Fundamental within all male dominated ways, are the realities which concede the future, “to WHAT DO YOU WANT”! Within that environmental sewage, are the leaders whose job it is to find “half-truths, by which the people can believe”. Never fully recognizing the consequences, or even considering anything but want, as the lie they will serve. If you don’t want/ then you don’t lie. There is no need.
Functionally, the consequences of pride form “the death squad” of male domination. Pride demands a game, and a game makes pride real, by proving who can be “the winner”/ and as their consequence, who is deemed a loser. Its called a death squad, because this simple element of human behavior is responsible for massive complications, murder, mayhem, and destruction.
Selfishness rounds out the big three; as the literal decision NOT to include any other life as important, or equal to you. Thereby judgment arises, and rules are made to destroy justice, life, government, or other realities of living, in society.
Lust creates a tension that destroys male and female relationships, causing an endless lie: “I want you/ when in fact, I merely want your body”. Therefrom tearing apart every element of trust most will experience.

The extreme disease of university, destroys life by building massive open graves from which their open pandemic stories arise to infect life. Media is used to spread the mutilated and dangerous manure, thereby causing an epidemic of failure, fantasies, and delusions. Such things as evolution to bring us all into chaos, by the worship of their religious god (all bow down to mutilation as your builder of life). A bigger disease of unproven slop, woven with the scrounge of theft, lies, and pure intentional deceit, does not exist. The biggest threat, so far beyond terrorism, that the only word which fits is “SATAN”/ is a theory. This ten million degree fire, as does obviously burn atomic bonds; “Will just extinguish itself”. Thereby gambling every single life on earth, because they want as leaders, and as people pretending to be god; to solve a problem, without changing any human behavior. Men want, what they want; therefore they declare war. War against nature, planet, environment, oceans, oxygen, food, water, every species, every chain of living, every ecological reality of our existence: is another literal proof, “only SATAN” could conceive of this. A religious word or not, it truly does fit.

So the world has come to its ending of days, because man has literally declared war upon everything associated with life/ even causing the distinct attack on each other, that is the counterfeiting of every single dollar, on this planet. To take, and destroy, everything they war against. They must, because nature has to die, to prove they are gods of destruction/ as is the reality of what they choose to do; with the aid of governments. Pandemic’s are coming, because geneticists (they, the witch doctors’ of evolution will prove chaos rules) and others (who could not relinquish their pride, want or selfishness); by their new name; “death maggots”/ made it so. Death will surround us, because man and his universities chose it. But only if, we do not die first in the incineration event of a solar system; because that, is what man and his universities chose as well. But hey, even if we pass by these two; every form of HELL (We are lost, and will not survive) on earth/ every form of ARMAGEDDON on earth (nature in chaos)/ and every form of an APOCALYPSE (there shall be endless war, every man for himself. With absolute cannibalism to the end, including the drinking of blood, because water will be rare). All because men and their universities chose it, instead of accepting there will be limits and realities and choices made by truth instead of want, pride, power, or selfishness. You face horrors, and the road back from this abyss is long and hard; consequently, you pretend and believe anything you want/ by refusing truth.

Nonetheless, I will NOT surrender all hope, but retain a last one percent acceptance; until the end is here, that some may choose life, instead of tragedy, extermination, and chaos.
So we begin again, to search for solutions that have merit: instead of just want, as is the foundation of all male desire. Instead of pride, power, lust, and selfishness as is the purpose of male domination, beyond survival.

