proving democracy

So, let’s talk about justice.

It means: to be deliberate, and choose based upon the definitions that grant to all citizens: the opportunity not only to be free/ but to receive an equal standing, an equal right, an equal say: with every other individual the same.
That of course is no where to be found in America. Because corruption and the intent to defraud and destroy democracy rules the court, and all officials in government employ. They believe themselves to be “above constitutional law: as proven in case after case, by James Frank Osterbur”. They believe themselves to be rulers, instead of employees; having created themselves as “the new nobility, because of a university diploma; and endless counterfeiting which literally means, they believe NO ACCOUNTABILITY will come.”

So we ask the question of democracy itself: where does our authority to intervene/ examine/ investigate/ and judge our employees come from? The constitution replies: WE THE PEOPLE, are not only owners here/ we hold the law, that is first amendment redress of grievances: within our grasp. As the legal right, to bring our employees before us all; compulsory process/ a call for a true investigation of the facts; to be secure in their homes, persons, etc/ and determine for ourselves, by the equal protection of the law. If, their sworn statement to uphold the constitution as “the government” of this UNITED STATES; was in fact done.
In other considerations of the law: the question arises, CAN our employees discard reality, gamble with our world, its nature, our lives, the future of every child, or choose to bankrupt a state or nation? The answer is no, they legally cannot according to constitutional mandate. As is shown in article 6 US constitution; as is consistent with justice, truth, and fair play. As shown by the preamble; same.

In consideration, conceived by the enforcement of that law: the policing arm of society, in all its activities: stands as the question, “are you, FOR US/ or for them”? Because every society has the powerful and the weak/ and every policing officer will know, “there are benefits to making the powerful happy”. So the question, for every policing officer becomes: are you strong enough, to withstand a bribe/ a want/ or a threat? If not, cowardice (shoot first, etc) will overcome you/ and society suffers.
The critical question for society itself is: are you strong enough, to assist your policing of the law. There are many things we DON’T want to happen as a society/ and these policing agents, stand against these things. Which does mean, they deserve your help; when the law or realities being fought against are substantial and real.
In contrast, it is the intentional death of a society: to let the infraction of any rule, determine a punishment. Rules, are the hammer/ used to discard or disrespect the individual; and they must be without question or opinion, “extremely fair”. Or society dies inside. Law, or more distinctly the liberty, to determine for ourselves: WHAT we must all accept as the discipline/ balance/ and order of this society called “we the people”. Even regardless of other freedoms/ there is a responsibility that will be earned.
The critical choice is: to identify and create a judicial reality, that cannot overrun society/ because we have set these requirements in place. As is constitutionally apparent: the supreme law of this land is the US constitution/ and there is no other. Not the US supreme court/ any official/ or any other conception other than the people themselves by constitutional amendment.
Second is the judiciary; upholding that constitution as is their first and primary job/ as sworn. The determination of a law, is then the subject of reality, by its benefit, consequences, or cost for being wrong. That decision is NOT “an opinion” of the court/ but a relationship with society, that is determined by the quest to understand and assemble the realities stated in the preamble of the US constitution. Where this quest is true, the foundation of justice will arise. Where the influence of law is governed only by “fair play”; examples and realities of harmony will erupt. Where the people understand: it is, “equal treatment” under the law for us all/ peace will arise.
Where the jury acknowledges THEIR DUTY is not to be “judges of the law”/ but judges of the court. Thereby insuring for every defendant, that this is indeed: THE SOCIETY WE CHOSE. Remembering freedom, is an individual right/ NOT your opinion or expectation. Remembering responsibility conforms the courtroom, to realistic expectations/ but allows you to grade the experience/ distribute that information/ and explore what change and control over the courtroom as a society by vote; can do.
So says democracy, proven true.


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