Shadows and light; the elemental discovery of “what comes with”/ the decisions that you make.

Most dramatic of these associations, is the rise of war! Or, more distinctly: while the decision, “to make these others give us what we want”/ carries with it, the blood, mutilation, diseases, death, and other tragedies assigned by that decision. When attached to violence.
So the cause and consequence designed by “this is unfair”/ do commonly consent to the realities which prove, “we DON’T care”. These are the “shadows”; as there are many “unsavory” demands, decisions, and purposes hiding from truth, in every single decision to go to war. On both sides. Because people want power and pride, more than justice or truth, and a life that lives within the law.
The foundation of peace, is law. The creation of harmony in society, is the enforcement of truth as called by JUSTICE shall rule us all. Therefore every true contention that this is unfair, can and must be resolved within the jurisdiction of law. This is the “light”! Or society, life, including all its humanity: SHALL suffer.
So the questions are: HOW, do we make men live according to the law? WHY, does truth & justice fail? WHERE are the tools for enforcing our individual: legal, governmental, and social rights? WHO has the ultimate say, over governmental authority? WHEN is it too late, to choose a different path? WHAT constitutes a better way?

Each answer lives or dies: based upon participation! Because the problem “is YOU”/ not just them.
The struggle here is very simple: every human being wants the most, he or she can get out of life. That commonly is conceived as: “everything I want or don’t want my life to be. Including all the trophies, power, pride, and selfishness; that I can find for me”. When the majority are denied these things, because reality proves only a few like this, who sacrifice the planet, and all life for their own sake: can be tolerated. The consequence is war. The reality is: because these few want “even more”/ they steal, lie, cheat, and prove to be traitors against all the rest. Which brings the majority to its knees; and when begging stops, because it never actually works: war begins. Men believe, “with a weapon, and army, a leader, and a plan”/ I will make them BEG, and then worship me, instead. But war is misery and death, for the majority; while power never learns to share. Consequently little actually changes do to war/ and it always returns to the same conditions that bring war: because the few, are always plotting and planning “to be rich”! Thereby this game hinges entirely on “money”. Or, the power to unhinge society: because the game of men; “gives only a few, the power to take WAY too much more”; with just a number, instead of a weapon. Consequently money becomes a weapon, letting people flock behind a leader, while they fight for the power to make the others beg/ or just to prove “I won’t care either”: and society fails. Money represents the male driven right, to expect others to work for you, and let you have your share, OR even more resources than the majority of them. Selfishness is born here; as in I DON’T have to share, or care: I have money!
Selfishness is a shadow, that lurks behind every door “less than love or value to life itself”. Like all shadows, it attaches itself, to all who can be found standing in the light: “I can care”. Unless you choose to confront every decision with love/ by the laws of reality, truth, and subsequent justice for all.
The questions are: WHY would you desire to do that? WHEN, would you not desire to do that? WHERE is the boundary line that proves “this is too much for me”? WHO can prove to be “a leader for justice”? WHAT does the law have to do with harmony? And HOW, can this world be changed, in order to survive without wars controlling our lives or future?
We return to “how do we make men live according to the law”? The answer replies: show them, that the law does work, to create a better life for them too. As is justice revealed!
Truth does NOT allow want to recreate or change the past or the future; it is what it is/ therefore the decision is, to accept the price of what we do, or change that behavior and its direction. TRUTH then leads/ and men do not. The majority HATE that, as they commonly want whatever they want, and refuse all other decisions. JUSTICE is refused as well: because to make everyone substantively equal, MEANS nobody has any great power over another. It is the end of power and pride; and the majority of men HATE that. Consequently they must war, because they have no other solution. The need is then to remove men from power and control over society/ and replace them with women. OR, world war 3 begins! So says truth, by the evidence presented in this day.
The tools for peace, are fair play. The tools for happiness, is justice. The tools for sustainable equality; is “limited capitalism (we choose the limits of our lives, by controlling the power, resource, and pride assigned by money). The tools for harmony: are presented with the laws we make ourselves. Simple and plain, so as to remove the lawyer, and make every man, woman, and child aware of what is “right or wrong” as determined in our society. The tools for a courtroom, are: the judge SHALL obey constitutional law/ and SHALL construct justice and fair play: OR, we will remove them ourselves, by an open courtroom/ consistent grading by all involved/ and our own vote. The tools to create substantial meaning within our lives; is relegated by our acceptance of each other/ the care assigned to participate as equals/ and sharing “the world”, rather than confiscating resources for “just me”.
In a democracy, WE THE PEOPLE are the authority over our decisions as stipulated within constitutional law: OUR AGREEMENT, THIS IS WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT SHALL IN FACT, BE. No employee, shall fail to respect that rule/ or they will be punished.
As is true of all things: when it is too late for change/ reality will prove it. No going back; too late, is simply too late; “you’re dead”.
A better path is already known: it is simply to accept as true. When it comes to life, environment, chains of survival, planet, ecology, oceans, air, and all the rest: WE CANNOT ALLOW ANYONE, “to just be, TOO DAMN WRONG”! OR more simply, to protect and defend a future for life or planet: WE MUST understand, and accept the duty; TO PROTECT AND DEFEND. Rather than simply say, “I don’t want to do that”. Its NOT a choice, when certain groups are literally known, to be mutilating life/ trying to ignite the planet itself on fire/ preparing for world war 3/ ending the possibility of our survival/ and destroying the future for every child as is so obviously true today. Not a game, life or death for our world! No second chances.

