The first choice, to redefine our world.

Elements of life indicate, that both quest and question identify the developments of our own existence, and participate in the envelope of society itself. Envelope explains: we are, in this together. Which means we do all, have an equal say by virtue of life itself, which does make us all “equal”/ even though not the same.
The primary quest is a directional venue: because you CANNOT have both love and hate inside, or as an intricate or developed state within your own existence. You must choose one or the other/ because they exist as entirely different environments. Those who try to choose both, and even believe they succeed: live in a lie, because love cannot be hate/ and hate cannot be love, therefore any assertion of the same is a lie. Every lie dies, because only truth can survive eternity, or the test of time. Hate attacks love, because it is “extremely jealous”/ and does not wish to be reminded of all they are not. Thereby the elements of society are dictated by the measure of hate, and the values placed upon love as the “treasury of life itself”. What society gets to live within that environment; is proven by peace, harmony, or war in all its different disguises.
The elemental questions posed by all of life is: WHAT is true happiness/ WHERE does life itself begin/ WHY, do people trade love for hate/ WHEN are the decisions that we make, “closed forever”/ HOW do I ascend into love/ and WHO can survive into eternity? By examining each question, on the basis of “is this for me”!
To examine happiness itself means, “to experience and express” the values which provide true desire, and ultimately the purposes of life itself. Value identifies truth. Desire constructs love. Purpose creates passion. Therefore we begin in the environment of happiness by understanding, “it is a choice”. You cannot do, or have, any of the above relationships with life, without first making a choice to accept the definitions and disciplines which will erect the boundaries of an existence formed within the environment we create within ourselves. Or more simply, the experience of happiness lives because you made it happen inside. Therefore to understand this goal or destiny, it is necessary to begin where balance proves the essence of value is: a reality proven by truth, that subsequently proves the value in me. We build these experiences with order and the structure of a deliberate decision; for love. Those who fail the ascent beyond self/ fall into hate.
Which then brings us to the inevitable wall: that divides self, from life itself. Or more simply, the quest for life itself fails, unless you leave the element of a human body behind. Or more distinctly, the questions which elevate life, beyond time; cannot be developed within a human body/ because it will fail and die.
We then ask again, what is life, and how do we make this life happy? The answer being: life is a discipline elevated by truth, to the essence of existence. That existence is then derived by order, constructed by balance, and structured by the thoughts which give us each one, our individual freedoms called a decision.
Every decision that is developed within the dimensional grace called love, is constructed for the purposes and desires of a value shared with Creation itself. Or more simply, both love and happiness understand and acknowledge: it is “everything” alive, disciplined, and in balance that shares our experience, and expresses the same desire as do we in love. That then makes us happy, because we are then NOT alone/ but alive, with life. Expanding that, to a greater influence, are the differences between man and woman, and their impact, within each other. It is here, that the elements of male and female bind together.
So the question of happiness extends beyond simple self, unto the next stage of development, which is to belong by a relationship: within the elemental thoughts, which can be shared as if one. Man and woman are truly different/ not the same at all; more so, than it is even possible to believe. We are so opposite, in fact; our attraction is like the meeting of “different worlds”. Even though this seems highly unlikely, because we have the same basic beginning: it is true.

The quest, “to feel alive”.
Requires three elements to exist. We must find ourselves in truth, without exception for any lie. We must understand the development of destiny is assigned by thought and the disciplines which anchor that thought within love. We must accept the elevation or ascension of love, is to find life within Creation itself; as this is the pathway, to where we began as an experience which becomes our own expression in time. To be alive reminds us to elevate “our own heart: that which keeps us physically living”/ to be, more than self.
Without exception, to become “more than self” is easier and generally happier: when finding someone of the opposite sex to share that self with. Thereby ending isolation, and accepting balance, order, and discipline; must earn what is beyond this moment in time. These are structures, that means the build the future of your existence. Consequently what you choose, and how you build, and what is available to you as use or abuse; will all play a distinct part in your own journey as well as theirs.
So we ask the question: WHY, is the development of male and female relationships so difficult/ WHY, is their heartbreak and pain. When the opposite, which is joy and peace in our lives; are equally possible! The answer is divided by three separate elements: unless the future is verified as “realistically secured”/ there can be no true happiness until it is. Because we must work for life itself, first! Unless we share the truth of our experience and expression with value respected by each other/ trust will die. Thereby ending the progression of our journey as one. And until the influences of society itself, as in individual or more of the humanities which exchange their own influences on us, and we them; are governed within justice, and shared as equal. The war which is engaged between us all, as in competition, etc; will not end.
That brings us to governmental influences: the right and reason assumed, to be, for “we the people”.
The critical tragedy: “easy, breeds contempt”/ which then causes all variations of hatred to erupt; as reality proves, “these are playing god” with our lives. Thievery erupts, conspiracy “to get mine” follows, corruption is like a disease infecting everything. The end result are lies used to cover deceit and manipulate the population, so as to extend the abuse. Because power knows only pride as a value. Pride is the impetus, for believing you can play god.

Critical truth in government, is not easy/ but law! A law is the assembly of what can and will govern us all: EVERY single one/ no exceptions. WHEREAS rules are specifically made to govern “you”/ the individual, by giving us few, “the power, to make you cry or hate”. Do you see the difference? Grow up, and find it.
Democracy DOES NOT survive in a sewer of lies! Every lie fails, thereby bringing with it all the damage done; resulting in war. That is the “male contribution of history”. Or, we who could/ wanted more; so we made that EASY for ourselves. Which resulted in lies, greed, jealousy, slavery, etc. Which then became WAR, because the masses “felt like, they couldn’t breathe anymore; from the weight of leadership failures”. In America, the failures, fantasy, and foolishness of an entire nation, is represented by a governing group: with their hands tied by the tragedy of what has already been done. Nonetheless at the brink of complete collapse as a nation/ NOBODY wants to pay the price to return truth and reality to our existence. The primary word here is “wants”/ because it is truly not a choice, if we are to survive. Or more distinctly a want shows preference, to a lie: we could do this/ or have this; if we just sacrifice those; if we use media to propagate even more deceit; and so on! While the masses do want truth, without losing to a life of depression. That is not possible, UNLESS the game of man ends.
Which literally means: to change what can be changed for life/ to rebuild for peace/ to accept the relationships which create harmony/ and to assemble the laws which govern for life, rather than self. These are truths which sustain life/ rather than lead to death: it’s a choice, until time itself proves, “your days here on earth, are over”.


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