Reality speaks

When questioning the insanity of men, and their universities, it is noteworthy to mention again: that it is not true knowledge that is questioned/ but the absolute arrogance, and clear adulteration of power; the vile fantasies; and the unbelievable thirst for pride, greed, want, and selfishness that comes into view. While women contribute in all these areas, it is primarily men that form the blockade of leadership, that fixates on rampaging through the environment/ raping nature itself/ and the continual ravaging society itself. Or, “everything for me, every choice, every rule, every dollar not needed to keep civil war at bay/ cause we are the nobility: just like god”. So the question begins with their own description of god: “No consequences to us, or anything we do; cause no matter what it is it ain’t our fault, unless we like the outcome, and then we were gods”! NO acceptance of rules for life/ NO boundaries in terms of money (we counterfeit)/ NO laws governing their existence/ NO realities of survival/ NO acceptance of democracy (we know better)/ NO respect for anything/ NO values, few disciplines and only those for power, NO Acceptance of order, basically “Just whoring (I’d sell your soul, for what I want)”! As is consistent with the realities of “want IS an abyss”/ because no matter what it is you want, there is always more to be had. Something newer/ something different/ another trophy/ another slave; etc!

Given that intro, we then translate just a little: the lies and liars who use their religion called evolution; to inject this world with delusions, pandemic disease, and complete disrespect for life, and utter disgrace these human beings, “without the knowledge of a monkey brain/ or a brain with understanding equal; to a gnat”.
We ask the simple question: if evolution started as they say, within the sea or perhaps land, as it makes absolutely no real difference. The very first question is: if the first critter of any kind “just suddenly appeared”/ exactly what did it eat? Because without another living organism of some kind to eat/ there is absolutely no food. Not in the sea, air, or land. Their expected “change of position” would then have to be: “well plants came first” because plants can live on sunshine. But that too is not true; without an appropriate bed of organic materials, a plant does not exist either: they cannot simply grow on rock or sand/ there must be “something useable” which can be broken down into the building blocks for life, whether plant, insect, animal, bacteria etc: same is true for all. In an absolutely sterile world, which is what the absence of life truly is: nothing survives. So now the cult would probably offer: well all life then came off an asteroid, which crashed into earth, at tremendous speed, heat, and horrific force. They say the water came this way/ even though the moon is full of craters having been hit with asteroids, and only the tiniest bit of water, with no life at all; can be found. Even so, without the essence of life and the living being found somewhere: it cannot even travel here.
So then beyond eating, there is drinking: lets suppose some tiny bacterium “evolutions’, god of creation”. This thing having gathered all the necessary components into place in the right proportion: is now faced with organizing them into a working environment, and enclosing that environment so that it can be “life”. Evolution says: CHAOS, that is what built life! But chaos has no organization/ its meaning is exactly the opposite of that. Instead of building anything CHAOS literally means, the destruction of all disciplines, order, balance, structure, EVERYTHING! So the question is: how does chaos do/ what the very meaning of chaos proves it cannot do? Answer: liars want power, so the truth has no purpose “to the walking dead”.
Lets begin again: asking the very simple question. Lets suppose something “magically came alive”/ as is the summary explanation of evolution. Lets suppose it ate itself/ because nothing else was available; even though it has no teeth, mouth, stomach, or anything available to assist in that action or use that material even if captured. Nonetheless; lets give this creature a bone; “big or little; don’t care. Now everything in the environment has to make room. If the bone is not smooth/ then it will rip and tear anything it touches, if movement occurs; and lets face it evolution wants movement; so it has to move. Now if the bone as a sharp or jagged point; it will slice and dice the outer surface of the membrane with encloses this supposed life. If it has a blunt point; that will act as a hammer when movements force action and reaction to occur. None of which is functional to surviving as a bacterium. As we progress in this: where does the ball and cup joints come from/ the critter certainly does not need them without muscles, or ligaments or means to move the muscle. And just how do you suppose these now two bones came to be the right size/ even when that is “no thing”; because this critter has no legs, arms, or tools of anything. Just how does it survive? Evolution says: “Well it must have multiplied at such an incredible rate, that it mutilated trillions of times; “until it got what it wanted”. But alas, without a brain: a bacterium cannot know what it wants/ and evolution says “a brain is last”; apparently so, because they lost theirs!
But lets go back to a new bacterium that feeds off itself, as there is nothing else, and grows by sunlight, and lives off water, in a chemical soup; even though it has no acids or base materials to dissolve or use anything; and if the membrane is not permeable enough; no water goes through/ and if too permeable; what is inside gets out or diluted to an unuseable degree. Then we come to a bacterium, which does multiply at a tremendous rate; and needs no substantive reality to support it. This would be a disease, to any more organized structure; killing anything “that they believe, evolved”. Nonetheless: their creature has no eyes, tools, movement, brain, awareness of existence, no food, in a rough and violent world; as would be the description of this earth “a billion years ago”. Isn’t that so: earthquakes/ asteroids/ volcano’s/ an atmosphere like the other planets around us; going 700 mph/ no moon/ too cold or too hot, etc. Better be “really tough/ and well prepared”; because even with a brain and every human tool available “you can’t survive it”.

