structured society

Balance is the destiny of those who accept justice, equality, truth, and respect ARE the foundations upon which we can live together as one. To create justice, there must be an alternative to force: as in we have agreed, this is our law! To create equality there must be fair and legitimate opportunities that make living shared existence. To create truth: only the evidence as determined by reality can conceive of knowledge, understanding, or wisdom. To create respect: the foundation principle, “every life is a miracle”/ SHALL STAND WITNESS, to your care, or consideration of others. These are the staircase of order, in society or as an individual; learn them.

Disciplines, “are the backbone” of life. Without discipline, order fails. Without order, there can be no balance. Without balance, structure fails; and thought gets lost in the struggle just to survive.

Therefore it is absolutely critical, that the disciplines associated with society be defined/ defended/ and displayed so all can learn them; and function together as one.
Contrary to the common theology/ discipline has nothing to do with punishment. Punishment claims: you broke the law, therefore it is the law which punishes you. Discipline assists in the construction of a valued human being. NOT because you are then “worth more, as a living creature”/ but because the reality of living and working with you, is more pleasant to me: we share as friends. Or, more correctly, to be disciplined means: you have correctly chosen, that our existence & survival in this life & time; must be equally shared. Want is then eradicated from our existence/ as then is lies, liar, and fool.
Discipline means: I follow truth! It is that simple. Order means: having identified the truth, there has come the opportunity to define a path, that will achieve my goal. Balance means: regardless of the distance between “my chosen destiny and me”/ there must be a relationship that governs the walk, and relieves the intensity of trial, from time to time. As in happiness, love, hope, values: created and received.
When our existence in time has achieved the journey, which is our desire for what “an eternity here (the experience and expression of my soul)” might be. Then the structural purposes by design, to create the elusive identity called “I”/ & DO define, the foundations of my or your life. These fundamentals create our existence in time, and control the path to which we will attain our eternity.

One of the critical challenges we face, in the development of our own truth, as is our own identity: comes from the interaction of human society, as well as all of nature itself. If we do not see each other as miracles sharing the same portion of time upon this world as the rest of this creation. Then we lack, the discipline of an opportunity to define ourselves accordingly. Without a structured identity, defined by your own desire: eternity is not possible. Therefore you surrender your soul. Discipline arises only when truth leads your life. Without truth, nothing can be trusted. Without trust, there is no true element of love, happiness, or hope. Without trust love cannot exist, beyond the limits of I respect you anyway. Therefore both truth and trust, are elemental to growth; as a human being explained, by our choices. That explanation is order. That order works to build the life we earn for ourselves and our world.
Consequently, everything that affects truth, trust, discipline, identity, & order/ changes, challenges, or refines the dignity and integrity of a balanced life. Without balance, the future is blind. Because no destiny will be achieved. Balance isolates and refines existence itself, to understand: what would otherwise be lost. Or more simply, this entire world, or even this little bit I call my own: is NOT simply about me. I am only one, of many lives involved in our truth.
Therefore I do have a responsibility and a duty to the rest. I do have the need to know and respond with respect/ even though, some do not deserve the dignity they will receive from me. That is their own fault/ just as a failure to respect life, would be my own fault as well. We have an obligation to understand: life is not simple, or plain. But our knowledge is! Consequently, everything plain about a human being is wrong. While everything simple, about life and living; should be honored as true. NOT because life is simple/ but because the laws we observe, within our own struggle to survive, prove a purpose. To create the boundaries, that become our definition of “good and evil”.
Good, constructs life as a blessing to ourselves and others/ to all life the same respect, and equal station with ourselves. While evil comes then to mean: all that hate can do/ instead of choosing life, and its miracles. A curse upon our world.
The constant of hate is: I CANNOT trust you/ I WILL NOT trust anyone. Therefore I am angry (I have a legitimate cause), or beyond as is hate, (I no longer care/ you are judged unworthy/ you have become “the trash”) in my life. Which does then lead to every form of violence and revenge.

