The ability to organize, and confront what is wrong with the actions of others; is fundamental to our survival. The refusal to participate in what is clearly life or death for our planet, is absolute cowardice.

This is a petition to STOP:  ALL EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION.  To redefine our world, by accepting the responsibility: “we CANNOT, let these people, be wrong”.

This is a petition to DEMAND fair and legitimate pricing in all medical related fields/ because the demand of nearly 3.8 trillion dollars per year, IS ABSOLUTELY unfair.  And cannot be paid.

one trillion dollars equals $10,000.00 per each and every one of one hundred million people.

This is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT Petition, to discover world law, and create world enforcement of that law/ by bringing leaders to JUSTICE. WE, DECIDE:  Through those from every nation, who are to become, the “world police”/ BY LAW.  Rather than armies, or nations at war.

          The reality called change in society itself, is determined first by communication/ from there organizing to understand the basic principles,  for which this fight for life must arise.  To understand what it means to be wrong/ what the true consequences are, for experimentation or actions that can destroy our lives, our planet, our nature, our oceans, our environment, extinction all around us, and everything else is absolutely necessary.   Is, To accept the simple statement:   TODAY, life is not free/ I must give back a future to every child, to life itself.  Once we go past the point of no return wherein everyone agrees “HORROR is coming”:   it will simply be TOO DAMN LATE!   Or more simply, “each must think for themselves, and accept truth through its own reality, by understanding what it means for life:    to be truly WRONG”.

          We the people who work, ARE the power and wealth of every society, along with its own natural resources.  Without us/ nothing gets done.  Weapons can only destroy: they cannot bring you food or anything else but fear.  In this USA first amendment redress of grievances MEANS:   WE THE PEOPLE, do have a legal right/ and a legal authority: to bring our employees to trial.  To make them participate in that trial, without exception/ and to punish them for treason or any other reality that threatens our own lives or nation or world.  There are no exceptions:   because WE, own this democracy/ and the constitution is our government.  Our employees ARE NOT “the government”.  Our agreement to unite as is constitutionally written, IS OUR GOVERNMENT.  Simple and plain.  Yet traitors in our midst, have conspired, corrupted, colluded, and controlled the constitution in direct betrayal of WE THE PEOPLE. The US constitution is NOT allowed in the courtroom/ not a single word, in response from the court, to any and every constitutional law expressed and demanded in trial: as our legitimate right.  As exhibited and proven,  in the many trials brought before both state and federal court, by me.

          The consequence and very definition of a “university expert” throughout all media today is: UNTIL WE SEE A HORRIFIC EVENT/ an absolute CATASTROPHE.  We get to keep on doing anything we want/ cause you can’t stop us.  “Its called devil”.

          The alternative to that is:   the creation of law is democracy, or “WE THE PEOPLE” through our constitution shall rule in this United States of America.  NO authority is given therein, “to risk or destroy what life needs/ the nature we depend upon/ or the environment that is our home called planet earth.  Etc!

          Our answer, as a people united, BY NATURE:  for the cause of life itself, the blessings of nature as it was meant to be, and the peace which balance through discipline and order brings is:   to put LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, FIRST/ not last, as it has been throughout the history of men.  The critical truth of men is: that they solve their problems with money or war. A fact that returns us all to war again and again and again; as history proves.

           Because money divides and separates/ people are then enslaved/ and the result is:   “I AM too ANGRY” to talk.  While the wealthy all say to themselves, “we are superior”/ we deserve to be rich over you.

          In contrast, Limited capitalism: allows some to be poor, and some to be rich: but ONLY within the definitions and realities, that we the people decide by our vote.  Without counterfeiting none of these fantasies which plague our world would now exist: the price for bankrupting this USA truly is beyond comprehension because of that fact.

          The opportunity to rule as true democracy did envision: is very simple.  Whosoever makes the laws/ rules the nation!  Therefore as is consistent with that reality,   when we the people ourselves:  make ONLY the few, short, direct, and diligent laws that we actually need as a society.  It is then, that we become the democracy promised to ourselves.  By vote on the law itself/ we rule ourselves.  By allowing women to participate directly in designing where this society might go:   we search for a different way/ and find a different solution.  CHANGE because we must.  Women are far more different, than men can even imagine.  Different means “different”!  Still not convinced we need serious change?  Then go to reality has a list/ for the short and simple version of where we are today.  To begin a more comprehensive understanding of energy, go here.

          It is fundamental and true: even if I could gather the money, and find the media to inform all of humanity, that we are threatened with extinction.  It would be worthless, UNLESS you, each individual that understands “this is not a game”:   CHOOSES TO PARTICIPATE.

          After forty years or so of working to inform humanity by various means: that we are being threatened.  It is absolutely certain, UNLESS you do more than “hide or run away from the facts”/ NOTHING is going to change.  Which means as is biblically predicted, “our world SHALL die in fire”.  Because the machinery now exists, and will soon be completed, that can in fact create “sun fire on earth”. Once ignition occurs, life is over on this planet: we cannot even approach a ten million degree fire/ and it will eject the entire atmosphere of this planet in about 45 days.  Because that fire,  will cause an updraft, of about 1000 miles per hour!

            That is reality, once ignition occurs, everything is lost! No exceptions.  I CANNOT save you/ NOBODY else can save you either: WE THE HUMANITY OF THIS EARTH,   must save ourselves/ by stopping those threats which exist to consume and destroy our lives.  AS is every form of EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION.

           You cannot “wait and see”/ because wrong is a fire we cannot control; as the sun so distinctly proves.  It burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer: how is that NOT evidence enough?  Change because we must; regardless of  want/  because this is now our reality:   a consequence arising from all the wrong things men have done, especially in the last forty decades.  Do they not lead/ does not every leader have a “university diploma”?  DID YOU not follow!    Wake up or die.  Let reality and truth regain your trust: think for yourself.

          As for those who believe, “this is America/ NOTHING bad can happen here”.  That is a myth, and holds no reality at all.  As is proven by bankruptcy , threat, and a reality of immigration that proves we are no longer less, “than a compilation of people from around this world”. Do you trust the world? You trusted your representatives who counterfeited extreme amounts of currency to hide their failures/ creating “lies in money”; literally giving our nation to foreigners.  That now threaten to dispossess us all, by buying titles to the property.  A reality established  according to the federal reserve:   $200 trillion dollars “being used” (somebody has it). These are facts known by the media from the beginning/ and never reported:   because they were “to well bribed”. And are now owned  by a very tiny few people with complete control. A betrayal/ a reality called treason:    organized by the US supreme court.



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