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These are the trophies, your scientists intend to play with:  images for solar flares.    The cause, or the  expected toy;   their machines to ignite atomic fire exist.

WWW.JUSTTALKING4.INFO ; the last time. To choose life or death!  Time is running out.

          Regardless what you believe:   you cannot survive a ten million degree F.  Fire/ just like what is on the sun.  Based entirely upon the theory, that fire as is on the sun/ won’t sustain itself here: because they say, “not enough gravity here”.

          Bigger fools, never existed! When Their theory fails/ this earth is dead! While it is true, that we receive only radiation as heat from the sun/ that radiation exists, because of the fire! We will ALL be exterminated/ not just me! How is that not “your concern”?

          Lawrence Livermore Laboratories has proven: fusion does not exist on the sun, through their machine 192 lasers all pointed at one location to create 180 million degrees.  “Didn’t work, to combine hydrogen in helium” and create the heat of “sun fire”. There is no helium produced in quantity by the sun: it was a fools dream.

          The universities say: “we KNOW”, because they have created this condition in the past with thermonuclear weapons/  However reality proves, that is an explosion/ whereas the fire on the sun is an atomic fire: the burning of atomic bonds!   See the difference: how is a fire, the same as an explosion?  OUR ENTIRE world, is then fuel!

            “University knows”:  the sun is burning from the center out! But, there would be no new fuel to create a supernova “exploding sun”: if that were true/ therefore it does not.  If the sun were burning from the center out, all the fuel would be engulfed at the same time, with nothing new to be added to the fire/ and the sun would burn out quickly. Clearly true!

          The sun fire itself, is the producer of solar gravity/ because as we all know, or should realize: it is an unwritten rule of physics, that to hold energy in place, therefrom keep it in a balanced state; AS IS AN ATOM.  There must be something of an equal or even greater opposite energy attached. Or the energy simply “flies away”. Consider a dog at the end of a leash/ will it not simply “fly away” unless you have an equal grip? The fire on the sun burns these bonds, which hold the energy of atoms together. THAT RELEASE, establishes an energy in two different direction: as is the physics law: “for every action/ there will be, a reaction of equal value”.  These opposing forces, then produce solar gravity/ as well as heat.

          This is March 2015.  According to the construction schedule of “ELI”/ and according to biblical prophecy (NOT religious; just more evidence). Those facts, give us approximately until September 2015; before “university knows/ the propaganda of experts”;  ignite our planet on fire/ IF WE DON’T STOP THEM.             Both predictions; are supported by evidence:  the extreme light infrastructure.  Which is:  3 lasers built to triangulate their beams into one location.

             Their prediction is,   all three lasers will produce an energy burst equal too: one times ten:  to the 54th  power. Is expected.   Also equivalent to 3 million of the largest lightning bolts possible: each hitting the same spot, in the same instant of time.   Just remember this: once this planet is on fire/ our world is dead. Not a game.

          In addition: geneticists are bringing us chaos instead of nature: as is order/ discipline/ balance/ thought/ etc.  DNA IS NATURE, yet they mutilate it everyday; across this world!   ETC.

          Communicate a need, DEMAND TRUTH! Establish an investigation, remembering the future/ examine the evidence: prove what happens when this goes WRONG! Think for yourselves, instead of being told by propaganda media, “ONLY the expert knows”!



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