever other excuse marriage exists with. The truth of marriage is: “to bind ourselves in time”/ for the clear purpose of living beyond ourselves, in the essence of life shared. Few find that, because time has many needs, it is tragically influenced by want, pride, and power/ while humanity itself, has very little patience.
Happiness is: entering within the true realm of freedom/ to find love. Therefrom, all life, all things but hate; have TRUE value.
Happiness is: a growing respect “for miracles”!
Happiness is: an identity worth keeping. Happiness is: the disciplines necessary, to balance life, work, friendship, and values conceiving of truth/ which does build trust.
Happiness is: an accepted order/ the critical truth, it is not “our will” that makes us happy; but our desire. The essence of that desire, does become a purpose. That purpose does then become identified as you. Building life, is a treasury of what you contain: as both heart and soul.

Sex exists, because we must to survive as humanity on earth. Parenting exists to provide: the lessons of life, the cause and effect of choice, the opportunities of love, the challenge of need, the passions of “this is important”/ and the constant, “I deserve/ I am free/ I have rights/ and all that being human is: by erecting a different look at each of these things; through time”. For both parent and child. The lesson of time is: love listens, and does not judge! Therefore I can and will trust. Therefore I can and will cherish my time with you.
The essence of freedom is: “this is my time/ even more, than it is yours”. The reality of freedom is: “this is my responsibility/ even more, than it is yours: therefore I must learn, to be disciplined/ balanced/ and orderly in my living and life.” The quest of freedom is: to build and share a society, that understands: this is my decision/ it is not yours, I alone face eternity for what I did, or did not do. That fact identifies, “MINE”.
Of all the other things we face as people, it is love and the responsibilities of survival, that demand the most. Love confronts us with truth: decisions and duties for life MUST come first. While survival adds in, “without love/ why would I care”? GOD IS LOVE. So say the miracles which surround our lives, and live within our bodies. So says the evidence of JESUS, by a standard that cannot be “touched”; by people. Life is a choice; therefore understand, to be near, when child or parent is struggling: DOES give them the strength, to bear their own burden; or arise, as best they can. We are not saviors/ we can only prove to be “friend, in need”.


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