the foundation of society rests upon using resources/ that fact negates much of the clamor regarding what we must or must not do. However given that fact, and its subsequent realities of destruction. WHAT WE MUST DO, is use resources very wisely/ or we war, face horrific consequences, and fail every life and every child forever. It is not a game/ WISDOM must prevail.  The clear and consistent reality of global warming:  IS primarily due, to air conditioning.

and all the people say:  “well that’s not going to change”/ yet the entire future of this world, depends upon your changing behaviors that have proven to be BAD for life.  Regardless of “good for you”/ extreme selfishness will be punished in eternity;  “I guarantee it”.

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The most cynical of all human behavior/ is I want to be superior. To prove it, I must have more!

This is the foundation of games in society, fights between men and women, the tragedy of greed, laziness, a clear ingredient in hate/ and many more consequences that keep humanity from being what the majority DO, yearn to be: happy, and at peace.

To examine this trait, cultivated for the sheer purpose of selfishness/ it is necessary to understand: the desire to hold yourself above the others, is a decision “plotted and planned” for the simple truth: to make the others your slave. Thereby not only superior, but in control over your life as well as mine: to make you do, whatever I want. Given that reality, the distance between peace and happiness/ as opposed to the war engaged by many, to prove their superiority: is large. Because there are many, all of which are absolutely certain: they can be superior, to at least some/ if only “they were rich”, or special in some way”. THEN, they could or would do great things: “which of course means; to insure you/ or we, remain a slave.” NO, you cannot be equal! Therefore no justice can survive/ and all things fair become corrupted.

Given that truth, the existence of an opportunity for happiness: comes only once in a great while for anyone called human. Only when peace is possible; because the war has ended. This survives, only a very short time; because men almost instantly begin plotting and planning to become superior. Just as soon as their wounds (the reason war existed) heal even a little.  Our opportunity today is: that men, as in leaders of all kinds/ have intentionally given themselves “nothing but counterfeit money” to play with. “Reality was not enough”.  Therefore:  They sold us all/ stripping the value out of every single dollar bill: to play with their delusions, and demand “we the proud & powerful/  or, we CAN play god”.  The primary participants in this great theft of a nation:  has been the university diploma,  OR ” ARE WE, not worth a million dollars more”?  An inevitable failure/  because “humanity is the money”/ and if you take an enormous amount for a few:  the rest must suffer.

Nonetheless: their counterfeiting of our money has become a clear delusion/ a reality of failure they chose to visit upon us all:  to achieve their own fantasies.  In evidence of that,  American currency is claimed to be around $200 trillion dollars in circulation, as assets. That means every citizen divided equally should be holding about $640,000.00 six hundred and forty thousand dollars each: man, woman, and child. A reality of numbers, that bears no respect for truth. We are bankrupt, because the “university diploma” gets at least one million dollars MORE, plus bonuses/ pensions/ healthcare/ etc: than everyone else. The so called middle class is working itself to death; “chasing the delusional; carrot on a stick”. Simply hoping for more! While the vast majority of poor people, without a high school diploma especially,  are a slave without hope. A clear recipe for civil war.
BUT THE ALTERNATIVE IS: since the money itself has no further real value, or is extremely limited value, and only for a short duration. The opportunity to defeat the war against us by all those in power:    because of their money: is now, or soon will be over! Their money is worthless/ just like our own is also worthless. Its simple math, as proven by the federal reserve table L.5 total liabilities and assets of this USA.
But within that reality:  WE NOW, DO HAVE; that rare opportunity to change the future/ before the marauders; tyrants; murderers; whore’s; liars;  traitors; cheats; thieves; organized crime; and other true failures of life. Who shall quickly, reorganize if we let them/ or control our lives FAR more dramatically if we fail.    Return us to depression/ because they have the numbers, and we have nothing:  causing therefrom to rape, plunder, ravage, and destroy the foundations of our democracy, our economy, and our society once again.  AS is   consistent with male domination of society:  can’t beat them/ then its war!  Within the evidence of this day; THEIR GAME/ their fantasies/ their plunder/ their corruption of everything called democracy is: is built on counterfeiting!  They have money:  BECAUSE THEY LIE/ “by creating lies”.

The end of counterfeiting has a price. It is: we are all bankrupt. But the reward of that bankruptcy is: WE CAN RETURN OUR DEMOCRACY, in its true purpose. To conceive of its true foundation for life, happiness, peace on earth, and hope for the future through: respect, truth, courage, and trust in the critical relationship that is: “UNITED, WE STAND”/ but divided we will surely fall.

