So, let’s talk about: “HELL NO, I don’t have to do NOTHING/ no damn trouble is coming in MY lifetime; it ain’t going to happen”. Or more simply: I say, “TO HELL, with this world”! Let it be damned, I ain’t paying for NOTHING!

So, lets review: “yes you can”, let an individual or a few mutilate the genetics of all life on earth: what we literally know to be the “Instructions and machinery of design” to build every living body of life on earth. That means its fundamentally: NATURE ITSELF! “yes you can”, let an individual or a few poison, or in other ways destroy the water supplies for all life. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few; conceive of imprisoning all livestock/ and making them survive by pumping in antibiotics. But alas; now the antibiotics are failing/ so it won’t work soon, and you have no other immediate options left, so you will starve, with one single disease. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few overuse antibiotics to create “superbugs”; diseases close to weapons of mass destruction; coming soon. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few rape/ ravage/ ruin/ and functionally remove all the resources on earth; so the young fundamentally become “assassinated”. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few create weapons of mass destruction; and give them to the powerful/ who literally have proven “not a brain or a care for life, other than their own among them”. Which of course means, “on any given day, one will choose: to destroy you all”. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few completely destroy the economic stability of a world or a nation; counterfeiting “like every god of war does”. Or, we DON’T WANT no damn peace! “yes you can”, let an individual or a few change government, corrupt courts, infiltrate education, alter media, control the press, destroy the sanctity of a vote, cripple every voice of reason or right, and remove the values of life and living: to prove the pandemic of university whoring; as is “I win”. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few destroy business and industry for a nation or world, by collapsing all viable employment into: WE OWN IT ALL/ let the masses BEG; let them destroy each other, to play our game. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few remove the stability of religion; claiming “chaos (the destruction of everything complex; not even a molecule survives true chaos) built life”. After all, according to evolution, “without a brain, EVERY LIFE, or is it one life: went to the “living parts store”/ where they shopped for whatever they wanted; and then attached it to themselves, without so much as a tool, an eye, a mouth to eat with/ a stomach or food to eat/ or a structure from which to reach; didn’t need it, “got no arm/ bone/ muscle/ attachment/ joint/ or absolutely anything else. Why, can you not just imagine what that shopping list must have been like? Oh wait; can’t write/ read/ think/ do/ say/ conceive of another generation or any thing else. After all, once you have destroyed the brain; nothing is left to resist you. And these are the people who say: they can and will PLAY GOD; the university worms creep in, DEATH SURROUNDS US ALL.
Then of course we get too: “yes you can”, let an individual or a few deceive the masses, by promising “we will wipe away every tear”/ while reality proves what they really do is: experiment with genetics for the clear purpose of playing god, and creating the most grievous life & human catastrophes this world will ever know. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few play god with our planet; deliberately trying to ignite the same fire here, as is on the sun. A fire that burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away. HELL, what could go wrong. After all, they “promise”; a ten million degree fire/ that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel, “will just extinguish itself”. HELL, how could they be wrong? Its just an entire world that will be lost, “what are the odds”. After all, you are willing to lose, our world/ your life/ everything you value/ everything, without exception, lost: AREN’T YOU! Why of course you are; cause every CULT knows, “you can’t question “a university”god. Hell, they talk too good/ and they have an army of “educators”/ control all media with propaganda/ have manipulated government into treason/ completely consumed the entire securities (money) of the USA, and more. Why hell, you can’t beat them: so just surrender & let this world die. Isn’t that so? Let cowardice rule; It’s the human way/ until we get our gun. Alas, a ten million degree fire has an updraft exceeding one thousand miles per hour/ the mutilation of every human body/ the poisoning of every food plant/ the destruction of every seed by genetic manipulation/ the crucifixion of countless participants in the food chain of life/ the end of pollinators/ the sacrifice of every child’s future/ trillions of tons per year of toxic waste dumped on or in this planet/ asphyxiation by endless fire; “hell ain’t nobody going to tell me, I can’t: burn all the fossil fuel I want”. Cut down every forested environment that builds oxygen for us/ destroy an ocean with pollution, or the massacre that is an ocean trawler; causing extinction EVERYWHERE. Who the hell gives a damn about ice on the polar environments: I WANT WARM, you miserable stinking failure you/ TO HELL WITH THE CLIMATE. I want what I want/ and I ain’t NEVER going to pay for all the damage I done. All the damage my generation is responsible for: FUCK THE CHILDREN, let the be BETRAYED; because the bottom line here is, “traitor”.
Surprise, surprise; eternity exists: YOU, WILL PAY! Surprise, surprise; for an eternity, because you didn’t care/ and nothing in this universe will then care about you: “forever”! But hey, its all worthwhile/ you had your time here; “you win”.

