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IT IS, constant and fair, to assemble the necessary infrastructure that is consistent with faith.

As we approach or pass the prophecy of Daniel, that predicts the end of the world (first death), so to speak; questions arise. Because predictions are a reference to the accuracy of what is, or is not, to be believed.
So then lets ask, some very simple questions: Biblical prediction is, “there will be a first and a second death” at the end times. As there cannot be any compromise or delusion: “that deliberately trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun”/ is the great abomination. Because this gambles and will lose our entire planet to fire; just like the sun. So the question is: if we pass by the 1290 days of the prophecy are we now “safe”? The answer is obviously not; because the same threat exists/ until it does not. Your scientists and politicians, etc: have determined for themselves, that they can predict “this fire on the sun, will just extinguish itself; because the earth does not have enough gravity to sustain it”. That theory is built on a series of lies/ none of which can be established by truth. There is no evidence to support their theory; so they made up stories, as university always does. Because they want to be in control/ they want to play god. Alas, the only god they get to play is one of destruction; as is evident by our situation in this world. Therefore either you stop them from proceeding with their experiments, regardless of the date/ or they will kill us all: unless GOD actually denies that, even though your own complete DISRESPECT for life and world is horrendous! Can’t even fight for a world, not a word/ not a penny/ not an action; just do damn scared someone might ridicule you, “to start”. But that is irrelevant, once ignition occurs. There is no going back!

So the question is: “WHAT, can a first death/ and a second death; actually mean”? The answer is, just like once the same fire as is on the sun ignites here: half the world, will see a pillar of flame in the sky, within hours. It will rise miles high; because that is required, by the law of thermodynamics. At that moment everyone on earth will know they are dead/ even though days will pass before the entire world has been incinerated: “the second death” is coming. As seen outside of the same fire as is on the sun. Our reality is very simple: humanity has been deliberately destroying the environment/ resources/ chains of life/ habitat, and ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING ELSE, we literally need to survive as we are today; without these things, already desperately in danger/ we die too. It is entirely possible today, that so much damage has been done/ so great a human population has arisen: that nothing short of a massive human extinction event can save anything. Alternately, IF WE WERE to do the best we can including population controls; it is at least potentially still possible for most of life to survive. GOD might intervene, and help.
There is no question as to whether GOD exists! Everything about life is clearly designed by the elements of thought, discipline, order, design, balance, courage, integrated organization of mental elements, structure and so on. NONE OF WHICH occurs without thought, and all who believe otherwise do so simple to assert: “we don’t have to pay NOTHING”. NOT even kindness to others or respect to GOD. They are liars and thieves, little more.
The question of this day is simply: is this, the end of biblical prophecy (I can’t believe anymore, if we don’t die in 1290 days, from the first experiment that made it possible to ignite sun fire here)? Or, has the first death passed, and the chains of life, and everything we need already been destroyed; ending the possibility of a future for us all? Establishing in conjunction with that, the prediction of Biblical Revelation; which divides between a male driven reality: all dead/ they used every toy. And the massive change, which allows a female driven reality, to control society, and its future: therefrom the possibility of life extends.
The first question of prophecy is a reality of prediction that assumes; once written down in a religious book, there is absolutely nothing that can be done/ or any reality that cannot be avoided! As with all religious books: WRITTEN by men, even if under an influence other than “strictly physical”. The reality of prediction is, summarized under “best guess”/ and the truth of biblical prophecy is clearly: it is a proven “very good guess”; as other prophecies, and realities in time can now be identified, and they are very close to the prediction. So biblical prophecy should not be treated lightly; and as the evidence does prove; we are close to destroying ourselves today, by refusing the necessary respect and restraint to keep this world alive. As well as all the other toys, men have produced; so they could play “king, god, etc”. Our future is GRIM; everything we need is under attack/ lies abound, as in counterfeited money, a certain means for war/ chains of life are nearly broken; water means war soon/ a population that cannot be supported; and so on. Or more simply “the first death is here”/ to your shame.
As to other Biblical reference: the majority of the bible is dedicated to helping people understand themselves and their world. What is not dedicated to that, is JESUS ! So the question simplified is: WHAT does “JESUS mean”? The answer is: that we have not simply been created and then abandoned. Or, GOD remains as a part of our lives: so says the evidence of JESUS. We then ask: WHY should we believe, as the religious do: which means to alter hope in such a way as to “get what I want/ and question no more, that I will have whatever I want, and not get whatever I don’t want”. I do not accept this dogma of religion/ and require evidence to express knowledge, from which understanding and wisdom do grow. That said: the evidence that JESUS existed, and the reality of HIS story is essentially correct; is more than sufficient for me, to accept HIS life was here, and substantially written down. HOW then, should we hear the question that creates, and WHERE are the answers in an essence of struggle to find ourselves in this framework of life, “with a purpose”?
The critical development assembles around the truth: IF GOD is “still among us, in some form or fashion”/ then where should I look, to find HIM? That question establishes; IF JESUS, is the proof/ then, it is JESUS who holds the answer!
In HIS work and HIS ways, there is a path of deliberate decisions which form the elevation of every life truth that has value associated within. Therefrom the search is for value/ and the essence of that value is love, respect, disciplines, and order. So the question of finding GOD begins with a journey into these things. The reality of “into these things”/ forms a spiritual path (something you must do alone): the consequence is, we known not “how to do these things”! Therefrom the word “Savior” is born. Because unless you are anchored into “the life of JESUS”/ as a reality in your own decisions; entering within the spiritual dimensions, will cause a potential tremendous upheaval or death within yourself. With JESUS, the spiritual world can be a “journey”/ without JESUS, it will be the end of your life and eternity. Because you cannot come back, to this life; unless you know how to survive the spiritual world, where GOD does live. As to other religions; each is a prediction of death/ and what happens beyond this life in time. Which makes all religion “essentially equal”/ as none can prove, without coming back, from the spiritual world. The path JESUS created, by assembling values from which we could survive “the elements of at least some truth, beyond all lies”: gives those who can, and do, the possibility to experience or even express what is beyond the essence of time itself. GOD IS TRUTH/ therefore none should doubt, that entry into truth is the path unto “HIS LIFE”.
We know that for a fact, because only truth can build and sustain life. Every lie fails, even those uncovered until the day you die; because to survive, only your own truth is allowed to extend beyond this environment. All lies die! Religion is, “I believe whatever I want, & what I want, is what I believe in”! Reality, and its truth; does not care, “what you want”. It is, what it is. You can however change your own truth, by resurrecting value, to assemble a different life. You can change your own reality, by doing what the future and all its life needs you to do; thereby designing a new reality.

