The quest of time, is to understand “motion”/ or more simply to identify, the critical passage between what is freedom and what is merely time.
The critical reality of our time: is to bring understanding to the masses (trapped by their own delusions)/ before they commit mass suicide! That is particularly hard; because of the disease called “university knows”. They have built, “the army of fools”. Established by the very simple conception: the evidence proves, humanity can be considered, want it or not: we are ALL; “crowded into the same vehicle, that is racing toward a sharp turn/ at a speed which cannot even consider survival. Failure to make the turn/ curve/ etc: is a cliff proving the drop is thousands of feet deep. Yet with warning after warning clearly posted and proven true: people still believe “there is no cliff coming/ its just a mirage”. Reality knows there is no chance of survival. Once off the cliff/ no amount of prayer, repentance, fears, or anything else can change the outcome of what you have chosen to do. That is: To fundamentally live in fantasy, a cult in control; therefore defying reality, for a few toys, or a few threats/ by choosing lies over truth. Believing propaganda, thereby: To follow “fools (even though we know better, the cost of being wrong is too great/ we did it anyway)”. Casting the evidence, by its own truth: the clear construction, “nobody survives this”; away. “Monkey says; “see no evil/ hear no evil/ speak no evil”. Or more simply, since the university demands “you are a monkey’s baby (your daddy, mommy, etc)”; since they say monkeys came first. Then of course are all the diseases; of what came before them; “its magic”! Bring on the “witch doctor dance”; cause they love a parade, where no brain is required. What better way to identify: a gnat, has a more functioning brain, in terms of reality and life: than does “university knows”. Who demand: there are no distinct species/ no boundaries for life/ no needs or parts or pieces required for an individual body/ no tools such as the miracle of arms, hands, legs, etc. Nope a dope; hell didn’t need a damn thing; its all “just magic”/ cause nobody can prove a billion years or more: right? Not true, as the passage of time does prove, it ain’t so damn simple; even a mosquito knows better/ and it only lives a few days. A volatile earth, as in earthquakes/ volcano’s/ splitting off a moon/ a much hotter sun/ building an atmosphere/ oceans/ etc. Plus dealing with wind speeds by creating an atmosphere, that swirl at over 700 mph; just like other planets. HELL, simple as pie/ right! Oh wait, I know; the claim is 14 billion years/ because of the big bang. Yet, not a brain among them can conceive of an explosion that goes in all directions from the center of its force. Which of course means: if you measure from one side to the other side/ then the beginning is at that center; clearly halving the distance in time as well. Not that they are correct, they aren’t.
Shame on them. And of course, that is only one tiny detail, in the web of lies university created to confuse/ manipulate/ control/ tempt/ disrespect/ and defile the entire existence of life on earth. By claiming themselves to “be gods”(we don’t need nothing/ we do whatever we want/ BECAUSE NOBODY, can stop us). Disregarding reality as always; as in without the rest of humanity/ a university diploma, does practically “nothing”. Fantasies after all, have no basis in truth; they just imagine “if we steal everything we need/ we will be god”. Possession of what is stolen; merely proves what you didn’t do for life, or as life. Even if the critical parts all have a basis in reality; when covered with lies/ they become fantasy, until the lies are removed. Let the stories be dead! Let the lies be removed! Investigate the reality/ examine the facts, NOT the story/ identify what it means to be WRONG/ and make a decision based upon what is true. How is that not consistent with respect & reality? When an entire world is about to be lost, because of fools & their lies: HOW IS THAT, “not your concern”?
The universities will of course say: “we already know EVERYTHING”/ we are god, other than “we want to steal MORE”, so they pretend “another experiment must be done”.
Lots of people protect their job, their desire to rule, and play “authority”; by lying, pretending, and DEMANDING: hell no, you can’t investigate here. “Just believe” cause we are the experts!
Throughout the decades of my life, that reality has brought us unto this day: when all life is now threatened with extinction. Consequently, even if you don’t believe anything, “good or bad” as evidence: YOU CAN believe, that the mutilation of life HAS CONSEQUENCES/ you can believe, THAT BRINGING THE SAME FIRE HERE AS IS ON THE SUN: means wrong, is a dead world/ even a dead solar system. YOU KNOW, that we all have needs, to survive/ and it takes absolutely no amount of “intellect”, to understand EVERYTHING we require to survive, is literally under aggressive and determined attack! Proven true, “death for all of humanity itself; is coming”; forever! So to be wrong in your “belief’s” asserts; “you can play god too”. After all, if you don’t need a body that isn’t mutilated beyond repair/ a planet that isn’t on fire/ or everything that keeps us alive on earth, isn’t important. Well, then you must be god/ because death isn’t “little or small” in reality. It is everything, for everyone; not conceptualized as spiritual: lost, in time. A dead world; how is that not your concern?
