Questioning heart

Heart, is the critical relationship between what is physical, and what are the developmental decisions that allow those who choose it, “to love”.
Therefore we must first understand love, as an element of life/ rather than the distinction established by a personal elevation of self. Love is an environment, that requires your journey in time, to be a quest for more “than I can be alone”. Therefore we must also identify “I”, as a decision rather than a participant in self.
We begin in the creation of an alternate universe, or more distinctly; the expansion of what is “beyond self”. To assemble the boundaries, and identify the bindings, that attach us to realities which then anchor our soul into truth; so that we can expand our reach beyond self. The primary discipline required is trust. Or, if you refuse to trust in the elevation of truth itself/ you cannot enter here. In like terms: if your truth is errant or fantasy or wrong/ to leave the structural densities of time, will/ or can be death, to you.
Passages construct the elemental decisions that conform yourself, to the destinies you have chosen. Therefore passages, are at their essence, the relationships you have formed with the realities called time. Time is an environment, specifically designed: to cause and create the decisions of your life. Therefore time illustrates the discovery of “you”. To step back, from self; is to allow a mirrored image of your actions and reactions to be refined by examination. It is the first step away from self, so as to identify an opportunity to turn back from time, and view life itself. “I” is a beginning. Self, is an ending. Life is a transition into the disciplines that escape the transformation ending time itself, as body or mind. Consequently life means more than a body or mind; as is plainly evident through the construction of thought.
Thought lives, because it forms a plateau between energy and participation in that energy as a freedom controlled through the existence of a decision.
Thought participates in that decision by altering the destiny of a direction, as the elemental creation of “a door”. Or more distinctly, every freedom is an expression, that leads to an experience, that then transforms reality by the truth exhibited in your purpose.
Thought levels reality, by expressing desire. Thought examines the purpose of your heart, by elevating and controlling the disciplines used to attain an examination of self/ and its participation with other life.
Here we begin the journey that is heart, as explained by the expansion of self, until we meet the reality of self, and that opportunity transforms itself into: the decisions of “my/your heart”. We start time, as the expression of freedom released by action or reaction to discover existence is a participation, rather than “without decision”. To decide upon development, as a discipline/ gives us order. To recognize “I am not alone”/ establishes boundaries that understand balance must be attained to structurally keep both peace and harmony alive. Therefore we now know, there is a difference between living, and being alive! That element of thought, comes from “standing within the mirror”/ that separates male from female. Or more simply, when the physical presence of “I”/ stands to recognize self, he or she sees time. When thought exists, “I” has been discarded, leaving a presence within the mirror of your life. Or more distinctly life is no longer self, but an environment identified by time through “I”. If “I” has been discarded/ then the search, elevates itself by understanding the differences between male and female do construct the essence of being alive. Therefrom within the mirror, life begins to reveal both sides. There is no life sustained on earth, without both male and female. Consequently you cannot truly be alive, without a clear understanding of both. Life within the mirror, that sees beyond self. Means the transient nature of thought/ and the realities of time; must be used to bridge that gap. Thought is a transition, used to create a heart.
The question of heart, then turns to the gender invitation of male versus female; in a dance that includes what will be, “our participation with life”. Life does not “dance alone”/ it must have participation. The heart does not participate alone, rather it worships time as an invitation to belong. When asked, what is belonging? The answer replies: “I know trust”. When asked why? The answer exists, wherever respect correctly becomes an opportunity to live without substantial restraint. This is friendship, the critical component in creating “time worth living”. So we then come to value, and ask of knowledge: why is this important?
Value is the structural component in law. Law gives peace and harmony. Peace means: I have established a respect for each individual participant involved. Each then knows justice, fair play, and the distinction of realistic freedom within the ranks of what survival needs. Harmony refines that freedom with the responsibilities accepted; to keep us all alive. Therefrom value identifies the creation of environment, within which we are given the very essence of time, to feel alive on our own individual search for the completion of our existence, as a life revealed.
We extend value into the more critical search for spiritual definitions by understanding ONLY TRUTH expands beyond time. While mercy can allow “less than truth to exist”/ only truth becomes truly free.
Heart elevates life, by understanding the differences between male and female; construct a journey. While the reality of examining the perspective of living from each side as unique in and of itself; isolates a relationship in living, that is beyond self. Or more distinctly, it is this other gender, “that opens my world/ to far greater influences”. The mirror so called stops hiding “the other side”/ only when you accept the disciplines of equality; and identify that more than self, is necessary; to truly feel alive.


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