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Each Year over 73,000,000 Sharks are slaughtered for their fins.

where is the future?

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potash in particular, is a fertilizer that will run out soon.

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DON’T tell me nothing I don’t want to know/ I absolutely refuse to be involved.


DON’T interfere with my life: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and I don’t want nothing, you have to say.


DON’T explain NOTHING: I like my excuses just fine/ and I AIN’T going to accept NO responsibility for nothing, but what I want.


DON’T ask me to participate: I GOT MORE than enough to do for myself/ I WANT MORE, not less: get away.


DON’T TELL ME, that men are about to destroy our world/ I BELIEVE in the university, and they wouldn’t DO nothing; to risk our lives.


DON’T TELL ME, that GOD would allow the destruction of this planet/ I WON’T believe that;   because its just too extreme.  Even though it is a prophecy of the bible/ etc.


DON’T TELL ME, about experiments so extreme our lives, our everything including every child CAN BE EXTERMINATED!  I WON’T believe you/   nobody is that stupid, to risk every life on earth.


DON’T tell me, the world will die if we don’t stop extreme experimentation:    Because I “am going to heaven”!  Even though you did absolutely NOTHING, to save   THIS ENTIRE CREATION from extinction.  Because that is what men are doing: every threat, “entirely human fault”.


DON’T feed me no damn evidence/ because I don’t care: the university is “our god”.  They are “saviors”/ cause medicine is great.  Even though it medicine is ninety percent antibiotics; and university decisions; have now, all but made antibiotics extinct. A proven fact, that not only removes medicine from our future/ but has made every disease much more aggressive.


DON’T TELL ME, that the media, leaders, and university gods; are LETTING OUR LIVES be threatened:   HELL, they blew up an atomic bomb.  And we didn’t all die from that!  Which simply means:   they are trying to kill us all/ with something, or the question would not be asked.  When you can no longer say:  “they didn’t kill us  all yet”!  Explain to yourself, exactly what that means.


DON’T ask me to communicate NOTHING/ cause anything important, will be told to us by the media, our leaders, our university gods.  I DON’T CARE, what the evidence states/ NO amount of evidence matters:   because “I am a believer”.  As is true of all cults:  questioning the authority, with real world consequences,  is NOT allowed.  Or more simply, as in all religious fervor:  “just believe we will tell you anything, you need to know”.


DON’T ASK ME TO THINK for myself/ I ain’t going to do it: because the damn smart ass’s of this world “talk to damn good”/ and can run over me as if I wasn’t even there.  ONLY a gun matters, when the talking is over:  when they failed, and cannot hide in words anymore/ THEN its my turn, with bullets.


DON’T speak to me about duty to life: I DON’T HAVE ANY/ AND I don’t want any.  I am the only one important to me.  Who fights for me, Who gives me anything but hate?  I want what I want;  and nothing else.


DON’T speak to me about NO damn child:   I WANT what I want, to hell with them/ because I don’t have NOTHING left to give.  Let them fight for themselves/ even though our world will end, before they can.


DON’T tell me this world has to change/ CHANGE means: I DON’T get what I want, the DAMN game is over.  I don’t want that:   I AM “going to win”/ leave us alone.


DON’T YOU DARE tell me to investigate, and let the evidence prove what is true!  I DON’T GIVE A DAMN what the evidence says.  I WANT, WHAT I WANT/ and I don’t want NOTHING else!  So shut the hell up.


DON’T interfere with my life, DON’T tell me the truth about money, DON’T explain threats, or responsibility, or the fact everything we need to survive is being destroyed.  I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT.  I DON’T want to know it.  I don’t want to believe it/ THEREFORE I will hide behind ignorance and fear.  So I can pretend, “it ain’t my fault”/ just because I didn’t do nothing for life on earth:  I HAVE an excuse!  So DON’T tell me NOTHING!      “Good luck with that”!


DON’T you tell me eternity knows, “what I did or did not do” for all life on earth!  IT AIN’T MY RESPONSIBILITY/ and I don’t give a damn.  I want, what I want: PERIOD.   I want MORE/ not less;  and I sure as hell don’t want no damn duty or responsibility.


