SHARING is the basis of every true relationship/ therefore it is the beginning of hope, a reality given to the construction “I do care”. Every relationship gives or takes or shares: without that we do not create a fabric of life, to tie ourselves together. Therefore what we do, with each other/ or to each other/ or because of each other; identifies how we do honestly feel: regardless of words. Participation as is a relationship conceives of a reality, not a description. The difference is, “you cannot lie about this”. Therefore we earn our relationships, while we simply disclose the possibilities of friendship, until reality closes the gap. Every decision has the possibility to change your life forever; “good or bad”. That is why the vast majority of people do not want to make decisions that are important: they want security, “at least we can blame him”. That relationship governs leaders and followers. To remove it: you need to make an honest decision for yourself!


The distance between your heart(s)/ or the reality of your soul; as created by harmony. Therefore time recognizes a relationship as the passage between our lives, and the purpose we share, in each other. While soul remembers only the truth of your desire, and mine.

Time equals the essence of our experience, is the creation: “which means, no other word, than miracle of life, exists in truth”. Of an individual expression! Within that expression, is the elemental destiny called desire. It is desire that forms a distance, it is creation of a human heart; that gives the miracle of life shared. Therefore heart equals the rhythms where we meet inside; when caring is known to exist. A passage is the choice we made together. A door is the critical truth, of our trust.
Harmony defends the soul, because it reflects the existence of peace inside our world of individual expression. Individual means: I have conceived of life, and found it an experience beyond myself. Thereby life constructs a beginning/ while death assumes an ending. But there is: “a body of truth” to be found between these points of light, which discover miracle “means more”. The body confines us in time, while truth binds us to the inevitable truth, that we do not own our lives. Or we would not die. Death releases time from our existence, which means from that moment on: only what is true can exist. Disciplines share their existence with order. Order reflects the opportunity of life with balance, thereby proving, without a path between the extremes; there will be much hardship. Balance examines life, constructing elemental trust by proving what must exist, for wisdom to come forth.
Every relationship formed within truth, must find its own wisdom to conceive of “much more”/ than simple sharing. Every foundation comprised of love, is built upon shared experiences. Every elevation of love, is understood as the expression of a desire. The differences “called steps”/ are the fabric we weave together, by life times shared. Each step, is the measure of our caring revealed. Each elevation of spirit: that which is born out of truth, and encountered only when the need arises; lives or dies, because your own heart has made this so.
Every day, we make the decisions which become our life in time. Every decision, is a building block of our own eternity. Every relationship, either supports our journey beyond the edge of time/ or attempts to alter that journey, thereby changing eternity itself, for our existence as soul. Soul means: I am given, to the experience MOST desired by love.
Hate means: I will steal your heart & soul, because mine no longer exists. Reality proves they cannot/ but that does not mean, your own decision isn’t required. It is!
Discipline says, in the elemental language of love, there is only one true choice: to let law decide. Order reflects upon that as the ability to share a decision with others; so that no one is measured and judged. Rather, let the law decide/ because change must come, according to a reality of truth identified and proven true. Law is “the definition of truth”, without a want, or reason involved. Truth decides, by laws which govern a state of existence equals an environmental reality.
Relationships are the discovery of an opportunity to be “more than self”. Honest and real Relationships are, the acceptance of value, that identifies love as the treasury of my heart/ thereby the purpose of my time.
Relationships between man and woman, examine each other by understanding “the fabric of our lives” cannot exist: unless we share the journey together. If your journey is not mine/ then all we can do, is tear each other apart. The critical link between what can be, and what will be, as love: lifts the heart. Or more simply, growing together reveals “a blossoming, that shares the descriptions of a flower in bloom”. Whereas, a relationship between male and female; that alters or fails the stability of your heart or life, is a decision without substance; it will fail as well. Loneliness exhibits a wide variety of experiences, each of which instructs us: that the path we choose individually, has a price. Love instructs us: that the journey we surrender too, as one; will have a price. The critical difference is: what are you willing to pay, because if the value of your own journey can be called greater. Then what you surrender to become “more selfless”; will in fact, make you sad. Not because love is not enough. But because foundations that build our lives and prove our existence must have peace, must be build on harmony: OR we cannot survive. Are realities that will rule us all.
The relationship of family is a dimensional state of disciplines shared. Without disciplines, to form the boundaries of what we can and will do for, or too each other; families fall apart. Without order, the demand that each individual shall be treated with respect; there is no unity, or desire to continue. Without balance, the essential development, of growing into the people we shall become; while accepting that trust, as the cost of our experience shared. Is without equal. Each has a right to live the life they choose/ only the law can interfere, when needed. A dimension means: this is the environment, “of us”. While a dimensional state means: this is the staircase, by which we become, or stay as one. Each reaching for life, through value, by the destiny chosen within your own heart.



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