The second set of questions begin: as in why would you desire to do that? As in contrast to why would you want, “to do that”/ and disrupt all the games men play? The answer being literally: you have no choice, if you wish this world to survive. The evidence is clear. The consequences of men and their leadership as is particularly “university knows”; is death for us all. Not a game, so says all the evidence/ an investigation into any reality that serves our true existence will prove that.
The question: when would you not desire to protect an entire world/ your children/ or even your own life? Answer: when want, and only want or pride controls your life, instead of truth.
The boundary between action, reaction OR “nothing at all”; is fundamentally fear. Without fear, there is no doubt that people do, or investigate, or at least talk about the things which participate in their lives as “important”. With fear, all hide/ so the tyrants, traitors, terrorists, and thieves will not target them. Alas, with a world dying; “your fears are completely worthless”/ and will fail to protect you from anything and everything bad. “It is a fools’ decision.
Leading life and government to justice, harmony, and peace: are the tools for change which give all power to the laws we create for ourselves. That law then controls every decision of government/ and when it fails, we the people assign to it, a new meaning or way by vote. Therefrom we control the leaders, by making them employees. Removing leadership itself/ by forming the decisions which control our world; instead of a tiny few, controlling us. While this will not give you resources to squander and destroy: it will give you life, and the right to choose your own fate as an individual nation of humanity. Instead of being subjected, to an army, which then becomes the toy citizen; used to create the terrors of human time.
Changing the world is as simple as: choosing a different way. How is that not so? Choosing a different way, is literally impossible for men/ because these are “their ways”; and this is, the best they did do, over thousands of years in written history. Therefore the only change possible for life on earth: is to let the women try! It is that simple. NOT as leaders subject to all the ways of men. But as women aligned together by vote; presenting their decisions as to what changing this world can be. Let them begin NOW. We all then decide, by not less than 70% majority; this will be our law, and our ways. Until a greater majority can be found to change it by vote. For the first decade of time under this control; any true majority can begin this journey/ because there will be a need for “adjustments made”. After one decade, change will only be made above a 70%, majority rule or greater, as you decide.
For thousands of years, men have proven their answer to any, and every hard, or even slight question is: LET US WAR. And throughout the down periods of war, its LETS PLAY A GAME, “with money as our leader”. Reality has proven: without endless resources, war is death for our world. With many more people, reality knows: “kill a billion people”/ and there are still over 6 billion more to go; with an increase in humanity remaining at over 2 million per week. The ways of man are dead; whether you admit that or not, is just one factor, in the very tiny possibility left/ that maybe, if we try hard, at least some of us could survive. More, requires truth and a real commitment to values far beyond what men have achieved. Women are women “untested” in this field. What we do know about women is: THEY ARE, “different”. What we do know by the evidence of our time, and the realities of our day: without TRUE change, only hell and horrors are left. Because we have defeated nature/ ravaged the earth/ built weapons of mass destruction/ raped the planet itself/ and multiply BEYOND all hope of a sustainable food source. And that doesn’t even include all the chaos of an intentionally mutilated nature as is DNA, and the whore’s/ bastard’s/ and failures of university. We stand at the gates of HELL. Not by religious prophecy, although that exists. Rather we stand at the edge of extinction: because of what men chose to do/ what universities did do/ and a complete lack of respect, which includes the vast population of humanity, and their own insatiable need to discard their own responsibility to life itself/ by choosing want, pride, power, greed, or all the rest belonging to those who hate. These are, “choices made”.
NO, you don’t get to continue playing. NO, you don’t get to continue air conditioning (the primary cause of global warming). NO, you can’t just ignore everything/ and claim “I won’t care”. NO, you can’t continue to sacrifice the children, or this world, or its future. NO, you can’t continue to mutilate nature, or play with energies that cannot be controlled. NO: THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG/ is your own extermination from the planet, along with every future life, even all of Creation itself. NO, regardless what you believe; ETERNITY will prove its own truth. Which does mean: you can be held responsible for what you did, or did not do! For those who doubt, I remind you by your own beliefs: that energy does not functionally die unless it is completely dissipated/ it merely changes into a connection with “something else”. YOU are an organized energy, which identifies your life. Death discards the body, by removing that energy; releasing it “to something else”. Which means whatever that something else can be; “explains eternity”, even for you. I suggest you fear it/ and change your ways. Because the responsibility for destroying an entire creation of living existence from this universe HOLDS A HEAVY PRICE to you. There is no such thing as “magic, built our lives”/ evolution’s answer.
There is only truth, and truth knows, understands, and recognizes the wisdom which proves ONLY THOUGHT ALONE; could participate in these things or create them. Only thought, the evidence of truth aligned with laws that govern all things; prove OUR CREATOR exists/ BECAUSE without love as well as thought; we would not, be alive. Or have that chance.


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