DON’T tell me, that I have to do something even to survive/ I WANT MY MONEY/ I WANT my pride, power, selfishness, greed and everything else I sacrificed my life, or any other for.  I WANT IT!   Leave me alone, OR, for the religious:   I BELIEVE, therefore   GOD    Has to do all the work/ to stop humanity from killing this entire planet.  It ain’t my job.  I,  AIN’T GOING TO DO NOTHING!  And you can’t make me.  Eternity and forgiveness are FREE;   just say a name or two, and they have to give it to me/  “ain’t that what religion preaches”?  Its pretty damn close!

DON’T help me understand/ DON’T help me do nothing/ DON’T teach me nothing/ DON’T EXPLAIN OR PROVE the lies, cheating, stealing, etc!  DON’T SHOW ME NO EVIDENCE!  I don’t like it.  I WANT TO BELIEVE;  “WHATEVER I want to believe”!   Damn you, for interfering with MY truth.  I want what I want/ because these lies can benefit me!  Don’t you wreck my game.


DON’T change my belief/ religion is all the god I need: TO HELL with TRUTH!  I want what I want; and that includes ANYTHING I want to believe.  Truth does not matter/ neither does the evidence: because I don’t care.


DON’T hold up a mirror to my belief/ don’t you dare tell me what is wrong!  I want what I want, and that don’t mean anything more than, what I say it means!  I am god.  To hell with you.


DON’T trespass over here!  We are what we are/ and we don’t NEVER intend to change.  Not for nothing, this world hasn’t changed/ this world cannot be threatened: “its been here forever”.  Even though nearly 8 billion people are a true and distinct change; now threatening everything:   PLUS all the rest.


THE UNIVERSITY KNOWS “EVERYTHING”/ they are god, and NOT to be questioned.  Certainly not, by anyone like you.  Certainly not, by any damn truth or evidence regardless of merit.  BECAUSE WE, “are believers”.  Just like the media tell us: “they are the experts”.  So just because;  all the evidence points to extermination: it is YOU that must be wrong!  Because they are “gods”/ our saviors/ and our pals.  They cannot be questioned, or refused;   period!   You, on the other hand: we don’t like!  Good/ bad/ or indifferent: we DON’T CARE, about you/ or anything we don’t want.  Just go away.



          On the other side of all these excuses is:   throughout courtroom cases brought by James Frank Osterbur, both state and federal.  No legal argument has been lost by me: unfortunately, I cannot stand against corruption, collusion, and conspiracy alone/ it is useless.  I lost every case by “frivolous lies”!   No “expert, or other” has surmounted the evidence I present; they cannot prove otherwise. Therefore media keeps silent (the university is god/ right or wrong;  they are god)!    Because the bribes are “so extensive”:  the reality we want it all, so extreme.  They all, “follow the leader”.  Continuing;   No biblical scholar has refuted my interpretation of prophecy; they fear me instead, “its their job, their position and authority (money/ power/ pride/etc), they fear at risk”.  Refusing the reality:   our whole world is now threatened!   No person, has offered any argument of substance: they have all been defeated/ or walked away fighting with their delusions.   ALL humanity hides, “with extremely few exceptions” .  Believing “they will wait and see”/ if the truth of this experiment does in fact:   IGNITE OUR WORLD ON FIRE.  Even recognizing that “is the end of our world”.  Because they don’t want change/ they want what they want.  Or more correctly:  they are a cult, believing in the religion of “university knows”.

The adults of today are simple:  They don’t want to return everything stolen, even though they knew, it was.  They don’t want to protect the children, I want what I want MORE.  They don’t want less, than everything they throw in the garbage.   Even though it is necessary for this planet: as is so clearly proven by the evidence/ the result, your children will die.  Or more simply, the vast majority  of elders, beyond number:   WANT ONLY WHAT THEY WANT/ they all demand MORE, refusing responsibility.

Even when confronted with extermination as a world.  Regardless of the fact:   a ten million degree fire, that obviously burns atomic bonds for fuel/ CANNOT be extinguished.  Once ignition is accomplished: this planet, and its every single life form:  ends forever.  Not even that is enough to say: STOP THIS!  Which can only mean: instead of truth for life/ they DO worship “university knows” as a cult.  Fully involved as worshipers, and completely over-running their lives:  the adult worships consumption, more than life.  Thinking IS NOT allowed/ RIGHTS are not allowed/ common sense is NOT allowed/ reality is dismissed along with truth, and respect is a distant memory:   INSTEAD, only “believe”.  Like every religious cult, that ever existed. Reality doesn’t matter/ so the university says.  Not even a ten million degree fire; or energy so extreme it cannot be denied:  THEY ARE,    “GAMBLING WITH EVERY LIFE ON EARTH”!  Simple and plain.  No second chances.    Ignition:  Just once/ and even this solar system will be destroyed.  Beyond insane;   can only mean “SATANIC:  or its meaning/  destroyers of life and world”.          Think for yourself, or die.  Stop insanity and beyond or die.  Accept disciplines, balance, order, respect, assemble and investigate for truth;   or die.   It’s your choice.