So we review the realities associated with biological change, and genetic mutilation to find certain characteristics are true. Such as it is said by your scientists: that asbestos poisoning takes thirty years after exposure, to overtake the lungs. Imagine that: dying, from something you did thirty years ago, “it was just a little dust”/ and it didn’t affect everyone; just a few. So lets ask ourselves: through genetic mutilation of every food plant/ pollution and chemicals of every type of description surrounding us all, everyday/ deliberate consumption of a billion tons or so of medical pharmaceuticals chemicals/ constant immersion in a soup of chemicals and noise and every other type of human induced waveform/ no ozone layer/ poison in the water (don’t worry, they can just adjust the “limits of what a poison is/ or how much it takes,” again); and so on. But don’t worry, with a trillion tons of chemicals & catastrophe, standing at the edge of every water supply; “the odds” we survive more than a few months or years is extremely low; “yes you can”, let an individual or a few destroy a world.
So lets look at another fundamental of biology; my half-uncle became blind at about thirty years old. Medicine says: that was a genetic malady that only appears in the male child/ transmitted only by a female descendant/ and misses every other generation. So, lets wander for a moment: what happens to those who took drugs in the sixties declaring “no problem” for me! Asking instead: “lets wander, where did autism come from”? Adding in a “billion new chemicals, many in enormous concentrations (any chemical that invades a biological creation: changes molecular compositions within that creation)”, over the last few decades/ and all the biological changes which erupted because of those since? Particularly since the entire genetic construction of a new human being for instance; IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT/ upon “one part per billion concentrations: which govern time limits, biological direction, manufacture of base chemical parts WHICH MUST OCCUR, in the quantity and style required, at the right time/ for the right duration/ and trigger what happens next. All of it/ everything that builds a body of life in everything: subjected to humans playing god. “Brain of a gnat, is more significant than you; or yours” Gee, what could have gone wrong: WITH ALL LIFE? “yes you can”, ain’t that so! Sure, let an individual or a few destroy life, planet, even the possibility for survival; all of it in bowed down (cover our head/ don’t let me see or hear a damn thing), dig a hole (selfishness and greed/ that’s the answer) in the sewer for a drink (liars/ failures/ fools/ devils/ assassins); worshiping “university knows”. Shame on you!

Oh, “yes you can”, play god. “yes you can”, let an individual or a few in a group play god with your permission/ your money/ your belief/ your acceptance “go ahead, we are winners; with you”! Indeed you did: seek to destroy this entire world, as humanity joined in the most selfish acts imaginable. “Lets kill the world/ so we don’t have to pay for what we know; in fact: “We did”! Its called satan, if you failed religion (I KNOW, I didn’t create me) / or something like that, dependent upon which religion. End result is the same; all dead/ every child murdered; because that is what you chose. Did you spend a penny/ did you say a word/ DID YOU DO ANYTHING, to stop the disgrace and complete disrespect for life on earth? Did you? Four decades, and countless people all say in my lifetime: “Nothing, but hide and run away/ except for a very tiny few.” These are the last days, because that is what the evidence proves. That is what the reality of what is being done; everything that has been done: means. No second chances/ no going back/ no asking for mercy, etc; because you did this to yourselves.
WHICH DOES MEAN: THIS IS YOUR VERY LAST CHANCE, to make the changes required at least in hope, life on earth will survive. Investigate/ examine the evidence/ prove what is or is not true: DO IT NOW, or face the decisions a university dead brain caused; with you’re help. Whether by purpose or not/ doesn’t make any difference. The end result is: NOTHING of substance or value has been done for life on earth for decades. EVERYTHING done over the last few decades in particular, are about money/ power/ selfishness/ and a complete disrespect for every life and every child. So says the evidence/ the reality of our lives in this time. Nobody escapes that truth: dead or not; will be proven true. MAKE A DECISION FOR LIFE/ do it now, or pay for an eternity; because YOU CHOSE, to destroy an entire world. So says “the truth, of our existence”.

I am done trying to influence you/ other than the limited effort of these sites; you failed. that means: life or death for this world, is entirely up to you. like it or not, is completely irrelevant. there is only “finished failure”/ or a new, different direction; because you finally chose to care. a reality that must be seen, “to be believed”.


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