Some will say: there is nothing, beyond the grave! Clearly, there is nothing about a human body that extends beyond the grave/ it is a proven fact. But as is consistent with reality, when a human body dies, it goes from life unto; no freedom survives/ the choice is over, in an instant. So the question is: what is the difference, between a body that works & “the life removed”?
The answer relies upon disciplines in energy, and the constructions of thought, body, and more. Nonetheless, we will be simple. Where there is energy, there is an action or reaction that sustains existence. So then energy is an absolute, with regard to motion or its companion called freedom. With energy removed, the body is dead. So the question is: as some would say, “did the battery of chemicals just die”/ or is it more complex? So we look at a robot; because its simple: to assert, even with everything intact, completely assembled and ready to go. There is absolutely nothing it can do but take up space/ without the hardware, software, and programming required to make “the machinery” do something! The same is true of a human body: its all still there, even though the energy is now missing. Which leaves us to ask: “who unplugged it”? Is that all there is to it?
Apart from a reality that literally “builds itself”/ as is life, from the inside of a female: an intensity of thought applied to the basics of everything. The question is more than a brain; which is simply more or less a calculator and time keeper. The reality of life is an essence that lives within the energy, and conceives of itself as an identity; by the elements of a foundation that lives, by the values of thought. Everything we are, is related to the essence of “how we think”. That is not intellect (the brain does not do this), but our relationship to life itself. Truth gives us life, we exist because there is a relationship within the expansion of ourselves. Or more simply: a baby gives birth to its elemental self, by understanding there is more “somewhere”/ and then reaching for that. Whereas an adult functionally dies, by asserting “I know everything/ and its all a game, about me”! They wrap themselves in selfishness; “like a mummy”. Life is, beyond the grip of physical motion/ because it is essentially thought at its core. Therefore, wherever thought can take us, is where we will go! But that asserts “I can be god over eternity”/ and you absolutely cannot! Consequently, life is: similar to a human body/ you cannot be here, in time; without that body. As is consistent with eternity, energy, etc: an environment is needed; or, we dissipate into nothing. That means, what did create us here; to give each one a chance to prepare and to choose; is at its essence and core, “OUR GOD”. What is beyond the preparations, and building of an individual identity; asks of truth, does LOVE really exist?
Love is the expression, of a shared energy given without cost, to the ones we respect, appreciate, trust, and choose to live our lives with. Love opens a door, within the thought that literally expands your life into someone else’s/ and they into yours. Love explains, we can share not only time, but the essence of ourselves as well: if, we both so choose to do honestly, and with honor beyond ourselves as life granted a respect that will not die. What is true, cannot be changed. What is life, determines what is true; therefore, within the confines of reality: the expression of thought becomes. I live because of love, as the meaning of life itself. Wheresoever there is love, the possibility of eternity completes itself; by asking and trusting “GOD, who gave love first/ and JESUS who proved that true, even for us”.


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