The simple statement from me is: I DON’T WANT THIS EITHER/ threats everywhere!   But what I want, has absolutely nothing to do with the evidence of what will happen, in the near future:   when all these threats come to fruition.  You CANNOT turn back a hurricane, etc: just because you don’t want the reality to be true.  What is true, WILL rule the day.  Because lies, only multiply disaster, and hardship.  Is that not true?  Is it not true, that extreme energy experiments intentionally trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun.  CAN BRING US THAT FIRE!   The university says they will do it.  Therefore the only question is:   “Will that ten million degree fire extinguish itself”?  We melt steel, at three thousand degrees!  “See the difference”?  IT IS, “the fire” which produces solar gravity.



At the other end of human existence are the people who say: “I CAN’T do nothing/ no one listens to me, I don’t have any money, I don’t have any authority, I don’t have ANYTHING”.  I can’t do it. The others will just ridicule me forever/ and I won’t even have any friends left at all.  I have to be, what people allow me to be!                 Or, they want to escape, “don’t look at me”/ I won’t risk NOTHING.  Or they want to hide, in religion or other: “nothing can get me here”! Or, people just say:  “I want everything/ I won’t pay nothing”; and I expect that to remain forever, “a free gift”/ without the burden of respect.  I want HAPPY/ I will buy it.  I want EVERYTHING/ I don’t want responsibility: I refuse, EVEN though all life on earth is at risk.  I simply want, what I want; “sex/ work/ marriage/ money/ whatever:   “just too busy”,  even to stop a world of life, from being destroyed.  I want only what I want, and more:   for me! Let someone else.

While parts and pieces of this are functionally true, and substantial: the reality of every life on this planet, hangs in the balance.  Because of  absolutely stupid experiments which threatens to burn or destroy:  you, your child, your future, NATURE, and even this planet: “ IS THAT NOT,   your forever”.   None have a choice, according to leaders, media, courts, etc!  Is this world not worth the price, “to say NO, we cannot let this experiment, or any like it; to go on”?  To demand:  We cannot let anyone do these things, the risk of extermination is too high/ YOU HAVE NO LEGAL RIGHT.   Or, more simply:   We HAVE rights!     

             That is a choice.  That is a reality: that puts every single individual on trial.   ARE YOU, or are you NOT; going to fight for this world?    As best you can!   Simple and plain, it’s a choice, even you can and will make.  Life needs us all!


OR, MORE SIMPLY:   If you believe, and accept, “that you CAN’T DO ANYTHING”/ for any reason or cause at all.  At this time, on this earth:   when the evidence does prove;  that we are facing extinction as a planet/ without any doubt whatsoever.  I say to you: don’t prepare for a life, or an eternity you want/ because it is not coming.   We are all Facing Death for this planet, and you are missing in action/ a deserter, and a fool!  There is no place to hide or escape: from a ten million degree fire.  I DO suggest, and even guarantee:   there are consequences for that! Even eternal ones.

There are NO EXCUSES.   Only death/ but NOT, by suicide: that too is desertion of your duty to give something back, for your life.  Anything less means: YOU CAN do something, and you must.  Our world is threatened.


The foundation here is VERY simple: “I can be wrong/ even though the evidence is near absolute”.  The worst that will happen, particularly with the extreme light infrastructure is: you don’t die.  ON THE OTHER SIDE: the worst that will happen, particularly with the extreme light infrastructure an energy rating of 1 x 10 to the 54th power/ or 3 million of the largest lightning strikes possible all hitting the same place at the same time is:   our planet turns into a sun: FIRE/ beyond comprehension.   “You know, what that means”!  The fact this reality exists:  the reality we are so threatened/    is nothing less than “SATANIC”.    Which does in fact mean: a humanity driven by failure, fantasy, and fools:  to destroy itself.

            A VERY real possibility; PROVEN true.


          I, have given my life in time:   because of all these threats.  Because respect for life itself, DEMANDS this is a duty first reality. 

