social elements

When we live together as one society, one nation, or one world: our realities are combined into one declaration of law. That we will obey this principle of behavior and choice/ so that all can find their own truth, and be content in their own reality of existence. Anything less, is considered unjust & unfair. But life is that, because people do not wish to be equals/ they want to be, and to have, “more”. So the critical question of human existence is: HOW do we control those who want MORE? Because without that control, there will be war!
Therefrom we move to the elemental reality: BY OUR CHOICES, WE CREATE OUR FUTURE! The critical listing of choices for change, cannot be done by “one person”/ but consists of us all. Because we must all live that choice, and do what that law commands. Which does include participating in “bringing to court” those who will not comply.

The seven elements of society, construct the ability to determine “our future”.

These are:
1. The assembly of resources needed to survive.
2. The creation of work, to understand and identify what we can and cannot do.
3. The educational validity of leadership/ as these few make decisions all the rest shall pay for. In more than just one way.
4. The critical concept of friendship, through justice/ or there will be war.
5. The foundation of religious freedom, because people want, “to believe, and seek whatever they want”.
6. Governmental truths: shall we share the decisions/ or shall we be enslaved?
7. The functional relationship of duty and responsibility: because unless we accept the limits of our environment/ we all know: someone has to die. Or we hate (this is not fair to me) & war. Or we end society; by cannibalizing life (as is today)/ ending the future for every child.

Of these elements
Our ability to assemble choices is limited by the consequences of actions already taken against the reality of nature/ environment/ friendship/ overpopulation/ hate/ resource depletion/ corruption/ failure/ fantasy/ foolishness/ greed/ selfishness/ the disease of want and a university diploma/ the tragedy of cults/ and the extreme arrogance of a tiny few whose control over the money (therefrom counterfeiting: NOW WE CAN try to do anything, we fantasize), has threatened even this world, and every single life on it, with extermination.
Or more simply: the complete and utter failure of “the educational process”/ the disastrous impact of media propaganda/ and the disease that is “governmental influence” in all its forms as is consistent with this day.

Leaving us all with the simple truth: EITHER WE BIND OURSELVES TOGETHER/ and let truth itself decide what our reality should be, as LIFE MUST COME FIRST. For this planet! Or we end in the delusions of a university diploma: “Which is, they BELIEVE, they can play god”. They are playing god/ and they are destroying our world, by the things they do: as is consistent with the destruction of everything we need to survive/ thereby creating their own masterpiece, which is HELL (we have lost everything)/ ARMAGEDDON (which is nature itself in CHAOS), a reality they literally describe as their purpose/ the APOCALYPSE (war and cannibalism control the world; all forms of friendship and peace are over). Such is the evidence proven true, and consistent with the path of humanity in this day/ even if we survive the most immediate threat of a tiny few: trying to bring a ten million degree fire here/ that burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away. Initial tests, and biblical prophecy of a world ending: Coming by the construction schedule in September of 2015.

So lets talk!

Either you get off your ass/ stop the illusion that you can avoid any and all responsibility for protecting this world: from a tiny few DAMNED FOOLS! And DO, what you need to do to save this planet, and its life; INCLUDING YOU. Because the risk of this threat and others are extremely high/ the evidence is proven and real/ and there are NO SECOND CHANCES. So you cannot wait and see, as every diseased fool and functional devil would do. Or the world ends/ because YOU didn’t care enough. Eternity will remember.

Past the initial decision of life or death for this world: WHICH IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! No pretending “its GOD’S responsibility”/ when clearly and without doubt: THIS IS A HUMAN DECISION, WORK, AND PURPOSE. WHICH MEANS, ITS YOUR HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY TO STOP THIS: because its your threat, and its your complete arrogance, and utter disrespect for life, that threatens everything. Leaving humanity without an excuse, AS WELL!
Therefore the question is: are you going to let yourselves survive?

IF, you do!
Then, the question becomes: how do we proceed? The answer is: BY TRUTH, and the foundations known to exist that protect our existence/ our nature/ our environment/ our friendship/ and all life on earth; because we do not survive alone. That functionally means: “playtime is over/ and you will grow up or die”. No more spoiled little damned children in charge of everything called society. No more damned fools in charge of money. No more war/ there WILL BE, world law, and its enforcement. There will be constitutional law, and NO MORE rebellion/ traitors/ treason/ anarchy/ or a march to HELL as is consistent with “university leadership”. You will protect life. You will choose the foundations which provide peace and harmony. You WILL bring JUSTICE into this world/ and share the resources realistically with the future of every child: because if you don’t only war is left! You WILL CARE about this planet, and protect it: instead of listening to the damned, and their horrifying insistence “everything isn’t lost yet/ so we can continue our march into HELL”. You will throw out, the damned university cult from leadership (THEY FAILED)/ and find your truth, by understanding what every decision is going to mean for the future now and tomorrow and for every child, that is not even born yet. NO MORE extreme experimentation. NO MORE genetic mutilation. NO MORE destruction of resources, just so you can play games/ and then throw your trophy in the trash. In other words: YOU WILL CHOOSE FOR LIFE FIRST/ or you will enter inside the death, the horror, and the absolutely insane: that you leaders have led you too. That is your choice. You will make your decision/ because you have no other choice! Hiding, and running away IS A CHOICE; of cowards! But it is still; “Your choice”/ a decision that discards this world, to let it, and all life:  die.

MAKE YOUR DECISION/ why be ground up into disease/ horror/ and hell: by following someone else? THIS IS, about your own eternity as well: Make your own choice/ suffer or rejoice in your own consequences: WHY let someone else convict you, into eternal damnation? CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF. Fight for life on earth.

Still can’t believe your universities aren’t god? Not a problem, go ahead and continue worshiping them: after all, its just an “endless list of threats”/ which you cannot possibly survive. How is that NOT, “a blind and worthless guide”? Without true and immediate real change/ we are all dead, far beyond what you expect.



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