Omitted previously: to seek an understanding of biblical prophecy, requires using the basic framework within the bible itself. With regard to the prophecy of Daniel 12, the critical question is not whether we have identified “the great abomination is, to gamble with our entire world/ by bringing sun fire here (all life, lives or all dies, within a few days, by that act)”. Therefore the question regards the prediction 1290 days later is death/ and then again 1335 days is called a second death. As the bible itself conceives of the beginning of life is created BY DESIGN, within 6 days/ and then the building of those designs begins to shape our world. The reality of the “first death” can be identified as the critical links having been chosen by humanity, will now begin to dissolve. As the second death itself, begins to destruct life and planet from the choices people have made. Or, more simply: these are the things you chose, by playing and pretending, to be god yourself.


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