          This is “like a whisper in the dark” (not allowed to tempt, manipulate, control, etc).  It is reality of life itself, by the composition of truth: that does touch or reach out for your heart & soul.  Respect demands:    Without   GOD   we are dead!  Therefore, HE IS LISTENING   ‘To you”; and will decide if we live or die based upon YOUR decisions: as humanity on earth.   Can you hear your soul, it is important?  There are NO second chances:   this is “judgment day”, for all life on earth.  So says the evidence of life or death for our planet!


Because that is what humanity caused!  Life or death, is about truth and its consequences: the failure to respect reality!  The horrifying risks being made by humanity especially through their universities, are beyond comprehension to life.  They are literally trying to kill this earth, with fantasy, delusion, and outright hate.  Make your decision to understand these threats.  Make your decision NOT to gamble with life.  Make your decision to participate with nature/ thereby balancing truth with need, as responsible citizens of earth.  Or complete failure will overtake us all; as is so obviously happening right now.  Past the point of no return/ it doesn’t matter what you do: “it does become simply TOO LATE”.  Past the point of ignition for a fire just like on the sun; is the end of life/ absolutely sure.  They try, to ignite that fire every single day, at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in San Francisco.  They can succeed/ but they will never extinguish a ten million degree fire/ on a planet, where everything is fuel.  You cannot doubt.  Therefore communicate, work, and do the best YOU can do.  How is that not “simple and plain”!  There are more heinous threats.


RECOGNIZE AS WELL; that you are free to make any decision you wish, it is your life!  I am not threatening you in any way!  The people who are threatening you, all do have a university diploma; except for over-population. That is your fault too!  Reality presents us, with the evidence that will NOT be escaped/ by any fantasy: our world of humanity,   requires true change.  They elders refuse reality/ because they say “we are too old, to change things now”: that would mean we have nothing.  We CAN’T do it/ we won’t!  They will not help you: they want what they want, and they absolutely DON’T want to pay for tragedies or realities caused.  Those who refuse to protect life, deny its need and its consequences, or more simply refuse to accept truth, fail to respect reality or won’t choose according to duty.  Our reality demands, LIFE MUST ALWAYS COME FIRST!  FAILURE MEANS,   YOU,  have “Become an enemy”, they want what they can no longer have.  There are: No more games to be played: too much destruction has occurred.  We must choose for life first:  to repair/ recycle/ and rebuild and MUCH MORE.

Those who refuse to communicate, ALL these threats; that we are facing:  the “extermination of our world”! SHALL indeed receive their reward. It is horrific, because an entire world was not more important than;   just you!  That is a threat from life itself, from our reality/  it is not from me. I have no such power!  I am “merely the messenger: I simply accepted the job to communicate the need for change, the tragedies coming/ and did the work”. What you expected from such a description, is absolutely irrelevant. What you believe is equally irrelevant.  Only what is true shall decide our future:      life or death, for this planet.  Because you tore apart “the middle ground”/ when nature can no longer support us.  We must now support and defend nature, life, and environment: with fervor/ NOT weapons, beyond “simple and plain”.  We, as a humanity without respect:   are now the enemy of nature.  We, are the problem causing extinction. We, are nearing 8 billion people: each one in need of at least one pound of food a day/ plus water and resources. Every day, 8 billion pounds of “life food”, from nature; to keep us alive;  “everyone wanting one hundred years”.  Think about it, and understand “I want MORE” is obsolete.  The demand now is:   do you want life itself, are you willing to accept responsibility for every child, every life/ or not.  Because your excess want, without balance;  has nearly destroyed us all.

YOUR world/ this world, is about to go extinct. So says the evidence, make your decision: support life for this world,  as is absolutely certain, to be necessary.  That is,  A choice that is in your hands, not mine!  I can only support the desire: to live with respect for our planet and ALL its life.  Just like you, this is one individual at a time;   all of us fighting together/ or none of us matter at all.

Instead of wanting everything you can fantasize about; as did your parents.   The only chance to sustain life on this earth has become:   THINK, IDENTIFY TRUTH, ACCEPT REALITY, UNDERSTAND NEED, SHARE, because we will war otherwise; CARE, because there is no chance otherwise.   And RESPECT this CREATION, or it will disappear forever.  As is so evident with energy experiments gambling all life on earth.  As is so evident with genetic mutilation of nature itself.  As is so evident with resource loss/ extinction/ environmental change/ hate; and a whole lot more.  Everything predicted in the bible about tragedy and horror:   stands at the door/ believe it or not.  The evidence is real.  Accepting YOU MUST THINK: before the consequences overwhelm you all/ is real.  Or you are lost, forever.  I truly wish, it were not so!  But just like you, “wishing is absolutely irrelevant”/ what we do, or do not do: decides our future forever.


