powerful lies

THE OVERWHELMING REALITY of our lives/ whether you know it or not; is the fact we are about to be exterminated as a world. Not a game, there is extensive evidence/ machines built/ people fighting, to do that very thing; in many ways. The most obvious of which is trying to ignite atomic fire here on earth. They want it, because it is a tremendous amount of heat/ with no pollution/ and little damage to the environment; because you can use anything for fuel. So the cult, which includes media, and all other leadership in America: who literally worships university leadership as god; all say “praise our gods; the university elite”!
What they won’t tell you is: just like the sun, which is the reason they want that heat/ they look at it and say, “why not bring that here”? We can do it!
FAILING THE ONE REALITY THAT OVERRIDES EVERY OTHER DESCRIPTION OF VALUE. The sun burns atomic energy; which none can dispute: because so much energy is released. Burning atomic energy means, burning atoms themselves/ not combining elements: burning atoms into complete “nothing left”! Which is why it takes so little material, and produces so little pollution, and gives so much heat. THE PROBLEM with bringing an atomic fire here to this earth is: EVERYTHING HERE IS THEN FUEL. We cannot extinguish a ten million degree fire/ and WE WILL, simply turn into ANOTHER SUN! There is absolutely no cause to believe it won’t be so; the stories university tells to suggest otherwise, HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO BASIS IN SCIENCE, LAWS OF PHYSICS, REALITY, PROVEN FACTS, OR ANY OTHER FACET OF TRUTH. These machines, and this work exists: because leaders WANT solutions, that don’t make people change what they want. People don’t like that: “you want what you want”, period!
The end result of it all is very simple: leaders, in all categories; DON’T want people to understand any of the facts/ THEY WANT to do these experiments until they ignite atomic fire here on earth. Because they predict: a ten million degree fire will just extinguish itself/ not enough gravity here. Which is another whole series of nothing but stories and delusions from a university brain. NOBODY HAS PLAYED WITH ATOMIC FIRE/ so their theories are just theories, without any substantive facts of any kind: just assumptions that MUST destroy known laws of physics, deny all forms of known truths, and remove questioning by controlling the propaganda allowed.
In their theories about sun gravity: they postulate an extreme fire at the core creates that fire. Which means as all extreme fire does/ that intensive outward pressures exist. That is what fire does: it needs room! Instead university says, “no, no”; that fire has enough gravity to pull in planets. Even though if something is being pulled in/ then that something must go somewhere. They claim the fire consumes it, OR, they just don’t need to know all the facts; planets stay in orbit, so something is there. Here on earth, we stay on the planet (don’t float away/ and we aren’t sucked in either), so that something must be here as well: call it gravity.
But our environments are NOT THE SAME! None can dispute it; we live in controlled time. The sun exists in atomic chaos, related to time/ by the evidence called fire. In controlled time, atoms shift their electron environments by sharing the outer boundaries of energy; these form molecular bonds, which give us complex materials from independent elements. An element is, an organized form of consistently sized atoms, tightly held together. A molecular bond is an organized form of non-consistent atoms; which are loosely held together by energy. Our gravity exists by the movement of primarily electrons through independent space. Or more distinctly: when a mass (electrons have mass)/ moving at speed exists. As in the formula for kinetic energy Mass X Speed= Force. Or when an electron is freed, from an atomic orbit it travels through space with force. That force applies a magnetic suction to its surrounding area; when trillions of atoms exist on the size of a pin head: that force can be said to exert planetary gravity. Magnetic forces in atoms, pull it back into a different combination; so things remain constant/ except for the deterioration called time. Which is a fundamental disorganization, or weakening of structure.
ON THE SUN; where planets orbit from the pull. What is gravity on earth absolutely does not exist. The fire makes this different. The fire establishes solar gravity itself. We know this because: atoms have energy! Or more simply: the containment of energy that pushes out, and reveals itself in such things as an atomic bomb. Establishes without doubt that extreme energy is contained in that atom. YOU CANNOT contain energy pushing out/ unless you have a superior energy pulling it back in. Rather like a dog on a leash/ with a person holding. The dog runs, the person is tugged at, but remains in position; because he or she has superior energy pulling the dog back into their contained (leash) space. Atoms have two opposing forces inside, holding that energy from escape. The proton is called an outward force/ the neutron is an inside force/ the electron, is an outer boundary force sustaining the energies, by keeping a barrier up against all but the most direct, energized hits. Thereby protecting the primary forces which make an atom possible. On the sun, when an atom is burned: the proton mass is dissolved/ the energy sent outward. The neutron anti-mass is released back into the sun mass; as they are opposite forces. The net effect is solar gravity; with electrons playing a part in that; as the fundamental chain between planets. A planet has had to be close enough to interact with the sun, at its primary capture; from there the chain stretches and pulls.   That happens when solar systems are formed. If it is, then because of the ripping/intense heat, the greater force which is anti-energy (neutron holding the atom together)/ becomes orbital: until it is recaptured by mass. Which then puts it into position to be shared by a planetary mass passing close by. Dark energy/ dark mass, is not seen, it is measured: that measurement is established here, by orbiting planets.

Your extreme insanity, should not be enhanced by understanding a little more: that as reported to you earlier/ antimatter as is the neutron comes from a black hole, what is forced through the center comes out as strings. These strings engage mass when encountered from a supernova explosion to become atoms. The neutron does not mix with the proton/ it surrounds it, as the atomic atmosphere which contains the whole. Which makes a supernova and subsequent black hole/ recycles the universe of atoms. Electrons are mass knocked off the proton. Of interest is, radiation comes from the protrusion of an edge or peak on the proton that was not dislodged. As the electron circles, it creates a pulse wherever a protrusion exists.  The electron reverses polarity from the proton mass/ because it exists within the neutron, which consumes all ties; giving it a different dimensional displacement in time.

Or more distinctly: A WANT IS NOT A RIGHT TO GAMBLE WITH ALL LIFE ON EARTH. A theory is NOT something built upon endless fantasies, delusions, or pride. That, “is just a lie”.
Our lives, our world, our reality of existence on this earth is in tremendous peril; because a few “university gods”, think they can play with atomic fire. Or, after they ignite it; it will just extinguish itself: because its so hot! So, it’s a game of trial and error until they decide its not.
A ten million degree fire, which they claim has million mile long flames on the sun/ and which we know burns atoms for fuel: because of the energy release. “Burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away”. WILL NOT JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF. The sun is a rock inside/ not a fire, which would prove “THEN the fire cannot last/ because the entire amount of fuel is being consumed at once”. Further university claims of “its made of hydrogen”/ is akin to claiming the moon is made of cheese; no difference. Not possible. KNOWN, Physical laws prevent it!
Just like KNOWN human rulers, whose only conception of power is: to make sure you can’t question them. Keeps reality from entering and questioning “university claims”. Media/ courts/ policing/ military/ government leaders/ even religion and more; all convinced “the universities know what they are doing”. MADE YOUR DECISION/ AND GAMBLE WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH. Becoming responsible for every death/ by taking away your right, to participate IN A LIFE OR DEATH, one time only experiment. That will make our earth into a sun: at first ignition. These leaders, and their university gods; demand LIES SHALL RULE!
They demand: “E=MCsq” is more than it actually is. Which is simply the formula for kinetic energy. Or, mass times speed equals force. This is the same formula, but with speed as a constant! It is little more. Kinetic energy has been known from the beginning of man. The atomic bomb, “little more than an accident”/ with consequences. Because it was not energy (the cause a force fundamentally, exists) they released, but forces holding energy together. Energy is the relationship “called why, does force exist”/ not how.


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