Organize/ speak up/ demand a hearing/ file lawsuits establishing truth in information/ don’t believe experts, demand proof, not statements/ question everything the universities say/ rebuild the courtroom for justice/ replace every politician that lies/ find a solution: that honors & respects LIFE! THIS, ain’t too much to ask! Your children need you, to discard cowardice/ and find courage. It’s the least, you can do!
If I was offering a bribe in money, of size: millions, if not billions of people would be knocking down my door to claim it. FOR FAR LESS, than an entire world of life. That is: The price of being wrong/ and letting “university knows” continue its rampage and rape, of everything on earth. How is that not true? DO, WHAT YOU CAN DO!
There are no excuses/ eternity IS watching you. Can’t be so? Then explain the miracles of life, and planet/ without being a fool, a failure, and a cult, who simply has to believe whatever they are told!
Because “god (university knows)” said so: ain’t no excuse! Its just a blatant lie.
Or, are their toys & threats, more important than life on earth; including yours/ your child/ or your world.
Exactly WHAT, will you do: when the male and female anatomies of human form/ simply don’t exist anymore? That is the PRICE of genetic mutilation. That is the price; of letting “university knows” believe their god is CHAOS. And there actions in genetic research of all kinds/ INCLUDING for medicine, etc: are just coverups, to disguise their true intent which is to recreate life IN ANY OTHER WAY. Just so they can pretend, “to be god”/ before our entire world of life, comes crashing down as a mutilated catastrophe, beyond words. Geneticists stand at the edge of forcing, complete chaos in our biological lives. There is NO going back/ beyond the point of no return, which we may or may not have entirely past already. Time is up; MAKE YOUR DECISION; for life/ or for fools!
As is biblically predicted; ARMAGEDDON, is coming soon. Or, translated it means, “nature IS in chaos”. NATURE IS; GENETIC DNA/ the natural chemistries required/ natural order achieved/ balanced bodies as in two arms, hands, etc; OF THE SAME LENGTH and type/ disciplined minds, and functions/ etc, etc, etc. “University knows: IS A WARRING WHORE, against our lives/ against everything life can or will forever from this point forward be. How is that not true/ when they choose to mutilate, everything that builds the very bodies of life, that nature is.
Still willing to let the human brain decide your future? Its called dead inside; or, “YOU: sold them your soul”! OR, more simply; you gave away the sanctity, respect, and values that are clearly miracles in your life, body, and world; Just to participate in their delusions/ just to claim, “I am a fanatic, and a fool too”. Just to say: “I love a story, more than life itself”. Damn idiot/ forever fool; how is that not so! WAKE UP and change: FOR LIFE ITSELF!
Another warning repeated: when you remove all the defenses of a plant, as is being done with corn especially: to gain a few more bushels now. Creates the risk; and in fact certainty. Within a foreseeable future: Those genetics get to the point of vulnerability so extreme: the entire species of plant and all its “cousins” can be lost. By a single disease/ genetic collapse (too tired/ too spent; to do this anymore)/ biological mutations becoming a poisonous plant that cannot be reversed; and so on. Including genetic alterations that affect other creature organisms; because it is “very prevalent” in agriculture. A sea of more toxic chemicals will follow/ trying to reverse the catastrophe; but will fail, as is consistent with every attempt by men to play god. ETC/ ETC/ ETC….

Just so its clear: the “nazi/ electronic SS” as is media today, gathers and controls all documentation/ propagates everything you are allowed to hear/ locks up, all “discontented voices”/ gives you “ten voices to hear” all hired by the same money, and same owner/ and locks life inside “the gas chamber”, while preparations are completed; “to kill our world”! How is that not so, when so many threats exist, without severe change, not even the slightest possibility exists humanity, or even this earth can survive the future “University men/ and a few university women” chose. Oh wait, I know: since they are “cult priests” they truly aren’t allowed to think for themselves. Isn’t that so, “university knows”/ or more correctly a tiny few, within the university closets, hiding from view: “pull all the strings”. Creating puppets along the way, to make the story of lies, more interesting. “Isn’t that so”? Prove who decides: what is true/ and why!


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