Your choice is:             Change or die.

Believe it or not.  Truth/ therefore life:  is not a game/ it is our future, our demand,  to remain alive!


This world has changed; it is not nature providing for us anymore/ because we couldn’t kill it.  Today, with nearing 8 billion people all demanding more everyday: we are killing nature.  THINK, about what that means/ and do better.  Then remember all the HELL, that a university diploma can, and does today mean.  They can aid in happiness too: IT’S A DECISION!   But without doubt, that decision is extermination; at this moment in time.  Their delusions are too severe/ lack of respect, responsibility, reality, truth, and everything else of value:  ARE in evidence.

My own dad, survived his fears about all these threats; by assuming “just because the supreme court failed life”.  Therefore “safe”:  I must be wrong.  He was also a believer in “the idea, called: united states of America”.   And, We can’t all be wrong!  But lets look at the facts, just for “One second”.  Who among you understands “physics/ genetics/ resource realities across this world/ or more”?  The answer is, “nobody cares, until tragedy CAN’T be denied”.   So everybody assumes “the university knows, and would NEVER do anything to harm us”.  Therefore: “their decision is our decision”;  Isn’t that true?  Everybody believes:    the media would tell us everything we need to know:  “this is america”  isn’t that true?  They wouldn’t be traitors:   this is america & we are GREAT.

Reality however proves:   that experimentation without knowledge is always at risk!  Do you disagree?  The university has NO KNOWLEDGE of what exists within the sun/ “just stories”.  They have proven themselves wrong, by experimentation,  at the NIF facility in San Francisco; regarding “the fire on the sun is   just fusion: combining hydrogen into helium”.   They present:  a dozen or more excuses that absolutely refuse all the known physical laws of this universe/ as their evidence.  Reality doesn’t fit their want/ so they ignore it.  They want, what they want!  Things like, “the sun is made of hydrogen (the least dense gas known)/ and yet they claim: the sun is the densest object in our solar system: because planets revolve around it.  They do, because of what happens inside an atomic fire.  They assume gravity is not sufficient on earth, so the fire will just extinguish itself.  FAILING to understand, it is the fire itself; that not only produces this gravity, but uses it to dig into the rock, that is our sun.  Evidence and laws:  are Refuting much more, all of which I have provided in clear and simple language.  Still you hang on to your belief’s:   even though they have already proven themselves wrong.  With our world hanging in the balance of that delusion.

None the less; lets look at media:   you are bankrupt/ they know it, I told them years ago.  The proof is absolute/ the gold in fort Knox is gone/ and everything you believe about your numbers is wrong.  Because according to federal reserve accounting table L.5 the counterfeiting is over $90,000.00 per one hundred million people per year.  Spent in your name as inflation, hidden by debts which cannot be paid: and simple lies/ cheating/ and stealing.  Given to foreigners, who look around you:   are now invading this nation to dispossess us all from the land.  They have your money, counterfeited or not/ and they can buy;  because YOU cannot compete with these numbers or those who counterfeit continually and spend as “employees of government”.  Media did not/ and does not tell you anything, and they do know.  Is this NOT something of interest, that you need to know?   It is missing, like so much more!   The MEDIA not only does not care/ THEY HIDE realities, “with propaganda and expertise”.  Like a magician, “they distract you, from reality”.   They refuse, “to let you,  Wake up or die”.  Reality now turns to the individual:   it’s your choice/ investigate your world, or accept the consequences.       Wrong is a dead world!

Remember this as well:   I ask of you ONLY, “TO INVESTIGATE, AND FIND WHAT IS TRUE”!  Letting that reality govern the future/ because we must, its not a choice.  We are just too many people, for any other way.  Remembering TO GAMBLE WITH LIFE, OR PLANET/ means YOU CAN LOSE IT ALL!  FOREVER.

If you continue, completely discarding RESPECT:     YOU WILL lose everything.  It’s a guarantee!


As for me: the opportunity for this work, was created through my parents, and myself; a joint effort in simple realities of time itself.  A SIMPLE physical existence.  As to this work,  Nobody helps me ever/ not with anything, regarding this work.  Except the limited work, involving internet usage (I am grateful/ but I also “provide gifts”) in exchange.