And these are the people who say to you: lets’ mutilate everything/ and bring chaos to nature back. For the purpose of worshiping their religious god called evolution. Because they believe, “we will be god, and make weird and strange new life/ by destroying what exists”. That is exactly what they are doing: their “Holy grail” being. When the geneticists learn how to destroy DNA, and make it dissolve into chaos/ THEN we will learn how to put it back together. THEN, we will be gods, and can make people with snake heads/ crocodiles that look like one big penis/ and everything fantasy and delusion allow. Then we can have humans with twenty eyes, and a hundred hands, and three brains; OR none! Because nature will be dead in their hands, NEVER to be resurrected again. And every time, you give to some type of medical experimentation; hell going to fix cancer/ EVERYTHING. What you actually do, is support their evolutionary religion/ and its purpose, which is to mutilate life itself into oblivion. Because DNA or genetic structure is nature itself; as this builds the body of life.
While we focus on the reality of life, rather than the illusions and disgrace of a dead brain: NATURE uses chemistry to build and keep a body alive. That chemistry is activated or shut off in the process of producing another life copy: by extremely small variations of very specific and complex chemicals, being introduced into the slurry of this chemical concoction at EXTREMELY critical times. Anything less, and what cannot be adapted/ will be destroyed: because that, is what keeps our living existence as a body of life; from destroying itself. Evolutionary fools use genetics to dump everything they can find from “the sewer/ garbage dump/ and shower of hell that is their own contribution: INTO LIFE. Because their purpose is to make something happen; so they can then again make that same thing happen later: to play god. Their purpose, is to crucify a living organism by making the process of “birth” GO BAD. THEIR PURPOSE, is to play DEVIL with life, by throwing even the possibility of a living future, as created by nature: “into HELL”. And they do take human embryo’s etc; and play with them horrendously. Producing complete catastrophe’s in their labs, behind closed doors; so you can’t see. But hey “its their job/ its what they do”; so its ok right. After all “hitler’s group did it/ as did countless others throughout all of history. The tools are better today though. The prediction of Armageddon (nature in chaos), is clearly coming true. What do you suppose, your reward will be for destroying an entire world of life? Or supporting those who do!
Well, “that’s just crazy” right! After all: what is clearly in view with every life, IS AN ABSOLUTE reliance on thought/ because design, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom are truly clear in all living things. Other than the humanity that discards it, to be “walking dead”.

Another favorite target of university the cult of deceit, the playground of death. Is Noah’s flood; they do return to it often/ but utterly refuse to inform of any and all real evidence which supports that flood. Well, cause “gods can’t be wrong”/ its just not acceptable; right?
So lets look again, just one more time. There is absolute proof of a world wide flood: it is buried as oil, gas, and coal! Each of these are known, deposits of life/ gathered together and crushed; to become over time; a reality of life decomposed under pressure, with heat in an absence of air. University can make oil out of biological materials by compressing it under a press: proving without the slightest doubt/ that is what this is. The numbers/ quantity of fossil fuel, prove life was massive on this earth, at that time. The reality of gathering the dead together in large clumps before it submerged itself; IS ABSOLUTELY consistent with a flood. You, can see that in any river flooding. Some is buried under thousands of feet. Some is buried under hundreds of feet, as gas deposits being tapped “to a horrific end/ when drinking water dies”. But it still proves DIDN’T happen by covering this with dust. You can’t gather the dead, and bury it all in one place; for a wide variety of reasons. That does not happen with a catastrophe of some kind.

As to Noah’s ship; I wrote a short description of it some years back; don’t know where it is on site/ should be there.
Regardless one last time: just the bare minimum!
For a small family, and a wide variety of animals, etc to be saved from a massive flood: they had to be living together at the same time in the same place. To have a wide variety of animals, etc in one place: REQUIRES money of some kind/ because creatures have needs. Consequently, Noah apparently ran the worlds first zoo! That being said, as any farmer will tell you: livestock need water; and they eat/ piss/ and livestock “poop”. It’s a daily job when massive numbers exist. BUT, if you’re wise, as the factory farms can tell you: water will haul this away for you, if it runs beneath your feet/ and you build for it.
So what would Noah have built, as the holding pens for a wide variety of animals that did have to be kept largely separate? What could Noah have carried for food and water to support that life, over months?
IF, I were to build a zoo, prior to large machinery; or perhaps there was some. I would have looked for an island in the middle of a river. That means any time it overflowed a bit, the shit was carried away, along with the smell etc; by that river. That means the animals could be segregated to one side of the river or the other, for drinking; with a simple fence/ and rushing water would keep most of them on the island without even trying. An island with large trees, and especially trees that produced fruits, would feed many creatures without human effort. An island with very close trees, and lots of new saplings, would make an ideal setting for creating “viewing rooms” for the general public to come. An island within a rushing river; would keep the people from trying to steal/ kill/ or eat the creatures. A swinging rope bridge, from land to island would “make the people pay”; to see your zoo. If money is collected, and business is good: people bring you things in exchange.
So lets look at the biblical record once: it says the ark was made out of “gopher wood”. Which ultimately means, that a gopher by nature builds its burrow under large trees, within the roots; to protect itself from predators. So if Noah was there a long time/ and he had gophers; they burrowed under his big trees. The river overflowed from time to time forcing the gophers out, and removing sediment; leaving the trees propped up on their roots, “making things less stable”. That requires roping the little forest together. Plus there would be that anyway to separate the creatures; with platforms and levels throughout the trees. “Too much work to move: damn gophers”.
But there is a “silver lining so to speak”. In a horrendous flood: those roots break/ and the entire forest all roped together to make a zoo, and visiting or viewing areas. Now floats down river into the sea. In one mass! There is plenty of sediment in the water to keep the trees alive/ even the fruit trees. The claim of rising waters from underground is a sign of “drinking water” / rather than salt water, as is rain. That water sits on top of the salt water, making it drinkable dependent upon quantities. Consequently we have a floating life raft/ even if unintended. While the bridge that let other people on the island, was no doubt gone almost from the beginning.


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