The coming ignition event, which burns the entire planet as a sun; is based upon a critical knowledge, that we CANNOT continue as we are. It is simple and plain/ but no one want to surrender anything they desire as “a rich life”/ so they lie. That lie constructs a fantasy, that we can bring the same fire here as is on the sun; and control it, even though the sun itself is completely engulfed by the fire. To believe that, another lie is constructed, to make it seem plausible: that a ten million degree fire, “is just the combining of two hydrogen atoms into helium”. A bigger known lie, does not exist; because this one ends a solar system. Where is the helium? Not a single solitary person does not know how to conceive of “if the sun is making helium with every btu/ THEN THERE MUST BE ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF HELIUM spread around the universe”. It has to be EVERYWHERE; because there is known fire, and it is beyond massive! Helium is one of the rarest elements in the universe. Your scientists know it/ and so does your media. Your leaders are far too proud to consider themselves wrong; the belong to the cult of university knows. As with every cult: “it is against their law” to question a ruler, or its priest. After all, they just gamble with everything; why should that be questioned? The courts from least to greatest, say absolutely not/ proving anarchy against democracy itself. But none care, because greed rules this earth; as is the reality of man in motion.

We start with the truth: ALMOST NOTHING, of what the university has provided for life on earth is sustainable, or wise. Which means it will be torn down as truth reveals reality instead of “witchcraft”. Change MUST COME/ or no matter what humanity does, prays, or believes; life on earth will soon be over. That is the reality of failure, by a university diploma: ARE THEY NOT “THE LEADERS”? The people who chose our reality in this day? The consequence of their disgrace is: they absolutely refuse an investigation of their work, their theft, their treason. But then who would not, given the reality of criminal conduct forming the consequence; beyond terrorists, are here! The evidence: Beyond liars, thieves, swindlers, traitors, and whore’s (only greed matters), and HELL; surrounds us all.

Nonetheless; in the same way as I have had to change from male domination of life/ to the demand, “let spiritual female rule”; so that this message can be delivered to you. Only war was left in me, as strictly male; and it lingers, even though I know it cannot help you. Therefore You will surrender the future, to let women try/ BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DO WORSE! Because they are truly and without exception; different, than men.
As to energy and the consequence of what humanity does: as with all things, there must be a mix from old and new/ proving even though extreme tragedies exist because of university; we still CANNOT dismiss them entirely. What has value must remain/ what is little more than fantasy or threat, SHALL be exterminated. Or made to understand, no more of this, at the cost of your life, by torture.
We will demand energy in our future; current methods consume enormous amounts of oxygen and resources, causing extreme pollution; and it honestly cannot go on. Therefore, when every situation is insulated to the best of our ability, every reality of completely unnecessary is banished. Such as trains which sit and idle for more than five minutes. When every person is made to realize, they cannot have more than what is fair to the future, as well as themselves. When work is a walking distance away, and reality serves the community instead of power and greed. Then we have begun. Nuclear plants will be used, because the amount of damage to this planet will not allow us the oxygen to breathe unless they are. Critical design changes/ elemental reductions in size are required/ building under lakes, so that there will never be a water shortage when needed/ altering designs to allow safer methods/ and a deliberate evaluation of depositing non-explosive amounts of radioactive materials shall be placed on the ocean bottom where tectonic plates meet. So they can be “consumed by the earth”. And down the deep holes, where oil, etc is removed; thereby creating a depository; preferably under thousands of feet of ocean, and soil. Every weapon of mass destruction will be disassembled; the bomb materials made safe as possible. Every chemical factory that is not absolutely essential; will end its operations. Every chemical factory that is considered essential, SHALL be moved to extreme isolation; where few will be hurt in the event of a tragedy. Money SHALL NOT rule this earth. Truth and realities that are essential to life and happiness will be pursued as our answer. The list is far too long to be written, particularly when you are nearly extinct already. Look around, it can’t be so? Really, take another look at the sun: your universities, courts, leaders, media, and others have agreed “LETS ALL BRING THAT HERE”! Never mind reality or truth, we want it/ “For just one second”, before absolute horror grips your heart, mind, and destroys your soul. “Just the beginning of it all”. Believe it on not, no second chances/ because the evidence itself, does not lie.  You can’t do this over/ just like you can’t stop the mutilation of nature, once it is plain and simple TOO DAMN LATE.


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