school safety, etc

School safety

Once again, the critical issue is not guns/ but the decisions to participate in the crime of hatred, by proving violence. Guns are merely the toys of an adult, who wants to enforce their opinion on others. On occasion it is necessary “to prove, that won’t work”.
Nonetheless the foundation of revenge, which is a decision to make you “cry too”/ is predicated upon the reality: in some form or fashion “I cried first”. In addition to this group, is a tiny few, so destroyed inside by their own pride: other lives are simply, absolutely worthless and irrelevant. Therefore to be used as a toy, or abused as a purpose to make you fear. In the first group: A primary cause of mental isolation, which in turn becomes the ignition point for an act of revenge, is the decision by society to ostracize some of its members. Without a cause/ it’s a “university driven” reality: fear all strangers! With the consequence of deliberately creating, supporting, demanding, or sacrificing some people; wherein loneliness drives them insane. Lessons in how to respect each other, are an absolute necessity: obviously that CANNOT be learned in a university where disrespect, disrepute, and disgrace in what they do; are as common as rain. Terrorists, liars, cheats, thieves, and traitors/ as well as the rampaging, raping, and ravaging disgrace of what a university does; cannot make useful teachers. The second group are beyond insane, and driven only by hate; hate makes everyone an enemy, sooner or later.

As to creating a safer place for children, etc; it is again necessary to understand what can honestly be done, in a panic situation. Since you can never be certain exactly where the assault will begin, or when. The method of defense must incorporate the entire facility. It must be non lethal to protect the innocent/ but severe enough, not only to stop a predator; but identify them in court for later, and track them if necessary.
Again, the most logical solution looks to nature, and finds the skunk; fully able to turn back the most vicious killers, nearly every time; even though they are much larger, and the skunk possesses NO lethal weapons/ it cannot even run away effectively, it is too slow.
That fact identifies, the critical method of employing & deploying scents to ward off an attack. First by making it difficult to endure the scent (no matter what it is)/ and then by using an identifiable chemical, with trace elements for courtroom usage: they can and will be tracked effectively. While it is true, that the rest of the people within that environment must endure the experience as well/ the alternative currently is to be shot and potentially killed. So which one is worse? Answer the question/ and choose your scent wisely. These chemicals can also cause vomiting if you wish/ or tearing of the eyes/ flourescent paints can be used. They can be triggered automatically: gunshots can be registered electronically, pull stations, and so on. Teachers and others can be outfitted with NON lethal weapons if you wish; there are many to choose from. Or you can have “cannon like non lethal weapons pointed at the door” for instance as the most probable location; with a motion detector & shotgun effect. Keep your head down so to speak. A shower line outside the building, which rains chemical and paint; means to get out of the building, you will walk through it.
Just a different version of “victim defense jewelry”/ a reality so rejected by women, it remains unused. They all said, “I DON’T want to stop an attacker/ I WANT to kill them”. Even though as statistics will prove; that almost never happens. Regardless, again you are warned, make changes, accept what reality does provide; or cry. Oh wait, I know; “You endless delusions and media fantasies will protect you”. Who can blame them, after all the delusions of a university are so complete, “they even believe in evolution”/ the most insane of all religion!
Oh well, Its not like any real harm can be done with a bullet/ at least not when compared to trying to ignite the planet on fire/ or mutilate every life on earth/ or steal all the money/ or destroy every resource/ or empty the ocean/ change the climate/ consume the planetary oxygen so we die of asphyxiation/ disjoin our planet from its atmosphere by the complete removal of trees/ destroy democracy/ conspire to remove justice and fair play, replacing law with rules/ destroy the water supply/ demand weapons of mass destruction must be used/ poison everything in site/ make the entire food supply become dependent upon antibiotics, and fertilizers that will run out/ enslave America, and cause it to be dispossessed by this people/ remove work and worker so as to create a dominant ruling class, that lives and rules only by lies & deceit/ prepare cannibalism, hell, and anarchy for every child; or all the rest. So who the hell cares, “right”! After all: might as well throw away this entire world, cause its just too much trouble to “fix”! Ain’t that right, and well you just don’t want to pay the price; clear/ certain/ and without doubt; lets just be EXTERMINATED, EVERY single one. “Who cares”/ right!


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