something new

A question for you arises, with regard to funding, and organization.

Even though it is functionally extremely late to be starting anything/ I do utterly refuse to give up hope, until it is obviously too late to care anymore.

Helping you organize, at least a little; requires some type of meeting place. Since you utterly refuse, “a large meeting”. There is a building on this property, that can be refitted to become a very suitable meeting place/ weekly vacation retreat/ or whatever seems suited to the needs of either organizing these purposes, or funding this site. Roughly 1400 square feet on two floors combined.
Those who are organizing for “life and planet”/ I will assist if you wish.  To whatever degree I deem appropriate or useful. No other promise is made. Those who might simply wish to “live in the country” for a short period of time, will be left to themselves, or as life allows.

So the question is: as there is significant work to be done, and money to be spent. ARE YOU, interested? It will not be finished until spring of 2016, if I begin.

If so: I ask you to reply by US mail, to this address. If you can’t find it, its because you aren’t really interested. As it does appear numerously on several of my sites.
An approximate number, how long, and what purpose; of who might be coming/ along with what you consider to be a realistic price; will help me determine, if this should be done. Bear in mind, this would open the door to those who want me dead as well/ NOT a large threat unless the work becomes “note-able”.  I am willing to take the risk, if you are.  “just a statement, of no guarantees, except from me”.


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