Religion, a clear example for the honest: “please teach me, how to live, for life”.

So then if we discard all the people who use or abuse religion for their own interests or delusions: those who are left, belong to the quest called, “LIFE comes first”. Not to be confused with a societal, and environmental need called life comes first. The quest for life itself, beyond the limits of time is at its essence “a search for GOD”!

Neither a question nor an answer, can this be. Instead, it is a true search within the “shadows and light” of your own existence. Or more simply: it is not GOD we search for/ but our own “failures and debris” we must remove from the path that already exists.
So then critical truth understands: once the cleaning has been done, “opportunities, will arise”.

That brings us “into the shadows” of our own existence: facing the lies “we have inherited, or been burdened with by human cause”. To “walk past” these shadows, that burden us by experience/ or translate our identity by expression: each must inherit. To inherit means: I have become, “a servant, to my own greatest desire”. If that desire is: “to participate in GOD’S WORLD”. Then that is the path, that will stretch out before you. If not, then whatever is less, by the measure of your own heart. Only complete purity leads to GOD . Consequently it is “ok” to be less! Since none will achieve “complete purity” on this earth in time: we must describe ourselves by the light of our existence, revealed on earth. That means simply: every servant of GOD does prove caring/ kindness/ sharing/ respect/ courage/ discipline/ balance/ an orderly life, by some measure/ truth/ love/ and trust. These are fundamentals proven through nature as “the compositions” of our own descriptions, subjected to the realities proven by nature: as to our CREATOR.
We can, identify love and every value listed above: through the essence of nature and planet. We can, identify and understand: “we are NOT simply Created and abandoned”/ because JESUS is an evidence of caring, a reality of living none achieved before or sense.

I leave you to your work, because every life is different; “in their own quest, For GOD “!


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