The most massive influence over society in the last hundred years, has been a university education. Or, more deliberately “listen to me/ do what I say” & we can change this world!

So they have changed our world. Lets review: the realities that did change our world/ NOT necessarily from a university environment; because these are real world changes. Finding methods to feed plants (fertilizer), has distinctly changed our experience as humans: we grew more food. The consequence more population, and a better life/ but that does depend upon fertilizers remaining abundant; while potash a primary ingredient is nearly gone. Its disappearance will dramatically diminish output. That fertilizer and associated chemicals have invaded the rivers, lakes, and oceans doing great harm; ending substantial life near all coastal waters.
Finding methods, to reduce weed and insect pressures with chemicals, has caused an increase in food production. It has also reduced farmers and rural communities to a tiny few members who now control everything, and both plot and plan to take the rest. Trillions of gallons of toxic waste are produced every year, used both in city and agriculture: or “we only want, what we want”. No one knows what the leeching of chemicals into the aquifers will do, in the future. The don’t just evaporate/ this is an action, science hides and just plain doesn’t care about the reaction and its consequences: because “big money” is involved. Big money means: we come/ we take/ we leave you to your disaster; because it doesn’t affect us, and we don’t care!
Finding methods, to make livestock farming easier/ the world changed its methods, and now uses antibiotics by the billion ton; to keep this life caged. Without an alternate method available, and there is none at this time: one livestock pandemic is the end of all livestock/ because even if a few survive; humanity cannot wait for a population increase. It can take decades.
Finding methods to make tree harvest quick and simple; the world itself is being decimated of life and forest/ causing massive extinction in countless species ending diversity. And humanity says, “I don’t give a damn/ I want a new car, AND EVERYTHING I can buy, WITH slaves”. The human competition increases, and the oxygen generation by plants and biological creature ends; can’t breathe.
Finding methods to keep humanity alive: we now grow at over 2 million more mouths to feed every single week, worldwide! It is the antibiotic that is responsible/ their failing means; no food/ no surgery/ the end of all notable medicine. The increase in critical diseases, from an irritation to a pandemic plague; because of genetic alterations due to “university knows”. As we continue to eat this entire world, and use garbage, toxic waste, and disrespect to destroy our own future: cannibalism will prevail.
Finding methods; to use and pollute water without ANY regard for the resource, or what it means to run out. A HORRIFIC story of stupidity and destruction; all because “university knows”/ we can change this world. Cities around this world, will soon be dry; the people will move/ the reality is: you can’t come here, we then won’t have enough for ourselves! “We WILL DIE/ or we WILL WAR”.
Finding methods, to Keep ourselves cool in summer/ has meant the air conditioner changed this world. Now instead of summer heat, we have the heat added of electrical generation/ mechanical heat of producing air conditioning/ and accumulated heat of buildings released into the air; causing a planet to become warmer. Melting ice/ changing the dynamics of an entire planet: because all weather is basically generated by heat and cold areas on earth. We add to that automobiles, excessive heating of housing in winter, and more; including the nearly always male behavior of terrorism. Which is now igniting forest fires, “because they are mad, at you”. Alas, it turns out that all “spring rains” so to speak, are generated by water vapors accumulating on plant spores; thereby becoming heavy enough to fall back to earth as rain. Plant vegetation burning, multiplies the effect, “no more rain/ only storms”.
Finding methods, to interfere with every life on earth/ to identify where creatures live, work, and “breathe”; can only mean more devastation. Not to worry though, as always “the university will go measure and weigh the dead”; its what they do, and that is basically all. Its called a job, hiding the much simpler fact: “Help us, kill them all”.
Finding methods, to make war even more severe; killing the entire earth in a wide variety of locations/ destroying, mutilating, ending, hiding the disgrace, and taunting “we can kill you all”. Is a true “man’s world”/ is it not! To win the game/ and then all the losers gather to fight back. And then the destruction, “to give us a job/ and make them pay too”; is historical man! Only the world itself, can no longer pay your price; every failure, is another piece of earth lost.
Finding methods, to propagate lies, fantasies, and delusions/ hiding theft, controlling elections/ counterfeiting money/ and destroying democracy; are just a few of the realities going on in America today, and other places around this world. Stealing the lives of every citizen by destroying their securities as is the money; for nothing more than the fantasies, fears, and failures of a few. Who believe themselves to be “gods (you can’t touch us/ we own it all)”. After all, “want another trillion dollars”/ not a problem, just type it in; and go spend it as if it was real. Who the hell cares, right! Gee, what could go wrong with that? You tell me, it ain’t hard to figure out.
Finding methods, to hide the building and expenditure of intercontinental missiles to deliver warheads/ by claiming, “its for going to the moon”. Was a particularly clever diversion from reality; causing bankruptcy, on both sides of the ocean; but who cares. Adding to that cause by invading Vietnam, in preparation for world war 3; “but hey its just a game/ not even a war”. Isn’t that right?
Finding methods, to steal the business and realities of employment across this USA by propagating “the stock market/ will make you rich”. The pyramid schemes taking America by storm; ending in complete financial devastation. Which then began the collapse of government; because there is no solution but complete bankruptcy, and then everybody starting over/ because the game has ended. Your numbers no longer mean anything; it was all a delusion. But now, the substance and reality of your jobs are also gone. But now, a nation flooded with weapons and with anger; are simply simmering, until the door opens and every man says, “shoot them all/ we can’t trust anyone”. And the blood will flow heavy, and fast.
Finding methods, to consume America itself: which is we the people united. Has become anarchy against us, by invading the courts with rules/ constructing an excuse and a tax deduction for millions (if you got the money, or power)/ giving away the power of business to a tiny few/ controlling the police force, by making them believe we are little more than livestock “its them or us”/ giving elections to counterfeiting buys it all. And so on. But apart from university experiments which are determined to exterminate life on earth/ one of the very worst participation’s of those in government are: dispossessing the entire nation, by creating counterfeit numbers so the entire world can come and buy our property. Throwing us out of our own land. The place we this people built/ even if it was because those who came first, used genocide against the entire Indian population. We cannot roll back the past/ we can only choose our future as best we can. With lies, cheating, stealing, treason, and traitorous acts of blind deceit: our world & our nation are dying. Because people want, what they want; and hell no, I AIN’T spending one damn dime for something I don’t have too. Nothing matters but me/ TODAY, right this damn minute; GET OUT OF MY FACE; you fucking failure; because I ain’t doing NOTHING for life, or nation, or child, or future, or even an entire world!
Simple and plain; YOUR true choices are coming, to prove what reality means. The list is long, and I don’t give a damn to complete it. The picture is obvious, running away won’t help; and that, is all you do! Ain’t that right?


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