All OnSite Speed Trailers
Q. From what distance can a motorist read the sign?
A. The speed display sign’s high output, amber LED letters are 18″ high x 10″ wide (offering 3000 mlm of brightness), giving it visibility of up to 1000 feet. The viewing angle is 100̊.

Q. What is the detection range of the radar antenna?
A. The radar’s beam width is 12̊. The antenna can detect speeds ranging from 5 to 99 mph at up to approximately 600 feet.

Police Radar Units
Q. My radar has poor range. How can I remedy this?
A. Verify that the antenna has no obstructions in front of it. If the gun still has poor range, increase the sensitivity level.
Decatur electronics/ soncel electronics
In review of the speed trap that exists at the northern end of route IL 130 work site sign exists at 379 feet from the sign establishing a work zone heading north / in front of the work sign heading south. Caution barrels then exist only on the west side of the road along the south bound lane for 516 feet/ prior to encountering caution barrels on both sides of the road, which then extends on both sides of the pavement for an additional 522 feet. The traffic speed trailer sits at the immediate end of the actual finished construction site. South end of the work.
The speed trailer operates by sign reads speed: at 76 feet in front of the south work site sign: OR MORE DISTINCTLY AT 1,114 FEET FROM THE SPEED TRAILER, this unit is measuring vehicle speed, lights flashing. It is worth noting, in the first clear test of the unit itself: I DO TESTIFY, that when pulling out, after painting an indicator mark in pink on the road surface to establish a line where when vehicles are first registering on the lighted display. That line is at 1,114 from the unit. I was stopped there, and I when pulling back onto the highway, literally at five mph this unit picked up my vehicle immediately after crossing the line; registering it at 43 mph and staying within 5 mph of that speed throughout my drive toward and past the robot. EVEN THOUGH I NEVER EXCEEDED 25 MPH over the entire distance. At the time, there was a car coming from the rear about one quarter mile back of me; at roughly 55mph. Consequently the machine was picking up speed from this vehicle, and registering it to mine. I later returned with camera working to try again. This time parking same place, same everything; only making certain no traffic was behind, and the speed trailer effectively gauged my speed.

We now look at the reality of the situation itself: as stated above from the manufacturer of the unit. Its working distance is up to 600 feet. It has an operational target area, that is a twelve degree arc, or beam width. Which determines the distance that will be measured, when gauging the speed of a particular vehicle. Doubling the range by increasing the sensitivity level DRAMATICALLY increased the distance that is being measured, and instead of one car, this machine will be measuring much more; as established by the above testimony. A car at least a eighth mile behind me; was changing my speed, and I was changing his; throughout the distance of 1111 feet, because the sign held steady between 41-46 mph. Red and blue lights flashing. The exact model of the speed trailer is unknown, as the label indicating such was illegible. Proving it is NOT NEW, and it is not capable of new specs. Nor can it be considered updated, unless the facts are completely and without doubt undeniable. New machine specs claim a 3,000 foot range (which means they can clock your speed, and claim “your fault”/ at one half mile prior to the construction zone)/ with 1500 feet the default setting. With a twelve degree window. Which does allow for two vehicles to be in the same window of measurement. Which means at 1500 feet prior to this machine, unless set otherwise: YOUR SPEED IS REGISTERED. No warning things have changed from 600 feet, to triple that. In this case: the machine sets, at the edge of the construction zone; thereby tickets are issued for a quarter mile before the construction zone exists. They set the sign “construction zone” here; on purpose at one quarter mile, to make money: “got ya”. The warning sign is 379 feet, before the vehicle speed is clocked and set. There are no exceptions allowed for the remainder of the pavement beyond the construction site: because a few miles south this same road is being paved, (a working construction zone) with only two people holding work stop signs, to control the traffic. NOT the same. Which then is real, work being done without anything but a sign to control traffic/ OR, an area where no work is being done other than mowing, once every few weeks; that the police have set traps in. State workers get a little sign per mile or less, “for mowing”.