Democracy is: as the US CONSTITUTION, describes it to be!

             “WE, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish, this constitution for the United States of America.”

Given that description of values created, and the foundation of rules following; by which our employees are determined by society, to be:   EMPLOYED:   only, “within the duties of their oath= sworn before, receiving this job”.  And the descriptions we gave in representing ourselves, as this nation”.
Therefrom, WE THE PEOPLE of this USA have given ourselves, to the clear purpose of creating: this democracy that WE THE PEOPLE rule as our own. NOT by voting for someone to vote for me/ as is the current description. But by the truth of what democracy can mean: when we make our own laws, and establish our own decisions.  Knowledge of the facts/ understanding conceived as to the reality of every decision, on our future: protecting every child/ the wisdom to accept TRUTH alone is our guide, while respect for reality determines the way, the means, and our existence in living. “To make our dreams come true”; so to speak. We can make our own law,  BY VOTE. We can enforce our own decisions, by overseeing the courts:  and insuring the judge remains in his or her job/  ONLY WHEN “GOOD BEHAVIOR AND JUDGMENTS” have been formed. We can determine how taxation will be spent; by a percentage of the whole/ and the clear dedication: “this tax collected,  stays here”. We can hire investigators/ rather than lawmakers: to insure our decisions are carried out. We can take control over war. We can establish world law/ instead of extreme military spending: etc. We can, become “what our ancestors describe”: ABLE and willing, to be rulers of ourselves, AND our employees. As one nation, bound together for all.

When we have achieved these things, the endless games of men/ the foundation of so much grief, as is “I want to be superior/ I want MORE”.   And when we fail/ we will change our reality by war!   That, WILL diminish, as peace and happiness give way, to the expressions of a world/ rather than just a nation:   that then joins in, to become one with us. This is, “a long hard journey”/ but unless you take and survive it: there is no true hope for life on earth. You have damaged too much to play games! That leaves you with only truth and reality, to help you survive. Nothing less will do.

There WILL however remain a distinct few, that insist upon limited violence in some measured form: “to entertain themselves”. The question is then HOW, do we allow for freedoms, that are inherent with the word “freedom”/ so long as the violence is against yourself.   Or confine those who do understand the risk and accept its consequences upon themselves/ rather than us? This answer, like so many other categories of human behavior: is dependent upon the reality of what we allow freedom to mean. There are a wide variety of factors that influence what is freedom, which does include not only limited violence/ but nakedness/ homosexuality/ gambling with money/ and so on. All of it, has the potential for “more than expected”;  tragedies of various kinds. All of it, is an expression of freedom that relates the individual right of choosing for oneself /  thereby accepting the consequences.  Because freedom is “more valuable” than the majority can understand:  and these always want rules;  because they are righteous.

The most acceptable method of dealing with freedom, as is the individuality of each one, or all: is to let the people in any specific village or “large area” decide for themselves. What can be done in one town/ may not be allowed in another: but there must be clear warnings and guidelines posted so all can be informed, when entering or deciding to live therein. Happiness is NOT assembled from “your own expectations for me”! Happiness is a decision that invokes my own ability to choose for myself. Those who gather together, in residency: should decide for themselves, if they belong to this group. So long as no real violence is done. Or not less than, “we all knew, especially the participants: that could happen”/ and will now pay for ourselves. Not a game, when it goes bad. Recognize that first! Teach it, so the worst can be held at bay.  Freedom is not a game/ neither is it governed by unnecessary rules:  it is a right that must be tolerated, as much as possible.

IT IS NECESSARY:   to understand that immigration, is a foundation for change.  Because every group, having achieved enough individuals:  WANTS what they want!  When they achieve the money, they take what they want/ and change society.  Every group knows that, apart from a university diploma:  “lacking because they live in a cocoon”.  That means, the critical foundation of immigration is:  a demand for change.  To counteract that change, when immigration is required:  DEMANDS, that OUR LANGUAGE is first/ and you will learn it, or be removed back to your own nation.  Contrary to university delusion, this is NOT prejudicial/ IT IS REQUIRED, to become a part of this society.  What can and will be given up for the sake of immigration SHOULD BE DECIDED by vote/ among all citizens.  Understanding, IT IS OVER-POPULATION that demands the movement of others/ and it is control over that population growth that brings stability.   DECISIONS MUST BE MADE.




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