So the question of a world changed for life is: HOW do we all become disciplined/ shaped by order and its truth/ balanced by love; the essence of an acceptance established. Whereby trust relieves judgment, to grant equal and fair to all but hate. To give friendship the structural opportunity & necessary desire, to support peace and harmony across this world?
That answer begins with the end of want. Or more simply, removing the words and descriptions aligning with: I AM going to get whatever I demand/ whether you like it or not.
So we begin with the essence of want, which is, “I CAN”. To discover the reality of want, which is: “by stealing from someone else”.
The question is then: WHY do people steal from each other? The answer is: because, they consider it to be simply “their due”. I didn’t get as much as you/ I didn’t get the opportunity or looks or skin color like you/ I didn’t get SOMETHING I WANTED; and as a consequence YOU, are indebted to ME. So they steal/ because they want MORE than they got, from life or body or something. Or in contrast, they believe they got everything/ and then life reminded them, “its all a gift/ and you don’t truly own anything”; except your body, and your choices.
Consideration is then given to the relationship we share, as human beings in this time, or any other time: we are different/ because that outlines our individual realities. If everyone was the same/ looked the same and so on: then would we not be a “herd of animals”? Indeed we would. Consequently we are all different/ and that does mean to create that much different; some will be lucky/ and some will not. It isn’t mean, its just a consequence or reality of choices, actions, or tragedies; that were made before you were even born. Genetics do matter, to how you look, and somewhat the things you will be able to do/ its not a game. Given that, there are “a wide variety of traits” in my own background; none of which would distinctly “translate to me”. Same is true of you; genetics share traits, they are not guarantees. So the essence of your want, to “get even/ and make the others pay; for getting more”. Is truly invalid. Jealousy, the reality of believing I cannot compete with you, or these; is just saying, I am not equal. As one life, to another; that is absolutely untrue. However as one body to another, we really do have little or few choices: what we get, has absolutely nothing to do with our own choices/ other than a few details along the way. You need to grow up! Particularly now/ as do those who believe they are superior; it is absolutely untrue. WE ARE EQUALS, AS LIFE/ even if not as bodies, or heritage.
That is the first part of a disciplined life: to accept, my own life, is the only one I have any right to control, use, abuse, or judge.
Order begins with a disciplined truth: to understand our existence, is not simple or sublime. We are truly examples of thought, that goes far beyond our ability to even comprehend the cause or realities of what that honestly means. Its called a miracle, because we cannot define or comprehend it: we are inferior, to life/ as an element of our existence. We CANNOT build ourselves, it is strictly a gift. MORE Plain and simple that could not be. From there, “we build”.
The question is balance: or what must we be, in return for our lives? What is the price, because all of humanity learns: “life ain’t free, here”! So the question is: if our lives are a gift/ then what do we owe? The correct answer is: we owe nothing/ the body is yours, to do with as you please; accepting the consequences is required, for that. So then what is the purpose of our lives/ were we born to be slaves or amusements or what? The answer is no to both; but the purpose is absolutely clear. In this entire universe, the most precious (least available, and best reward) gift of all, is love. Therefore the quest of life, and the gift of existence: is to find those who can be “the greatest gift of all, to existence itself”. Simple as that/ supported by the life of JESUS/ and proven true by reality itself. The longer you live, the more clear it becomes: that love is the answer for happiness, peace, truth, and a Reality of value in our existence and as life itself. Not a game.
The structure of society; “lives or dies because of hatred”. With respect, through time and choices for hope, we create friendships. With hatred, they create war, violence, crime, and every dimension of trouble experienced or expressed by human existence. For all of us. The consequence of that reality is very simple: to create a sustainable peace, what is hatred must be removed. To conceive of that, is to move those who don’t belong/ back to places where they do belong. Such as terrorists in this day do belong “wherever they believe life is better”. Or you can’t stay here: if you want war/ if you want religion such as, the extreme intended destruction of Islam: used to suit violence. Or whatever it is/ then you need to go there, and stay there: NO coming back. Etc.
Hatred can be found, it knows how to lie/ but it doesn’t know how to change.



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