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Time, is an eloquence shared, by the life and breathe within us all. Duty and desire speak for us, in love/ by expressing the distance we must travel, before elevating ourselves, “with joy”. While fate, the tragedy of hate, ridicule and more descend into the essence of who you have become; to take over your life.
Those who descend into the abyss of want; find all manner of things to make them unhappy:  “I want more”. Because life is not about want/ games are about want: the reality of leaving want, to enter within,  “life itself to be free”.  Establishes a primary difference in people themselves:  you cannot have, both want, and the freedom of life. Each makes a choice.
Freedom seeks the heart of our desire, which then becomes described by the truth of what love can be; through each of us. Desire forms the foundation of our lives, because it is the creation of ourselves formed around the very reality, of what we accept: as the treasure of life.  Therefore heart becomes the essence of our own decisions/ the reality called “why”.  We build desire, just as if we were building a house. To dig down (to clean, and remove unwanted debris)/ is to build up (to accept truth as our foundation,  explains the direction we go)/ to establish a floor (this is now “my truth/ I have chosen it as my anchor) upon which we, or at least I, will work (this is now, my need; to refine and purify the essence of my life; as is passion). To create walls (I have become identified by my heart, not yours; is a separation in time), and even to create stairs (there is love, defined by my soul {the measure of miracles};  we can share life). To construct a living with value (we are ALL equals).  As our lives confronted by caring (the treasure of love in humanity accepted).   We Discover, within the framework of humanity, to share means we exist, as friends first.  That fact,  brings us to everything we hope life is to be;  therefore we give opportunities through participation.  Even forever (nothing is more descriptive of eternity, than love) is a discipline, and requires order. In this truth of our existence,  desire provides trust;  while truth provides the stability required, to enter the spiritual world. Only purity, escapes the simple truth; “to become, like a child of GOD”:  there must be trust. The essence of law, guided by thought, is the path toward that destiny!

Some say: “I have no use for eternity/ from dust to dust is enough”. So be it, if you have not cursed yourself/ or been cursed, because of yourself.

To all that hear in life, the whispers of “how great love can be”/ there is more, if you can hear: in a miracle, in a world of miracles, in a heartbeat that was JESUS, and HIS reality of life that is clearly the evidence of thought itself”. How could there not be “more”?

Truth is consistent with eternity: it cannot be changed/ even though it could be covered up, so as not to remind. Love is consistent with the value called happiness, as expressed through joy.   Love is found nowhere else, but life: therefore it is the “single greatest living treasure” in all the universe. Consequently: the desire to find it, lifts our soul, beyond this world. Love is a destiny, which means: we are tied as one, into the essence of life itself, as does arise “because of you”.  The critical meaning of this life/ the purpose of our humanity:   is to determine who can rise above themselves, to inherit the essence of love, through its elemental participation as truth. Those who can, find and a ccept trust;  because it is the price required of you to receive eternal life.  Our reality is Not a life without meaning/ but a living, that extends beyond freedom and joy, to become everything life itself can be.  To pass by, the elements that are less than life by truth:  means we have ascended into the essence of trust.  Thereby our teacher, will then be: GOD HIMSELF!  Found within the reality called soul.

Some will say: there cannot be an eternity/ just look at the body after death! The divide is simple: there is NO eternity for a human body/ but that does not mean, the essence and identity of our lives, as is the recognition of our existence, as created by thought, cannot go on. Thought is a participant in energy. Energy is a directional element, created by laws disciplined through force. Wherever there are laws which cannot be undone/ there are opportunities “for eternity”. While physical energy exists through its results/ the laws that construct the existence of  energy itself; which is not physical by form. Is not regulated by time.  Energy is the expression of change:  change is the recognition of existence.  Wherever time,  as is the destruction of elements:  does not exist/ there is the potential for eternity. Wherever speeds, or actions & potentially other concepts of law are so extreme, that no reaction can exist. There is room for eternity. The critical destiny is thought:  the recognition of existence does not extend without, or past thought. The critical path within thought, is an acceptance of truth. You cannot attain anything without truth/ therefore it must rule. Life, as is living;  begins with thought/ our lives as a body or mind;  begin with “programmed thought”.  Which we inherit (I did not earn this) as we grow into “being alive”; the reality of a body. Growing alive in spirit (the essence and elevation of truth), is an alteration of that, which applies your own “programming” to achieve the destiny you chose/ rather than simply being human.  When you ask of life, what is “the meaning of this”? The answer replies, beyond the elements of existence itself, there is love:  “I desire a friend, defined by trust, and created by desire”! So then the question becomes: what is love, that it gives to life its meaning?
Love, changes the shape of our soul/ into the formations that become our home. Love dances with eternity, because it opens the door, where everything lives as truth through life. Without truth, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no real love. Therefore trust becomes the path/ while truth establishes a door. Therefrom our heart understands: the passage between now and eternity, is the relationship we shape as our own identity revealed. “This, is who I am”!  Time is a friend, that provides the possibilities which will change or shape our existence; into what we can conceive of. Thought refrains from control, because it is our humanity that then decides the passage we are willing to take; in this life. Thought establishes a direction, if you accept it.  While destiny creates “the moments we share”:  I walked here, searching for you.  Destiny conceives, but only love walks through the door, to shape & become “a home, because of you”. That purpose lives, to wash our soul with happiness. That desire constructs the order of our lives,  and the disciplines which shape our existence.  The balance of living, which shares life itself, and the essence of where our thoughts shall travel: are disciplines created by order.  Peace exists, for those who “clean their heart”.
The difference between humanity and life, is a brain. The reality of a brain is, this physical restriction/ this message of time passing: grants movement, and every physical miracle we share with body. That is love exhibited in us/ as the truth, “body and mind are a gift, this didn’t need to be so”. GOD our CREATOR did care, about us. Within that reality, there is the potential for soul.  Life creates the boundary standing, between time and eternity.  Our desire for a relationship with GOD, “opens the door”!
Some will say: there is no god! This is only “dust to dust”/ without anything else. But they have no sense:   reality proves,  “eyes, or ears, or feelings, or touch, or all the rest that becomes our connection with life in time”/ is at its core, the evidence   GOD  exists.

These things are not accidents, “like the witch doctors” of evolution say.  Rather, Everything that exists, is clearly and without doubt: designed by thought.  Nothing else;   in evidence before the very first motion of life here existed/ can be identified as a Creator. Because life is more, “than just one thing”/ complexity is certain.  Every aspect of living, proves Life requires more, than just you; to survive; that alone proves evolution is a liar.

The building process called DNA is being mutilated, because of evolution;  which means defeating lies, is important.  The priests of evolution who insist, we can mutilate everything/ and play god without interference:   because no matter what we do, “evolution will fix it, in a billion years or so”. How can you be so blind/ to accept, or allow your children to be taught: such a disease.  Just another lie, of pandemic proportions.  Even your robots prove them wrong: without some reference to a cognitive process (computers)/ there is no motion or ability, “only rocks”.   Shame on you, for such extreme stupidity;  adaption is merely the evidence of “perfect design”/ and nothing less.



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