SEXUALITY IS NOT A GAME, nor is it the exchange of fluids! Rather lifetime consequences exist, for both male and female simply due to a sexual encounter; in far more ways than one. That said, sexuality is the demonstration of acceptance, when consensual. Being accepted is, a foundation principle of friendship/ and the beginning of a relationship that is more than just “friends”. But LIARS exist to convulse that into tragedy. Failures exist to use and abuse on the grounds of a “trophy”. Enemies exist to prove hate through violence and deceit. The critical need is then truth. When you accept, the value of your heart shares the essence of my soul; only then is sex a “right of passage” between the essence of man and woman. Finding a home, where love exists for real.


The artistry, between man and woman, which begins during the blessing called honest friendship, and concludes through the distinction of personal trust. Anything less is not sex/ but lust. Lust is simply: I WILL use your body, or abuse your life, as I desire. The difference is stark, and real.

There are NO allowances for hormonal excuses. These merely break down barriers, to invite discovery; between man and woman. The foundation of sexual existence is: that our differences, do make us both intensely and intricately valued by each other. Or, you have what I truly do desire, because life/ truth/ and reality do prove: man was made for woman/ and woman was made for man.

The critical relationship is LOVE! Because without love, there is no destiny. Destiny exists, as the dimensional expansion of our thought. Or more simply, we create the disciplines which become the environmental realities of “our home”. A true Home exists nowhere, in time or space: it is purely participation in thought. Thought conceives of desire, through its own purposes in the elemental creation of our own identity. Desire forms the basis of love, by constructing a need, beyond the simple existence of survival. Or more simply, desire forms from friendship, an intensity that explains love as the decision “I have accepted, you”.
Love is then, the surrender of boundaries/ or more correctly a door now exists into my life. The key is owned only by you and me. Even though many doors can exist in love/ each is an individual entrance; to an individual experience. Love does not own a life, love accepts a key earned through respect.
Sex grants to the recipient of that key, an opportunity to share existence as one.

The extreme failure of university leadership in every condition and existence of life itself, seems endless. The venom, or derision, or vermin that is an attack on our most basic human condition through media and every possible association with life. Amassed through the university; these are an excuse/ but NOT a valid decision. Just because you accept a lie/ or follow a cult/ because you want something, you conceive of as better for your life. Has no bearing in reality; unless it is true. Truth alone sanctifies a sexual act, with the grace of being developed for our happiness, or need. Truth gives each participant the right, to say “yes or no”/ without judgment or cost. Truth understands the blessing. Lies demand a price.
The human condition is: that we all, conceive of LIFE by the possibilities of hope. What that hope is, determines your identity. How you honor and respect LIFE/ or demean and control a body, using and abusing the opposite sex defines your eternity. The failure of religion is constant as well/ it is “men being men”. Which means men get whatever they want/ and women get whatever they choose. In this existence as life on earth, the clear “creator in GOD’S stead” on this planet: is female. A reality that should never be overlooked.
UNWANTED (in any form) Sex is a violation of the most basic creed of conduct LOVE can create. Therefore it is fundamentally hate. The decision, to judge, and claim superiority in order to use, abuse, or destroy another life.
Violent sex, as is the reality of ALL who do participate in that act; no matter what your role. Is your demand to be thrown into “HADES: eternal punishment”. So the question is why: do you war with GOD? The answer is: because pride overtook your heart, and you became “worthless” yourself.
VALUE is the existence of GOD’S most precious gift: which is love. Love is the single “least abundant” reality in this universe. Which means, its worth is beyond measure. Violent sex in particular, where love in the person being violated does exist: IS STEALING GOD’S WORK, GOD’S CHILD, and LIFE’S inheritance from that person, and potentially destroying their own deserved inheritance. For yourself. That does make you an eternal thief, and worse; it will never be forgiven. Leave every child alone sexually, until the day they truly can make these decisions for themselves.

Some will say, there is no eternity: so it does not matter, to me! They are members of the cult, the latest of which is “university knows”. Or more distinctly, gluttony the expression of pride/ power, the experience of “I win; the essence of pride”/ want, the decision of pride/ and disrespect which is a slide into the sewer of hate; all form an army together for the sake of war. That war is very simple: “We want to be god”. Therefore we pretend!
Reality states conclusively, and without the slightest room for question: that our bodies, every body of life, every aspect of this world, everything alive or that exists; is an absolute miracle. Created and conceived by thought, because there is truly no other explanation. Chaos destroys, it never builds anything; it is a fools fantasy. Rather nothing alive in this world exists without the elements of discipline, order, balance, structure, integrity, respect, freedom, motion, and truth. Therefore nothing exists without thought. Thought is NOT an element of body! Thought is a dimensional relationship built by law, and conceived within energy to become the building of a life that is neither restricted by time or formed by energy; but lives in a grace that elevates truth.
Religion warns you correctly, and I warn you as well: DO NOT be wrong about your eternity. Reality says: the consequence, is beyond your comprehension.



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