We now turn to the truth of this situation as established by the facts. Not only is the machine being used in an illegal fashion: gauging traffic beyond its rated ability. Creating a fake construction site/ creating a fake construction zone, by extending it one quarter mile beyond the actual site where work was done. THE FACT IS: This is NOT a construction site anymore, as the video clearly proves. Nor has it been for 3-4 weeks. Nor was this IL STATE POLICE traffic speed trailer present during construction at any time. INSTEAD, after all construction stopped, apart from a tiny bit of “taking care of the grass”. That is when they installed this robot to COLLECT MONEY by entrapment/ using the construction site as a means to greatly increase the fines collected, which is extortion. To facilitate this illegal action under the description: the state police/ can’t fight it. They moved the sign establishing a work site. They set their speed trailer at the very end of the now finished construction site. So that everyone ticketed, was NOT in the construction site by the facts/ but approaching it, which is a vastly different LEGAL reality. They moved caution barrels from the east side of the road to the west side of the road to increase the claim of a construction site by 516 feet beyond what the construction company established for the work, now finished. Moving the east side barrels significantly farther off the road so as not to interfere with their extortion, and did create damage to society by inflicting a demand for SLAVERY. “You, MUST WORK for us for FREE”/ BECAUSE we say so. This is criminal contempt for society, with felony consequences, robbery, and the intent to do harm. Which does create a conspiracy to disrupt, disrespect, deny, and destroy THE LAW AS IS JUSTICE FOR ALL. A greater corruption, a clear contamination, a critical intent to harass, and a reality of purposeful and deliberate actions which does endanger the public at large; FAR MORE, than any single driver/ apart from the truly obnoxious, or critically depressed (because they have been used and abused, by employees of government).
Open road construction is the contractor for the site. When questioned as to WHY, since you are done with this section of the road, ARE THERE STILL caution barrels on the site. Their reply was: That until the final inspection by the state is completed, they can’t really take them up/ because it is impossible to predict if the state inspector will find something for them to change. And it costs a lot of money to pick them up/ or put them back; so they wait. WHICH ALLOWS THE STATE, TO TAKE AS LONG AS THEY WANT. The result, make a rule/ and you get a ruler: TO EXTORT MONEY, AND DESTROY LIVES, BY USING THE POLICE, and a rule (you crossed the line/ now we can beat you with a stick, just as much as we want) AS A WEAPON, in complete compliance with the courts; AGAINST US all. The warning barrels identify a legal construction zone, dependent upon reality. Therefore the construction zone for the north bound lane, by that definition begins at 522 feet in front of the speed trailer. The construction zone for the south bound lane (going away) extends an additional 516 feet.
As established in a previous legal case: the extreme anarchy of the courts, has reduced a jury to the decision, “did this person break the rule, or not/ the degree doesn’t matter”. The order of the judge to the jury was: you only get to decide if the rule was broken. In that trial, going one mile per hour through a stop sign, after carefully examining the conditions: instead of coming to a complete stop. Cost $120, plus appeal, total slightly less than one thousand dollars. Appeal stopped; because I refused to pay an additional $200+ dollars for the circuit court to electronically send the transcript I had already spent over $400 dollars on to the appellate court. Push a button, “its email”. Denied after reminding the appellate court, that the IL constitution says, I shall receive justice, “for free”. Blocked from further appeal, after establishing: a fine MUST be the same for all/ and a monetary fine that is the same for a rich man, as it is for a poor man; IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE SAME PUNISHMENT. After reminding them: I was stalked by this police officer, through 4 changes of direction. An entire police department, for a town of 300 people: “gee, WHERE does the money come from?”   Plus, the judge informs me, this is no longer traffic court/ but criminal court. A jury IS NOT formed in democracy to decide if a rule was broken. A jury is formed, to decide if society is being treated fairly, and with a justice that is consistent with their own expectations of penalty, should they or someone they love is confronted with the same situation. The job of a jury is to protect society from tyrants, by controlling the judge, through the constitution and its own truth about what society should be.
That doesn’t make an individual officer of the state police or any other the enemy, in this case. But it does establish: the “intellectual diplomas (we ordered this)’/ who lead this state, and spent all our money; believe they can entrap, enslave, and control us any way they please. Somebody in charge, gave the order; and whosoever set this up, “did their job”.
A little justice goes a long way in establishing peace and harmony in society. BUT A LITTLE INJUSTICE, and plain abuse; invades and infects and defeats a great many more lives and laws. Because this insidious infestation of vermin [they hide in the walls, floors, ceilings/ and wait until they can sneak in unnoticed; to steal, contaminate, and corrupt], in government employ: has NO RESPECT, for any lives but their own. As proven in this trap, their purpose is simply to collect money, at our expense. It is just a different form of burglary (hiding in the dark, waiting for a victim). They set it up after construction was done/ they keep it or more correctly use it for a construction site, because the fines triple or more. Twenty miles over the speed & talking on the phone is slightly less than one thousand dollars. Even though, IT IS NOT, a construction site anymore. It just has barrels, to criminally entrap people, and force them to be slaves. Costing the public, not only the fine, but trouble with insurance, trouble with work, trouble with paying legitimate bills, trouble with getting thrown out of your housing, trouble with marriage and children relationships, “because now I am desperate, and can’t get the money to pay everything. Or, more simply: under a police banner, thieves stole it MY LIFE; damaged my family and future/ making me pay, FOR NOTHING BUT A LIE. JUST LIKE ANY back alley thug, with a gun and a club, and a desire to make me pay, for their own corruption.

The proper method of legally dealing with those employed by our government which is the constitution of this USA/ which is the constitution of this state of IL: Is to remind the judiciary that they made an oath of office. Article 2; section 1.7 “I do solemnly swear, that I will faithfully execute the office _ And will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States”. Which MEANS THERE ARE PENALTIES INVOLVED; for NOT obeying our constitution; as is WE THE PEOPLE ARE OWNERS HERE, and this fact: GIVES US POWER OVER OUR EMPLOYEES. The law then says within the first US amendment and I think it’s the fifth amendment of IL: that we the people are entitled by law, to take our employees of government to court/ and review their decision, actions, and established realities. Its called REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, A LEGAL RIGHT GRANTED BY CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY. Thereby WE, becoming their judge, as owners here. ESTABLISH as their employer, with the power to take legal action, thereby establishing penalty or change, in government; by ourselves, under constitutional direction/ through a vote on the issues themselves. Learn more at, and its state and federal trials, on the associated sites. YOU WILL, find it interesting. You will find it OUR TRUE LEGAL REALITY DENIED/ DUE PROCESS ERASED/ THE CONSTITUTION DISGRACED AND EVICTED FROM THE COURTROOM/ AND ALL BRANCHES OF THE JUDICIARY CORRUPT. None more so, than the US SUPREME COURT.
James Frank Osterbur
8/ 6/ 15
my citizen advice to you is: ban together in a class action suit, across the state of IL, and potentially other states. So that you can leverage and demand penalties against the state, and don’t forget to triple the monetary punishment, as they did to you.


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