I have a severe case of tinnitus (ear damage).  Without that disability, it is possible and even likely; that I too might have been less committed to this work; for life.  Consequently, as bad as it is/ there has been a benefit.  I cannot save you/ but I have proven to be “your friend”;  even though you don’t want that.  The reality of your own position in time is also “DAMAGED”/ by what has been done.  It won’t do you any good to find fault/ but it is absolutely necessary: to remove “university knows” from the darkness (we don’t know what they do)/ into the light of day.  So you can see what is real.  Some of it has value!  But, Without respect for life, those hiding from reality:   will prove,  you are dead too, simple and plain; its not a guess.  So says the evidence!  Even if you don’t like it/ reality will prove what is true: because today, the damage done is very extensive, and will require you, “like me”/ to remain committed to the work of rebuilding for all life.  For decades to come/ or,  failure is essentially suicide.  Make your decision/ because it will be one or the other; for every life on earth.  Like it or not.  Believe it or not;   because only truth itself, will decide.  You are drowning in lies; find a life preserver/ DEMAND TRUTH, AND IDENTIFY REALITY!  Every child depends on you, as does every future child, and every other form of living creation on this planet.            Is that “enough” for you to commit: TO LIFE?

The time of trial exists:   your decision decides!

Life OR death, for this world.  No second chances.


In summary:   I am certainly NOT what you expected!  The constant:   “where is our gods, at university knows”.  Answer: “killing you”.   I am certainly NOT what the religious expected either:   he is NOT “like us”/ therefore he is a threat.  Rather like the priests in “JESUS day”, wouldn’t you say?  They didn’t want change either.

Regardless;   even if not “good at it”/ I HAVE proven to be adequate for the job, “of telling you, without true change this entire planet and every life on it; is literally going to die/ SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE.  Because when you gamble with the planet, or nature, or needs, or realities beyond your control, or all the rest: YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL LOSE!    Even everything, because that is what you are betting, through “your university experts”.  Its not a game/ go find out what happens:   when they prove themselves    WRONG.

WAKE UP, or die.  But make no mistake: you are free to make these decisions for yourselves/ but you are not capable of stopping the consequences, or repairing the damage, or contesting the fire, or controlling genetics/ pandemic’s/ extinction/ or anything else; past the point of no return. Without resources, “you are dead as well”.  All of it:    Coming soon, to a world you live on.  Simple and plain!


There is no bigger fool, than those who risk a planet/ or nature/ or everything we need to survive.  There is no greater abomination ever conceived: than bringing the same fire as is on the sun here to this earth. There is absolutely NO experiment of substance or value; to be done with the extreme light infrastructure: it is “simply a match”.  One strike, and you’re all dead.   Yet media, the courts, your leaders, the university, your religion, and most of you:  REFUSE to communicate any of that to you/ or others.  Nope, not a word, except:    “Praise the university: BELIEVE, they are god”!  A bigger worse cult/ never existed.  So says the evidence: of impending death to our whole world, everything.  Believe it or not.

But then “you, just want what you want”/ isn’t that right.  Or reality does not matter: isn’t that so?  Kind of like “Hiroshima”; just before the bomb. Or perhaps you recognize Chernobyl instead?  The tsunami!  Well, “that can’t happen again”; after all, “the university is in charge”, and like all the infrastructure, money, and everything else in America, including our democracy, courts, etc.  What could go wrong:  “the university knows”?   Or more correctly, FOREVER WRONG, is an absolute!  Good thing “eternity doesn’t care”/ right?

Just for the religious:   WHY, would     GOD, CREATOR OF THIS WORLD;    Be upset with you/ even though you did absolutely nothing, to preserve or protect    HIS WORLD?   Answer the question/ do you think it “won’t come up”?  This is just about every living creature on this planet/ even the solar system itself; because another sun, WILL cause it to collapse.   Now why, would that be important?  Hum, isn’t life just a game?

Bet everything/ lose everything: how can you doubt! How can you doubt: that mutilating genetic nature, will result in chaos/ “that’s what they do, EVERYDAY”, in worship of their religion called “evolution”.  Destroyed, as in Armageddon?  No problem, “evolution will fix it, in a billion years or so”:  HELL, what could be wrong with that.   Stop being so damn stupid/ you do deserve to die.  Shame on you.   WAKE UP.



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